Dusk In Eden

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Tivona will dance for me at twilight in her forest sanctuary, a open clearing by a swiftly flowing river. The haloed moon is full and shines brightly illuminating her sensuous body as she gyrates and twirls, I am hypnotized by the electrifying look as she gazes at me with her lustrous blue eyes and by her frenzied movements, for tonight I am are under Tivona’s spell She is not just a woman she is your Goddess, your mistress. For tonight I am willing to obey her wishes, her every command. Those who have passed through her forest sanctuary, think of her as an angelic fairy, A cross between an erotic nymph and a sprite, but tonight she possesses my soul with a force unmatched by any mortal woman, I want her, no I lust for her although know it’s not right, it’s against all mortal laws.

Watching her makes me come alive once again, the blood surges through my veins, and I’ll do exactly as she commands, since in her hands she holds my reins. She tells you to sit there and watch, to obey is my greatest enjoyment. Her body sways all through her sanctuary, as I fantasize of hidden treasure with in her silk wrappings. The silk wraps around and through her legs, and over her voluptuous breasts. “Sit!” she shouts as I start to rise, this is one of her torturous tests. She so enjoys this as much as I do, as the silk dampens, perhaps even more, she parts her lips and smiles “that” smile, it’s this sexy seductress I adore so much.

She approaches, Unbuckles my leather belt, as she slowly strips off my trousers, I feel sensations I’ve haven’t felt in such a long time. She orders me to take off the rest, and I do as I’m are told, She caresses my skin with the smooth cool silk, giving me goose bumps!. She leaves me sitting on the hard wooden chair, she ties my hands to the legs of the chair with strips of silk so I can’t move my hands. This is her unmerciful rule. I sit there watching hypnotized by every deliberate move she makes. She dances under the satiny black sky filler with trillions of stars and the sensual full moon, the only sound I hear is the flowing water as it splashes against the banks and rocks of the river.

Tonight is the full moon, I ready myself in anticipation of the only day of the moon that I am allowed to move freely with mortals. For years now Thomas has been coming to me on this night, each cycle of the moon brings him to me on this one evening. More and more it becomes harder to wait until the next time I will dance for him. Sharing a passion which can’t be fully fulfilled. We share pieces of ourselves which no one Mortal nor Immortal could fully understand.

Looking Deep in Thomas’s Soul, I can see his desires for His Goddess, Thomas sees his Goddess as no other can. I tempt him with what he visualizes in his mind, I see him, and he sees me. Dancing gold lies videotape izle around him, not allowing him to touch me for its forbidden, Commanding him to watch me, I have always desired this mortal, he posses such a gift, his heart loves in a way that few immortals can understand. we know love, and we know passion, but we never experience the trueness of touch in the way that the mortals do. How I long to know this place that I see in my Thomas’s soul.

Swirling, twisting, twirling about, as the flowing silk caresses my skin, coming to life wet with the nectar of a Goddess. the scarves seem to take on a magical feel as if they become my body itself Thomas sits naked, tied to the chair, knowing if I didn’t tie him, we would break the forbidden rules, I am not sure Thomas understands why I always tie him, and demand that he watch me.

As I watch him, I can sense the passion which builds in him, I can see it surface as his manhood grows hard, standing erect, His skin glistens in the moon light, as the essence of love exudes from his very core. In this magical place we meet with the sounds of nature all about us, the babbling brook, the creatures which gather to watch us.

The passion grows, as I tempt Thomas, Dancing about him, removing each silk scarf as I do, twisting it around Thomas’s skin, while I can’t actually touch him the scarves can, wrapping them around him one by one until I am naked before him, his eyes gleam with desire.

My breasts heave with passion for this mortal, my thighs drip with my essence, my sighs of desire fill the air around us, as I moan deeply with A Want for him so intense. Thomas Looks into my Once Deep Blue eyes to find the loveliest shade of blue now exists, its as if the sea and all of its passion were trapped within them, the erotic desires overtake us as the lustful urge increases.

The creatures who come to watch us begin to mate. In frenzied passion there primal urges take over, all about us they copulate. As Thomas’s hard cock begins to drip pre cum, my tongue caresses my lips, “Oh, How I long to taste him” running my tongue across my lips as if I could lick him. Hours pass, but it seems like only minutes, we dance the dance of love in our minds as we fulfill our passions, over and over we make love without touching, as the sun begins to rise, pushing away the one Moon. exhausted we look at each other with a knowing look, saddened we are at parting, yet knowing the next cycle will come yet again.

Tivona’s face is of another world in the shadows of the full moon, one that is sensuously beautiful but wild with forbidden lust, this mystical mysterious lady of the night, her beauty being framed by Heaven’s glow of alabaster light. But unlike grind izle the moon and sun her beauty can not be eclipsed, nor through all eternity will it fade. She smiles at me as she slowly turns away, as if she were a lover lost with nothing more to say. She peers into the depths of space in darkness unafraid, then turns to face the world again,. Her shyness is mixed with fiery passion as she passes by, behind each veil that adorns her voluptuous figure as she starts slip them off one by one with each gyration, each sensual movement.

As I turn in the chair to see. There’s nothing bashful about her, She wants me to enjoy her exhibition, it’s amazing what my Goddess is doing this is the most sensuous dance I’ve seen her do , She has not one single inhibition! My excitement is apparent, As she begins to whimper and moan, She has absolutely no equivalent, In any other woman I have known. Her deep blue eyes blazing with a fiery passion, Like an untamed feline in heat, Her throaty grunts are emitted, and I stare down at my dampened seat. She dances for me at twilight, She is totally in control, She is the director of my passion, she is the bareback rider of your soul. Even though I’m tied to the chair I still try to reach out to touch her, to grab her, so I can release my uncontrollable, my uninhibited passion into this beautiful creature, my Goddess.

Time has passed so very slowly this last cycle of the Moon, Again time to dance with my sweet Thomas, full of emotions which I can’t explain to Thomas just yet, As I move around him full of lust, for I only know just yet the outcome of this magical night. His eyes devour me, as our passions rise higher with each move of my body closer and closer to him, wrapping the silk from my body in tendrils across his skin, feeling his want and need become more then he can handle, struggling to touch me, his manhood grows and grows straining to be sated. The wild abandonment of the animals now mating around us, the sounds of the stream in the distance moving beyond its normal babble to a torrent of water twisting and turning churning within its banks. the soft breeze caressing our skin begins to howl about us, pulling at us, pushing us uncontrollably A wolf howls, and a silence falls across us, the breeze calms, I stand in front of Thomas looking deep within his soul, I can see his chest heaving with passion, he sits still in his chair waiting, gasping for breath, beads of perspiration on his skin, the animals stop mating and watch in anticipation as I move closer

Whispering “Thomas, My Love hush, settle yourself, Tonight is very special” locking eyes with Thomas I move to his feet kneeling in front of him, still looking up at him, feeling the heat of his manhood so very close to my skin, not yet gunthers millions izle not touching, watching as the pre-cum begins to ooze out of him, tricking down his shaft, I giggle with delight, raising up above him straddling his body while keeping my eyes locked with his, watching his eyes twitch with desire as we have never been this close, I lower down on to his waiting cock straining to be inside of me, as my pussy lips begin to caress the head of his cock my juices mix with his, pushing down hard I am now on his lap for the first time ever we are touching, Thomas Gasps, the shock in his eyes mixed with passion and unbelief, as I begin to pump up and down on him, Goddess whispers “Thomas, once you fill me with your seed, I can release your hands and we can be together until the next moon cycle, if you choose not to release your seed in me, we will part again as we do each cycle”.

Fervently kissing you in the darkness of night the full moon shining brightly over head, As my aching lust drives us together. Our souls melting together within the flames of our arousal, Under the lustrous moon light which seems to be shining on us. Your hands caressing my body, tearing moans from deep inside me, howling grunts as your lips find mine and our tongues enwrap around each others. In a never ending dance of desires, lust, overwhelming me as I thrust deeper inside, so deep it’s as if our bodies are now one, One heart, one love, one lust, one mind, thrusting together as our passion builds towards a fiery, orgasmic conclusion. Our moans are being carried by the wind throughout the forest, like the howl of a lonely wolf searching for his mate. The fiery embers of our love burning white hot as our desires mount ever higher, I start to growl out loud as my manhood explodes deep inside your pussy, sending you into convulsions. Your body shaking quivering as you impale my cock into you erupting our hot cum flowing like lava over my hard eager cock. Your body shaking as it cover mines your breasts on my chest, your head on my shoulder breathless you start untying my hands. Taking my weak and spent body over to the bear rug laid out in front of the fire we lay cuddled together. What started out this moonlit night two lovers, now forever united.

My beautiful Goddess Of Souls you will never again crave for love in the night, you’ll feel my loving arms around you , will never sigh for our heated desires that vanish at the dawn of the new day. No haunting memories of a disappearing love will confine your tender heart. I will surround and embrace you when we lay down tonight and I gently kiss your lips at dawning of every new day. I will be there listening, understanding all your wonderful and amusing thoughts you now keep inside and never shared with another soul The tears held within your soul, you’ve denied yourself will be embraced by my caring, loving heart and wiped away by my soft gentle hands You will feel my love truly and completely and will be worshiped for the woman you are my beautiful Goddess. My passionate embraces cuddling you in your lonely slumber, my love fulfilling your ever want and your every desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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