Dressing Up

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Stepping out from the shower, the steam from the hot bath smacking me in the face, I wrap a warm fluffy towel around myself, snuggling into it. Running my cheek over the soft fabric, I feel comfortable, pampered, and little. Giggling at that thought because standing at 5’7″, 24 years old, I’m nowhere near little, yet the small girlish feeling lingers.

Hmmmm… with a gleam in my eye, and an inspirational thought, I glance at my watch placed on the counter to see how long before he’ll be home. Gauging about 45 minutes, I grab the bottle of baby lotion, pouring a generous amount into my palm. Placing my foot on the sink, I begin to slowly sooth the cream up my muscled leg, gently rubbing it into my tender skin. Sitting on the edge of the tub, I spread my legs wide, massaging the baby lotion into my bare pussy. Closing my eyes, my fingers running over the soft skin, I get a little shiver down my spine as I think I must look like a little girl. Squeezing the bare lips between my fingertips, I make sure the baby lotion is soothed into every tiny crevice. Squirting more into my palm, I smooth it up my tummy, around my soft belly button, over my hips, and up towards my breasts. Circling the pink lotion around my nipples, I close my eyes in pleasure as I pinch the strawberry tips, tugging on them gently. Glancing at my watch again, I quickly sooth it over my arms, finishing the lotioning.

Grabbing the baby powder from the cabinet, I leave my towel behind, heading into the master bedroom. Searching through my drawers, looking for that special little outfit, I finally locate it, hidden beneath my everyday pj’s. Pulling it out, I hold the sheer pink babydoll up, the light from the open window swishing through the transparent fabric. Reaching into the drawer again, I pull out the matching sheer panties, the endless Escort bayan array of ruffles on the back, making them look like little girl bloomers.

Placing the matching set on the bed, I stretch out in the middle of it on my back. Raising the baby powder above my pussy, I lightly begin to dust the powder over me with a naughty smile, so I won’t get chapped. Soothing the light dusting softly into my skin, I roll over to my tummy, going up on my knees; my bottom thrust high into the air. Dusting the powder over my bottom, I feel naughty and innocent at once. Cupping my cheeks in my hands, I soothe the powder in, before reaching for the ruffled panties.

Slipping them up my legs, over my thighs, I wiggle myself into them, soothing the ruffles up over my bottom.. a tiny part of my cheeks naughtily peeking out. Looking at myself in the mirror, I smile as the light peeking through the window highlights my bare pussy in the sheer panties. Picking up the babydoll by the thin straps, I ease it over my head, the lose fabric flowing around my hips, showing the ruffles of my panties to perfection. My full breasts, hardly belonging to a child, stand firm against the fabric, the strawberry nipples very clearly visible.

Walking over to the dresser, I brush out my reddish blonde hair before pulling it up into two pigtails, completing the little girl look. Twirling before the mirror one last time, I giggle as I take in myself – I look like a little girl playing dress-up.

Glancing at the clock, I start walking slowly down the stairs as he pulls into the driveway. Walking into the door, placing his briefcase and laptop in the chair, he looks up at the steps, as my bare feet are the first to appear.

Pausing at the bottom of the stairs, I glance up, as if by chance to see him standing there, and Bayan escort take off for his outstretched arms. Lunching myself into them, I wrap myself around his body, rubbing against his suit. Planting sloppy kisses all over his face, he hugs me close, inhaling the sweet baby scent. Moving me with him towards the couch, he softly whispers in my ear, “How’s my little girl?”

Straddling his lap, bouncing excitedly at having him home, I grab onto his shoulders, as I look up at him shyly through my lashes, whispering, “fine.”

Chuckling softly, his big hands soothing down my back, he reaches up, tilting my chin, placing a light kiss on my cheek. Moving his hands down to my ruffled bottom, he asks, “What did you do today?”

Puckering my bottom lip, “I had to go to that boring place today,” looking down as I say it, fiddling with his tie.

Titling my chin to look up at him again, he says softly, “Did you wear your panties?”

Blushing a deep pink, I hide my face on his chest, saying in a little girl voice, “No.”

“Ahhh..” he mummers, sliding his fingers to the front of my panties, easing them down inside.

“Did you wear your skirt?”, he asks, as his finger soothes down my lips.

Blushing again, I whisper, “Yes.”

Chuckling softly, he whispers against my cheek, his finger finding my clit, tapping it, “That’s my good little girl.”

Slowly circling my clit with his hard finger, causing the little bud to swell, he whispers in my ear, “Did you get as wet there as you are now?”

Riding against his finger, his other hand working down my ruffled bottom towards my little puckered asshole, my breath catching hard in my throat, as I stammer, “Ye… Yes.”

“Did anyone see the little stain on your skirt?” he whispers.

Blushing again, hiding my Escort face on his chest, I manage to whisper, “I think my boss did.”

Sliding his hands out of my panties, he eases the babydoll over my head, tossing it over his shoulder, cupping my breasts in his hands. Pinching my nipples in his fingertips, tugging on the soft strawberry tips, he goes on gently, “Did you let him have a peek?”

Running his hands down my sides, he settles me firmly on his hard cock, rocking me slowly against it. Lost in sensation, my eyes closed, I let out a startled little yelp as his mouth closes firmly over my nipple, sucking hard.

Moving both hands back into my panties, he urges, “did you?”

Shaking my head back and forth in denial, gasping loud as his thumb runs down the soft spot between my ass and pussy, he continues, “I bet you wanted a hard cock in you, didn’t you, my little slut?”

Nodding my head rapidly, crying out as his finger slides deep inside of me, I gasp another, “Yes…”

“You wanted to suck that hot cum, didn’t you, little girl?” licking up the side of my neck, as his fingers fuck me, stretching the tight little pussy.

My head rolling back on my shoulders, lost in the pleasure, as his hard cock teases between my thighs, his fingers driving me closer and closer.

Deliberately circling my clit in small tiny circles, he continues, “You want that hot cum dripping out of you, little girl, don’t you? Running down your lips onto your breasts… you can almost taste it, can’t you?”

My breath coming harder, eyes glazed over in passion, I gasp out a “Yes”, as he urges me to cum, “Cum for me baby, cum on…”

Pinching my clit between his fingertips, lightly rolling the hard ball between his fingers, “Cum on baby.. cum on…” Riding that hard wave, I let myself go, secure in his arms, my orgasm catching me hard, exploding through my whole body as I soak my little ruffled panties.

Totally relaxed against his chest, he gently rubs my back as he whispers, “Did my little girl enjoy her orgasm?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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