Dream Cum True

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I had just gotten off of a long day of work, excited to go home to my gorgeous wife. We had plans for a lovely night where we would go out to eat dinner, have a few glasses of wine, then go home and unwind. I was absolutely ecstatic! My wife is an absolutely stunning woman with 40D breasts that are always an eye opener for me and everybody around us. I must admit it’s a bit of a turn on seeing other guys staring, but I’ll never let her know due to the fact that my jealousy overcomes everything.

On my way home from work I received a text from my wife.

“Hey baby, is it ok if we cancel our plans tonight and Nick comes over? His girlfriend just broke up with him and he’s a wreck.”

I must say I was very disappointed since we rarely get a night to ourselves, but I agreed since I knew Nick a little and a friend of my wife’s is a friend of mine. My wife was very happy that I agreed and said

“Thank you so so so much baby. I’ll repay you later tonight ;-)”

Oh the joys of seeing that wink. I knew something was in store for me that night.

When I got home I greeted my wife with a kiss and hug as usual and we talked about our day. I told my wife I wanted to jump in the shower real quick to clean the sweat off of my body before Nick’s arrival. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower and started to strip my clothes off, my cock rock hard from thinking about what my wife had in store for me tonight. I washed off and jumped out of the shower and as I was putting my clothes on, I heard a knock at the door. “Nick must be here,” I said to myself as I rushed to put on all my clothes and greet him at the door.

I came out of the bedroom to see Nick and my wife laughing about something. I was stunned. I thought Nick would be in tears since his girlfriend just broke Kadıköy Escort up with him. I walked up to Nick and told him I was sorry to hear the bad news.

“No worries man, just need a night to keep my mind off everything,” replied Nick.

We all started talking as I walked to the freezer to whip out the liquor and I poured the three of us a couple drinks. We played some drinking games and were all getting a little tipsy when my wife said,

“Let’s play Truth or Dare. Anything goes. I haven’t played in ages!”

Now I must admit, being a 23 year old husband and father I hadn’t played Truth or Dare since my high school years, but getting tipsy and all I said,

“Fuck it, let’s play!”

It started off as a simple, innocent game for a while till it came to my turn and my wife was asking me

“Truth or Dare?”

I chose dare for the first time that game and my wife dared me to strip down to nothing but my boxers. Being a little shy since Nick was there too, I was hesitant, but obliged. My hardening cock was starting to show my bulge through the thin fabric of my boxers and I noticed that my wife wasn’t the only one staring. I caught Nick staring with lust in his eyes at my bulge.

I started to blush a little seeing Nick and my wife staring at my cock and it started to turn me on which made me harder.

My wife then asked Nick, “truth or dare?”

“Dare,” replied Nick.

She gave him the same dare as she gave me so Nick stripped down to nothing but his boxers except he had a noticeably large hard on. His member pressing against the hole in his boxers begging to be released. I couldn’t help but look at his cock. Nick must have noticed I liked it saying,

“like what you see David?”

“Ummm…” I muttered out.

“You’re Ataşehir Escort getting very hard” Nick said seductively.

I was so embarrassed I tried to hide my throbbing cock. My wife giggled at my embarrassment. When it came to her turn Nick and I both dared her to strip down to her Bra and Panties. God, the way she took off her clothes was exhilarating. She is a breath taker. Her luscious tits trying to escape the grasp of her bra all while you could see as she sat down the wet spot on her crotch. She was clearly pleased with what she saw.

My wife then asked me,

“Truth or dare.”

I was so turned on and I wanted to see where this was leading so I said,


“I dare you to suck Nick’s dick while I watch,” she winked at me.

I must say I have had fantasies of this exact scenario but never thought it would become a reality. I got on my knees in front of Nick and grasped the waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled them down to his ankles and off. His hard cock popped up at full attention. I hesitated for a few seconds just staring at how big his cock was and how turned on I was by the fact that my wife WANTS me to suck his dick in front of her.

I moistened my lips while staring at his cock, my cock getting harder every second. My fingers wrapping around him as I brought my lips closer to his tip, now leaking pre-cum. I took the tip of his cock in my mouth as my tongue danced around him.

“Mmmm…” Nick groaned.

I took him deeper into my moist mouth as Nick continued to moan. I sucked his cock, now fully engulfed in my mouth, and bobbed my head up and down. I lost myself, fully enjoying the feeling of his cock pulsing and twitching in my mouth as Nick’s moans became louder.

I looked at my wife when I Maltepe Escort heard a second moan and noticed she was laying back with her panties to the side exposing her soaking wet pussy as she rubbed her clit while watching me take Nick’s cock in my mouth. I grasped Nick’s balls in my free hand as I caressed and tugged both of his large balls. Nick slid down the couch so his legs were around me and his ass was hanging off the edge. I plopped his cock out of my mouth as my tongue found its way down to Nick’s balls.

I had one hand stroking Nick’s cock as my other hand ventured its way to tease his tight ass hole. My mouth engulfed Nick’s balls in my mouth and Nick was losing control over himself. He was in pure ecstasy. I grabbed his legs and pushed them up allowing me better access to his asshole. I had to taste him and fast. Nick rested his ankles on my shoulders as I spread his ass and shoved my tongue in deep and hard. My wife started screaming as she came which made me watch her as her tits bounced as her body shuddered from a very powerful orgasm.

My wife came over to us, seeing my lonely cock, and took me in her mouth as I tongue fucked Nick’s tight ass hole. Oh my god her warm wet mouth on my cock felt unreal. I reached around one of Nick’s legs and started jerking him off as I tongued and teased his puckering ass hole. My wife’s wandering fingers found their way to my ass hole as I jumped, surprised, when she shoved two fingers at once into my ass.

Nick and I were both moaning in harmony as we both started to approach our climax. I took Nick back into my mouth as one hand continued to stroke him and my other hand fingering his ass hole. Nick started shouting,

“I’m gonna cum!!” as he started shooting his load into the back of my throat.

This was so hot that I, too, started to cum, moaning with Nick’s cock in my mouth, as my wife sucked me dry. My wife and I both took Nick’s cock and started cleaning him up with our tongues. Now, I know what my wife meant when she said she’ll repay me tonight…To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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