During the Football Game Ch. 01

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My college junior daughter Mary, came home over the weekend to celebrate a birthday and catch the Broncos game with “Dad”, that’s me. My baby, growing so fast, has matured into a terrific young woman. Bright, very articulate, a big, raw boned athlete from my side of the family, I was amazed over the years with her athletic skills, her easy, athletic movement and grace. And honestly, sometimes recently, and definitely secretly, her fantastic body.

I never considered her or her older sisters’ sexuality before. Now on occasion, I would notice her large boobs, always trapped in a tank top, scooped neck, and every so often, just a hint of color of the areola surrounding the nipple. I hoped she would not catch my glances to her soft mounds, so proudly protruding from her clothes. My mind wanders even now, almost laughing at my initial response to her.

I think the random thoughts started as my married sex life diminished drastically. With the spouse going through menopause, her interest changed to sex being more labor than interest. But my old trusting friend stayed true, wanting, needing, desiring sex. Can’t tell the number of times I have stroked the one eyed monster to self gratification. While not totally satisfying, it has curbed the edge so to speak.

But back to my baby, and most importantly is her description. She is very attractive, very religious, and seldom dated. Not sure why she did not date much, but it has been a concern to her at times I know! Physically, she is 5’11” tall, and tips the scale at 160 lbs. She works out 4-5 days per week at the school recreation center, and has kept her toned, already athletic body. I, a former college football player myself, instilled the desire to maintain a healthy body, adding a large home gym to our residence many years ago. I work out 6-days per week. I stand 6’6″ tall (maybe a slight under due to age), and weigh in at 260 lbs myself. Ok, maybe 272 lbs, I do enjoy eating more than I should. But I am most proud of my manhood, at full mast, it is 9 ½ inches long, and fat to go with it. I have been fortunate to share it with many women over the years. And I never had complaints, or a 2nd date turn down. Now, this sharing is a secret between us. Keep it quiet please.

Mom was off to church, then visit her mom and dad for the day. As we settled into our game mode Sunday morning just before the game, I noted how tired she was. We had taken her to an expensive dinner to celebrate her 21st birthday, and afterwards, several of her friends had taken her out to formally welcome her to adulthood so to speak. I know she had her first mixed drink that evening, but most importantly, she was out very late. With an early game, she was slow at best. Dressed her gym shorts, a tank top, she flopped down on the couch, threw her feet up over my legs, and rested her eyes by putting her forearm across the bridge of her nose. Without thinking, I reached to caress her leg, looking up and down her body. At this point, I had not even considered where the day was going.

Kick off, and the first quarter was underway. We watched the game, commenting often on how we were playing like shit, or was Detroit actually good this year. Anyway, not the issue at hand.

At first, my caresses were just plain old Daddy massage that was so often given. I avoided the bottom of her feet, her tickle bone reacted dramatically to such caresses without an equal pressure to the top of her feet. So I did what I often did, I caressed top and bottom of her foot, up the leg, over the knee, up the quad, over the side of her leg, and down to start over. I did not think a thing about it. And neither did she. The caresses continued for many many minutes. About the end of the 1st quarter, she shifted, pulled her right leg up, flopped her left leg across me so it could receive an equal share of caresses. Without missing a beat, I started caressing her foot, up over the ankle, up over her shin, the heel of my hand pressing firmly into her quad, pushed forward, sliding my fingers down to her inside thigh, squeezing firmly, and sliding my hand down her leg as every other time this had been done. As I caressed up her leg, I pushed her shorts up, giving me more access to her upper thigh. My focus remained on the game without much thought given to her clothes. It was during one commercial that I glanced to her, my breath catching in my throat.

As I had been massaging her thigh, her shorts leg had ridden up above her mound slightly, allowing my glance to look directly to her sheer panties. Her eyes were closed as I glanced to her face, but my eyes diverted quickly back to her crotch. I looked for something to recognize, a puffy lip, pubic hairs straining to get free, anything that would give me a visual impression of her youthful sex. My cock chubbed instantly, knowing my big brain had focused on fresh, young, unspoiled cunt, my little brain quickly followed suit. I was about to panic when the commercial ended, and the game resumed.

Shifting slightly, Mary literally spread both legs without thinking. antalya escort Now, her left leg lay over my right leg, her foot resting on my left thigh. I bet you know which leg my chubbed cock wanted to go down. I am left legged for a stiff cock. I now panicked. Her foot was flat on my thigh, the side of her foot rested on the top side of my growing cock. My butt muscles flexed, spreading my thighs slightly, her foot rested so softly on my growing cock, the warmth penetrating my shorts, my breathing coming in almost small gasps as my cock continued to grow, sliding along her foot. I glanced back to her crotch, my hand sliding up her thigh. Her mound was still visible. My tongue started getting stiff, just thinking of tasting her.

I shook my head almost violently, trying to clear my head of thoughts. Sexual thoughts. Thoughts of my daughter. I glanced to her again, her shorts riding high, folded back to give me a view of her mound, a flat, hard mound. I could see her pubic hair matted under her panties, encased so carefully, so softly. My body shuddered as my mind jumped to full speed. My hand wandered up her thigh, fingers sliding so effortlessly toward the crease of her thigh and body. So slowly, I squeezed her thigh, sliding upwards, wanting to push under her panties, to slide my fingers into her wet slit. I stopped, closing my eyes, shaking my head again. I had to clear my head of these thoughts. But her foot, she had to feel my growing cock. She had not reacted.

“Damn,” she muttered. I glanced to the TV. Detroit had scored again. We were getting our butts kicked. She adjusted her body, shifting her butt flat on the couch, pushing to the front edge of the cushion. Her left knee rested on the couch back, heel now deeper into my thigh, her heel resting firmly on my cockhead. Could she feel the crown? I swear, she pushed her foot down, adding pressure to the top side of my cock. Her toes curled, pressing on my thigh. A small groan, a shudder shook my shoulders as I pictured her naked, my hand cupping her mound, my thumb hooked, buried in her wet hole, squeezing her clit softly between my thumb and palm.

“Damn,” I groaned. I looked to her as she glanced to me. Did she read my thoughts? Could she tell I was not cursing the Broncos? Could she tell I was growing very rigid along the side of her foot? I glanced back to the TV. Extra point good, commercial time.

“School going well baby,” I asked inanely. I glanced up her thigh, down into her crotch again, then slowly up her body. I found her staring into my eyes.

“It’s going fine Daddy,” she responded. “Lots of papers due in the next couple of weeks,” she continued, glancing back to the game as it returned. I swear her hips tilted upwards slightly, hips flaring, then settling back down. Or was it my imagination.

My hand slid along her calf, fingers massaging firmly, under her knee, and up along the inside of her thigh. Without watching it, my hand crept slowly, deliberately up her thigh, closer and closer to the hip crease until my little finger nudged her panties hem. At that point, I slid my hand up, trailing my little finger along the hem until I reached her hip bone, dropped my thumb over the outside of her thigh and massaged back down toward her knee. We both took a slow, deep breath.

“That feels so good Daddy,” Mary whispered.

“Your skin is so soft baby,” I responded. “I love to caress you,” I responded, trying to keep it together.

“Don’t stop,” she said softly. Her right leg stretched, straightened to lie across my legs as well. I reached across, wrapping my right hand over her shin, massaging my way up her leg. My left hand wrapped her left calf, sliding to her ankle. I pulled her foot harder to my cock inadvertently, my cock flexing as I did. Instantly, panic set in, my eyes widened as I glanced to her quickly. I was about to die. However, her eyes closed, a peaceful, restful look adorned her face. Her foot rolled upwards, pressing down onto my cock. Stopping, her foot rolled back to its’ starting position. Her eyes opened, she glanced to me. Nothing was said as my hand slid high up her thigh. I quickly glanced back to the game.

I glanced back to her crotch. With her right leg straight, her crotch was almost completely closed. The only exposed skin started at the crease of her left thigh as it rested on the back of the couch.

I caressed up and down her leg several times, working my way to her inner thigh. Using the heel of my palm, I pressed firmly to her, sliding upwards toward her crotch. As the outside of my hand thumped into her mound, a small gasp escaped her. Without moving away, I rolled my hand down her thigh, keeping the slight pressure of my hand against her mound. Quickly, I massaged back down her thigh. Had I crossed the barrier?

Hesitating, I caressed up her left leg, changing the focus of my massage. Her right leg pulled up, bending at the knee. As her foot tucked along my right leg, her right knee flopped over the edge of the couch, opening her crotch antalyadaspor.com completely. Her shorts covered her modestly. Her left foot adjusted, pushing firmly to me again. Lifting her foot, she dropped her heel deeper between my legs, her arch now resting directly on my rigid cock. She rolled her foot up and down just slightly.

Colors flashed in my brain. My breathing stopped, my eyes seeing nothing. My cock strained, muscles flexing to lift it, expand it under her pressure. I moaned softly. My right hand slid up her right thigh, squeezing the flesh firmly as her foot pushed harder to my engorged cock. I listened to her breathing, listened to see if her heart was thumping as loud as mine. Was her blood rushing to her brain? Was her body screaming at her as loud as my cock was screaming at me? Carefully, cautiously, my hand traversed up her thigh. As I reached her upper thigh, my movement slowed. The heel of my palm brushed her mound again. I hesitated, allowing the warmth of my hand to permeate her shorts. Her breathing stopped for an instant. I pulled my hand across her mound softly, teasingly, dragging painfully slowly, my entire hand to her left thigh. With my eyes closed, I massaged my way down her left thigh as far as I could. With her leg up the couch, the angle was not good. I stopped, pushing my hand to her inner thigh, sliding my hand up the soft flesh of her thigh, nails leading the way. I hoped a trail of fire remained as I dipped to her crease. I pushed onwards, letting my fingers dip under her shorts, and slide along her panties, the fingers swirling, doing small circles over the shear material. My nails brushed back and forth as my thumb touched the material between her legs. For an instant, I caressed my thumb up and down, pressing softly, firmly on the covered, puffy lip of her cunt. I heard her breath exhale slowly, completely. I glanced to the game. It was halftime. Where had the game gone? How had time passed so quickly?

I pulled my hand back, sliding quickly down her leg. Almost as quickly, I pushed up her thigh again, my fingers sliding under her shorts, aiming to the center of her mound. My thumb this time pressed directly over her slit, feeling the camel toe as I pressed my thumb firmly against her body. I moved my thumb slowly up and down her slit, pushing between the lips to rub over her clit. Her body jumped, lifting on impulse as her butt muscles flexed.

“Daddy,” she grunted. I froze, getting almost sick to stomach. “I need something to drink,” she whispered huskily. “Be back in a second,” she said, her foot pushing hard on my cock as she rolled up to stand. My mind lost thought, my insides churned. My mind raced thousands of miles per hour, my body shook with an inward sickness.

“Oh God what have I done,” I muttered to myself.

“Got you a diet Pepsi,” she yelled from the kitchen. “Anything else you need,” she continued?

“Just you sweetie,” I responded without thinking. She rounded the corner heading toward me.

“Good,” she quipped. “I hoped so,” she said as she returned to the couch. In seconds, she was back to her position, her left foot again draped over my cock, her right leg wide, opening her crotch. I could not breathe. My chest was tight. My mind raced in all directions.

“Think we have a chance,” she asked, looking to me. “We are so far behind,” she continued. Here I was pondering the implications of incest on our lives, my relationship with my baby girl, and concerned about her lifetime impressions of her Daddy, and she was thinking about a game of football. For the next several minutes, we watched the pundits talk football, cover other games in progress, and avoided any discussion or hints of what had occurred. I began to think she had taken the break to allow cognizant, rational thought take control of the situation. My brain rationalized what had happened, and thanked the resourcefulness of my daughter to extricate us from the unknown path we were headed down without destroying her Daddy in the process. I shook my head in amazement. The second half kickoff started the game again. I focused back to the game, my hands now caressing her again.

I was now clear headed, rational thought controlled my mind. Everything was right in the world. Even my cock was deflating slightly. At that moment, Mary rolled her foot up and down over my cock. Involuntarily, I groaned out loud. “Oh god,” I whispered, turning to look at Mary. She still faced the TV.

My hand tightened on her thigh, squeezing firmly. She pushed her thigh to my hand. I heard her moan softly. My cock chubbed to full strength quickly, its’ brain miles ahead of mine in any sexual decision process. I glanced to her body, focusing on her crotch. My hand followed my eyesight, moving slowly, softly up her thigh. I hesitated only slightly, my big brain dominated by my little brain. I wanted her. Hell, I would have fucked a fence post with a hole in it at that moment. My cock had been rigid for 2-hours, only small instances where it forgot about sex. And now, my mind flashed pictures of my daughter, naked, under me accepting my cock as it slipped into her depths. My cock throbbed. I knew I was leaking globs of precum.

As I slid my fingers under her shorts, I did not find her panties. My fingers scraped gently over exposed pubic hair. I circled my fingertips, nestling into her hair. I froze, glancing to her face. Looking directly, staring into the depths of her sole, her mouth slightly open, her tongue licking her moist lips, I found her looking to me, her eyes pleading. “Please Daddy,” she whispered in her little girl voice. “Touch me,” she whispered as her eyes closed, her head tilted back. My thumb landed squarely on her slit.

Gently, softly, I rubbed my thumb up and down her closed lips. Adding pressure, her lips gave way as my thumb slipped between them, her wetness now coating my thumb. I pressed firmly, sliding upwards, my thumb hitting her clit squarely on the bottom side, mashing it flat as I rubbed upwards, over her sensitive button. Her hips lifted quickly, hard upwards as I rolled my finger over the exposed clit, circling gently, quickly. Her leg flexed, mashing my cock against my leg. “Yes!” she grunted. “Oh god yes,” she growled under her breath. Her hand covered my thumb, pushing it hard to her body.

“Pull your shorts out of the way baby,” I whispered. “I want to see you,” I breathed softly. Mary moved quickly, grabbing her shorts, pulling them to her right hip. I watched as my thumb moved between her lips, dipping over her clit, spreading her wetness around her engorged lips. “God baby, your cunt is so perfect,” I whispered. I slid my thumb deep between her legs, reaming her soaked hole. I stroked up and down her slit, focused on making her cum. “Cum for me baby,” I instructed. “Daddy will make his baby cum ,” I continued. I circled her clit again, my thumb mashing the sensitive flesh against her body. I increased my tempo, rolling, mashing her clit hard, teasing softly, and then hammering it again. For the next several minutes, Mary grunted, humped, and thrashed under my thumb. Her breathing changed, growing rapid, gasping in shallow breaths.

“Almost Daddy,” she groaned, her hips lifting, dropping, and lifting again. “Please,” her voice trailed off. With a deep, guttural groan, her hips exploded upwards, froze as I mashed her clit hard. Her finger joined mine, mashing her clit forcefully, her nail raking the naked flesh with mine. “Oh yes,” she groaned, flopping down on the couch. Her legs clamped together as she rolled to the couch. Her body convulsed with each pass of her orgasm. “That was so good Daddy,” she whispered.

She sat abruptly up, cross legged next to me. Leaning to me, her hands caressed my leg. “Daddy, can I make you cum,” she asked, looking to me. Her eyes smiled, her face glowed. “Please,” she continued.

“God yes,” I grunted. “It will be quick,” I instructed. I scooted forward, thrusting my hips out to the edge of the couch. Her hand reached to my crotch, her fingers wrapping around the base of my cock. Wrapping firmly, she tugged gently.

“Tell me Daddy,” she said softly. “Tell me what to do,” she stated. “I’ve,” her voice haltered. “I’ve never done this,” she groaned, stroking along my cock over my shorts.

I grabbed the waist band of my shorts, pulling them down quickly. “Take it sweetie, stroke it with both hands,” I whispered. Could I ask her to suck my cock into her mouth? I looked to the head, a bubble of precum standing in the eye. “Baby, lick it, suck it for Daddy,” I almost pleaded. She almost doubled over, pulling my cock toward her. Her mouth opened, her tongue extended. As she leaned forward, her tongue entered the eye, licking the dollop of clear fluid onto her tongue, quickly tasting me.

“Salty,” she muttered. She leaned to me, her succulent lips forming a seal over the head. Her tongue probed me, lashing back and forth over the soft skin. “It’s so soft,” she said, pulling back. Her tongue licked circles around the head, sliding over the crown. Leaning quickly, her teeth raked over the head, locking just under the crown. Her mouth stretched wide. I reached to the back of her head, my fingers quickly weaving into her short hair.

“Oh god baby,” I whispered, my butt flexing, lifting my hips, offering her more cock. Her jaw cracked open, a few inches of cock stuffed into her mouth. Her lips closed, sucking hard, pulling up my shaft. Her teeth raked over my flesh, scraping as she pulled upwards. As her teeth locked under the crown, she bit down harder, pulling the flesh hard. With a pop, my cock escaped from her mouth. I quickly pulled her back down. “I’m going to cum baby,” I grunted. Involuntarily, my cock erupted, my balls squeezing, straining to shoot my load of cum into my waiting shaft. I held her head in place, my cock spit my cum up my shaft, exploding into her waiting mouth. As I erupted, I pulled her head down slightly. Pulling up sharply, Mary pulled my cock from her mouth as a second stream of cum jettisoned high onto her left cheek. I grunted as she choked my cock, squeezing the cum up my shaft. A third spurt, a fourth rope spit from the eye, draping over the head, down the shaft. A fifth spurt globbed over the head, slowing in intensity.

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