Double Trouble, Double Down

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Dear Readers, please be gentle in your comments. I am aware this story could be in four or five different categories. I picked one. I am aware it is a bit long. Oh well. I write for FUN. If you don’t care for the story, gee that’s too bad. All persons in the story are adults. I checked their I.D.s.

Double Trouble, Double Down

He had good days and bad days. At 62, you do the best you can. Jack Diamond had a bad back. He had worked his whole life, hard physical labor each and every day. Jack had done mostly masonry work for the past ten years. It did take a toll on his back, somewhat. He reflected on his love life. His masseuse was late. He took a pill, got undressed and waited face in the hole on the massage table. He soon fell asleep. He dreamed about the past.

He had been happily married, or so he thought at the time. It turned out his beautiful blonde wife had found a very attractive younger man, Petruno or Petrocelli or Petellito, something with pet in it. His wife became that guys pet. He knew the guy was a scumbag from day one, he just knew it. Rodger the scumbag, as he thought of him, had been in his house selling life insurance to Jack and Jessica, his wife.

Rodger was tall and slender, his hands had never done a lick of work his entire short life. Jack was just the opposite, like five-nine or five-ten, 275 pounds of muscle, grit and determination. His arms were as big as some men’s legs, and his legs were like tree trunks, incredibly strong. His hands, callused from construction jobs going back years and years were twice the size of Rodger’s effeminate little hands.

Jess had seemed very interested in buying what he was selling. He got a whole life policy, primarily to assuage his wife’s worries about money. He should have noticed the eyes back and forth between Rodger and her but he didn’t, or maybe he just dismissed it as his own imagination. He should have seen it, but he did not.

He once had a nail power driven through his work boot, through his foot and into the wood deck. They had to cut off the head of the nail and pull it through by lifting his foot. He put a band aid on top and a bandaid on the bottom and worked another eight hours.

After that, he went to the hospital. He had determination. He called home from the hospital to get Jess to pick him up. She seemed all out of breath. He told her he was at the hospital, and needed a ride home. She said, could he get a lift there, she was in the middle of something.

“I’m at the hospital and you’re not tear assing to see that I’m ok? What’s the matter with you Jess? Something more important than me?”

“I’m sorry, you’re right. I’ll just toss this food out. We’ll eat out. What was I thinking. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” She said.

“No, no honey, I’m sorry. It’s my fault I got shot by a nailgun. Why don’t you finish cooking and I’ll just wait here till you’re done. We can both eat together. Ok? I’m sorry” he said.

“You sure? It’s gonna take forty five minutes to an hour? I’ll do whatever you want.” She said.

“Yeah, honey. Go ahead and do it. I’ll wait. Love you” she had hung up already.

It came as a shock and surprise that Jessica was having an affair with this insurance salesman. Jack found out the usual way, by accident. Three years to the day, and after Jessica had delivered a beautiful boy and girl into their happy home, Jack got home a day earlier than expected to surprise his beautiful wife. Instead, he got very surprised. Rodger would be in intensive care for a week, and Jack spent thirty days behind bars, in jail.

He could have been released by bond, and then two weeks into his incarceration, the judge heard his story. He offered to release him without any bail at all. Jack said no, he didn’t want to be released just yet. He told the judge he was afraid he would lose his temper and kill the pair of cheaters. He asked that his brother be allowed to remove his clothes and tools from the home, to avoid a very bad altercation.

At the end of thirty days, all charges were dropped. No explanation was given to him, but everyone in the small town knew what had happened. His wife and the children were gone. In the wind. Dissapeared. He filed a missing persons report. It went nowhere. They just vanished. Nobody would say anything to him about it. It was a big secret, but only to Jack.

Jack was heartbroken. He was crushed. The man who had arms of steel, became like a ghost of himself, drinking quite a bit, crying at night like a baby.

Eventually, he received a letter from Jessica. She apologized very profusely, she didn’t know why she had fallen in love with Rodger, and told him she wasn’t entirely sure of the children’s paternity. She asked him to send a cheek swab to a DNA lab to find out for sure.

She ended the letter saying she was not coming back. She was very fearful that he would kill her and the kids if they turned Escort Karaköy out to not be his. She had seen him snap the bones of her lover like twigs.

She was trying to protect herself and her kids from his vicious temper. She and the children had little choice but to hide from him until and unless he cooled down. Which for him could be a long, long time.

The post office mark was from Illinois, so he knew pretty much where they were. Her grandmother had obviously taken them in, living in the suburbs of Chicago. He did as his estranged wife asked, as he too wanted answers. He then went to church and prayed. He was so devastated by what had happened. His heart hurt.

The answers came from a lawyers office. His son was not his biological son. His first born, his daughter, was his. He was expected to pay child support. A custody hearing would be held a month later. She was divorcing him. He had to fly to Chicago, find an attorney, and try not to lose it at the hearing. They had a pretrial meeting with both lawyers that he had to attend. He dreaded the confrontation. He was afraid he would explode at the table.

He got a lawyer, went to the hearing and received another shock. Guess who was sitting with his wife at the conference table? Rodger the scumbag. There were four off duty cops restraining him from killing the son of a bitch. They earned their pay that day.

After the court hearing, all four took him and his lawyer out for a drink. He apologized to them about his behavior. They apologized for having to restrain him. They had ears. They heard what had happened. One said he felt like lending him his gun to waste the fuckers. All agreed.

The upshot was he got the divorce, Jessica got the kids and child support for Elizabeth, their daughter. He got summer vacation time with her for one month. The arrangement hurt him terribly. But it was the best for all concerned. He got the home, there being no reason for him to move, and no equity to speak of. Life went on. He cried when he got home.

A month later, he wound up in jail on a drunk driving charge. He spent Friday through Monday incarcerated. His lawyer got the case entirely dismissed, it seemed that he was passed out in the backseat while his friend drove the car. The friend had simply given the officers the wrong ID card. He was just under the limit, the friend that is. Jack was twice the legal limit. Case dismissed.

This was a very fortunate arrest as Jessica’s paramour, Rodger, was involved in a brutal mugging and was killed. He was beaten to death. Lucky for Jack, as the police were on his doorstep Monday, while he was still in the jail cell. Jack expressed little emotion, except for wishing that he could have done it himself.

He loved his daughter. He relished the time they spent together. He managed to get two weeks time off in the summer, his busiest time as a contractor, just to be with her. He took her to Disney. He took her fishing. He took her to Six Flags. One year, Jessica asked if he could take little Paul with him on the vacation. He felt very left out. Jack reluctantly agreed. But, much to his surprise, everything turned out fine. Jack tried to be the best absentee parent he could be. Jack was a natural. He became the father he should have been if his lying cheating wife had not done what she did.

He started his own construction company. He was really good at it too, getting contract after contract, hiring more guys as needed. The business took off.

He made piles of money because he did what he said. He always delivered on his promises and he charged a fair price. Bank officers would call for a price if they thought a contractor was out of line. Other companies would seek him out for quick and efficient jobs. Jack did it all, from plans, to handing over keys, and he did it well. Jack became a very wealthy man.

Life moved on. Jack never remarried. His faith in women, and truth be told, his feelings of inadequacy made sure of that. He had done his best with his wife, and she had found him wanting, so that she needed a creep like Rodger. That hurt him terribly.

That didn’t mean no women for him. Quite the contrary, he dated often. He even had the strange experience of two girls fighting over him. He had a date scheduled with Sandy, a buxom blonde beautiful divorcee for Friday evening. He had a date scheduled for Saturday evening with Betty, a beautiful brunette single mom who’s daughter played with his daughter Liz occasionally.

Liz stayed with him more and more those days. Her and her half brother actually stayed with their dad during the school year. The end of the summer that year was their moms, so his kids missed the big fight.

Somehow, miscommunication had occurred. Both showed up at his door at seven on Friday night. They immediately tried to kill each other, as they both had plans laid for Jack. Much hair pulling and ripping of clothing took place before Jack could stop the fight.

They Kayaşehir escort both wanted an instant response. Which woman would get Jack? Jack, in a Solomon like move said, “I find both of you are incredibly beautiful and kind. I think the only way to settle this is in the bedroom. We can see which one of you is more compatible with me, and you both can see if you even want me or not. Would that be fair?” Both women, thinking it would be easy to get his loins going their way, agreed.

He took them into the bedroom Friday night. Sunday morning both women called it a draw. They were too tired to move. They held each other in their arms. Jack had fucked the shit out of BOTH women. They agreed to share. Jack was all for it. He was ready to go again. The women thought they might need a third girl. This guy had more than they could handle!

Sandy asked if she could bring Cecelia, a very busty black woman from her job, back for a tryout the next weekend? The thought of a foursome with three hot women had Jack wound up all over again!

Sandy liked having Jack lick her clit as Betty took his fat dick in her pussy, her riding high and coming hard. It wasn’t long before Sandy was getting the pile driver treatment as Jack held her legs almost to her head. He pounded her hot cunt mercilessly until she climaxed again and again.

Still not finished, Jack got behind Betty, doing her as deep and hard as he could. She handed him the lube, she had to give her vagina a rest. He fucked her ass until she screamed in orgasms several times.

Sandy had been on the phone, “I called for reinforcements. Cecelia is coming over right now to tame this savage beast. We can’t wait for next week. Jack will fuck us to death first.”

Betty was fast approaching her fourth cum with Jack in her asshole, when Cecelia arrived. She had come straight from church, and no doubt people were talking about three women over at Jack’s place. Cecelia, or Ceci as her friends called her was naked in a New York minute.

She and Jack were in a sixty-nine position with his big unit in her mouth, and her delicious pussy in his mouth in seconds. She was soaking, her very dark brown skin contrasting with Jack’s tan but very white skin. She had big huge tits, and her nipples were big and hard as rocks. His dick was hard as nails, and she was having a wonderful time sucking on it. Ceci did love to suck cock.

Jack was having fun sucking on her very wet cunt, teasing her large clit out of its little hood, he licked her from asshole to clitoris. She shrieked as he attacked her love button. She had her first orgasm for the day.

He flipped her over like she was light as a feather. In truth she weighed about a hundred and sixty pounds, with many of those pounds being in her beautiful black boobs. Her tits were a cup size DDD or perhaps EE, depending on the time of the month. Jack was suckling on her massive mamaries like a starving baby. Ceci was pointing his very large erection to her soaking wet slit.

They were going to do plain old missionary position. She loved it, and Jack enjoyed it as well.After a solid fifteen or maybe twenty minutes of fucking, she moaned, “Jack, you are so perfect, I’m going to come all over you! I CAN’T HOLD BACK, OH FUCK ME JACK. I need you to really slam my cunt. Oh myy GOODNESS I’m COMING! Eyyyiihhhaa! Hallelujah! UGHH!”

Ceci spurted all over him as she came like dynamite. She came again about a minute later, with just a squirt this time, and then a third and last time just as Jack shouted, “I’m coming, where do you want my cum?” Ceci, pulled off quickly and took his dick head in her mouth, as much as she could fit in. He came like a moon rocket, filling her mouth to capacity in a second, she couldn’t swallow fast enough, so she choked and some came out her nose. She was so happy. She got his cum. She had cum so, so many times with him. It made her feel like a good woman to get off her man. Jack’s orgasm meant a lot to her. They snuggled up together.

When they caught their breath they finally noticed they were alone. Where were Betty and Sandy? Jack smelled bacon and coffee. He smiled, “They’re making breakfast, those sweet little things. Come on I’ll race you to the shower!”

They had a fun time getting clean. Jack truly admired her beautiful big ass, a true bubble butt. He couldn’t keep his hands off it. With her giant tits and wonderful behind, Jack was in heaven. Getting clean came after getting off, as Jack pleasured Ceci in the water, the warm water flowing over their intertwined bodies. She had another two big orgasms and Jack had one.

Ten minutes and a sexy shower later, Jack and Ceci showed up to a wonderful breakfast, Sandy making bacon and eggs, and Betty toasting bread, and brewing coffee. He didn’t know who poured the o.j. or made the table. The girls were very happy. So was he.

“You two have been going at it for two hours! We went shopping for breakfast stuff, cleaned Küçükçekmece escort bayan up from the fight and cooked the meal while you two acted like rabid rabbits, trying to fuck each other to death.” Sandy said, her hand running through Jack’s hair.

“It was a draw!” both Jack and Ceci said at the same time. ” I was determined to get him to come! He made me squirt and come so many, many times. You’re an animal Jack. A beast. A very wonderful beast. I’ve never been this well fucked. I’m totally satisfied. I’m FUCKIN happy!” Cecilia was beaming.

“Thank you Jack, I too am so very spent…I’m leaking your cum out of my holes, and I’m so very, very happy as well. I know this was supposed to determine which bitch gets to be with you. I say ALL THREE are needed.” Betty was very happy indeed. She smiled.

“Jack, be reasonable, if you have all the of us, you will never sleep alone. We all like each other, and uhh, well… We are all three lovers. I guess that’s why we had such a blowout fight last evening, I mean Friday night.

You have your pick of great pussy. We won’t fuck you over like your ex did. We’ll be good to you, and make all your dreams and fantasies come true. I love it when you fuck me like a bull. I love it when you eat me. I’ve never been so happy. You have fuckin fulfilled me, and these two bitches here too! What do you say Jack?” Sandy looked and sounded very happy.

“I say yes, but if one or more of you wonderful women get bored with me, or decide you want to try another guy, please let me know… The lying and the disrespect my ex wife showed me, it almost killed me. It would have been better if she just said I’m done with you, I want someone else. I would have still hurt, but I would not have the lying and disrespect on top of that.

By the same token, if I see someone I might want to bang…I’m going to ask permission and abide whatever you all say. I guess you’re going to be in charge of my dick! But there will be no girls night out. No ‘out with the guys’ for me either. We are together, or we’re not, OK?” His dick was getting hard right there in the kitchen.

“Sandy, it’s your turn! Unless you think you can do all of us at once?” Betty kinda taunted at Jack.

“You got the big mouth there Betty, come here and suck me ready for her. Ceci, would you clear the table for us please? I have been challenged.”

Betty sucked him deep until he was hard as a rock again. He was suckling on Sandy’s juggs.

He took Sandy on the table as he took turns with each woman, making damn sure no one felt left out or unappreciated. That evening they showed him all about their naughty girl on girl action. He had to call in late on Monday. What the hell? He was the boss.

Years and years went by. He had nine children with them (three a piece) until he lost them one by one.

The first to go was Cecelia. A heart attack killed her in her sleep. She was only 49 years old! Her loss was very difficult for all, especially for his other women. Betty cried as much as he did, as did Sandy. The loss was tough on everyone. Ceci was so important in all their lives.

The next to go was Betty. She went for a checkup, a small lump was found, so a full body scan was ordered. She was found to have stage four cancer, inoperable. She had radiation and chemo. That in and of itself took a terrible toll.

She passed away in her sleep five months later. It was very difficult to watch the once vibrant woman lose her battle, little by little. Jack was devastated again. She passed when she was 56 years old. After her death, he was set to drink himself to death, when another tragedy struck.

Sandy started repeating sentences. At first you wouldn’t notice, but it got worse. She was diagnosed with early onset dementia. She was only a couple of years older than Jack. As soon as they got the diagnosis, she wanted to leave. She wanted to die.

Jack said, “Never my love. I’m with you to the end. You never know, I might go before you!” But that was not to be either. One night she had a seizure and passed away. She had an aneurysm which had been unseen. Her death had been almost instantaneous.

With all his beloved women gone, Jack felt bereft. He was a shadow of his former self. Several of his sons and one daughter ran the business he started, and did a fine job of it too. He had children and grandchildren, but without his wives he was nothing but an echo.

He was still in the old house. Not much had changed. He had added on to the original home so there were seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, and now he felt he was just rattling around in a big castle.

Since Sandy passed away, he had had the entire family there three times. He had asked all his kids if they wanted the house. The answer was always the same, no thanks dad. You keep it, you worked so damned hard on the place.

He thought perhaps to get a small apartment or home. He had a cleaning lady over twice a week. She had been showing him more cleavage lately. It occurred to him, she had lost her husband two years ago. He wondered if she was trying to get his attention? He was so dense sometimes.

One of his grandchildren, Little Betty, daughter of Sandy had been staying with him lately. He didn’t ask why. She would tell him in her own good time.

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