Don’t Pass Go

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Don’t pass ‘Go”

©Sven the Elder – 2023

Don’t ask me how I got suckered into it – guess I felt sorry, or maybe it was just the desire to help out an old friend…

So what had I let myself in for? Well, cleaning out the old barn, that’s what.

If I say it was untidy and filthy, you’ll have to understand that understated it like describing Krakatoa as just a small volcanic explosion.

I had started after a breakfast coffee, and it was now getting towards winter dusk and getting dark. Time – haven’t a clue – wasn’t wearing a watch, in fact, anything other than a cheap, throwaway, jumpsuit. Overall I deliberately wasn’t wearing a lot. 

Most of the barn was now passably clean. The twenty-odd bags of detritus I’d collected were neatly stacked to be collected by a disposal company in the morning. So, having come to a stop I was now standing outside the house backdoor with my old friend, head on one side, looking at me. 


I knew then that there was a finality that meant coming inside ‘as I was’ was not going to happen.

“I suggest you strip off, there’s an outside shower just inside the barn entrance, if you let it run for a short while it’ll run warmer.”

Not hot, you’ll notice.

“Here’s some industrial soap – once you’ve got the first stages of shit off you, you can come inside and use the bathroom Bostancı Escort shower to get to a more acceptable state! Until then you can’t pass ‘go’ or collect any sort of payment…”

There were no ‘ifs or buts’, and I certainly didn’t want to contaminate the inside of my almost-new Miata by driving home. Hey ho – the things we do for old friends and a love that goes back a lifetime.

In the gathering dusk of what promised to become a chilly evening I walked across the barn, turned the light on again and found a rusty old showerhead in the corner. I turned it on, waited, and to my surprise, it did get less cold if not almost warm. I stripped off the jumpsuit and threw it on the pile that was going to be burnt in the morning.

The soap smelt of pine disinfectant, but at least it should kill any wildlife! 

Five minutes later I felt a least a little cleaner and I turned the shower off, only to realise I hadn’t been entrusted with any towel to dry off with. Now shivering, I walked back to the house and a door that was opened as I got closer. 

My friend giggled as she glanced at what was still visible down below. 

The only comment was that there ought to be bumps on the back of my neck, my balls had climbed so far inside me… 

I suspect I only mumbled a response as I was now more than a little cold. Ümraniye Escort I was directed into the shower wet room where a slightly steamy atmosphere was rather more welcoming.

Bliss as I warmed up and used a decent shampoo and shower gel.  

I felt rather than heard the door being opened and then closed and then was startled as a hand grabbed the shampoo and started to scrub my head. 

“You’ll have to kneel…”

“Of course!”

Sam was five foot – I was nearly six. Like old times I knelt before her as she stood naked already cleaning my head. I held her bum and pulled her to me and gently kissed her tummy. 

She smacked me gently and said, “That’ll have to wait.”

I noted the lack of ‘No’ and ‘Stop it’! Sometimes, not trying to ‘hurry’ things along is a good plan.  

She continued to soap lather me into cleanliness; absent-mindedly, I kissed her vulva, noting that she still kept her nether regions trimmed and tidy.

I pulled her to me and licked – she tasted delicious, just as I always remembered when we had been lovers twenty years before. She shuddered as I found and sucked on her ‘Go button’. 

She moaned, and just like once long ago in a different time and place, sat down on my knees and as I caressed her wonderfully droopy breasts with their now hardening nipples. 

She moved back Anadolu Yakası Escort off me, held my now hard penis and carefully slid back onto my knees with my erection deep, deep far inside her now-ready sheath. 

Sam put her head on my shoulder and just said, “At last – I’ve waited so long for his return.”

She gasped as I flexed him inside her while she responded, squeezing tightly down on him. 

Sam started to move on me, but I said, “No”. I stood up turned the shower off and started to dry her as she did the same for me.

I half carried her into her bedroom and laid her back down, holding her legs high as I dived into her with my tongue, back into that delicious maelstrom that could make it even harder, not that I thought that was possible. Now her turn – she rolled me onto my back, but rather than mount me went down to eat me.

She played, slurping around my corona… such exquisite pleasure. Then in one deep slide she took me down her throat, long past her gag point, her nose firmly against my stomach. 

No one else I’ve ever made love to has been able to do that. Now back to allow her to breathe and then suckle on my balls, separately then together.

So lovely as I turned her around to sit on my face as we sixty-nined. She lost, and had a screaming orgasm first while I was able to hold back. Again she mounted me and we began that primal dance of life.

We shagged ourselves to a standstill, lost in a sea of total hedonistic joy as we dozed in the post-orgasmic bliss that we had waited for such a long-time to regain and repeat.

I guess I had just used my ‘get out of gaol’ card.

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