Down the Hall

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Staring at the front of the house, she sat back in the drivers seat and grimaced when she had to lean to the left to favor her right hip, the memory of the drop still fresh in her mind especially when the twinge of pain would periodically shoot up from her hip. Stroking the worn leather of the wheel cover, she killed the engine with a swift turn of the key and pulled it out of the ignition as she pushed the door open with her free hand. Turning in the seat, she swung her legs out and pulled herself out, gingerly putting weight on her right foot as the pain started radiating down her leg once more. Deciding to leave her school bag in the backseat for now, she grabbed her purse off the floorboard and slammed the door shut, a smile twisting the corners of her lips up at the loud creaks and groans of the old metal. Staring down at the ’70 Chevelle coupe, she stroked her hand along the sharp line of the hood and patted the sun worn paint just above the headlight. “Soon, Ella, Soon.” Settling the strap of the faux-leather purse on her shoulder, she spun her keys on her index finger as she limped for the front door, a grimace turning her smile away from her full lips. Testing the knob, she found no resistance which had to mean her mother was already home so she pushed the door open and stepped into the welcoming embrace of the cool interior of the foyer. Already smelling the melding scents of what could only be her mother’s spaghetti, she smiled to herself and followed the scent to the kitchen to greet her mother who instantly knew something was wrong with just a single glance.

“What happened?”

“How do you always know?”

“I’m your mother, its in the job description.”

“Well you need a raise then. I got dropped from the top of the pyramid today. Kourtney had a sneezing fit, so its not like to was on purpose or anything.”

“Oh damn, I’m sorry sweetie. A good hot soak would do you good but you’ll have to use your brother’s bath, I have a plumber coming to work on your shower at the end of the week.”

“Oh okay, I guess it got worse then?”

“Yeah, it wouldn’t even drain when I was in their cleaning a bit ago.”

“Okay. Well, I’m sure Si will love having to share a bathroom again.” She laughed and sat her bag on the end of the counter with her keys before turning to kiss her mothers cheek.

“Oh of course.”

“Well, hopefully I’m done before he gets home.”

“It doesn’t matter, just go soak, sweetie.”

Myka nodded and turned to head down the long hallway, her sneakers making soft slaps on the hardwood flooring with each tentative step. Letting the mask slip, she grimaced and stopped in her room first to collect a change of clothes and her towel before heading further down the hall to her brother’s room. Pushing the door open, she crinkled her nose at the slight musty smell and limped across the room to open the window to air his room out while she was in the bath. She didn’t know how he didn’t notice it but she knew she wouldn’t have been able to sleep if her room smelled like that; then again she always kept her room a lot cleaner than he did and didn’t have piles of laundry littering the floor haphazardly. Working her way to his bathroom, she frowned heavily at the small mound of towels and underwear by the end of the tub and laid her clothes and towel on the end of the counter where it was relatively clean. Turning to the shower, she slid the glass door open and leaned in to switch the water to the hottest setting before stripping off her cheer uniform. Laying the skirt on the other side of the sink, she laid her bra and thong on top of it and covered them with her top before stepping into the welcoming heat of the shower. Clicking the door shut behind her, she stepped under the scalding waterfall and hissed at the initial sting against her skin but then let out a soft moan as she got acclimated to the heat and it began working its magic to soothe all the aches and pains hiding within her body. Turning her face up into the stream, she closed her eyes and let the water rain down around her, the sound drowning out everything else as she let it wash the crappy end of her day away. Realizing she had forgotten her shampoo, conditioner and soap, she growled faintly to herself and reached for his, giving quiet thanks that he had unscented bar soap sitting in the cradle right next to his bottle of Axe body wash. Reaching for the washcloth, she wrapped the fabric around the bar of soap and scrubbed it between her hands to get it nice and sudsy before she started scrubbing the dried sweat and dirt from her arms and legs. Rinsing off, she went back and washed properly before turning her attention to her hair. Deciding against using his shampoo because it smelled way too masculine for her tastes, she simply rinsed it and was about to shut the water off when it cut off on its own. Frowning, she turned to the fogged up glass and smirked a little when she saw the giant shadow her brother was casting on it. Sliding the door open the rest of the way to see him drying his hand off with her towel, she extended yenibosna escort her hand for it.

“I guess you don’t care about what mom said.”

“Nope. Use her shower next time.”

“You know she hates us using her bathroom.”

“Too bad. Now cover the fuck up, Jesus.”

“Then hand me the damn towel, dumb-ass.” She arched a brow and grinned a little when he tossed it at her chest; catching it, she pulled it around her curves and tucked the corner down beneath the under layer.

“Did you use all my hot water? You’re not the only one who needs a hot shower after practice.”

“Awwww, did you actually get to play today?”

“It was practice..we all have to.”

“So the bench actually got to miss you then, that’s sweet. I figured you were just clingy.” Snickering, she wrung the excess water out of her hair and stepped out of the stall with a grimace, reaching out to brace herself against the counter as a sharp pain shot through her hip.

“Oh fuck you. What’s wrong?” Despite being mad about finding her using his shower, he immediately leaned forward to catch her just in case she fell but then she caught herself on the counter. Watching her collect her clothes, he stepped back and let her squeeze past him with a pronounced limp.

“I got dropped ten feet.”

“Fuck. How?”

“Kourtney started sneezing in pyramid form. Yeah, that ain’t the most fun way to disband a pyramid.” Deciding to be a plague on him for a little longer, she perched on the end of his bed and looked up at him, finally noticing that he was only in his boxers. Letting her gaze roam over his massive frame, she set the bundle of her clothes to the side and started going through them to separate the clean from the dirty.

“Damn, you sure you don’t need to see a doctor or anything? Wait…why are you staying? Go to your room and do that shit.” Pointing to the door as she started pulling a lacy black thong up her legs and under the towel, he forced himself to turn away as she stood and let the towel drop as she continued to dress. “Hey!”

“What, giant?” Staring up at him as she settled the thong on her hips, she sat back down and pulled her Sophie shorts on and leaned back on the bed to pull them up, using her left foot to brace herself against the bed before she lifted up enough to settle them properly in place.

“I don’t need to see you naked, dude.”

“So then fuckin’ look away, Jesus.” Sitting back up, she pulled her tank top on and twisted the heavy mass of wet hair out from under the fabric before wrapping her towel around her shoulders. Watching him struggling not to look at her, she leaned back on her elbows on his bed and rested her hands on her stomach. “Dude, relax. Its not like I stayed naked or anything.”

Shaking his head, he flicked her off and disappeared into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him without replying. Watching her get dressed in front of him was not something he had been prepared for and even though she had been a frequent fantasy, it was still disconcerting to see her like that. Turning the water back on, he stepped into the still warm enclosure of the shower and snapped the sliding glass door closed behind him. Trying to get the sight of her naked body out of his mind, he failed miserably and sighed as he felt his cock harden fully. Remembering how he used to sneak into her room at night, he coated his hands in soap suds and wrapped a massive hand around the thick base of his shaft. Squeezing for a moment, he started lazily stroking to the last time when he had actually gotten to taste her as she slept. She had looked so peaceful, like a sleeping angel, so different than the sassy bitch she was when she was awake. Leaning back against the tiled wall, he closed his eyes and got lost in the memory as he slowly built the pace of his stroking. Just the sight of her sprawled out on her bed, the moonlight from her window bathing her in an eerie blue light, had been enough to embolden him; silently egging him to lay between those thick thighs of hers. He had stayed there for a few minutes, not daring to move as she shifted a little in her sleep, his heart pounding in his chest at the possibility of being caught so soon. The sight of her ass just a scant few inches from his face eventually won out, his cock straining and throbbing almost painfully against the silk of her sheets and when she had settled down, he had reached out with both hands to spread the firm half-globes to reveal the flesh between them. Even now, he could almost taste her on his tongue, that was how strong the memory was and it only made him tighten his grip on the up stroke as a familiar fantasy of fucking her filled his mind’s eye. He hadn’t crossed that line on any of his midnight forays into her room, even though he had gotten close a few times. Not bothering to keep his groans quiet, he braced his shoulders against the wall and pressed the balls of his feet into the slight curve along the bottom of the tub wall across from him. He could feel his balls zeytinburnu escort beginning to tighten in anticipation of his orgasm and his thighs began to clench in time to his quick strokes. Gripping just under the head, he shortened his strokes and let out a sound that was caught between a growl and a groan and it ricocheted off the shower walls around him as his cum started exploding out of the tip of his cock, arcing to hit the glass doors. Slowing his pace to savor the high that began to take over his senses, he rested his head against the tile as he dragged in a ragged breath. “Fuck…”

Stepping in under the water, he washed quickly and didn’t bother with his hair, he hadn’t really wanted or needed a shower to begin with he had just used it as an excuse to get away from his sister. Rinsing the door off, he shut the water off and stepped out, instantly grabbing for a towel and sighing when there wasn’t one. Hearing footsteps, he glanced at the door just as a towel landed on his head.

“Do some laundry, ya filthy animal.”

“I told you to get out.” Dragging the towel from his head, he quickly wrapped it around his hips and gripped it shut with one hand as he stared down at her.

“And miss the vocals? No way.”

Before he could even begin to formulate a reply she had disappeared from the doorway and he was left staring at the empty space she left behind. The realization that she had stayed and heard him made him feel torn because on one hand he wanted to chase her down and demand an explanation, and maybe more, but on the other hand, he was a little embarrassed that she had heard him. What if her name had slipped out? That would have been difficult to explain considering neither of them knew another Myka.

Running a hand through his shoulder length hair, he went into his room and was relieved when she wasn’t lingering like a beautiful little creep. Crossing to his dresser, he pulled a fresh pair of boxers out, a pair of sweats and one of his favorite band shirts. Quickly getting dressed, he left his room and as soon as he opened the door he was faced with his mom who was about to knock on it.

“Oh, I was just coming to tell you dinners’ done.”

“Okay, Ma; spaghetti?”

“You know it. Come help your sister set the table.”

-x-x-x- The Next Day -x-x-x-

Seeing Myka’s Chevelle out front but not their mother’s car, he glanced at Finn in the passenger seat and then at Rico in the back via the rear view mirror. “Ma’s out but Myka’s home. Hopefully she stays in her room.”

“Man, I don’t know why you hate her, Rhino. Your sis is cool, she ain’t a total bitch like Booker’s sis.”

“You don’t have to live with her, Rico.”

“True. But she’s always real nice to me, so…”

When they were all out of the truck, he locked it and went inside, Finn and Rico following after taking an extra few seconds to admire the progress on the Chevelle. “The coup is looking better and better every time I see it, that thing is gunna be a beaut when she’s done with it, man.”

“I guess. Drinks? There’s leftover spaghetti that Ma said we could have.”

“Your mom’s spaghetti? Fuck yes.” Rico rubbed his hands together, hardly able to contain himself.

“I’ll take some too, everything your mum makes is so damn good; my mum can’t cook for shit.”

They all made a beeline for the kitchen and Silas pulled a large Tupperware bowl out of the fridge as Rico grabbed some paper plates from the top of the microwave and tossed them onto the island counter.

“I think she’s making pizza tonight, want me to see if you guys can stay over?” Rico immediately nodded as Silas began dishing out the spaghetti but Finn shook his head with a frown.

“I can’t, my uncle is in town so we’re goin’ out to eat.”

“I’m sure we’ll have extra, she usually over cooks.” Once they all had their food, they went back to the living room and plopped down in their favorite spots; Rico and Finn on opposite sides of the couch and Silas dropping into his armchair. Turning his Xbox on, he tossed two of the four controllers to them and arched a brow when they both dropped them. “Dudes!”

Rico blinked and jerked his gaze from the opening to the hallway and looked at him as Finn kept staring in disbelief at the sight they had just been treated to unexpectedly. “Your sister… Naked…” He muttered it but Silas heard him and immediately leaned forward to set his plate on the coffee table before shoving himself up out of the chair. Stalking to the hallway, he turned towards her room and just as the door clicked shut he reached it. Throwing it open, he was treated to the sight of her heavy tits bouncing as she spun around to face him, her arms up as she towel dried her thick hair.

“What the fuck, Silas?!”

“Yeah, what the fuck! Finn and Rico are here! You can’t just walk around naked!”

“I didn’t even know you were home, let alone that you brought your little friends over for a play date. Now get the fuck out so I can get dressed.” mecidiyeköy escort Pulling the towel down from her hair to cover herself a little, she held the plush fabric to her chest and glared at him as he stayed put.

“I get home at roughly the same time every day, how could you not know I would be home?”

“Does it look like I have a watch on? Fuck off and quit being such an asshole. It’s not like I put on a show, I walked down the fuckin’ hallway.” Sighing when he still refused to leave, she rolled her eyes and finally just decided to keep drying herself off. Brushing the towel across her breasts, she worked it down her abdomen and turned to rest her foot on the end of her bed as she lifted her leg to dry it.

“You shouldn’t be walking around naked anyways, its not like its just you and mom here.”

“Awww, does big brother get uncomfortable seeing his wittle sister naked?” Smirking as she put a tinge of a baby voice on her words, she switched to the other leg and when she was done she moved the towel between them to dry the apex of her thighs. Glancing at him as he turned his head away, she moved it around to her ass and pulled it taunt as she worked it side to side to dry her back off. Grinning when she caught him sneaking a glance out of the corner of his eye, she squeezed the ends of her hair into the towel to rid it of any excess water and then tossed it to the open hamper by the bathroom door.

“It’s just not right.”

“We grew up bathing together, Si. It’s just a body.”

“No, its my sister’s body and that stopped when we were like, four.”

“You’re such a fuckin’ prude; the naked body is natural so stop being such a virgin about it.” Turning to her dresser, she decided to play with him a little and opened the top drawer to sift through her underwear. Choosing one of her favorite red thongs and the matching bra, she put the bra on first and smirked a little to herself as he finally spoke up behind her.

“I’m not a prude or a virgin, you’re my fuckin’ sister. I shouldn’t see you naked.” Following her with his eyes now that her back was to him, he leaned against the door jam and his eyes widened as she bent at the hips to step into the small scrap of red lace. The position revealed her completely and he had to fight not to simply cross the distance between them and take her right there and then. Watching her pull the fabric up between those firm cheeks, he kept his gaze on her and didn’t bother trying to hide his expression of need as she turned around again.

“For someone whose 7’4 and looks like a sex god, Kourtney’s words by the way, you sure are a pussy about shit. Go back to Finn and Rico and leave me alone.” Seeing that expression on his face, she ran a hand through her hair and pushed it back from her face as she took a step towards her bed. Hearing him growl, she glanced back up at him just as he stalked forward and snatched her up off her feet. Gasping when he tossed her onto her bed, she started to roll to the edge just as he pinned her down with his much larger frame. “Hey! Get off me!”

“Naw, bitch! Quit calling me a pussy and a virgin.” Catching her wrists as she tried in vain to push him off of her, he pinned them to the bed above her head with one hand and started to tickle her with the other. Grinning as she started laughing and squirming, he couldn’t help but smile at the sound, that was a laugh he hadn’t heard in way too many years. Lifting off of her a little, he pulled a knee up between her thighs to keep as much of his weight off of her as possible as he sped up his tickling, moving his wriggling fingers along her rib cage and up along her arm pit.

“Okay, okay!” Writhing under him, she used it as a cover to press against his thigh, a soft moan escaping between her laughs and giggles as the feel of him pinning her down began to actually turn her on. Arching off the bed a little as he rested more of his weight on the hand holding her wrists in place, she bit her lip and clenched her thighs tight against his.

“What the…” Pushing back from her, he stared down at her for a moment before moving to stand at the foot of her bed. “Why you always gotta make shit weird?”

“You’re the one who pinned me.”

“I..We were wrestling, like we used to.”

“Well, it’s different now.” She stayed where he left her and smiled coquettishly up at him, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “I can’t help that it turns me on now.”

“Hey, whoa, whoa, no. I don’t need to know that shit. Get dressed and stop that!” He turned away reluctantly as she started trailing her hands along her body, one hand moving down to her hips while the other squeezed her breast.

“Maybe you should go back to your little friends, now. Besides, this is my room, if I wanna lay around in sexy lingerie and touch myself, I will. So get out.”

“Stop that!” Playing the role of the dutiful brother who definitely shouldn’t be attracted to his sister, he tossed her blanket over her and forced himself to leave her room and go back to the living room. Even when he got back and settled in, he found he couldn’t really focus on the game they were playing or the conversation. He kept wondering if this taboo attraction of his was really one sided or if maybe she was starting to feel it too; but then again, she could have just been fucking around to make him uncomfortable, she was definitely bitchy enough to do that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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