Dream Come True Ch. 02

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I opened the door to the bathroom, slowly, suddenly losing my confidence. I froze, looking at my feet wondering what on earth had possessed me to do this. I almost turned back to hide in the bathroom, when I heard you say my name “Brittany,” you said it breathily, and full of an emotion I had never heard in a man’s voice.

I slowly looked up at you, not brave enough to look at your eyes first. I looked at the foot of the bed. Then your feet. Up to your thighs. Then I stopped, the front of your boxers was tented. I instantly knew that I had caused it, and that fascinated me. After pausing there for more than a few seconds, I looked up to your face. You grinned mischievously at me and I knew you saw my stare. I blushed as red as my lingerie.

Your voice was quiet but intense, almost a growl, “Brittany if you don’t get over here now, I’m going over there to get you.”

“Oh and what will you do once you’re over here?” I asked, teasing was good, it put me at ease.

You started to get off the bed. “Don’t,” I said, quickly, I was either going to be in control or get scared and run fromt he room. You looked at me eyebrow raised but just sat there, your back against the headboard.

I took a deep breath and walked towards the bed, confident my hips swaying. I looked over your body, again pausing at the part of your boxers that protruded obviously. I heard you groan and realized I had licked my lips without thinking about it. I blushed again, but remembering I was supposed to be seducing you I lifted my head and grinned.

I stood by the bed looking at you. I watched you lift your hand and touch the hem of the nightie. I wanted you to touch my thigh, I wanted to feel your fingers on my skin. I touched your hair looking down at you, watching your eyes travel up my body felt like the most intimate of caresses, it took all my control not to shudder with the intense burn suddenly causing my muscles to contract. I wanted to run and hide but another part of me wanted to know what you thought of me.

I lifted your chin and made you look at me. I was almost moved to tears by the emotion there. The love in your eyes was breath-taking. I was though I would see disappointment, there wasn’t even Escort Bayan a hint of it.

“Don’t look at me like that,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

“I’m only looking at you the way a man should look at a beautiful woman,” you said it with so much truth.

The way you said it, the sincerity in your eyes. I had never felt so precious. I had always thought of myself as plain, but you made me feel like a goddess. While I was staring in to your eyes and glowing from your compliment I reached down and pulled the hem up and over my head. You looked over my body again and this time I looked, again to your face which held not only love but lust. I glanced away and my eyes were captured when I saw you twitch in your boxers. The idea that I could make your body react that way brought a stir in my lower abdomen and my nipples tightened against the lace of my bra.

“Good to know I’m not the only one,” you said, in that hushed voice.

“Definitely not the only one,” I said, taking a deep breath to steady my heart.

“So what are you going to do about it?” you asked, reminding me of a few of our conversations and bringing a blush to my cheeks.

Then I looked down in to your eyes and I realize that I needed you today regardless of my insecurities or modesty.

I smiled at you, and I knew you realized that it was not my usual smile. Something was about to happen and it brought a twinkle to your eye. I rested one knee on the bed and put the other on the other side of your legs, straddling you I looked in to your eyes. You moved your hands up from my knees to my hips. “So smooth,” you murmured.

I purred feeling your hands on my legs. I leaned in to kiss you then, a chaste brush of lips turning into an intense passionate burst through both of us. I tangled my fingers in the waves of your hair. I pulled away from your kiss but kept my hand in your hair. There was hunger in your eyes, you tried to lean forward to kiss me. I pulled away not because I didn’t want to kiss you but because I wanted to play. I saw the predator in your eyes flare you pulled me forward and nipped at my lips. I moaned feeling the sting of your teeth on my lip and pushed my hips against yours the only the separating us, my lace panties and your boxers.

Your teeth released my lip as you moaned. I had never made a man make that kind of noise and I wanted to again. I thought I knew how. I kissed along your jaw line moving to be on all fours on the bed, I could still feel the heat of your body but the only place we touched was my mouth that moved along your neck biting lightly then sucking your skin in to my mouth and teasing it with my tongue. Your hands fisted in the comforter when I pulled away. I realized I had left a mark and leaned up to your ear and said, my voice deep with lust, “You’re mine now.”

Your breathing was heavy and your voice as full of lust as mine. “I’ve always been yours.”

That part of me pulsed again and I shuddered above you. You growled and I moaned. “Do you know how much pleasure it gives me to give you pleasure?” I asked, my head dipping down, flicking your nipple with my tongue. You moaned and again I shuddered above you, breathing a shaking breath on your nipple drying the saliva I had left on it. “Fuck,” you sighed.

I grinned up at you, “Not yet, Darlin’.”

You smiled down at me and while you looked at me I flicked my tongue out, this time doubling the sensation by you seeing it and feeling it. “Brittany,” you didn’t just say my name you moaned it and that sent my body in to a fever my pussy clenching at nothing a moan streaming from my throat. You looked at me amazed and I started kissing down your stomach. I felt your hand come to rest on my head and I paused and nuzzled against your hand even when your touches weren’t sexual they sent sparks through my body. I went back to kissing and found myself at the waistband of your boxers. I reached up to pull them off and your hands went over mine stopping them. I looked up at you confused.

You took a deep breath. “Past this there’s no going back,” you said, looking me deep in the eyes searching for even the smallest lingering doubt.

I smiled up at you, almost crying with the flood of love in my heart for you. You would have been okay if I stopped there. You wouldn’t have stopped loving me and it was that more than the need to taste you that made me say, “I know.”

I started to slip your boxers off your hips and down your legs, your erection popping out and again without thinking I licked my lips and you twitched. Your voice was gruff, “If you do that every time you see my dick I’m going to cum before you touch me.”

“That would be a shame, it looks like such a tasty treat,” I said, not taking my eyes off the head. It twitched and I grinned leaning in kissing the tip. The skin was so hot and slick and against my lips. I looked up at you and licked the liquid away. You growled deeply.

I leaned in and starting at the base I licked up the underside of your shaft, then swirled my tongue around where the head met. I suckled just on the head first, tonguing the slit eliciting something beyond a moan, an animalistic noise deep from your throat. I looked up at you and saw your pleasure as I slipped you slowly in to my mouth, your dick disappearing in to the hot wetness. Your hand cupped the back of my head and I smiled at your gentleness. When you were completely in my mouth I held you there and sucked teasing you with my tongue. I slowly let you out of my mouth almost all the way and you whimpered in frustration when it looked as if I’d let it out completely. I quickly pulled your hard dick back in my mouth and you moaned loudly arching your hips pushing further in to my throat, my gag reflex kicked in but I kept it under control, your hand in my hair began to caress my head and I moaned sending vibrations through your dick and I felt it pulse in my mouth.

“I’m… umm…. I…” you moaned trying desperately to warn me. I changed angles adding a new sensation sending you over the edge and a stream of your seed down my throat I swallowed the first shot and then pulled back you spurted all over my chin and neck, then on my still lace encased breasts and my stomach. When you were done I looked down at your face. You looked so satisfied. I got the towel and you watched intently as I wiped off my stomach chin and the rest of my chest not covered by the bra.

“I think you’re going to need to take that off,” you said, totally relaxed on the bed.

“I think you’re right,” that being said I unsnapped the bra, I slid the straps off my arms, but kept the cups against my breasts and you looked at me expectantly. I leaned in to kiss you and let the bra drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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