Easing the Pain Ch. 03

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It has been a while since I was here. I’m Brian and a short history is in order. I’m on my way to college and a full academic scholarship. Kind of a genius nerd with an athletic build. Currently I’m staying with my next store neighbor. Just long enough to finish the last few weeks of the school year and keep her company while her husband is gone for a month on business. I have finished all my high school courses well ahead of time. I even have several college courses finished and just need to accumulate the required time to graduate. I don’t even have to go to class. I show up, stay out of the way and spend endless hours researching my latest interest – sex with an older woman.

My parents just retired to Florida. They sold a rather successful business for a great deal of money and left for the sunshine at the ripe old age of forty-four. After I finish high school I will be staying with my widowed aunt while attending college. My parents set up a checking account, enough so that everything is taken care of. Aunt Jill is also quite well off. My father’s brother left her a successful company and hefty life insurance policy. Her was killed by a drunk driver. My aunt has not remarried, even after two years and said she is looking forward to some company.

Meg is my next store neighbor and is taking very good care to see that my education is completed. She has taught me that what I thought was a physical “problem” is a huge asset. I have a rather large 9″ cock, with a good sized head and thick shaft. Not porno long but a lot better than average. My real issue is my balls, they are literally huge. I produce cum in torrents. So much in fact that my orgasm spasms stop long before my balls empty. Then in about 10 – 15 seconds my cock just starts to drain. Like ketchup coming out of the bottle in that commercial for a good 10 seconds. With girls my own age this seemed to be a problem, but with my neighbor Meg it seemed to be my ticket to wonderland. She could not get enough cum to satisfy her, and my sexual education continues.

As I said, having long ago completed my courses, I just had to attend the last month . This left me plenty of time to search the web and try and further my own sex ed. It seemed that Meg was a little submissive and enjoyed the little I had taken command. I started reading about women being submissive. It was very interesting to say the least. I knew she did not like pain, but to what extent would she take commands. She said she would do anything for my cum. I spent the entire day reading everything educational I could find on satisfying a woman and this type of sex in particular. When the final bell rang and I was out the door like a shot. I couldn’t wait to get to Meg’s house.

As I entered the front door I found Meg naked with a completely hairless pussy, just as I had requested, or now should I say commanded.

“How was school?”

“Fine, couldn’t wait to get to your house. How was your day?”

“As you can see, I removed all the hair as your requested?”

“Yes I see. Now sit in that overstuffed chair and put your legs over the sides. Slide your ass down so it is right on the edge.”

She smiled and did exactly what I asked. Walking over to the chair, I started to strip. When my clothes were off, I knelt in front of the chair and ran my hands over her bald pussy. Meg arched her back slightly and I pushed 2 fingers easily into her sopping cunt. I leaned over and placed my mouth on her clit. From all my reading during the day, I knew the clit was nothing but a bundle of nerves. Hypersensitive to pain or pleasure. Although I had no desire to hurt Meg, I decided to see how much she could take without going past the pain barrier. Pulling my fingers out of her tunnel I laid my hands on her mounds and pushed them apart exposing her little red nub. I took it between my lips and sucked hard, mashing it between my lips. This sent her into a moaning frenzy.

“Suck it hard! Please, suck it hard!

Putting more and more suction caused her hips to literally bounce off the chair. I mashed my lips into her groin, sucked hard and gently bit down on her clit. This sent her into such a ragging orgasm I thought she had a fit.

“Oh my god, Oh my god. Just don’t stop!”

I started to easily chew as I tried to suck her in further and further. Although her clit was super sensitive, it was also pretty small. This made it harder to keep it deep enough in my mouth to easily get my teeth on. Meg continued to orgasm as I ground what I could between my front teeth. I was afraid of hurting her or causing damage, but her screams and grinding hips told me to keep going. Finally she just collapsed in the chair not saying another thing. I gently licked her pussy as she relaxed in a stream of unending little post orgasm spasms.

Looking up at her I saw a gentle smile as she mouthed “Thank you”.

It was now my turn. Standing up I looked around the room and saw the ottoman that belonged to the chair. Pushing it to the chair, I looked at Meg.

“Get up and turn around. Hang your head at the edge of the ottoman and put your ass in the chair.”

She turned into that somewhat submissive posture and did exactly what I wanted. The back of her head was at the edge of the ottoman, just tipping her head back a little.

“Put Küçükköy escort your legs over the arms of the chair and rub your pussy.”

I stood with my legs on either side of her head and gazed down her body. Leaning over I put my hands on the arms of the chair and bent my knees. This brought my rigid cock right over her face.

“Open your mouth”

As she continued to obey my every command, I pulled back and pushed my cock into her mouth. The rounded ottoman and the angle of her head gave me just the right access to use her mouth like a cunt. I rocked my hips in and out of her sucking mouth. She was sucking like a demon as I started to push further and further with each motion of my hips. I looked up and saw her fingers pulling on her clit. It looked like she might tear it off. I did not need the chair to maintain my balance so I took my hands and grabbed her tits and started squeezing. Meg arched her chest up and seemed to be approaching another orgasm.

I pushed down on her breasts pinning her to the ottoman. Then I just leaned into her mouth and my cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged and seemed to gasp for air. I realized I caught her by surprise and immediately backed off, taking my cock out of her mouth. She took two deep breaths and relaxed.

“I can do it. I can take it all. Don’t be gentle, just fuck my mouth! Just fuck my mouth.”

“Okay, but when I pull out take a breath.”

Grabbing her tits, I again started to push to the back of her throat. On the first push I got six inches in and hit a wall. I just eased in a little further and just stayed there while she worked my cock with her mouth. After about twenty seconds I pulled back and Meg took a couple of breaths. I could tell how far I was in by the slight lipstick mark on my dick. Again leaning forward I saw the mark disappear and pushed deeper. Again, holding this position while she worked my cock. I gazed between her legs and saw she continuously pulled at her clit. My balls were resting on her forehead as I pushed just a bit deeper and was amazed as I saw her throat swell as my cock slid into her throat, just a bit passed the back of her mouth. I pulled out again and there were now about two inches between the lipstick mark and the base of my cock. I let Meg get her breath and then pushed back in not stopping at the first hint of resistence. The head of my cock was being squeezed at the back of her throat. Not wanting to wait any longer I just dropped my weight on her mouth. My cock pushed past her mouth and my pubic hair ground against her lips. The feeling was incredible and I started rocking back and forth like I was fucking her mouth. Which was exactly what I was doing.

Pulling out for a second for her to breath, I just plunged back into her face. Meg ground her mouth and sucked with the whole length of her mouth. My rocking was getting easier and easier and she adjusted to the intrusion. As I pushed in and out I could see her throat expand and contract with each motion of my hips. I had always been concerned about Meg enjoying what we were doing, but now animal lust just took over and I started to pound her mouth. Remembering she had to breath, I would pull out, listen to her breath and return to fucking the continuously sucking mouth. My cock made it so far down her throat I could see the outline of the head in her neck. My own orgasm was quickly approaching and my only thought was to cum in her stomach. I pushed so hard it was impossible to get any more cock into her face.

“I’m going to cum! Catch a good breath this time.”

I pulled out and hovered over her mouth as she breathed.

“Now! Now! Push it all in, come in my throat!

This time I slid easily into her face and went right passed the back of her throat and into her neck. Meg was still pulling feverishly on her clit. I thought the poor thing would be dead by now. Suddenly my cock expanded and cum just shot out of the end. Her throat worked as globs and globs of cum shot directly into her stomach. Her legs shot straight out and her toes curled as I recognized the orgastic spasms shaking her body. I finished and pulled myself from her mouth letting her gasp for air.

“Oh my god. Pull on my nipples! Please pull on my nipples. I’m cuming again AHHHH! I’m cumming!!” As she relaxed while the final throws of her orgasm left her body, I stood directly over her face and waited for the second stage to start. It was an amazing sight as my cum just dripped onto her face covering her lips, nose and forehead. She just lay there for several minutes and then slowly took her hands and starting rubbing the cum in circular motions towards her mouth. It was an erotic show, watching her slowly push the cum onto her lips and take it into her mouth with her tongue. Finally she was done, just closed her eyes and curled into a ball. I quietly went into the bedroom and brought out a blanket and covered her while she slept.

Sneaking off into the den I had a lot to think about. Meg said she didn’t want to be hurt, but she seemed to get off on some pain to a point. Apparently the secret was to find that point. I also needed to find the distance I could take her from slightly submissive to slave. My constant reading on sex was continuously putting new ideas into Mecidiyeköy escort bayan a fertile mind. I can only be thankful I finished all my high school requirements before I started this new relationship with Meg. At this time nothing else filled my mind but the many different ways I could enjoy this beautifully incredible woman. Dad indicated that I should treat Meg to dinner once in a while. As it was late on a Thursday afternoon and Meg would wake shortly. Tomorrow was senior day off and I was developing a plan for dinner. I headed for the computer and read as many stories as I could until I heard Meg get up. I shut off the computer and walked down stairs.

“That was amazing Brian. It seems that you are going to be more the teacher than I am.”

“Thank you. I’m going to take you out to dinner. Why don’t you get dressed and we’ll diver over to Branden and have a nice meal on dad.”

“Dinner sounds nice, but I’m the one paying. You going to have college bills to take care of and a social like to fund. I’ll just shower and get dressed. If you know a place over there you might call for reservations, it’s a half hour drive and it’s Thursday night. Why not make it for eight”

If I was going to push her again this was the time.

“No underwear.”


“I said no underwear and a loose blouse.” I said with more authority.

She answered yes in that somewhat submissive tone and turned towards the bathroom.

“Is there anything else, sir?”

“Yes, before you get in the shower, get that box of “TOYS” you have and lay it on the bed. I’ll be up in a minute, I need a shower too.”

With a smile on her face, Meg wiggled her ass as she walked up the stairs. I gave her a minute so I could get my thoughts together. Every step I took was a risk. I didn’t know how far to push this command thing, nor did I know the depth of pain she liked. I thought very highly of Meg. Under no circumstances did I want to physically hurt her of make her do something she really didn’t want. I was thinking of laying these issues out for her to comment on. As I walked up the stairs I figured that was exactly what I would do. When I got to the room, all her toys were laid on the bed and she was sitting, waiting for the next move.

“I need a shower and someone to wash me. Turn the water on and tell me when it’s hot.”

With that she went to the bathroom while I looked at the toys. I noticed an interesting thing, there were two of everything, except the double headed dildos. I didn’t know what to make of this when Meg yelled the water was ready. I walked into the bathroom and stepped into the glass enclosed shower. Holding the door open I motioned for her to come in and handed her the soap and washcloth. Meg just smiled and started to wash my body from my feet up. As she reached my hardening cock, she slowed and leaned into my crotch. Soaping my balls with one hand and reaching around my ass with the other. She turned me around and caressed my ass cheeks as she leaned in and flicked her tongue up my crack. I knew we had to talk.

“Meg there are a few things I have to say and I need you to give me an honest answer. Seriously!”

I let the seriously out loud as she rammed her tongue against my asshole. Jerking away and turning around I stepped out of the shower and sat on the toilet. She come out in an all together too sexy manner and knelt between my legs. Her hands slid up my thighs and rested on either side of my cock.

“Listen. I have to get some things straight. This is all new to me and although I am reading like a madman, I need you to set some boundaries. Meg, I am really fond of you and wouldn’t want to hurt your in any way, physically or mentally. You keep sending me signals that I need some clarification on. You seem to like being told what to do, is that true?”

“Yes, I like someone to take control. I love it when you determine what we are going to do. Like feeding me your cock deep in my throat. Brian, I truly can not get enough of your cum. If I have had an orgasm and we are still fucking, I want you to pull out and fuck my mouth. I want you to fill me with cum and not pull out until I have drained the last drop from your balls. I think I would even suck it right from my ass.”

“Okay that sounds good. But the real touchy issue is the pain thing. Meg, you seemed to get off on the hard sex of throat fucking and chewing on your clit. I don’t think I like the idea of giving you real pain, but how rough is enough. What really turns you on.”

“I like it somewhat rough. I like you in control. I don’t want severe pain and I certainly don’t want to be disfigured or permanently hurt in any way. I know this is a fine line, if I think you are coming close to going to far I will let you know. I trust you to stop. There has only been one person who knew the line. Who treated me with the same type of kind, caring discipline that you show.”

“Your husband?”

“No, your mother.”

My silence was deafening. I did not know what to say and just stared open mouthed at Meg.

“Your mother was my best friend. She was always there for me, no matter how depressing my marriage got. And trust me, it is depressing. Thank God I have my own money and am not dependent on my Escort Merter husband. I going to leave him when you go to college and move in with your mother and father. Your dad always knew that we were lovers. I’m sure he figured that as long as it was not a man, what was the harm. Your mother loves him intently and would never hurt him. She even asked him if he minded before we started. I’m sure you noticed most of the toys are in pairs. The duplicates are your mother’s. The double headed we share. Your mom and I had many, many wonderful afternoons. I intend to have many, many more with her. Heck, now we can bring your father into the mix. You know they already have a room ready. I am only here for you to finish school. I think your mom figured we would get together. She figured I could educate you. Little did she know. Are you shocked?”

“Shocked is an understatement. I don’t know what to say. I need some time to think this out. What about your husband”

“There’s nothing there. Anyway, I think he is gay. Look, nothing you can say or do is going to change things. Why no go with the flow, further your education and satisfy my passions for the time being. If you can’t stand me, say so, I’ll get up and leave you alone until you go to college. But don’t hold anything against your mother, she is the most wonderful person in the world and would never hurt you or your father.”

Running the whole thing over in my mind, I knew I had a decision to make. Mom was an adult and I loved her greatly, dad was a great understanding man and was about to live the life. Who am I to say no to loving parents? I made my decision.

“In the shower, now. Before you finish washing me I’m going to fuck your ass until you cum. Then your going suck as much cum as you can from my balls.”

Meg smiled, grabbed a bottle of lotion, stepped into the shower and turned the water back on. I followed in great anticipation.

“Turn around. Bend over and spread your cheeks.”

Leaning over Meg reached back and spread her beautiful ass. I squirted the hand lotion on the head of my cock, set the bottle down and aimed my cock at her hole. When I felt the head push against her brown button, I grabbed her hips and thrust past her sphincter. The head popped into her ass and I heard her intake air. Not waiting for her to relax I pushed about half way in on the second thrust. She let out an animal moan I had never heard. Pulling back about two inches I buried myself fully. My pubic hair mashed against her ass and my balls swing in between her spread legs. I reached forward and grabbed two handfuls of hair and started to pound her ass with a vengeance. “Grab your clit and pull as hard as you can stand.”

For the first time, I really didn’t care about learning anything. I just wanted to fuck the living hell out of her ass. My cock was going in and out of her ass like a piston. I would pull it almost all the way out and plunge back in. The whole shaft of my cock would appear and suddenly my groin was flattening out her ass. Meg was thrusting back as I pushed back in, this just intensified the movements. I pulled back and let my cock come completely out.


I pushed the head back in but only just past her sphincter. Then I quickly pulled out again.

“Please! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!”

I looked down to see that her asshole didn’t close. It stayed open the whole time I was out. Pushing in was easier each time. I went in and out several times while Meg tried to thrust back and take the full length again.

“PLEASE! PLEASE! I’ll do anything, no holds barred, just fuck me. PLEASE!!!!”

I rammed back in to the hilt and again started pumping like a mad man. Which was exactly what I was. Suddenly as I pushed in fully, Meg’s ass choked my cock in such a vice like grip I couldn’t pull out. I could feel her hand rub against my balls as she almost ripped at her clit. Her head rolled to one side as she came so hard her knees start to buckle. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to my crotch to stop her from falling. Moans of all kinds rolled from her mouth as her body continued to shake. Finally she relaxed and seemed to come down. Remembering all she had said I pushed her off my cock. She slid down to the floor but I was not about to let her rest. I stepped around, grabbed her head and pushed my cock to her mouth. She opened slightly and I thrust forward, sending my cock deep into the soft mouth. Pushing her down so her ass cheeks rested on the back of her legs, I pushed her chin under my groin. Giving me the perfect angle to shove my cock down her throat. I grabbed the back of her head and just put pressure on my cock and rocked the end deeper and deeper into her mouth. The feeling was near ecstacy. Remembering she had to breathe. I pulled back listened to her intake of breath and plunged even further back into her throat. I knew I couldn’t last much longer so I gave her one more breath. Cum shot up my cock and flooded her throat. I could feel her neck muscles swallowing and that sent me over the final edge. Cum just spewed from my cock and I felt she was sucking my insides out. Then it was over. I slid my cock from her mouth and pushed her back. Both of us were beyond feeling. Then Meg pushed out her tongue, reached up and placed the head of my cock on top. She held me there while my cock started to drain. Cum would puddle on the back of her tongue and as it got heavier just slide down her throat. When I was done, she stood up and we both washed in silence. She was mine to do with whatever I wanted. All was forgiven and dinner was going to be special.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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