Driven to Distraction

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Mark parked up outside Chicago’s Nitescene and turned the engine off. It was nearly 2am and soon the club would be closing and he’d no doubt get custom from someone who was too drunk to drive themselves. He hadn’t been a cabbie long, but he’d figured out a few tricks of the trade. He always made sure that he got to the club shortly before closing, so as to park as close to the exit as possible. That way he’d one of the first cabs people saw, and he usually got a lot of customers that way.

Tonight was no different. Just after 2, people started to pour out of the club – most looking slightly worse for drink. Some headed straight for the many takeaways lined across the opposite side of the street, and some idiots even climbed into their own cars and drove away – despite the fact that they were obviously drunk. It never ceased to amaze Mark how many people drunk and drove – despite the obvious dangers.

He’d always thought of Saturday nights as a perk of the job. Parked up outside some seedy little nightclub getting an eyeful of all the young women who were dressed to the minimum. Even if he didn’t get a lot of custom, he always knew that he’d get to see plenty of young, semi-naked women! All in all, being a cabbie wasn’t a bad life. The hours were a little unsociable, but there were plenty of benefits – mainly the one stated above!

Suddenly all hell broke loose on the street next to his cab. A young girl, probably about 19, he thought, was having what appeared to be quite an argument with a young man. Mark could hear every word of what was being said, although most of the conversation seemed to be an endless stream of obscenities. One thing was for sure – they certainly weren’t getting along!

After a couple of minutes of verbal sparring, the girl stomped over to Mark’s cab and climbed into the passenger seat, leaving the young man desperately calling after her.

“Drive, please.”

“Sure,” replied Mark. “Where to?”

“Anywhere – just drive.”

With that he turned the ignition on and drove away. After a minute or so of silence, he glanced across at the girl. She looked a little older close up, probably 21 or 22. She was very attractive, had short blonde hair parted in the middle and although she was slightly chubby, she had what appeared to be a great figure.

She was wearing what appeared to be nothing more than a bra, and her large breasts were pushed together, creating a cleavage you could ski down! And her legs! Oh, those legs! Mark was having difficulty keeping his eyes on the road. They were perfectly tanned, as was the rest of her body from what he could see. She certainly wasn’t shy! As well as her bra-type top, her skirt was nothing more than a large belt wrapped around her waist, and her panties were clearly visible – as were some of her pubic hairs that were protruding out the sides of the flimsy fabric.

“So, I guess there’d be no point in asking if you had a nice night?” asked Mark, referring to her very public disagreement with the young man.

She game of thrones izle looked across at him. “No. No not really. Every was going quite well…until I caught my boyfriend playing tonsil-hockey with my best mate.”


“Don’t be. He’s a tosser!” she stated vehemently. “My name’s Debbie, by the way.”

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Mark. I’ve just got one more question, Debbie.”

“What’s that?”

“Where am I going?”

Both laughed out loud. Debbie then told him where she wanted to go and also told him all the sordid details of the events of the evening that culminated in her finding her boyfriend in the arms of another.

“Well all I can say,” said Mark, “is her must be a complete dickhead if he’d ever even think about cheating on a girl like you.”

“Thanks, Mark.”

“And besides, look at it this way, at least things can’t get any worse,” he added.

Suddenly a horrible realisation dawned on Debbie. “Actually, Mark, I think they can.”

“What do you mean?”

She threw her head back and sighed. “The stupid lowlife piece of shit has got my purse. I don’t carry a handbag, and well, I haven’t exactly got anywhere else to put it,” she explained, indicating to the clothes – or lack of – that she was wearing.

“Oh, right. I see your problem.”

“I’m really sorry,” she added with sincerity.

“Oh well. There’s no point in worrying about it,” Mark replied, although slightly annoyed at the revelation. After a few minutes of uneasy silence, Debbie’s conscience got the better of her. “I feel really awful, Mark. I’m so sorry. Isn’t there any other way that I could pay you?”

Mark, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, didn’t catch on. “How’d you mean?”

“Well, couldn’t I pay you in some other way? You know, is there something you’d like that I could give you?”

He finally caught on to what she was suggesting – and couldn’t believe it. He’d heard stories from some of the other drivers about the times when they’ve had female passengers who offered them sexual favours as way of payment. But he’d just dismissed it as wishful thinking on their part. He basically thought that they were talking – for want of a better phrase – bollocks! However, he now knew differently. He decided to test the waters before going headlong into sexual demands.

“What you mean, if for instance I asked if I could see you tits?” he blushed slightly at his own request.

Debbie didn’t even flinch. She seemed completely at ease with his question. Mark began wondering just exactly how often she does this – but then again, he didn’t really give a shit because this time it was him who was going to benefit!

“Something like that, yeah. What do you think?” confirmed Debbie, in a matter of fact kind of way.

“I think we can come to some sort of arrangement,” agreed Mark, his mind whirling with suggestions of what payment he’d like!

“Good. You’d better find somewhere gibi izle to pullover.”

Mark found a quiet side street and parked up. He still couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

“So what now?” he asked, in the hope that she’d make a suggestion, thus making it seem less sleazy.

“I don’t know,” replied Debbie, who then removed her top. “What would kind sir like?”

She threw her top onto the back seat of the car and shuffled in her seat to face him. Her tits were fully exposed and hung like ripe melons from her sexy, young frame. Mark could feel himself stiffening already.

“Jesus!” he whispered, whilst staring admiringly at her large exposed chest.

“You like?” Debbie asked, whilst seductively playing with her ever-increasing hard nipples.

“Oh fuck yeah!”

She took his hand and placed it on one of her large, heavy tits.

“Do you like the feel of them?”

Mark didn’t reply. He was too busy fondling and squeezing her breasts in turn.

“You’re gorgeous, Debbie,” he eventually breathed, as the bulge in his pants became all too visible.

“Thanks…Would you like to fuck me?”

What a stupid fucking question, thought Mark. Of course I do!

Debbie removed her skirt and panties, and then Mark pushed the seat back into the flat position. She then laid back and opened her legs. Mark stared lovingly at her exposed, hairy twat. He reached down and searched out her clit with his fingers. He then began rubbing gently, bringing moans of pleasure from Debbie.

“We want to make sure that you’re nice and wet, don’t we?” he said, as he continued to stimulate her.

Debbie simply moaned her approval and began tweaking and pinching her own erect nipples as Mark pleasured her wanton pussy. After a few minutes, Mark slipped a couple of fingers into her. They slid in easily – his job on her clit had been a good one! He finger fucked her for a few minutes more, forcing his fingers inside her until his knuckles rested against her arse.

He then stopped, undid his trousers and pushed them down around his ankles. His hard, throbbing cock sprang to life, pointing straight up towards his navel like a rod of iron. Debbie glanced down and looked admiringly at his long, thick length.

“Ooh, you are a big boy, aren’t you?”

“I aim to please!” he replied light-heartedly.

“I’ve just got one request,” said Debbie, a hint of seriousness in her voice.

“What’s that?”

“Please don’t cum inside me. I’m not on the pill and I haven’t got any condoms.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t – I promise. And anyway, I want to squirt all over your lovely big tits!”

With that he rolled over until her was resting on top of her. His hard cock pressed into her stomach, and he moaned softly at the feel of her warm flesh touching his dick.

“Oh you’re so hard!” observed Debbie. “I want you. I want you to fuck me – hard and fast!”

Mark didn’t need asking twice. He guided his erection to her opening gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle and nudged gently. She let out a quiet groan of approval as the head of his cock slipped easily into her wet cunt. She was so wet that it seemed her pussy was literally sucking him into her. Slowly he eased the rest of his 7½ inches into her welcoming hole until his balls were pressed against her backside.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned. “Now fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

All Mark could think of was cumming over those lovely, big tits. He knew that he wasn’t going to be able to last long – so it was just as well she’d asked for it hard and fast – because that’s certainly what she got!

He began pumping his cock in and out of her at quite a speed. He withdrew until just the head remained and then slammed it back into her with vigour. Each hard thrust brought moans of delight from Debbie’s lips – and an appreciative slurping noise from her wet pussy. He was going at it like a man possessed and each thrust brought him that little bit closer to shooting his load.

He lowered his head and began kissing her passionately, his tongue snaking around, tasting every inch of her open mouth. After a moment or two, he lowered his head again – this time to her jiggling tits. He took each nipple into his mouth in turn and greedily sucked and licked them until they were as hard as his cock was. All the while Debbie was moaning and shouting words of encouragement to him.

“Oh yesss! Oh, baby! Fuck me, baby. Oh, your cock feels so good. Fuck me harder. Don’t stop! Harder…faster…harder…ohhhh!”

She suddenly started to buck and writhe beneath him as an orgasm swept through her spasming body.

Mark couldn’t believe how quickly she’d cum. They’d only been fucking for what seemed like a few minutes. His first thought was that she was merely being polite and faking it. But then he felt her vagina violently spasming around his hard, aching cock and this, along with the dirty words of encouragement emitting from Debbie’s lips, tipped him over the edge, too.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum!” he cried, as he felt the onset of orgasm in his groin.

He then remembered his promise and quickly withdrew his glistening cock just as the first jet of cum shot from him, splattering onto her stomach. He gripped his cock firmly in his hand and began wanking quickly. A second jet shot from him and landed on her throat, trickling down her cleavage.

“Oh yeah, Mark! That’s it, baby, shoot it all over me. Cover me with your cum!”

More and more of his copious liquid shot from his twitching cock, covering her large tits with his sticky jism. Finally his orgasm dwindled to nothing more than trickles and he flopped forward onto, kissing her roughly.

“Oh, Debbie! That was great. If only I had more customers like you!” he stated, somewhat out of breath.

“Well,” replied Debbie, who was struggling for breath herself, “now that I know what you can do, I might come to you more often…if you’ll excuse the pun!”

Both began to laugh. Their joy was cut short, though, when there was suddenly a knock on the car window and the bright light of a powerful torch shone in. Mark looked up and his face was filled with horror and embarrassment – stood outside the car were two police officers, signalling for the two of them to get out of the car..!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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