Driving in England Ch. 01

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I had just finalized my divorce from my husband, Jeff, and I was looking to celebrate. Oh, I know that the politically correct thing to say on these occasions is that, “We both worked hard to keep our marriage working, but we just couldn’t agree,” but the truth is, Jeff was (hell, still IS) a snake, a cad, a cheat, and an all-around bad guy.

What else would you call a guy who quit his job, ‘to find myself,’ leaving me as the sole support, not more than a week after I miscarried our child? And who then, two months later, took out a second mortgage, forging my signature, and going on a vacation, by himself, to Las Vegas, sticking me with the bills while he blows the money at craps?

So yeah, I was happy to see him go. Good riddance to bad trash. I was working at paying off our debts, and restoring my credit rating to some semblance of stability. Maybe in a year or two I’d be able to buy something on credit at WalMart…if I were lucky. I had a small apartment downtown, no car of course – it was long since sold off to pay Jeff’s bills, but that was part of the beauty of living downtown. I could find pretty much everything I needed there, and could take the bus to work.

I guess it must have been funny seeing a mid-level executive getting off the bus at Karsk Accounting Associates, but I was just playing the cards I was dealt. The people I worked with made things a lot easier for me. Debby, my ‘best work friend,’ was always willing to listen to my complaints, without trying to leap in telling me things I should have done. Kathy, an older woman, sort of a mother hen, would tell me about her grandchildren, and that just helped me to forget my troubles. Every day I’d greet the young receptionist Marla, then head up to the 4th Floor. Marla always had a nice smile for me, and sometimes that was the only lift I got during the day. Joe, my boss, was very understanding and ‘overlooked’ when I was late because of some crisis. As a result, I made sure I ALWAYS made up the lost time, and then some. I tried to be sure to say something nice to each of them every day, and remember their birthdays with some little gift that meant something to them.

Anyway, I had taken the day off work to sign the papers at my lawyers, and I really felt like buying myself a drink, to celebrate, as I said. I wasn’t familiar with the bars in my neighborhood, mainly because I usually had little money to spend in them. There was one that I’d often noticed, by the name of Sapphisticated Lady, that looked nice. The ‘Sapph’ part was very stylized, so I wasn’t really sure what it spelled, though I figured it out later. In retrospect, I guess the name should have been a clue (well, duh!), but I was a little naive about such things then.

I stepped inside, and the cool shadows inside felt immediately comforting. I didn’t see anyone else inside, other than the bartender, which was fine with me, as I was there to bid a final adieu to my biggest mistake. The bartender, a middle aged blonde, asked what I’d have. I told her I’d heard that White Russians were nice, so I’d like one of those.

“Not a regular drinker, huh?” she said with a smile.

“No,” I replied. “Just celebrating the loss of an albatross.”

“An alba-what?” she asked, looking puzzled.

“Albatross,” I said. “It’s from ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,’ by Coleridge. A guy has to go around with an albatross, it’s like a seagull I guess, around his neck. So it’s kind of a metaphor for having something unpleasant in your life you just can’t get rid of. In my case, I just finalized my divorce from a scumbag.”

“A man, huh?” she said. “Yeah, we get them driving a lot of customers in here,” she said with a smirk. “I don’t mind though, it builds my business and sometimes results in playmates. What’s not to like?”

Now it was my turn to look puzzled. “Playmates?” I said.

“Honey, you DO know this is a dyke bar, don’t you?” she said.

“Umm, a lesbian bar?” I said, slowly. I guess a look of understanding passed over my face then, because the bartender began nodding. “Oh, Sappho, I get it. That’s kind of cute. Um, but I’m not…”

“Honey, if I had a dime for every time somebody said…well, I could retire and move to Malibu with Anne Heche. Look, I don’t care if you are or aren’t, I just didn’t want you to be too surprised when someone came onto you. You ARE pretty cute.”

“You think so?” I asked, unable to resist fishing for a compliment, even from one of, uh, them.

“Tall, feminine looking, curly brown hair, blue eyes, not a bad face. Yeah, good luck with that. Girls here don’t put up with much crap, so watch your step if you stick around. And, uh, I hope you will. You know, I get off at eight, if…”

“Um, thanks, but I’m just here for a drink, even if I am, or not,” I finished, trying to sound mysterious while shooting her down. I’d never been with a girl, though I didn’t have any particular objections to other people doing that. I’d just never thought about it for myself.

She went back şişli escort to polishing the bar, and I went back to polishing off my drink. It was pretty good, sweet and coffee-ish, and I couldn’t taste any liquor in it. As you might guess, I’m not a practiced drinker, so I don’t really like the taste of alcohol. She asked me every once in a while if I wanted it freshened, which I did, and I began to relax. Several other people came in during that time, well, to be specific, several other women came in, though a couple of them looked kind of rough.

The place began to fill up pretty rapidly, and I realized it was after five o’clock, I guess people having a drink after work, on their way home. Of course, it was all women, and I surveyed the crowd. There were some very attractive women, some cute women, some plain women, and some women who looked like a couple of miles of bad road. In other words, a typical group of women, gay or straight. Except for the way that some of them dressed, like exceptionally masculine men, they otherwise looked like anybody else.

One of the women sitting alone, an attractive young redhead, smiled at me from across the room, and when I tentatively smiled back, she walked over. “Hi,” she said, leaning down and bringing her face close to mine. “My name’s Gail,” she said, the smell of strawberries sweet on her breath.

“Umm, I’m Celeste,” I said.

“Mind if I sit here?” she asked, looking at the seat on the other side of the booth.

“Um, okay,” I said. I was intrigued, and a little bit interested. It was very strange, though. I had never looked at another woman, in the same way I had in the past looked at men. That is, as a potential sexual partner. Unless you’ve been in that kind of a situation, it’s really hard to understand, I think. Kind of like having to drive in England, on the left side of the road, where you’ve driven on the right side all of your life. It’s not really difficult, certainly not impossible, but you have to think about each step in a new perspective.

So, we talked, and pretty soon I got over the strangeness of it, and talked to Gail as though she were another person, which, of course, she was. She was very pleasant, and I found that I actually liked her. I had to go through that mind shift, though, when she asked me to dance. A slow dance, and I agreed. It was really quite a lovely experience, not being dwarfed by my dance partner, as we’re both about 5′ 6″ tall, and of medium build.

Where I had been used to being thrown about by my dance partner, she more like ‘shared’ the dance with me, each of us leading, and following, the other. I rested my cheek against hers, and enjoyed her fragrance, a lovely, delicate perfume I’d never smelled before. It did feel noticeably strange to feel breasts poking into mine, but not as awkward as feeling a man’s erect cock being rubbed into my pelvis, as I’d had happen several times in college, and on my wedding day to Dip Shit.

Gail whispered something into my ear, I felt it more than heard it. Her soft, warm breath caressing my ear lobe, the moistness of her breath on my skin, almost like being kissed. So different from a man, so gentle, so tender. I felt a shiver down my spine, lingering in my stomach, a kind of ‘first date’ excitement. I pressed my cheek closer to hers, feeling her breathe, her heartbeat strong against me.

I grew, well, not excited I guess, but very, very comfortable with Gail. Nothing sexual of course, just, um, companionable.


I knew the moment I floated that one past my conscious self, that it was a crock of crap. I was starting to feel, well, horny. My pussy was wet, and hot and itching, and my nipples were sensitive. I could feel a heat in my upper chest, rising to my face. I was reacting sexually to her touch, and smell, the rhythm of her body with mine. The only thing that was missing was her taste, and the sounds she’d make in my ear as she made me and herself cum. I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach, stronger now, that I’d find out about her taste, and the sounds she made when she’d orgasm, and it only made me wetter between my thighs. God!

“Your heart…” Gail said, breaking me out of my dream-like reverie.

“Huh?” I said, suavely.

“Your heart, it’s beating so fast,” she said, pulling away to look deeply into my eyes. I pulled her back, embarrassed. She stroked my back, her strong hand taking me in, the movement of her fingers against me reverberating throughout me. I felt as though she were stripping me, and me wanting it, too.

“Let’s go,” she said, and I nodded dumbly into her neck. She took my hand and led me off the dance floor. We paused to grab our stuff from the booth, then she dragged me out the door, past the beefy dyke manning the entrance, who was busy running her fingers along the neckline of a cute teenaged girl who was trying to talk her way in.

As we left the bar, Gail dragged me around the side of the building, no more than ten feet away, but deep in çapa escort the shadows cast by trees by the streetlight. She pressed me into the wall, and paused, looking into my eyes, though I knew she couldn’t see them. I grabbed her arms and pulled her face closer to mine, her lips soon found mine, hard and suddenly we were kissing, just like men and women do, but she was another woman. Kissing ME, a woman!

Or rather, I was kissing her. That part was my fault. I accept that. But she was the one pressing herself into and against me, her warm, soft breasts molding with mine, her nipples hard. Surprisingly, mine were too.

It’s hard for me, please understand. Hard to put into words, that I was turned on by being in a clinch with another woman. Later, I had all the qualms. Did it mean I was a lesbian, or a pervert? Did it mean I hated men? All that kind of crap. Well, I wasn’t worrying about that stuff then, I was only enjoying the pleasure of her closeness to me.

We kissed, there, for the longest time, then Gail said, “C’mon, it’s getting cold out, let’s sit in my car and talk.” So we walked, hand in hand, the two blocks to her Red Pearl Honda CRV, and she unlocked the passenger side, and opened the door for me, then closing it behind me, and I had another one of those ‘driving in England’ moments, as she walked around to the driver’s side.

When she got in, I was starting to feel doubts creep in. Then she leaned over and kissed me again, and I forgot whatever it was I was worrying about. Her car had single seats, and as we both kissed a lot more, it was kind of awkward. When she gestured to the back seat, I nodded, and we crawled through to the back. I couldn’t help but notice how nice her ass looked in her jeans as she crawled through in front of me. I wondered what it would taste like if I bit her, but then chickened out. We returned to kissing, much more comfortable now, then I branched out a little more to exploring the nape of her neck with my right hand, my left being down where the seat tucked in, between our hips.

Her neck was hot, under her curly hair, and her skin so smooth. She sighed when I rubbed her there. I think most people like to feel their neck and shoulders being rubbed. Anyway, I was enjoying the feel of her there, when all of a sudden I felt a hand on my right breast, cupping it through my blouse and bra. No shy touch, she had it all, and she knew what to do with it.

“Oh!” I said, when she pinched my nipple.

“You’ve never been with a woman, at all, have you,” Gail said. She wasn’t asking a question, but I answered anyway.

“Uh, no.”

“Then why are you with me?” she asked, her green eyes fixed on mine.

“Um, I was curious. And I kind of wanted…want… to do something different in my life. And, I don’t feel any embarrassment about it right now, which is kind of different, I usually get embarrassed about all kinds of things… and most of all, I really like you.”

“Well, you’ve had a couple of drinks, right?” she asked. “That’ll usually make ‘new things’ a lot easier.” I could see her grinning in the moon light. “And would you like to keep trying new things…?”

“Oh yes,” I said, smiling back.

“Good,” she said, bringing her lips back to mine, and her hand, which had paused, returned to caressing me. I began rubbing her shoulder, too shy to actually touch her breast, but that was okay, caressing another woman’s shoulder and back, and kissing her, was a lot of newness for me, so I didn’t see any need to rush it. I sort of noticed the windows fogging up, and that made me giggle, another ‘driving in England’ moment. I’d sure never fogged up windows because of another girl before, but I did like it!

My excitement was growing, her touch on me was very expert. She was able to build my excitement level without the clumsiness that boys, and then Dip Shit, had frequently shown. I finally got a little bolder and slipped my right hand around from Gail’s shoulder, to cup her left breast. It was warm, and full, and I could feel her breathing through my touch, and I think I could feel her heart beating, too. Rapid and light, like a bird. She moaned when I touched her breast.

She began unbuttoning my blouse, and I let her, until it was open, then she pulled it a little more out of my skirt, and slid her hand in, touching my bare midriff and stomach, under my bra. I snuggled in closer, liking the feel of her warm hand on me. She actually pulled me across the seat, even a little closer to her warmth. With her other hand, she picked up my left hand and put it in her lap, then her free hand started sliding up, under my skirt, along my thigh.

By this point I had a clear idea what I was getting into, and what she probably wanted to do, so I spread my legs a little further apart, so that she could touch my pussy whenever she got to that point. I so wanted her to make me cum, I was far more excited than I ever remembered being with anyone before. My kissing became sloppier, then she finally mecidiyeköy escort broke off our kiss, and started undressing me for real.

My blouse was easy, she just pulled that off my shoulders, down my arms. The bra, well, she reached around me, kissing the swell of my breasts while she did, then pulled that, too, down my arms, and my breasts were free, and naked to her. Her eyes were all over my pink nipples, then her fingertips caressing the undersides of my breasts. Nobody ever did anything that erotic to me before, just stroking the sensitive skin there. “Pretty,” she cooed, bending down to take first, my left nipple into her mouth, sucking on it, then the other, while my hands went to the back of her head to hold her to me, loving the feel of a woman’s warm, wet mouth on me. Her tongue swirled around my nipples, and her teeth lightly grazed them too, making me wince slightly from the pain, but oh, SO wet!

But she didn’t stop there. She unbuttoned the button at the top of my skirt, then began pulling it down. “I’m going to fuck your hot little pussy, sweetheart,” she said, “just as soon as I get your wet little panties off. Do you want to get fucked now?” I didn’t say anything, but lifted my butt up to make it easier for her. I found I really liked the idea of being naked with her. She slipped it over my feet, and I sat there next to her, wearing only a pair of satin panties. She leaned down and forward, until her nose was in the crotch of my panties.

“Oooh, somebody’s very wet,” she giggled, and ran her finger over my small bulge there. My labia and clit swell up quite a bit when I’m excited. I felt her tongue lapping against the fabric, then unexpectedly, she pulled the satin aside, and my bare, wet little pussy was exposed to her. “And somebody smells VERY good,” she said. I felt my face turning red, but I never wanted anything more in my life, than I wanted to feel her pink tongue fucking my eager slit.

I forgot about embarrassment, though, when the tip of her very pink tongue flicked across the top of my clitoris, not even really touching it, really, but just the kiss of the outer molecules of her hot flesh across the outermost nerve endings of my swelling clit, itself pink, almost red, and very, very hot as it engorged with blood. Tendrils of electricity coursed through my pelvis from her delicate touch, and I moaned, encouraging her all the more.

She chuckled under her breath, but her face never left my crotch, as I slipped down further in the seat, my legs spreading wider as I did. Her hands, strong and firm, gripped the tops of my upper thighs, and she corkscrewed them outward and upward, opening up my tender slit, displaying the glistening, dark red interior of my vagina, though I’m sure much of that view was lost in the dim light of the car interior.

Gail didn’t seem to mind, though, as she was busily reacting to the smells and tastes before her, and the sounds above her, as my sighs and moans became deeper, more guttural. I was losing control of my own reactions, as I experienced sensations that I’d never dreamed existed. No one before had displayed the finesse, combined with moments of savage lust, that Gail brought with her in that steamy car.

“Fuck!” I heard some woman mutter, as Gail briefly took the nubbin of my clit, seemingly ready to (almost) literally explode, into her mouth, between her lips, pressing, pressing, pressing, her tongue so lightly slipping over the slippery top of my clit… Then I realized it was my voice. My hands went to my naked breasts, nipples taut and hard in the silvery-grey light, stroking them, squeezing them, pinching the nipples to intermingle pain with ultimate pleasure, if only to have something to compare the pleasure to.

Then, all on my own, I thought to lift my legs up, thighs pressed against my swollen breasts, looking desperately down at Gail’s wet face, now peering up at me inquisitively. “Fuck me, please!” I begged, hoping that she would take me, ravish me, FUCK me, how ever and in what ever way she desired, but only put a cap on the spiraling pleasure that was making me insane with desire.

Gail did, then pushing my feet up until they rested on the front seat headrests, my cunt dripping downward now, not onto the seat, but down into the crack of my ass, which was equally accessible to her, crouched on the floor. Her mouth and lips kissed the lips of my pussy then, my first kiss there, her tongue slipping easily into the hot, wet hungry opening of my femininity. She fucked in and out of my hole, gathering my creamy cum, my salty musk, and filling her mouth with it, then swallowing it. I envied her the taste.

Her fingers slipped under my airborne thighs, and caressed along the hot, sweaty valley between my ass cheeks, pausing only at the small, puckered opening centered there. I sighed as her finger tip traced the rubbery skin there, hoping that she would do what I didn’t dare to imagine. To my utter joy, she slipped her finger around in my creamy cum accumulated there, then slipped her slim finger inside of me, penetrating my anus like a practiced groom taking his wife’s virginity on their wedding night, so smoothly and satisfyingly. I came quickly, my first anal fuck showing me the pleasures I had missed heretofore.

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