Early Morning Lovers

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It’s early.

Well, it’s early for us, though in earth time, who knows. And no, babe, we aren’t aliens, just two people, lovers, who fell asleep, all tangled-up like, drunk (of course), tired, fucking exhausted, wrapped-up-wrapped-up-wrapped-up and so fucking smitten, you… so so smitten.

Too early to admit to being awake, even to this person, because sleeping like this is such a heavenly gift and who would ever want to get up.

On my side. You behind me, wrapping me, safe-ing me, pressed up tight, no gaps. Arm loosely around me, cupping a breast in your sleep. Yours, mine, hell, it’s yours if you can find a use for it. And we’ve both discovered that you, my enterprising young friend, can find several.

Tired, me. But greedy. And I lie and I soak this on up, through every pore I soak you on up. I don’t want you to wake, so I just gently, gently push my arse back up against what’s behind it, and I feel just the slightest hinty-est hint of a response and I smile to myself and relax and wait and wait.

I take your hand, on that breast, all yours, and I softly squeeze it, reminding you, sleepy-boy, of what’s underneath, and you know, awake, asleep, and you squeeze it yourself, but it’s the slightly, just slightly, more… hmmm… assertive response from down below, up against me that shows me bits, at least, Escort Keçiören are starting to wake up.

I push myself, my back, up, right up against you and enjoy that a little and then, before you can decide to wake up, I roll onto my back, babe, and open my legs, all casual of course, and your hand, which does like to squeeze, runs right on down to a place it’s clearly on a mission to explore. Down my body, pausing briefly when it reaches that hairline and taking a moment to possessively (and why not) just cup that whole area, us all quiet, eyes closed, before slipping a finger, a hand, through to rest in a softer, warmer, damper, and, should you care to inspect later, pinker place.

Rest being a relative term, as, sleepy-boy or no, you slide and slip and rub your way around there awhile, while I just open up wider, and you slip a couple (I don’t stop and look) of fingers up and inside me, and back and forth a little… a lot.

Still asleep, though. Still asleep, us. My hips just moving in time with your hand so that you seem to think it’s time to bring in the big guns, but I’m thinking laterally and as you move to pull yourself on top of me, I steer you more to the centre of the bed, ssshh you, and kiss your eyelids closed. In what we’ll refer to as a ‘graceful swoop’, I position myself Keçiören Escort on top of you. Bent forward though, no fucking cowgirl, me.

Kiss your lips. Closed. Stroke your messy mop on back from your face. Lean forward, on you, over you, and use one hand to support myself while the other guides in that cock of yours and I slow-ly sit down on that, feeling it just slide on in there, and that is going to make me just gasp and bite my lip and pause. Fuck, how nice is that.

And, using my arms to support me now, as I lean over you, I close my eyes, move my hips, fucking loving that feeling, you. So deeply inside me. My hands by your head, maybe on the wall behind the headboard, breasts just swinging back and forth by your face, and you can open your eyes awhile now. I’ll let you. But no stamina me, though I do like to sit, and I lean down on my elbows awhile, carry on, you helping out a bit. I catch your eye and you raise your eyebrows and gesture with your eyes that a change of angle might be nice.

I roll onto that mattress, on my back, watching you, watching you, eyes just slurping you on up, my fucking just beautiful bloody lover, you, moving from your back to your side. For a second propped up on your side, watching me. Not long.

Kneeling up, you, between my legs, and me, I don’t want Keçiören Escort Bayan to be in charge any more, not one bit. I just watch you as you look down at where you’re headed. And, leaning over me now, I watch as you, intent on the task in hand, guide yourself up and down that pinkery slippery place. And hell, you, I love it. I love watching you want me. I just feel so so soft and like some cheesy romantic heroine I just want you to take me. And you watch yourself slipping up and down between those outer lips and inner lips and just slide yourself around that entrance, and round and I just mmmm, and lean over a little, pushing your buttocks forward so you have no choice but to peep on in and you do, and hell I so envy that view as you ease right on inside me. And you watch your first few strokes, and I watch you watching and you look up and smile at me… I think we’re officially wide-a-fucking-wake.

Then, I don’t know, gets blurry awhile. Nice blurry. Good blurry. But blurry so I couldn’t say what’s what, but cling onto you for the ride with just about everything I have. Just cling.

Then I raise my legs, arse, whatever, a little further as I just feel the earliest stirrings of that tug, as you, doing a fine job inside, just hit on the damndest spot outside too, and I go with that. Feeling that pull and just, well, I’ve said it before, wanting you to just come and cum. Just so fucking yours. So yours. Inside, outside. And just letting on go… again, purely at the thought and the feel of you… with a pretty audible mmmmmmm, and those last few thrusts of yours, make for quite an mmmm-fest.

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