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Some of my stories are based on true events that I embellish, recreate conversations I did not hear and change things around. I got this one from a good friend who swears that the central proposition of the story really happened to him.

“One more car to look at and I’m done,” Dave said to himself as the Uber pulled up to the kerb outside an architect’s wet dream of a house in Dover Heights. There was a British Racing Green Range Rover Sport parked in the driveway, but Dave double-checked the address anyway, he was that kind of person.

“Thanks mate,” said Dave as he exited the car. “I’ll get you to pick me up if I don’t buy this one.”

“No worries, Dave,” the driver said as he powered up the passenger side window and pulled away.

Dave walked up to the Range Rover. Parked nose out, it appeared as if it had just driven off the showroom floor, despite being four years old. The doors were open, so he gave it a thorough inspection; lifting the floor mats and carpets, checking the spare wheel and opening the bonnet, the engine bay was as clean as the outside of the car.

Dave had looked at five cars already that day but this car and one other were the standouts. While the other car was his favourite colour, Buckingham Blue, this vehicle had exceptionally low kilometres for its age and it was as immaculate as the photos portrayed. Nevertheless, Dave was hoping he could get the owner to come down a bit on price as it was at the top of his price range.

Before Dave could ring the doorbell, the front door opened to reveal a woman. Dressed in a geometric print wrap dress that displayed just the right amount of leg and cleavage, she looked a little younger than him, early to mid-thirties. Sandals with four-inch heels put her on the same level as Dave’s 6’2″ and she wasn’t slim but she wasn’t fat either. Slightly wavy dark blonde hair cut in a bob and a chunky gold necklace with matching earrings gave her a ‘rich bitch’ look. With blue-green eyes, her heart-shaped face was only pretty, but Dave thought that as an overall package, she was one of the most attractive women he’d ever met. He also had a feeling he’d met her before.

With a start, Dave realised she was speaking to him with a slight accent. “German, Swedish?” he wondered.

“I’m sorry, off in my own world for a moment. I’m Dave Carmichael, we spoke on the phone.”

“Yes, we did. I’m Gabriella. You’re here to test drive the Range Rover?”

“Yes please. And I’d like to look at the service manual as well if that’s OK.”

“Of course.” Gabriella said. “If you’d like to come in, I have the service manual, all the receipts and an NRMA report.”

“That’s very comprehensive. You’ve thought of everything.”

“One hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. It makes sense to make the process as easy as possible.”

“It does. Has there been much interest in it?” Dave asked.

“The usual time wasters but three people who are serious. Two tried to drive me down on price pretty hard, the other one was prepared to pay the asking price but wanted to do the deal without delay.”

“Why didn’t you take that one?”

“I had a bad vibe from him and I had promised I wouldn’t sell the car until you’d looked at it.”

“Thank you, I appreciate you doing that,” Dave said as he went through the service manual. It was immaculate, the local Land Rover dealer had serviced it every six months or 5,000 kilometres without fail for the last four years.

“You’ve had the car from new and you have maintained it perfectly. The NRMA report bears that out but I would still like to take it for a test drive. Would you like to come with me?”

“Yes, I would, just let me get my handbag.”

Within minutes they were heading down the street.

“It’s a pity it’s typical Friday afternoon traffic,” said Gabriella. “You won’t get a chance to open it up at all.”

“No real need,” said Dave. “I’m just going to do a loop, New South Head Road, Victoria Road and back.”

“You won’t find anything amiss. I love this car as you’ve seen from the service record and the NRMA report but $100,000 is a lot of money to spend on a second-hand car so I feel more comfortable with you taking it for a drive first.”

Dave was listening for any sounds that shouldn’t be there but there was nothing. No rattles, or squeaks, the big SUV was eerily quiet.

Within minutes, they’d returned to the house. “How about we sit on the sofa,” Gabriella said. “Would you like a cold drink? I’ve got Sprite, Coke or I could mix you up a G he started cheating on me.

“I kicked him out but I was already reassessing my life and that was a real wakeup call. I decided I need to get out of Porno this city, take some time to make some decisions about my life. To do that, expensive status symbols like this car have to go.”

“I understand completely. John Williamson didn’t call Sydney the Emerald City for nothing and sometimes you just need to make space for yourself to think.”

“That’s a wonderful way of putting it.”

“I’m speaking from experience. I did a similar thing a few years ago when I was discharged from the army.” Dave said. “I had planned on being a lifer and I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

“Look, I’ll be straight with you. The car is in pristine condition but I looked at another car today which is in nearly as good a condition as yours. It is same price and has five thousand more kilometres but it’s my favourite colour, Buckingham Blue.”

“That blue is a nice colour,” said Gabriella. “But so is British Racing Green.”

“It is,” said Dave. “Still, my dilemma is do I get a car that is my favourite colour or a car with fewer kilometres in a colour I like but is not my favourite.”

“If you’re trying to get me to come down on price, I really can’t move on that,” said Gabriella. “I need $100,000 to clear my debts, which are not secured against the car by the way, and I’m sure you know that $100,000 it is already a significant discount off the Red Book value for that year and model.”

“It is a significant discount and I understand where you’re coming from,” said Dave. “I’m just thinking aloud.”

Gabriella took a deep breath. “I can’t move on price,” Gabriella said. “But what if I could offer something else as an incentive?”

Dave was intrigued. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

Gabriella took another deep breath. “Oh fuck, here goes nothing,” she thought.

“What if I offered me?”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” said Dave. “What would I do with you?”

“Anything you like,” Gabriella said.

“Anything?” Dave said. “What do you mean by anything?”

Gabriella shrugged. “I mean anything. Use your imagination. Let it run wild.”

“Bloody hell,” thought Dave. “Is that why she’s been flirting with me?”

“Please don’t be offended if I’ve misunderstood but are offering to have sex with me if I buy the car?”

“Yes. And I promise you, I’m a really good fuck.”

“And you’ll do absolutely anything I want?”

“Absolutely anything you want.”

Dave’s cock sprang to life at once. Gabriella was a beautiful woman and one particular part of him was remembering he had not been laid for months. That part was very tempted but he also wanted to say no, not wanting to take advantage of her misfortune.

“For how long?” Dave said to break the silence while he thought.

“I have no idea; I haven’t really thought this through.”

“I don’t think it is a good idea,” said Dave. “It sounds like you’ve gone through a challenging time and I’d be a complete asshole to take advantage of that.”

“Your body thinks differently,” Gabriella said as she rubbed Dave’s hard cock through his jeans.

“It does, but it’s still not the right thing to do. I’d be taking advantage of you, after you’ve come out of a messy relationship breakup. I’m by no means perfect, but I do try to do the right thing and not be an asshole.”

“Dave, you are mostly correct. I have gone through a difficult breakup, however, there are mitigating factors.”

“Such as?”

“To start off with, I rarely throw myself at a man like I am now, so it would be a really damaging blow to my already fragile self-esteem if you were to reject me.

“Secondly, I haven’t been screwed since my ex-boyfriend and I split up nearly eight months ago. Right now, I am really horny and what I need is the endorphin rush of a good fucking.

“Thirdly, you didn’t suggest it, I did. If you had suggested it, I would never agree to it because you are right, taking advantage of a power imbalance is the sort of thing a sleazy creep does. You’re not a sleazy creep and you’re not trying to pressure me into something I don’t want to do.

“Lastly, when you called me to arrange to look at the car, I liked your voice and the way you talked to me. Most guys talk down to a woman when cars are involved, but you didn’t and I really liked that. Since meeting you, my initial good impression has only gotten stronger.”

Dave shrugged. “I just try to treat any woman like I’d want someone to treat my mother or my sister but I do get what you mean about men and cars.”

Dave looked at Gabriella as thoughts raced through his head. The owner of the blue Range Rover had refused to budge on price as Altyazılı Porno well and Gabriella really was stunning. Although $100,000 was at the absolute top of his budget, it was still within his budget. He did also like British Racing Green as a colour and he was starting to think that a few hours of carnal pleasure with Gabriella might just be worth getting the different colour.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes. I haven’t been this sure about something since I made the decision my most recent relationship was over.”

“You really want me to make love to you?”

“Yes, Dave. I want you to do whatever you want to me. Fuck me, make love to me. Right now, I don’t care, I just want to feel that rush.”

Dave sighed. “You’re serious. You’ll do anything I tell you?”


“All right then. Take your clothes off.”

“You’ll buy the Range Rover?”

“Yes. But I want to make sure you’re serious about this, so I want you to take your clothes off. Then I want you to get the registration documents, spare remote etc.”

“OK, but we haven’t discussed what the details of the deal are.”

“No, we haven’t. If you like, we can discuss that before you get the rego papers.”

“All right then,” Gabriella said as she stood up. She undid the tie holding the wrap dress together and shrugged it off her shoulders onto the floor.

She looked at Dave as he looked at her. A gold barbell piercing glinted in her navel and while she was a little soft in the tummy, she wasn’t fat either. Her lacy white bra was cut so low it barely covered the nipples of her large breasts and a couple of inches of neatly trimmed dark blonde pubic hair escaped from the top of her tiny matching knickers.

“Like what you see so far?”

“Yeah, I do. Turn around. Slowly.”

Gabriella turned to display a an almost perfectly round ass set off nicely by the low-cut G-string.

“Very nice,” Dave said.

“Are you talking about my ass or my lingerie?”

“Both. But I do love your taste in lingerie.”

“Thank you. This is one of my favourite sets.”

“It’s gorgeous. French or Italian?”


“La Perla?”

“Yes. You know your lingerie.”

“My ex-wife and I had the perfect arrangement. She loved wearing expensive lingerie and I loved buying it for her and seeing her in it.”

“Lucky her.”

“I suppose so. You have a really nice body too.”

“Do you really think so? My ex reckoned I was fat with saggy tits.”

“I’ll make a judgment on your boobs when you take your bra off, but your ex is an idiot. You could be more toned, but so what. Some people have better things to do than spend hours a week in the gym.”

“Thank you for that. You’re right. I do yoga four, even five times a week most weeks, but I like my food. To get really toned I’d have to spend hours a week in the gym and cut back on my calorie intake and I can’t be bothered doing either.”

“Fair enough. Better to find a guy who likes you the way you are.”

“Good point. So have you seen enough?”

Dave laughed. “Definitely not. But you should get the registration papers and bank transfer details while I log into my banking app.”

“Should we finalise the details of our arrangement first?”

“I suppose so. What do you have in mind?”

“Umm, I don’t know. I hadn’t planned this. I just need to get this car sold and it was just a spur of the moment thing.”

“That is too funny,” Dave said with a laugh. “All right. How about this. It’s not quite 1:30. I have to be up early tomorrow and I have a five, five-and-a-half-hour drive ahead of me. I’d like to leave here by 5 o’clock at the latest so I don’t get to bed too late after stabling the horses and checking all the other critters.”

“So, you get me for the next three and a half hours, is that what you’re saying?”


“Okay, that sounds fair.”

“Do we have a deal then.”

“Yes. It is unencumbered but I won’t be offended if you do a REVS check while I get you the spare remote and the paperwork.”

Dave leaned back on the sofa as he enjoyed the sight of Gabriella’s lingerie-clad ass disappearing up the stairs. The REVS check came through clean and Gabriella handed Dave the registration papers, two remotes and a piece of paper with the bank account details. Dave pulled up the banking app on his iPad and input the bank account details.

“What’s your email address? I’ll email you confirmation of the transaction.”

[email protected] is as good as any.”

“That’s done.”

“It will take a little while for the email to come through,” Gabriella said. “Would you like another drink?”

“Yes Brazzers please. But take off your bra and knickers before you get it.”

“All right Mr Bossy,” Gabriella said as she undid her bra threw it onto a chair before pushing her G-string down over her ass onto the floor.

“You did say I could do anything I wanted with you. Don’t blame me that I’m taking you for a woman of your word,” Dave said as he noted with approval Gabriella’s light all over tan and the neatly trimmed dark blonde thatch above prominent pussy lips. Gold barbell piercings matching the one in her navel decorated her huge nipples and prominent clitoris hood.

Again, Dave enjoyed watching Gabriella walking into the kitchen. He chuckled as she put a bit more sway into her ass. He chuckled again as he thought about how his day had gone. He expected to buy a car, but he didn’t expect to get laid as part of the deal.

“That email has come through,” Gabriella said as she came back into the lounge room with a couple of glasses of champagne. “I know you said Coke, but I’m celebrating. I’ve sold the Range Rover which clears my debts. I just need to put a few pieces of furniture and some boxes of clothes into storage and tell the realtors I’m out of this place so they can get it cleaned and lease it out for me. Then I’m free with a small independent income.”

“I can understand why you’d be celebrating,” said Dave as she sat next to him and they clinked champagne flutes. “I’ll just complete the transfer of registration, then insure it and then we’re done.”

“Thank you.” Gabriella said.

“You’re welcome,” said Dave. “Even though I think I’m getting the better end of the deal.”

“Even though you’re buying a car that’s not quite the colour you want in exchange for…”

“You. For three and a half hours, you’re going to do whatever I want. Yes, it is true, BRG is not the colour I had in mind but I do like it and your Range Rover is immaculate with low kilometres, so I think I’m getting the better end of the deal.”

Gabriella laughed. “Well, if I think I’m getting the better end of the deal and you think you’re getting the better end of the deal, then it’s a win-win, isn’t it?”

Dave pulled Gabriella into him. He kissed her hard and she responded, her lips were moist, soft and oh so willing as she pushed her tongue into his mouth while his hands roamed her body cupping her breasts and squeezing her ass cheeks with his hands. Time seemed to stop as he kissed her. When she broke contact to catch her breath, Dave started kissing down her neck and nibbling on her ears. She responded in kind, unbuttoning Dave’s shirt so she could run her hands down his back.

Dave kissed her again and felt her large boobs squash against his bare chest. “I love these,” he said as he cupped them with his hands and squeezed gently. They would be perfect for a titty fuck he thought, soft with large brown aureole and huge nipples.

“They’re only just a D cup,” Gabriella said, “but they are 100 percent natural as you probably can tell from the sag.”

Dave could tell but just to make sure he squeezed them again, hard but not too hard, as he kissed one then the other nipple before taking one in his mouth and sucking on it vigorously. They hardened up under Dave’s caress and he stuck his face in between those two glorious mounds and squeezed them together with his hands, luxuriating in the feel of gently yielding flesh.

“They’re not saggy.” he said. “I could suffocate here and die a happy man.”

“Like my tits, do you?” said Gabriella.

“Love them,” Dave said. “I’m definitely a boobs and bum man and yours are very nice indeed.” Dave pulled Gabriella up as he stood up straight to kiss her again, hard, holding it for what seemed like ages as their tongues duelled.

Dave gently broke free. “Bend over and put your hands on the back of the sofa,” he said. Her boobs really were very nice but so was the rest of her body and he wanted to enjoy that as well.

As Gabriella bent over, Dave noticed the glint of a silver butt plug in her rosebud. “Maybe it was already in there but I’m going to see if she really is serious about letting me do anything I want,” he mused to himself as he bit her on each ass cheek, hard enough to mark her tanned skin but not hard enough to really hurt.

She squealed but then started to moan as Dave stroked her soaking wet slit. As he pushed two fingers into her snatch, started stroking in and out, slowly at first but getting faster, she spread her legs wider apart to take them deeper.

“Ohmygod. that is so good, so good, so damn nice,” she moaned.

Her pussy was soaking wet, juices dripping down the insides of her thigh as Dave switched attention to her clitoris, going around and around gently with his finger while his free hand fondled her breasts. He alternatively tweaked and caressed her nipples and her sighs of pleasure turned into a rhythmic moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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