Dr. Nix Ch. 03

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*This story picks up not that long after the events of Ch. 02. I’m not going to go crazy out of the way to catch everybody completely up to speed every chapter, so read from Ch. 01 if you’re interested in the overall story. Otherwise, just enjoy the sex. Obviously not reality for so many reasons. I hope you enjoy the fantasy.*

“Miss Simmons! So good to see you again!”

My reaction was genuine as I watched the short, adorable blonde and her giant boobs close the door behind her.

“You remember me, Doctor?” Paula asked, her eyes wide and vapid.

“Of course, Paula, it’s only been two weeks. I would have liked to see you earlier, actually. How’s that sore throat?”

“Oh so much better, Doctor, thank you!” the teen bounced in excitement from her gratitude and I took in the incomparable sight of her stupidly large bust bouncing clearly even under her wool sweater.

“That’s very good news, Paula. You must have been following my advice very closely,” I motioned to the medical bed as I spoke, offering her a seat. The 18-year-old looked confused and stayed put, her long blonde ringlets framing her rounded porcelain face.

“Oh yes, I’ve been making sure to give blowjobs every day and I swallow all the medicine like a good slut.”

“That’s very good, Paula, but please try to use the proper medical phrase ‘sucking cock’ whenever possible.”

“Ohmigod, sorry Doctor!”

“No problem, Paula. Now are you going to take a seat? You’re making me nervous just standing there.”

“Oh is that what you meant? I was so confused!”

Paula giggled and turned to the medical table while I rolled my eyes. What a stupid girl. I was excited to finally use her for my perverted devices again.

Things had been going the smoothest they ever had since I hired my suspicious receptionist, Jocelyn. She still dressed like she was 80-years-old despite being 19, but my paranoia about her intentions had been fading away. It was beginning to seem like acting slutty in her interview and then being a prude at work was just her method of getting hired and not a plan to take down my perverted practice. I had been doing this for almost two decades! There was no way a teen girl had that much foresight, it was silly of me to be so obsessed.

I concluded that it was just my desire to see her naked after her interview that made me so over-analytical of her actions. But now that I was back to my usual ways (that being taking advantage of young, stupid, eager-to-please female patients), I could get over not being able to see just one of those bodies, no matter how smoking hot it was in my memories of that interview.

Paula was settled on the medical bed and didn’t bother crossing her legs. I could see her blue panties under her short summer skirt. A sweater and a skirt. I’ll never understand fashion.

“Did you talk to your teachers like I suggested, Paula?”

“Yes Doctor, I was really surprised. Every single teacher was willing to help me out! I got a lot of old man medicine.”

“You’re an excellent slut, Paula, no wonder you recovered so well. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that you neglected your brother.”

Paula shifted in her spot and hung her head, seemingly too embarrassed to respond. That was strange, I thought, she talked about her incest with no hesitation last time.

“What’s the matter, Paula?”

“Oh sorry, Doctor. It’s just, am I supposed to like the medicine so much? Before I was just happy to make my brother happy, but now I just really wanna taste it. I’m out of the pills you told me to take after sucking cock, but I still do it just as much. Can I get addicted to the drug?”

Of course that’s what she was embarrassed about. Stupid girl.

“Oh that’s perfectly fine! No need to be worried about that, Paula. There are good drugs and bad drugs. A man’s seed is a good drug. It’s not just good for fixing your throat, but it will help you be happier and sluttier. It’s a good idea to suck just as much cock even if you’re feeling fine.”

“Oh that’s SUCH a relief, Dr. Nix! I thought there was maybe something wrong with me. I’m happy that I’m still a good slut.”

I looked down at the large mounds that Paula’s breasts were able to form even under her thick sweater. “Yes, a very good slut. Now take off your sweater and let me check your throat to make sure you’ve healed properly.”

It was the antibiotics I gave her that was the actual cause of her recovery, of course, but I was always pleased to turn a teen girl into a cum-loving whore. The dim teen raised her long sweater off her body and I leered at the effect her raised arms had on her bra-encased tits. She was wearing a snug blue bra that seemed to fit better than the black thing she wore last time. Even without the flesh overflowing, her breasts were of the sort that were hard to believe even as I stared at them. They seemed to have a life of their own. Obviously heavy, but also cased with young elastic skin that wouldn’t allow them to sag much even without the support. Escort Etlik I remembered her tiny nipples and literally licked my lips in anticipation.

“There you go, Doctor,” said Paula, not even questioning why I needed her shirt off to look down her young throat. In the interest of I-was-actually-a-doctor-not-just-a-sex-addict, I gave her a proper inspection. Indeed, the infection appeared to be long gone. I teased myself by continuing with a regular check-up while the submissive blonde teen sat there topless.

“Is that a new bra, Paula? It seems to fit better than your last one. That’s good for your back, you know,” I said near the end of the check-up. Paula was in impeccable health. Status quo for even a moderately active teen. I worked out 4 times a week to maintain a great body at 45, and all Paula had to do was drop to her knees a few times a day.

“I can’t believe you noticed!” Paula said, tears forming in her large eyes. “I thought my boobs might still be growing because my new F cup bras didn’t seem right, but I was so scared to ask daddy for a proper fitting. He got so mad whenever I wanted to go bra shopping.”

In two appointments, Paula had only ever mentioned a father and brother. I had to assume there was no mother anymore, for whatever reason. The busty teen continued.

“But he got so much nicer after I started giving him blowjobs too. Oops, I mean started sucking his cock. I thought he was doing me a favour by giving me more medicine, but he acted like I was the nice one! Daddy’s so weird.”

I wasn’t too surprised about this new information. I figured it would be the natural step after sucking off her high school teachers, whether or not I gave her the push. That’s probably why the poor old man got so angry when she brought up new bras. He was likely sexually frustrated thinking about his own daughter’s giant tits. I was done putting away the equipment from the check-up and I was getting sick of Paula’s teen drawl.

I unceremoniously dropped my pants while she continued.

“Anyway, I got properly fitted and it turns out I’m actually a 32G! But I’m not worried about getting bigger anymore, since Daddy said he’ll buy me as many pretty custom bras as I want as long as I suck his little dick.”

Ugh, just shut up, I thought. I didn’t need to hear about her father’s small penis. I would have just stuck my own dick in her mouth, but although I was fucking patients regularly again, it only served to improve my endurance and bounce-back time. I still get hard pretty slowly, like the 45-year-old I am. Sure, Paula’s tits were massive, but I knew that by looking at them. I didn’t need to know the bra size. She was still talking about something, but I cut her off.

“You’re looking like a very healthy slut, Paula. I’ll give you some of my special Doctor medicine and then you can be on your way.”

Paula looked a little stunned to be cut off — I’m sure most men were so unaccustomed to a gorgeous busty whore talking to them that they let her talk about whatever she wanted — but she rebounded quickly when she noticed my chubby cock was out.

“I’m better at this now,” she giggled, “Mr. Jenson is like, 70, so I need to work really hard before I’m able to blow him.”

With that, she pushed her juggs together playfully and with more purposeful seduction than she had shown last visit. She was a pretty quick learner considering how slow she constantly proved herself to be. Usually I didn’t give out free treatment to patients without insurance – even when I took advantage of them – but Paula was a very rare exception. I loved that she had the sort of young innocent face that you would never expect to be attached to an extremely busty body. It made her heaving chest all the more lewd.

She continued pushing her breasts together over her bra, causing the flesh to frantically try to find other space to occupy. It proved to be difficult considering so much of her chest was already taken up by the rest of her huge young boobs. My cock twitched at the majesty of her cleavage and Paula responded with a victorious giggle.

“Yay! That works on Mr. Jenson’s little old man dick too. But yours isn’t small like his. It’s big like Mr. Costa or Sam.”

“Sam?” I asked, scolding myself internally for encouraging her to talk more.

“Oh, that’s my brother. I forgot you didn’t know his name. I’m so stupid sometimes.”

Perfect. An entrance for more of my slut propaganda.

“That’s a good thing, Paula. A good whore should be stupid. If you ever forget something or don’t know something, don’t worry about it. Just think about a nice hard cock instead.”

“Wow, that’s a really good idea, Dr. Nix, thanks!”

Wow, her stupidity was so vast that it was only rivalled by my old receptionist, Stacey. She had gone off to college (I suppose they’re right when they say anybody can get in these days), and I missed her young skillful mouth and tiny teen pussy almost every day.

“Speaking of, Paula, I think it’s time you Etlik Escort got to work.”


Goddamn it.

“Suck my dick, you slut.”

“Oh! Of course, Doctor.”

During her last visit, Paula proved that she was able to suck dick better than any other 18-year-old I had convinced to blow me, but her skills had improved beyond that in just two short weeks. This wasn’t the work of a promising teen cock-sucker, this was the blowjob from a young master of the art. There was no way I could count the number of mouths I had blown my load into in my 45 years, but Paula’s enthusiastic and precise strokes were strangely mixed with a lustful desperation that made me realize this had to be one of the best blowjobs I had ever received.

My plan for the appointment was dissolving in my mind. Removing her almost comically large bra and roughly groping her big tits and tiny nipples gave way to thoughts of her firm and swift tongue as it explored and massaged my cock. Thoughts about once again fucking her doggy-style on the hard floor in front of the mirror were replaced with the powerful suction Paula relentlessly applied to my rock hard 7 inches, causing her cheeks to hollow. The idea of calling her name after dirty name was drowned out by the sound of the teen’s slurping and horny moans.

And Paula’s moans weren’t the sounds of a girl who did it just to please the guy. They weren’t even the moans of a girl who genuinely loved sucking dick. It was the fierce pleasure of a girl who seemed to love a dick in her mouth as much as I loved to have it there.

Her big babydoll eyes were closed in bliss as her plump lips slid up and down my thick shaft. She sucked me off like a veteran conductor. Like she was intensely familiar with the orchestra of my pleasure. She anticipated when to slow down, when to speed up, and when to take a very short break to open her eyes and turn her innocent-looking face up to me to say,

“Ohmygod, Doctor, your dick tastes really, really good.”

Then came a guttural moan before the teen plunged her round face back into my crotch.

I couldn’t remember the last time I was speechless from a simple blowjob, but I certainly was from Paula’s work. I could only say what I was thinking.

“Paula, I think you were literally born to suck dick.”

She responded with a mere giggle, her mouth still stuffed with my member.

Even with my recently increased endurance, I felt my balls starting to boil and I intensely tried to savour every sensation of Paula’s wet, warm, skillful teen mouth. I gave her no warning as my vision turned white from pleasure and I blasted my jizz into her welcoming mouth. I groaned something unintelligible with no concern for volume in my superbly soundproofed room. Paula obediently gulped down my seed with the eagerness of someone dying of thirst. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face all the way down my shaft for the final bursts of my extraordinarily large load. The young beauty reacted with the smallest of gags followed by uncontrollable moaning. The slut hadn’t let a single drop escape her pretty lips.

My knees were suddenly weak. I pulled my dick out of the busty teen’s throat and stumbled back to my chair behind my desk. I collapsed in complete disbelief of the pleasure I had just received. Before I could even catch my breath, Paula jumped off the medical bed with a concerned look on her face. Her sudden movements caused her busty boobs to bounce obscenely in her bra. The girl made simple movements look like the sluttiest live show in the world.

She dropped to her hands and knees on the cold tiled floor and crawled to where I sat, the weight of her breasts causing the teen juggs to hang low even in her bra, jiggling wildly with her movements, hanging off her like big cow udders.

“You’re not even clean yet! I gotta get it all, Doctor! I want to be a healthy slut.”

I said nothing, but gladly let the dumb girl bathe my shrinking dick with her dutiful tongue. The slut couldn’t resist moaning even from the clean-up work. I was going to have to see this teen more often. Why couldn’t she be my receptionist instead of boring, professional Jocelyn? It was such a waste for a busty 19-year-old body to be covered by the unflattering, non-revealing clothing choices Jocelyn sported every day.

Ugh, even the perfect blowjob from a gorgeous, busty bimbo teen couldn’t keep my mind off of Jocelyn. If only I had a reason to fire her. I would much rather give the inflated salary to an incompetent slut like Paula. Jocelyn was good at her job, but that’s not why I wanted a receptionist and it was also one of the reasons I resented her.

Paula finally finished up with my dick and whimpered sadly as she realized there was no more cum left and also that I was still soft. Even my improved bounceback rate couldn’t recover from an orgasm like that at my age. I was done for a few hours at least. For once I thanked the fact that I only had senior citizens left on the schedule Etlik Escort Bayan for the day.

“Did I do good, Doctor Nix? Am I going to be a healthy girl?”

“Yes, Paula, you’re going to be a very healthy busty bimbo slut.”

“Is being a bimbo a good thing too?”

“Yes, Paula. Now I need to do some paperwork here, but I want you to book an appointment with the front desk for next week.”


“Don’t worry about the insurance, Miss Simmons. It took you ten years between visits before last time, so I want to make sure you grow up healthy and slutty now that you’re an adult.”

“Oh you’re just the best! Everything in my life has been so good since I came to see you.”

I smiled at the earnest girl. I hadn’t felt guilty for my manipulation of naive sluts in over a decade, but I wasn’t deluded enough to think I was doing this for the girls’ own good. Still, I didn’t particularly like making people unhappy, so I was glad to make these teens content in the slutty direction I nudged them in.

I don’t know if Paula wanted any other responses from me, but I turned to my computer and pretended to be drawn into work. Paula got the hint and turned around to leave. She looked great in her skirt and bra, but the skirt unfortunately wasn’t one to flatter the ass that looked so good in her tight jeans last visit, so the view wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. As Paula reached the door, I called to her.


“Yes, Doctor?” She said with an irritating eagerness.

“Your sweater, Paula.”

“Oh!” She said with a mix of disappointment and embarrassment. I could tell she wanted more attention, but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was an authority figure her father’s age or because she just wanted some more dick. Either way I didn’t care. It sounded like she had plenty of cock to suck at home. I stole a final peek at the teen’s perfect double bowling ball bust as she slipped her sweater back on, but I made sure to look back at the screen when her big round head finally popped through the neckhole. I didn’t want to give her any more openings.

“Um, goodbye Doctor Nix,” she said.

“Goodbye Miss Simmons,” I said pleasantly, but not looking at her. The stupid slut finally left.

I had twenty minutes before my next appointment, so I just relaxed in the afterglow of my recent orgasm. The blowjob had been so good that I didn’t even have any regrets about not seeing Paula’s naked tits or pussy. I’d have plenty of chances in the future.

Speaking of which, I logged into the server software that contained my schedule to see if Paula had booked a future appointment.

Good, next Wednesday. I continued looking forward in the schedule, however. I told myself it was just to get an idea of the following week, but secretly I knew what I was looking for. After my run-in with Julia, I was desperate to see her again. She had come at the end of a busy day and I hadn’t been able to get hard enough to fuck her, even when she revealed that she had been saving her virginity for me even after all the years we hadn’t seen each other.

To think that a gorgeous 25-year-old redhead like that would be mine to break in was a thought I couldn’t forget for long. Of course, if I was even more honest with myself, I would know that Julia was one of the only women in my near half century on the planet to give me butterflies. I never willingly let smart strong women into my life (I had no idea Jocelyn would be either of those things when I hired her) but Julia was the one true exception. I treated her as a patient since she was a child and fucked her mouth like a slut since she turned 18. She was the only patient who I took advantage of that I actually cared about.

But that was only if I was really honest with myself, which I tried not to do.

And just like that it was time to continue with my day. I decided to be “Friendly Dr. Nix” and walked out to the waiting room to greet the patients myself. Because of Paula’s visit, my good mood wasn’t even an act. Jocelyn seemed to be in a good mood too, which worried me if anything. Although maybe it was just me, but it looked like she undid a button on her otherwise ugly and frilly old-lady blouse. I could ignore the fact that it looked like that stupid pirate shirt from Seinfeld on account of being able to see some of her cleavage for the first time since her interview.

And I’m being generous when I say “some”. At least it proved as a reminder that she really did have skin despite never showing it.

The rest of the day passed by pleasantly. Despite all the old-person parts I was forced to look at and touch, I didn’t find myself eagerly waiting for the day to be over. It’s surprising what dumping a load down a willing teen’s throat can do to a man.

As I said goodbye to my last patient, Mrs. Collins, a very sweet and very ancient old lady, I excused myself to the washroom. I only had to take a piss, but apparently I missed something while I was in there.

“Dr. Nix, you have an unexpected guest here to see you,” said Jocelyn when I came out of the washroom.

“What, just now?”

“Yes, it was strange timing. Anyway, she seemed to know her way around and she insisted on waiting in your exam room. Sorry! I couldn’t stop her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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