Doris’ Itch Ch. 05

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To be honest, I was in a daze all day Tuesday at work. My pussy was still tender after such an amazing morning of girlie sex at the lingerie store on Monday; but also I was full of anticipation for Wednesday evening with Toby and Andy, my two young lovers at home. It was hard to focus on my patients at the hospital as I tried to ignore the feelings emanating from my pussy as I walked around the wards tending to the patients. My mind was filled with a mad mixture of thoughts and feelings; I surprisingly had enjoyed the tender caresses given by Helen and also the way she had dominated our lovemaking and the rough sex we had had on the floor of the changing room as we had fucked each other senseless with her huge phallus. But my mind was also consumed by the thoughts of having wild sex with my two young lovers at the same time on Wednesday evening while my youngest son, Mike, was out at the gun club; and Toby & Andy would be doing some shooting of their own – deep into my pussy, and down my throat. Oh God, I was a mess of sex cravings and desires. By lunchtime I had to dive into the bathroom and lock myself away for a quick dose of relief from my own fingers to relieve the itch in my pussy for sex.

As I pulled my panties back up to cover my now satisfied pussy I reflected on how my life had changed over the past month and how I had ‘descended’ down into this sex crazed nurse who was fucked her younger son’s best friend, her own eldest son, and who had yesterday made love to another woman for the first time. Where had the prim and proper community mom gone who taught Sunday school each week, and spent most of Sunday in church trying to pray away sin and evil from our world? If only people knew how I had changed I would probably be burnt in the fires of hell by the other church goers like some Salem witch!

Well I managed to finish my shift without making any mistakes, and I spent most of Tuesday evening in my den at home working out how I would handle Wednesday evening, and how I would be made love to by two young men at the same time, for the first time ever; with incest adding to the excitement.

My shift on Wednesday seemed never ending, and finally four o’clock rolled around and I shot off to the shower to freshen up with some lovely soap and perfume before slipping into my new lingerie and covering my body in a fresh uniform for the drive home.

I wasn’t surprised to find Andy and Toby home waiting for me, but I was surprised to find that Andy had already cooked a lovely pasta dinner for us that he served up as soon as I stepped into the dining room.

Andy, Toby and I ate quietly, enjoying the pasta, but deep in our own thoughts as to how we would go with the evening. Toby looked unsure of himself after being caught by Andy fucking into his mate’s mom; but obviously Andy must have spoken to Toby during the week to ensure he was here for dinner tonight. I bet that would have been an interesting conversation, and I wish I had been a fly on the wall to hear that one!!!

Well we each looked at each other with long silent glances as we enjoyed our meal together, each not knowing what to say. Finally I broke the silence, “Andy this meal is superb, I have really enjoyed eating my pasta, thank you.”

“Thanks Mom, I hope you have plenty of appetite left for eating something else,” he stated with a wry smile.

“Oh,” I replied a little shocked, “……… I guess some meat would be nice as a main course.”

Toby nearly choked on his remaining pasta.

As I finished Andy quickly reached over to clear away the plates, obviously in a hurry to make the most of the evening. ‘oh, the impatience of youth,’ I thought to myself, smiling at my two young lovers as I rose from the table and walked towards Andy by the sink.

As he turned back from the sink after depositing the dirty plates, I took him in my arms and kissed him hard, sinking my tongue deep into his warm mouth as his lips quickly parted to accept his mother’s hungry tongue. As we kissed I felt Toby’s hands on my uniform encased ass as he walked up behind us, eager to join in. As Andy and I devoured each other for several long minutes, Toby roamed at will over my ass and hips, running his strong young hands over my body as I thrust my ass backwards in enjoyment of his massage.

Andy’s tongue explored my mouth as he brought up one of his hands between us to rub over my throbbing 42DD breasts cupped in my lingerie and wrapped in my nurse’s uniform. At the same time I felt Toby slid down to his knees behind me so he could start rubbing up my stocking encased legs, slowly working his warm hands under my uniform and up the inside of my thighs.

From our two weeks of lovemaking Toby had become a caring and experienced young lover. He knew how to take his time to pleasure me and obtain his own pleasure all in good time. Andy, on the other hand, was in a hurry due to his inexperience with woman as a whole, and his lust for his mother in particular. His hands were all over silivri escort my huge chest in his passion as he kissed me hard and passionately. I broke our kiss as I didn’t want him to cream himself in his pants.

“Whoa boy,” I smiled at Andy as I got my lips off his tongue, “we have all evening, let us get more comfortable.”

“Toby, go and draw the curtains in the lounge,” I instructed, “and you my young stud, come with me,” as I took Andy’s hand and led him through to the lounge.

“Toby, lie on your back in the centre of the room,” I instructed next, and he immediately complied.

Next I stood over him, my feet straddling his head so he could see up my legs, under my uniform, past my stocking tops to the soft bare flesh of my thighs and my damp satin panties that were cupping my hot mound.

“Oh God, Mrs B,” he panted, “what a wonderfully sight,” as I slowly knelt down over his face and lowered myself towards his eager hands and tongue. Once I was down on my knees I felt Toby run his hands up the back of my thighs as he tilted his head sideways to kiss the stocking covered inside of my thighs.

Well that was one young lover taken care of, now for my eldest son.

“Come and stand in front of me,” I instructed Andy, already seeing the bulge in the front of his pants.

He instantly complied and I reached up to run my hands over his hard on, earning a groan from my son, as I reached for his zipper with one hand and his belt buckle with the other. As I eased his pants down, I felt Andy run his hands through my hair as he gently pulled my head towards his crotch. His boxers soon descended with my help and his hard twitching cock sprung into view, accompanied by a louder groan from Andy as his dreams of the last few days came true.

By now Toby’s hands had thoroughly explored my legs and thighs including the narrow band of warm bare flesh above my stocking tops, as I felt his warm breathe on the sensitive bare skin of my upper thighs. Now he slid his hands up onto my ass as I eased my knees further apart to lower my pussy closer to his young eager lips.

Focusing my mind back upstairs to the forthcoming action, I took Andy’s rock hard cock in both hands and admired the stiffness that was twitching in front of my face. He could only groan in response and continue to run his fingers through my hair. Keeping one hand wrapped around his hot rod, I slid my other hand down to cup his massive cum filled balls, taking their weight in my hand.

“Oh Mom,” he groaned.

I eased my grip back to the head of his manhood to run my thumb over the head and slowly peel his foreskin back to reveal the blood swollen purple head of his mighty weapon.

Andy’s hands naturally pulled my head forward towards his meat, and I willingly opened my mouth wide to take his helmet into my mouth; just as I felt Toby’s tongue lick across my satin covered mound for the first. The joys of hot meat in my mouth and a tongue seeking my pussy let loose the juices in my pussy to drench the itch and burning down there that I had fought hard all day not to satisfy with my own fingers.

“Oh boys, YYEESS,” I groaned loudly around Andy’s cock as I slumped further down onto Toby’s tongue.

The time for talking was over, it was time for main course as I tightened my lips over Andy’s meat and gripped his tight buns with both hands to pull his length deep into my throat.

“Mom, Mom, …. Mom,” Andy groaned above me as his hips started to rock and he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, but that was okay as we could then take our time once he had come for the first time.

By now Toby had a firm grip on the satin covered cheeks of my ass, and his tongue was lapping the now sodden gusset of my panties as he pushed the sensual material between the lips of my sodden pussy. I ground my mound tight down on his face in pleasure. Toby hiked up my uniform onto my hips in survival mode to gain air to his nose as he continued to pleasure my aching mound.

Groans, sighs and cries of pleasure & delight filled our lounge as we each took our mutual pleasure from one another. I knew that Andy would be the first to cum, but that was okay as he was the most inexperienced.

I transferred one hand to cup his balls again and slid the other between his cheeks to locate and tease his tight little hole. As my finger found that sensitive spot, Andy went tense and his cock swelled even more in my mouth and I knew he was about to cum.

His cries of “Oh Mom,” and “Yesss” were another clue as I slid my lips up and down his pole, all the while lashing his length with my tongue.

I felt his balls twitch in my hand and I gave them a gentle squeeze to help his hot spunk on it’s journey up his now throbbing length and to explode deep into my throat as he cried out, “MOM, MOM, I’m cumming.”

God, I knew he was cumming as I hungrily swallowed thick, hot wads of şirinevler escort spunk as it spurted from the head of his cock. The sensation of his thick cream lining my throat triggered my first orgasm of the evening as juices flowed through my hot burning pussy to fill my panties as Toby’s mouth sucked hard on my mound to draw my juices through my panties into his mouth.

My own hips are bucking like a bronco as I mesh my hot mound on Toby’s face and draw the last spurts of spunk out of Andy’s hot cock as he started to sag at the knees.

I gently licked Andy’s now sensitive cock head, as it twitched at my feather light touches, to clean the last remaining drops of spunk. Still cupping his hot balls I slid his now softening length out of my mouth and looked up at his rolling, glazed eyes.

“Andy that was so nice, you have such a lovely cock and your spunk tastes wonderful as it slides over my tongue and down my throat,” I praised him.

“Mom, you are stunning and unbelievable,” he complimented me in return.

A muffled groan some between my thighs reminded me about Toby, so I raised myself slightly to give him some air now that my first orgasm of the evening had finished.

“Toby, be a good boy and reach up to undo the cords of my panties; they are tied in a bow on my hips,” I gently instructed him.

As soon as the sodden material was eased from between my now sensitive & swollen pussy lips I eased myself back down onto his lips.

“Toby, if you eat me out to a sensational orgasm I will give you an unforgettable blow job while Andy recovers. Is that OK with you?” I asked.

“Oh yes Mrs B,” his stifled mouth informed me.

Andy collapsed into a nearby chair as Toby’s young tongue eased between my sodden lips to explore the treasures & pleasures within as I looked at my son breathing heavily on the chair.

Toby had certainly learnt a new trade over the last couple of weeks as he expertly licked between, around, and along my now swollen sensitive pussy lips. Having never had my pussy licked or eaten before Toby I can’t compare him with anyone else; but he gave me such unbelievable orgasms and pleasure that I doubt if anyone could better him. He was treating my pussy with tenderness and care one minute, then lust and hunger the next. I don’t know if I would describe it as a continuous orgasm, but my juices were flowing non stop and ripples of electricity arced through my body and senses as he honoured my pussy with his long lashing, licking tongue.

I was so hot I thought I would combust both in flames and probably in hell!

“Andy, unbutton my uniform and pull it off me now please,” I begged my son.

He jumped up out of the chair and undid the tensioned straining buttons above my heaving chest down to my hips before tugging it up over my head to reveal my heaving 42DD tits and my white basque.

His placid prick started to twitch and swell as his hungry eyes consumed my lingerie wrapped heaving body as I humped up and down on Toby’s tongue & face.

“Shit Mom, you look good,” he groaned as he discarded my uniform onto the lounge carpet. He sank to his knees beside me and leaned forward to kiss me passionately, at the same time running his hand over the heaving mound of tit flesh that swelled above the confines of my basque. His hot hungry tongue explored deep into my mouth as his fingers tried to fit into the confines of my basque to release one of my hard nipples. There was just too much flesh & not enough room so he contented himself in diving into the chasm of my huge tight heaving cleavage with his finger tips.

My senses went into overload. I had Toby eating me out like Jesus at the last supper, whilst massaging my ass cheeks with his wandering hands and Andy pleasuring my upper body with his own wandering hands over my breasts & his tongue delving deep into my mouth. I just couldn’t take anymore stimulation from my pair of young lovers, my senses just tripped out as my nipples rubbed against the confines of my basque, and my pussy just exploded as Toby’s tongue sort out my erect & swollen clit for the first time. I wanted to scream out in pleasure but Andy’s tongue still filled my mouth, but I couldn’t just knee there and just shake through my orgasm, I needed to relieve the itch and the burning in my erect clit. My hand thrust down to seek out the erect bud of my desire and contact just blew any remaining sense out of the door. My pussy just vibrated and spasmed around Toby’s tongue, clamping down hard onto his penetrating tongue. I had to push Andy away from me as I was desperate for air, he looked disappointed but I just pulled both of his hands on to the slope of my breasts and watched his face light up in simple pleasure of feeling & groping his mom’s great breasts.

Toby’s hands were pushing up on my ass in desperation to get air as I creamed over his nose, mouth & face in unbelievable quantities of female nectar. Words are starting şişli escort to fail me on how to describe the wicked, lustful, selfish pleasure I enjoyed from my two young lovers on the carpet of my lounge. Finally I couldn’t stay upright any longer, and I just peeled over to one side, releasing Toby from the V of my sodden thighs as Andy almost guided me to the floor by my swollen and tender tits.

Toby tried to sit up, his face awash in my juices, and his pants bursting with the massive erection confined inside.

“You poor boy,” I cooed,” get your pants off and let me give you that blow job I promised in return for you eating me out.”

God I sounded such a slut, the Sunday school pillar of the community long gone.

Toby stood quickly and ripped all of clothes off in his hurry to release his swollen hard meat for my consumption. His rock hard length burst into view, its head swollen, hot and ready for action with a dribble of precum on his foreskin. What a wonderfully example of a young boy maturing into manhood as his weapon stood proudly in front of him.

I dragged myself up off the carpet in my haste to consume this stunning joint of meat twitching several feet from my face.

Toby was stood at the end of the wooden coffee table in the lounge and I naturally just swept the magazines onto the carpet as I crawled onto the table as it was directly on my path to the object of desire that I wanted.

I knelt on my knees on the table and supported myself with one hand as my other reached forward to grasp his hot length of fresh manhood in my other hand. The shaft of his cock throbbed and twitched as I made contact and wrapped my fingers around his solid girth. Toby instinctively thrust forward with his hips causing my hand to peel back his foreskin and reveal the purple head in its entirety. His prick displayed a raw beauty to my hunger eyes as I pulled him towards me by his prick and opened my mouth wide in anticipation.

Young Toby ran his hands through my hair as he guided my mouth onto his erect, hot throbbing length. We had a need for each other that was consummated the moment my lips closed around his angry head and sucked his hard swollen length deep into my mouth

“OH, Yes,” he groaned out loud as he pubic hairs met my nose and I took the last inch of his weapon into my throat. Now my hand was feel I cupped his heavy cum filled balls in my hand; Toby groaned out loud again above me.

Oh fuck Mrs B, this so…..” his voice trailed away as I sucked onto his length for the first time and was rewarded by a huge throb of his length inside my mouth. I realised that that was the first time young Toby had every sworn in my presence, but as I said, the Sunday school teacher was a long gone, thing of the past.

The sack of his balls was so heavy and swollen that it seemed like he had a quart of spunk in there for me; and was I determined I was going to have every last drop of it this evening!!!

As I said, Toby has become a natural, experienced and caring lover, with a maturity far in advance of his young years. This showed in the calm tender way his ran his finger through my hair as my tongue he didn’t just fuck deep and hard into my mouth. The boy genuinely loved me, and he expressed it in his tenderness to me as we admired and stroked each other gently. We both knew he was too excited and horny to last long after spending so much time between my thighs with his expert tongue.

I ran my tongue along the underside of his swollen tender glands, thoroughly enjoying the salty taste of his length buried fully into my mouth. This was what I had been missed for so long in my straight up & down missionary position sex with my husband Ian. If he had been willing to do this to me I wouldn’t have been now knelt on our coffee table blowing my younger sons best friend with my eldest son in the same room.

Speaking of Andy, I could hear him moving about and I felt the table move slightly as I continued to lick all over Toby’s length. Suddenly I jumped as I felt Andy’s hands grip my full ass cheeks and ease them apart, seconds before the tip of his long tongue made contact with my bare skin as it started to wetly lick down the crack of my ass towards my pussy. Oh yes, I was going to be eaten out from behind by my eldest son!

Andy’s tongue tickled my asshole s it brushed briefly across it and I was amazed at how sensual that felt or maybe by my young lovers in the future. But now his tongue had arrived at my dripping pussy and I eased my knees apart on the coffee table to give him easier access as I felt his tongue push deep between my nectar soaked lips.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned to myself around Toby’s hard prick. I didn’t know if I would have the strength to remain kneeling in this position while I blew Toby and was eaten out by Andy. But I was here now and I was going to make the moist of it as my hand tickled the soft underside of Toby’s scrotum, making him swell to an amazing girth in my mouth.

Suddenly Andy’s tongue hit my clit and I just blew the dam and my juices flowed like an untamed river over his tongue as my hips shook & trembled atop the coffee table. I just couldn’t believe how wired I was, cumming after just a couple of long easy licks across my lips and a solitary touch on my clit. ‘Fuck,’ I thought.

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