Drunk Driving Ch. 05

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Anna Bell

I stood staring into the window. My mind frozen at the sight I beheld. My daughter had turned into a sexy young woman, a sexy lesbian woman at that. Her name is Heidi and she and her two friends Emily and Sandra believed I was out of town for the night and wouldn’t be home until late tomorrow afternoon. I had taken this opportunity to take advantage of Sandra as she lay drunk and unconscious on the deck. The vision in front of me held my attention despite standing outside my window peaking in at my daughter and Emily while not wearing my pants.

All three girls had been drinking heavily and were rather inebriated. Sandra was already out cold, but Emily and Heidi were awake and frolicking on the couch. They were giggling and leaning on each other. Emily’s hands were wandering as she continuously groped at Heidi. Several times she swatted Emily away splashing her drink onto the floor. Emily’s heavy chest leaned onto Heidi’s smaller frame, pinning her to the couch. Laughing and cheering they finished their drinks and lay on each other, Emily was rubbing Heidi’s arms as they talked.

Reaching for something out of my sight, Emily leaned away from my Heidi, showing me the progress she had made. Heidi’s top was pulled up exposing her round dark nipples as they protruded from her body with excitement. Emily’s hand was still on the waist band of Heidi’s bikini bottoms as she pulled herself back into view. She had two more beers in her hand, passing one off to Heidi as she slid the cold bottle up her chest and onto her nipples.

Heidi reacted immediately, shuttering harshly, but not pushing the bottle away. Emily circled her breasts, rubbing the cold hard glass over her body. Heidi merely smiled and closed her eyes refusing to take the bottle. Quickly Emily raised her own bottle to the other breast as Heidi’s mouth fell open as her eyes slid shut.

For several minutes Emily taunted and teased her, sliding the bottle up and down her body. Rolling to the side more, Emily dragged the bottle down her bare legs. Heidi’s nipples seemed to leap off her chest pointing to the heavens, her hand raised to touch Emily’s head holding her passionately. Emily continued teasing Heidi’s body, but never stopping over her panties for more than a second, but the cold drippings of the bottle had left their mark. Emily raised the beer to her lips and drank from it heartily before putting the other into Heidi’s hand.

Her eyes opened slowly as a large grin grew upon her face. She took the bottle and pressed it to her lips as Emily’s head dipped to her breast. Her tongue flicked across her skin gently as she encircled Heidi’s nipple. Heidi’s eyes rolled in her head as she leaned back to enjoy the attention. Several more times they drank from their bottles as Emily focused her attention on Heidi’s young hard body. It was difficult for me to watch. This was my little girl. Her hard young body was not supposed to be reacting like this. Mind you she was an adult now, but to watch her getting aroused and the movements of her body easily reminded me of her mother.

My mind roamed down memory lane as I envisioned my wife laying there in front of me. Their hair was so similar. Their bodies the exact same shape. I remembered how my wife bit her lip as she started to get to the height of her arousal. I knew that after she got there nothing would be off limits. I had been allowed to do some crazy things to her and she loved every minute of it. My daughter’s wriggling on the couch under the weight of her friend brought me back to the present.

Emily’s hand was under Heidi’s bikini bottoms. I couldn’t see through the material but it was obvious what was happening. Tender strokes up and down the entire length of her pussy put Heidi into a calm state of arousal. Heidi lay silently as she pressed her leg into the cushions of the couch in an attempt to open them as wide as she could. Emily’s hand slid out of her bottoms and took the beer bottle in hand. Pulling aside the material of her bikini she exposed a freshly shaved pussy. The light of the room was bright enough to show the glistening moisture escaping from her body.

Heidi was getting excited by the actions of her girlfriend and so was I. Emily surprised me as she took her wet hand off the bottle and rubbed it into Heidi’s pussy roughly. Heidi jumped at the contact.

“Use the bottle on her,” I muttered, as I watched Emily fondle her protruding pussy lips.

It was as if she heard me speaking into her mind. Giving her guidance to really get Heidi turned on. Emily’s actions caught my eye as her head wobbled unnaturally. It wobbled like a drunkard who was about to pass out. She shook it slightly as her hand ventured forth. Placing the bottle on the lips of Heidi’s pussy, Emily watched her face for a reaction. Emily got just what she was looking for. Heidi’s mouth fell open as a grin spread across her face. The bottle rubbed and circled the protruding lips of young Heidi’s pussy. adana escort Reaching out trying to grab the bottle every time it passed by her clit. Her body was starting to react. A scraping sound behind me reminded me I was not alone outside.

Spinning my head around quickly, my heart jumped into my throat as Sandra was stirring in the chair behind me. I stepped out of the light of the window and crouched down, watching the young girl I had so recently had sex with. Her hands were moving across her upper body. I assumed to fix her clothes, but her legs fell off the side of the recliner. I watched as she lifted off the chair and she removed her bikini bottoms. They dropped to the side of the chair in a heap. Her legs remained at the sides open to the cooling night air. A small grunt escaped her as both arms dropped into her lap. Quietly I moved to the other side of the window to get a better look, glancing back inside just in time to see the beer bottle get pushed into Heidi’s pussy.

I was torn between the two. Both were exciting and turning me on. My heart pounded heavy in my chest as I looked for a solution. Stepping towards Sandra, standing directly behind her, I could watch over her shoulder and still turn to see most of the scene from inside the house. Sandra’s mouth hung open as she fumbled with her pussy. Her coordination was completely off. She roughly tugged at her pussy lips in an attempt to hold them open. Her petite hand dropped onto her chest as she reached for her mouth. Sticking all four fingers into her mouth she sucked on them for a moment as she rocked in the chair. The saliva trailed away from her mouth as she extracted her hand.

From inside the house I could she Heidi’s flexing body as she picked herself up off the couch in obvious enjoyment. A hand rose to her breast and began pinching her nipple roughly. Twisting and pulling to match the contorted face of Heidi’s pleasure. Her mouth opened as she cast her eyes down towards the cause of her pleasure. A cause I could not see. Behind me Sandra moaned with pleasure as she had now jammed all four fingers into her young nubile body.

Repeatedly, she jammed deeper and deeper into her body, grunting as she pushed. This girl was really drunk and really horny, I thought. I watched as her wrist bent towards her and her entire hand including her thumb disappeared into the stretching folds of her sweet wet pussy. A dry rattling breath escaped her lips as she paused, holding her hand deep inside her, giving her pussy a chance to stretch to the form of her hand. It was only a few seconds pause before she started to pull out her hand a tiny bit before pushing it back in. Twice more she did this before her chest started to rise and fall rapidly.

Using both hands now, Sandra used her own hand to fuck herself. She pumped in and out repeatedly matching her breath with every stroke. My hand fell to my manhood, my arousal growing quicker than before. I stroked my cock in time to her pumping. I envisioned my self on top of her once more. Riding her young body, satisfying my own lustful desires, at my age to be able to fuck a beautiful young woman was more than I could have expected. Sandra’s hands forced inside her in one final push as her orgasm overcame her and she blurted out her bitter sweet anguish. I stopped stroking as I watched her hand slide glistening and red out of her body. She slumped into the chair, lifting her hand to her mouth to suck off her juices.

I could smell her body now that her hand had been removed. Her musky scent danced on the air like a pixie that had just be freed from its cage. Flitting around my head, my own pleasure level was rising rapidly. Lost in the aroma I watched Sandra clean her hand as she collapsed fully into the chair, eyes closed and mouth open. She did not replace her bottoms. I stared at her beautiful pink as it slowly retook its shape finally resting with a noticeable gape. Sandra was done and now once again out cold. Staring at her in wonder, I heard a distinct moan from inside the house.

I turned on the spot and headed back to the window. It had become a great view; the bottle was now inside the folds of Heidi’s pussy. They embraced it lovingly, gently flexing and contracting as the tapered bottle pushed slowly in and out. Emily’s tongue was doing its best to tease Heidi’s clit as the bottle worked away. Heidi’s hands grabbed at her own breasts, twisting her nipples with vigor as she stared down at Emily’s bare body lying across her. Emily’s heavy breasts crushed into Heidi’s trim flat stomach as she tasted the glistening honey escaping Heidi’s pussy.

I watched as Emily serviced her needs by licking Heidi. I had been so focused on the action that I failed to notice Emily had removed her pants and was rubbing her own pussy as fast as she could. Her hand was merely a blur as it darted out from between her legs. I thought I could hear her wetness as she slapped at herself as she afyon escort continued to rub as fast as she could. Surprisingly, Emily did not pump the bottle into Heidi as fast as she was rubbing her pussy. Her ability to control her hands at different speeds impressed me. I thought that is a skill that not many people had. She could rub my balls slowly and gently while she jammed my shaft as fast as she could. Now that would feel great.

Tonight was not the night though. Emily convulsed and contorted as she was overcome with her climax. Her body leaned heavily on top of Heidi, forgetting about the clit she was licking and pussy she was pumping. Her eyes rolled into her head, her mouth fell half open as she audibly gasped for air. The bottle fell to the floor with a thud and I watched it roll away. Emily did not move from on top of Heidi. She just laid there trying to regain herself from her orgasm. Her glistening hand appeared as it slid down Heidi’s stomach and underneath her head and resting on Heidi’s mound.

Heidi on the other hand was leaning back and breathing hard as well. She was still pinching her nipples, but her eyes were closed. Emily roused from her catatonic state and looked up at Heidi who did not move. Emily shook her a few times trying to wake her, but it was too late, she was out. With great difficulty Emily got to her feet. Staggering, she saluted Heidi and stumbled out of the room banging into the door frame as she went.

I waited for a moment for her return, but it did not come. I peered in at my daughter lying naked on the couch. Her body still flushed with the pleasure from Emily. I could not help myself, or wait any longer. I moved to the door and quickly entered the room. I remembered the camera out on the patio and rushed outside to get it.

I had turned it on and was ready to take pictures before I returned. Heidi was laying there in all her glory spread eagle. Her nipples were hard and protruding from her body as she lay silently. I listened for Emily, but I heard no noise. Moving over the Heidi I found her legs still splayed across the couch, the folds of her shaved flushed pussy still gaping slightly. I raised the camera and quickly took a few pictures. First a few close ups of her pussy as it was so beautiful I never wanted to forget it. Then I snapped a few of her entire body with more close ups of her reddened nipples.

As I groped her with my eyes, I noticed the trickle of her juices dripping out of the bottom of her pussy running between the cheeks of her ass and disappearing from sight. I moved in closer to get a really great picture when I smelled her excitement. Her body was reacting to the assault by Emily even though it was over. The smell of a wet pussy, so sweet and damp, became an intoxication to my senses. I leaned in closer to breathe her in deeply. Several long breaths filled my nostrils with her aroma before I pushed my face directly into her pussy.

Her body twitched as I rubbed my face into her pussy, smearing her juices onto my face. I opened my lips slightly as I pressed my entire face into the wetness. As I did so she continued to moisten. Flicking my face upwards, I used my nose to bump into her clit. Several times I did this, enjoying the sensation of have her wet pussy dripping onto my face covering me with her sex. I could hear her breathing increase as I literally played in her pussy, rubbing my grizzled chin into the folds of her pussy scrapping her into even greater pleasure. I pushed my open mouth against her folds letting my lips touch every inch of her most private spots. Darting my tongue out of my mouth, I flicked at her clit, never pausing long enough for her to really get into me eating her.

Involuntarily, my hands roamed all over her body. I don’t know what happened to the camera. I reached her nipples and flicked at them with my fingertips. She wriggled beneath my face. Her hips tried to push my tongue into her sex. She was really into oral sex. She must have wanted to get finished off by Emily, but passed out before she would oblige. Her pussy seemed to open up to me as I continued to press my face into her. As I moved downward on her pussy she raised her hips off the couch and I looked up at her in panic.

She was still lying with her eyes closed; she must still be out and just reacting to my stimulation. I slid my tongue around her lips and across the chin rest and lapped up the sweet nectar that had surrounded her asshole. As I touched her rosebud she twitched and gasped with a long release of her breath. Once again I spent several minutes licking her ass cheeks and asshole itself before returning to the supplier of my drug. Closing my mouth around her now protruding clit, I sucked hard and pulled slightly away from her body drawing her folds away with my mouth. I released and grabbed at her clit occasionally sliding downward to get a mouthful of her juices. It was as I rose up to suck hard on her clit that I alanya escort saw it.

Heidi was chewing on her bottom lip the same way her mother had. Horny thoughts raced through my mind. I thought of forcing her into some of my favourite old positions that her mother and I had enjoyed so many years ago. Like putting that beer bottle up her ass while I fucked her or putting the vacuum onto her pussy or even making her suck my cock in front of someone. I was completely hard. All these thoughts were washed away by my carnal desire to place my cock into her and fuck her silly. I raised myself from between her legs and positioned myself at he entrance to her pussy.

I stared at her for a moment as I contemplated my situation. This was my daughter and she was drunk, she can’t say no. Should I do this to her again?

As I thought about it the smell of her arousal cleared the nice thoughts from my head. It is her own fault for getting drunk again. She wanted to get fucked anyway. I’m just killing two birds with one stone. I went to move back into position when I felt a small cold hand on my ass pushing me into Heidi’s pussy. The hand leaned on me hard and held my hips fully pressed against Heidi’s bald mound. I turned my head to look directly into Sandra’s eyes.

Her face held a look of desperation as she released the pressure from my back. Without a word I withdrew not sure what was happening. Slowly her hand forced my hips back into Heidi’s pussy before releasing. As I caught on to the pattern Sandra’s hand started slapping my ass as she moved closer to Heidi’s pussy to watch me fuck her close up. Sandra moved behind me and rested her hand on my ass, rubbing and squeezing it as I pumped my daughter. Arching my body, I dropped my head to Heidi’s chest taking a nipple into my mouth as I pumped. I could feel Sandra’s hands fondling my cock as I withdrew. The sensations were overwhelming.

I was well past the normal state of arousal. I was well past being able to cum normally. I was so horny that I couldn’t cum. I bit into Heidi’s nipple and she yelped in pain. Looking up in horror I looked her straight in the eyes. She looked back at me in disbelief, still chewing on her lip. With a gentle nod she signaled for me to keep going. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes fell closed. Several times she opened them to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. She looked over my shoulder in as sudden look of horror. Sandra was standing next to me smiling at her reassuringly.

Sandra pulled me away without a word. I was confused not to mention pissed off. What was she doing, I was too far now to stop? With out a word she grabbed Heidi’s shoulder and helped her roll over. This suddenly became even better. I love doggie style and I jumped at the chance and I pushed my rock hard cock into her pussy. This was not what Sandra had in mind. I felt her hands grope at my cock and change its direction higher than I had been aiming.

The head of my cock was pressed against Heidi’s wet asshole. I wasn’t sure if she was ok with it until Sandra pushed hard with both hands, forcing my cock inside her tight ass. Heidi groaned with pleasure angling her hips higher to let my cock penetrate her easier. Tentatively, I pumped at her ass. I didn’t want to hurt her, but then it hit me, Heidi wasn’t complaining, she was enjoying it. She must have done this before or she was so drunk that I was her first. Either way I was in a good place. I readjusted my feet and starting pumping.

My cock slid deep inside Heidi’s ass as I jammed it into her, harder and harder with every stroke. Heidi kept pace with me and never once complained. Sandra slapped my ass as hard as she could like a jockey on a horse. Heidi’s ass gripped every inch of my cock as it strained and throbbed the deeper I pushed it inside her. Her ass was the tightest ass I had ever been in, much tighter than I remembered her mothers being. I withdrew my cock only leaving the head inside. The ring of her ass squeezed against my head as it tried to close. I held it in place as my daughter moaned at me.

Wiggling her ass, Heidi tried to entice me to push all the way back inside her, but I resisted. As if I was stopping to take a breath I held myself at a distance totally removing my cock from her ass. Her head turned to look at me, a quizzical look upon her face. I smiled at her and poked at her ass. She gulped quickly and closed her eyes, only to reopen them quickly when I didn’t push it inside her. I rested the head of my cock against her brown ring. I waited for a reaction from her. I wanted to tease her for a change. Sandra’s hand reappeared on my hips and started to push. This time I was ready for her and resisted her.

With Sandra pushing on my back I had no where left to move. Maybe Heidi realized my situation or maybe she was doing it for herself. She wiggled back towards me and pushed back until my hardness reentered her ass. The feeling was incredible. Her tightness pressed on the entire length of my cock. Sandra held my in place as Heidi rocked forward, forcing my cock out of her ass. Rhythmically she moved back and forth on my cock. Turning her head she watched as I entered and reentered her ass. I could see her biting her lip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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