Down on the Farm 12: Together Again

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The following week was subdued. Mika was frustrated by the females he was given to breed. They all submitted with no fight, causing him to not be interested in them. All of the males refused to breed the females, which got them lashed the first night.

The second night Elise came to talk to him. “Mika, we need to know what is going on.”

Mika mooed, wishing he could speak, just this once, to explain his thoughts. He shook his head and stamped his hooves in frustration.

“The other males are taking your lead, why are you not breeding the female?” Elise asked. He could tell there was something in her voice that she was very concerned. With a bored moo, Mika just lay on the ground, looking up to see if his handler understood. She looked at him for a moment. “Is it the females?” Mika stomped his hoof and lay back down. “She has been docile?”

Mika stood up and nodded his head. He looked as if a female was on the ground, then pointedly looked away, throwing back some dirt on the imaginary female with his back hoof.

“I see. They aren’t a challenge, so they are not exciting to you.” Elise thought out loud and saw her bull nod. “Well, they had quite a lesson that told them that obedience is paramount. One of the females who had not complied was killed in front of them. That could be partially the cause.”

Mika turned his head to the side at the information. He could understand somewhat, not having the scene before him.

“I will see if Tori, the heifer who came in with you, is ready to be bred. I know she will give you the challenge you want.” Elise told him and his cock stiffened to hard at the thought of the female. He gave a supportive moo, telling his handler to make it happen as soon as possible. “Until then, you are stuck though. I heard the female you fucked that made you alpha is looking at a female at another farm for you to breed. Both calves that have come back to you are doing well, good looking calves. Most desired.” Mika stood taller, proud that his calves were desired. “Just for tonight, for all the bulls, I will see about the holes being opened.” Mika looked toward the place he had first fucked, his hard cock twitching. “But tomorrow, you had better breed that female, fighting or not.”

Mika mooed his agreement, looking at the place, desperate for it to open. Since being alpha he had fucked a heifer every night, except for the last two. His cock was throbbing, aching for release. When the hole in his stall opened, he could not get there fast enough, his cock shoved into the hole fucking the artificial heifer. Around him, he heard the sounds from the other bulls doing the same thing.

* * * * * * *

Tori istanbul seks hikayeleri was led into the milking room and hooked up to the machine. Unlike usual, Isiah remained in the room. She tried to pay attention to her handler as the sensations took her deeper and deeper into pleasure.

“Well, Tori, you have been asked to be moved back into the breeding pool early.” Isiah told her. His words caught her attention even just for a moment before the cups on her nipples thrust her back into her rising pleasure. “The demonstration we had for the heifers had an unexpected side effect. It made you all…boring to the bulls. They know that if you are out there, with the alpha bull, you will make sure he is interested.”

As her handler finished speaking, Tori cried her release from the milking. Her milk had been coming more freely so now she only managed one release during milking. Remembering what her handler had said, she looked forward to earning another by baiting the bulls to fuck her.

“Did you hear me, Tori?” Isiah asked and received a nod in return. “You will be checked out right after the milking, and hopefully put into the field tonight. We are hoping that the heifers follow your lead. I want you to make that bull so frustrated trying to breed you. Resist all you can. Make him earn it.”

As Tori was released from the machine and led down the hallway, she stomped her hooves to show she understood her handler’s direction.

* * * * * * *

Tori had been checked out by the doctor, and although she had given birth to a calf just four weeks before, she was cleared to breed again. She stood in her stall a few hours after her milking, waiting for the other females to be finished with the field.

Eventually Isiah came for her, holding a lead in his hand. Once he snapped it to her collar he walked slowly out of her stall.

“The other heifers will be watching. I want you to make this bull so frustrated that he tried to fuck you before you submit. I will be working your collar at first, but then his handler will come in with his at some point. Make me proud, good girl.”

Tori nodded and looked out at the field where the other females were being led to the fence. As she moved into the grass she saw the bulls on their side of the fence staring at her. The alpha bull, she was told his name was now Mika, tried to pay little attention to the female now moving before him.

After using the field, she swished her tail around as she walked to entice the bulls. As she turned, she saw that the bulls were now all watching her. Mika moved past his gate, being the alpha he had first rights.

He moved through the field toward the female who pointedly turned from the bull and went to another part of the field. She kept him in her sight as she moved away, tempting him to chase her. A smile tried to show itself as he took her bait.

As he neared, he started to stomp his hooves showing her he was in charge. Tori simply responded to his assertive behavior by doing it herself. Mika let out a angry moo and moved toward her, seeing her scuff dirt back at him as she moved away.

But the bull was getting closer and the scent from her collar was starting to reach his nose. He sniffed the pheromones coming from the collar and his cock stiffened harder. He was getting ready to rush her and knock her to the ground.

He cut her off on one feint, letting out a loud scream, demanding her submission but she turned away. Stepping closer he repeated the situation, with the same results. It was nearly too much for the bull and he got the closet to the heifer as he had been able.

And it was then that Tori caught the scent coming from his collar. It was intoxicating and made her want to throw herself on the ground to be fucked the second she smelled it, but her handler’s words echoed in her ears.

Mika stomped his hoof close to the female and nudged her with his horned hat. She mooed a interested moo and moved a little closer to the bull. The scent from her collar compelled him to nudge her again. She protested and moved away, slowly. Her tail just touched his nose.

Tori was losing the fight with the bull, she wanted to submit and be fucked, but still she resisted. As she moved away, she felt the bull grab onto her tail, trying to pull the plug from it’s seat. She squealed as he pulled her backwards, toward his bull cock, kicking back with her back hooves.

Although she missed hitting the bull, it enraged him, and excited him at the same time. He moved faster than her, body checking her to the ground and stood over her, his cock stiffer than he could remember. He mooed at her, demanding her submission. He would fuck her, or he would gouge her with his horns.

Finally seeing the bull rock hard, his cock not wavering as he stood over her. She mooed her agreement, turning to allow him to mount her. He mooed again, knocking her back to the ground. She turned, her mouth coming to his cock and lapping at the end. She was done fighting, he had tamed her and would get his prize.

Mika’s next sound was demanding, not for actions, but for her own words…such as they were. Tori heard the change and complied. Her moos were now pleas. Begging for the strong bull to fuck her, show her who was in charge. Give her the calf she wanted. The bull snapped at her, getting skin with each nip. It traveled from her ear to neck to her breasts, the last being a nipple stiff with desire.

Tori crooned to the bull as he nipped her, stomping his hooves near her. She pleaded with the bull to mount her, fuck her. To treat her like the heifer she was.

The bull tapped the heifer once more and she prepared for mounting, her breath coming short with her own desire. Mika let her stay exposed for a long moment before he slammed his cock into the female. She screamed in desire, pushing back against him. Her hooves scraped the ground trying to shove herself back on the cock she demanded.

Mika grabbed her hair in his mouth, pulling her head back as he shoved her forward with the force of his thrusts. He grunted at her, pushing his hooves next to her. She completely let him shove her into the ground, her face pulled back with her pony tail.

When the bull was finished he let out a growl, telling the heifer that if she had a calf, it would be his. She screamed as she was overcome with her own pleasure, shaking as it wracked her bent over form.

Throwing dirt on the heifer showed that he was her bull, and she would submit whenever he looked in her direction, Mika moved away from the trembling female. As he moved toward the barn the other two breeding males came forward, squabbling over who would take the bull’s sloppy seconds and thirds.

Back at the barn the bull looked across the field, seeing the other females looking down, showing the bull they wanted to be fucked too, but would wait their turn. He was their bull too. Elise met him and led him to the bath room, ready to clean the sweaty male.

“That was impressive, Mika.” Elise cooed at him, leading him to the platform. Water flowed next to her as she waited for it to warm. Getting the towel like last time, she stroked his cock, cleaning it of the heifer’s juices. “You are making me regret not fucking bulls.” She continued to run her hands up and down his cock. “I’m told if you did well tonight, you will get a heifer outside this farm. They are willing to pay good money for one of your calves.”

Mika moaned as his handler continued to pleasure him. He was happy that his handler was pleased with his behavior. He would fuck her if she asked, although she had no allure of the heifers he had gotten used to. She didn’t speak as he panted and finally erupted all over the table.

Once he was clean the lift went down and Elise took him back to his stall. The other bulls were already in their stalls and looked on enviously as the Alpha was last to be led to his straw. Rime was the bull in chastity and looking at the others like he was finished being in the bottom.

Content, he settled on his straw and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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