Drive In Fun

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The cool air hit Evan’s face as he drove with the window down in the hot, sticky humid night. At the most unfortunate time, his car’s air conditioning was not working. He was embarrassed. It was his third date with Jordan. They had met at a yoga class and since they were the only men in the class, they became friends.

Over the last three months, Evan had ogled Jordan’s hard body twice a week. He always made sure to take a mat behind him so that he could indulge in looking at his friend’s sculpted body and ass.

It didn’t take long before the flirtation between the two of them resulted in Evan asking Jordan out. Their first date had been at the movies and ended in a good night kiss. For their second date, they went to a carnival that was in town. They rode on roller coasters and played all the typical carnival games where Jordan had won Evan a small teddybear. The last ride of the night was through the haunted house and they ended up making out and Jordan rubbed Evan’s crotch until the ride ended. When Evan dropped him off that night, Jordan had only given him a quick kiss goodnight leaving him frustrated as hell.

Tonight, Evan was determined to get some. They had just gone to dinner and were on their way to the drive-in. Jordan was talking about his upcoming trip to Europe but Evan’s mind was scheming different ways for him to get action during the movie. Jordan knew he had teased Evan and it was wrong of him, but he felt that it was slightly more okay since he was torturing himself too. That night, he had jerked off a massive load just thinking about Evan’s big dick.

They pulled into a spot in the surprisingly empty parking lot. The weather wasn’t great and most people preferred to be indoors since the weather was so disgusting outside. Jordan told Evan he didn’t mind and still wanted to go see a movie together.

Evan rolled down the windows and leaned his seat back.

“Fuck, it’s HOT,” Jordan cracked open a beer he had brought along in a small cooler bag. He handed it to Evan and opened another one for himself.

“It’ll cool down soon.. it’s getting late and I think it’s starting to get a little better,” Evan pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one as he drank his beer. It was almost 12, when the movie was scheduled to start, and a cool breeze started to pass through the car.

When the movie started, Evan pulled out a joint.

“Interested?” He didn’t know how Jordan would react but he was hoping he would take the bait. Whenever Evan smoked pot, he definitely felt his libido increase and he couldn’t keep his mind off sex, more than usual. He hoped that Jordan would smoke and the same effect would take him over and then Evan could make his move.

From yoga class and changing in the locker room together, Evan gathered that Jordan was fairly bursa escort well endowed. The glimpses he caught indicated a large outline against his briefs. Many nights, Evan jerked off to the thought of Jordan and he always gave him a thick, large cock in his fantasies.

Jordan grinned at Evan as he took the joint from him and lit it up. They passed it back and forth between them until they finished it. Both of them were extremely stoned and started to giggle at everything the other person said.

Evan noticed Jordan’s bulge through his shorts and thought he saw it give a twitch. He kept his eyes on his crotch, not even realizing that it was painstakingly obvious he was not watching the movie but instead staring at his date’s lap.

Jordan was watching Evan out of the corner of his eye this whole time and decided to take advantage of the situation. He started running his hands over his crotch and rubbing the length of his semi-hard dick. He could feel that Evan’s eyes were still glued to his lap so Jordan decided to continue to tease him.

Jordan began to grow harder as he groped at himself. He knew that his boner was starting to form a tent in his shorts so he started to undo the button and zipper. As soon as Jordan undid his pants, his stiff, pre-cum covered member popped out into the open air.

Evan’s mouth dropped as he stared at Jordan’s thick, veiny dick that he had just whipped out of his shorts at the drive-in. He quickly looked up and saw that Jordan’s eyes were glued to the screen. Evan wondered if he knew what he was doing at all. His own pants were strained against his member that was begging to be let out and stroked. Looking at Jordan’s cut cock now that wasn’t even fully hard, Evan sized it to be 8 inches with large balls hanging down below.

“Are you going to keep staring at my dick or are you going to suck it?” Jordan startled Evan whose eyes immediately snapped upwards to make eye contact.

“Get in the backseat.”

The two guys clamoured into the backseat and in the process, Jordan had kicked off his shorts and shoes.

Evan threw his body against Jordan’s and began to kiss him. The two men made out for a few minutes and then Jordan pushed Evan off him.

“I told you to suck my dick.” Jordan looked down at his 9 inch hardon.

Evan didn’t need any more encouragement beyond that as he pushed Jordan into a sitting position and he laid down on the seats on his stomach so that his face was right in front of Jordan’s cock.

Jordan took Evan by surprise as he grabbed the back of his head and pushed his waiting mouth onto his wet cock. At the same time, he lifted his hips off the seat and stuffed his engorged penis right down Evan’s throat. Right away, Jordan started to pump his hips as he started to face fuck Evan roughly. bursa escort bayan

Evan was loving every minute of what was happening as he began to deep throat Jordan’s massive meat. Jordan continued to hump Evan’s face and his balls began to smack against his chin. Jordan’s balls were sore from not having a release. He had decided that he wasn’t going to jerk off and he was going to save an especially large load for tonight’s date with Evan.

Evan continued to work his mouth magic as he gave Jordan the best blowjob of his life. He was bobbing his head up and down to the meet the rhythm of Jordan’s hips and he sucked his throbbing cock with wild abandon. Jordan had never had a deep throat experience before and he was so horny and hard that he was afraid he was going to blow his load too soon. He pushed Evan’s head off his dick and reached over to grab a hold of the bulge in his pants.

Within seconds, Jordan yanked off Evan’s shorts and started to jerk him off.

“I’m going to finish what I started the other night,” Jordan winked as he picked up the pace on Evan’s boner. Evan had a fat and cut 8 inch cock that was drooling pre-cum out of the mushroom head. Jordan massaged his dick head, using his thumb to move around Evan’s cock juices. He resumed jerking Evan’s dick, twisting his hand and applying pressure to various parts of his sensitive cock.

“Shit, you have huge balls. Are they full of cum?” Jordan asked Evan who was moaning with pleasure. Jordan’s hand turned into a fast blur on Evan’s incredibly hard cock.

“Suck me!” Evan grabbed the back of Jordan’s head and pushed it into his lap. Jordan opened his mouth and began to suck on Evan’s pulsating member.

“I’m going to shoot! Fuck!” Evan started to pump his hips into Jordan’s face and it was his turn to slap his chin with his large balls. Within a few seconds, his cock erupted and he coated Jordan’s mouth with five creamy ropes of cum.

Jordan pulled his mouth off Evan’s cock and spat the cum out and into his hands. He smiled at Evan who was panting, trying to catch his breath. Jordan reached down and used Evan’s cum in his hand to lather up his rock hard dick that was pointing straight up in the air.

Jordan shifted into the middle seat and pulled Evan onto his lap so that they were facing each other. Evan used the seats to hold himself up as he started to rub his asshole against Jordan’s cock head that was slick with both of their juice.

“Fuck me, Jordan,” Evan looked right at him as he reached down to guide Jordan’s cock into his tight hole.

Jordan pushed his pole into Evan and both of them gasped a little bit at the first moment where they both finally got what they wanted. Both of their dicks were harder than they could imagine and pre-cum was leaking uncontrollably out escort bursa of their cocks.

Jordan began to push his cock in and out of Evan and they began moaning and grunting as the pace picked up.

“Spread your legs more.. I want to drive this in deeper, fuck!” Jordan was bucking his hips and the sound of his balls slapping against Evan’s ass filled the car. Soon, he was ramming his cock in and out of Evan’s tight hole that was wet with Jordan’s pre-cum.

“I’ve never been fucked so hard… fuck me until I cum,” Evan grabbed his cock that was bouncing around, slapping his stomach with every pump of Jordan’s hips. Jordan was drilling Evan’s hole and with each hard ram, Evan got harder and harder. His balls began to twitch in anticipation of a release as he began to jerk himself off furiously.

Evan yanked on his cock with both hands, matching the fury at which Jordan was fucking his ass. Jordan reached up and started to rub and massage Evan’s balls, which put him at the edge of climax.

“Fuck me faster.. I’m going to fucking cum!” Evan moaned as Jordan somehow increased the speed of his thrusts as he could before withdrawing it all the way and then shoving his cock back in as hard and deep as he could, hitting Evan’s g-spot in his ass.

Evan’s hands were a blur as his balls tensed up and pre-cum was leaking out like a faucet. Two spurts of pre-cum were followed by nine waves of cum that erupted from his angry, purple mushroom head. Evan positioned his cock so that each of his spurts were aimed directly at Jordan’s open mouth. Evan’s thick and creamy streams of his man seed landed all over Jordan’s lips as he tried to catch as much cum as he could.

“Fuck, that was good,” Evan was panting as he let his body fall forward onto Jordan who had slowed down his thrusts. They kissed for a minute before Jordan resumed his ass drilling exercise on Evan’s ass.

“I need to cum. Don’t move. I’m going to empty my load into you,” Jordan shoved his cock into Evan repeatedly.

“Cum in my ass. Come on. Give me your big load from your big cock!” Evan gyrated his hips into Jordan’s lap. Soon, Jordan was ramming Evan’s ass again at a speed and pace that sent Evan into a state of ecstasy.

“I’m going to shoot!” Jordan began to grunt and moan as his balls began to twitch non-stop. He stuffed his rock hard prick into Evan as deep as he could and let his load erupt. Stream after stream of his jizz shot into Evan as Jordan continued to fuck him. Cum began to drip out of Evan’s ass as Jordan continued to both cum and pump his dick harder and faster.

After another minute of furious pumping, Jordan gave Evan no notice as he unloaded another six ropes of cum in his ass.

“FUCK!” Evan screamed out as he took another load from Jordan.

The two guys slowed down their pace until they were panting to catch their breath. Evan and Jordan kissed and started to straighten themselves out. They climbed back into the front seat just as the previews were ending and the movie was about to begin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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