Eating Mom’s Creampies

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Big Tits

Just a quick note: I’ve received and greatly appreciated a lot of feedback for these stories, with very few letters being negative and calling for me to stop doing scissor and/or creampie-eating stories. Most of you seem to enjoy this stuff and I really appreciate hearing from you if you do. Don’t be shy, write, vote, let ALL writers hear know what you think!


I was banging away at Beth, kneeling on the floor, she on the couch. We’d just started fucking but her silky twat was milking me hard, making it tough not to spurt my load. Added to that, her slender legs gripped my ribs, the muscular thighs making my ribs ache, and my nuts were at the bursting point.

“Try not to cum so soon,” she hissed, fucking me hard. “I want to cum too, you know.”

“I’ll….try….” I grunted.

But it was too late. My balls knotted and shot a gallon of spunk into her well-lubed pussy. She growled and really crushed my sides in her legs, but I couldn’t hold back.

“Damn it, I told you to hold off,” she barked at me. “Now make me cum!”

Her legs held me tight and I kept trying to fuck her, but my dick shrank inside the well-stretched walls of her cunt. Beth is fond of huge cock, and said her last boyfriend’s 12 incher was the best ever, making me feel ashamed of my mere six incher. Her pussy never felt that tight to me as a result, but tight enough to make me cum too quickly nearly every time.

“I’m sorry, honey,” I said, backing out, my shrunken dick plopping out of her juiced-up hole. “What can I say?”

“You can say you’ll make my mom cum, asshole loser,” I heard a voice behind me say.

I turned around. Her beautiful daughter Amy stood there, in grimy athletic clothes. She’d just come home from college soccer practice. She leaned on the door, her long, muscular legs crossed at the ankle. She shook her head.

“Eat that pussy, make my mom cum,” she growled. “Or I’ll make ya do it!”

“Mmmm, yes, Amy, make him make mommy cum,” Beth hissed, sitting back and fingering her clit.

“OK, Mom, get ready to do the Mouse Trap!”

Amy grabbed the back of my head and rudely rammed it into Beth’s gaping, cum-stained pussy. Like a mouse trap, Beth’s limber legs snapped shut around my ears, her muscular thighs clamping hard on my skull,my mouth trapped at the gushing wound of her cunt.

“Clean that cummy cunt out,” she hissed, grinding her thighs on my ears, mashing my mouth into the sopping snatch. “Eat that cum, lick it clean, swallow your load…”

My skull felt like it would crack, so great was the pressure Beth was putting on it from her scissors. She locked up her ankles tight and ground down hard, all the while emptying her pussy into my mouth by milking down with her cuntal muscles, undulating load after load of my cream into my swallowing face. I gobbled and licked and sucked to keep from drowning in my own seed, wishing that I’d jacked off more often to keep from cumming so much a minute ago.

“Is he making you cum, Mom?” Amy asked, kneeling on the couch next to Beth, leaning over to suckle her titties. “Can I help?”

“Yeah, that’s it baby, suck mommy’s tits, just like that,” Beth cooed, eyes closed as Amy suckled first one boob, then the other. “That’ll make Mommy cum…”

And she did, in buckets, gushing her woman cream down my throat with the last of my own spunk. I gobbled and ate and swallowed until Beth finally scissored me so hard in her hip-snapping orgasm that I passed out cold. When I awoke, the two women, one almost fifty, the daughter 18, were embraced in a tongue-swapping, crotch-humping kiss, each kneading the other’s ass. Amy had stripped down to drooping athletic white socks and cleats, her mom’s hands embedded in her creamy white rump meat.

“Hey, he’s awake,” Amy haramidere escort giggled over her mom’s shoulder as her mom licked her daughter’s neck. “On your knees, spunk slave.”

I balked and Amy broke the kiss to walk to me and brutally slap my face from side to side before kneeing me in the nuts. I doubled over in pain and hit my knees, and Amy took me in a standing headscissors, her teen girl thighs etched in slender, silky muscle. I pulled at her socked ankles which were crossed as she stood on one foot, pouring tons of pressure into my skull with her thighs.

“I told you to hit your knees, now do what you’re told,” she growled, snapping the scissor hard. “I can and will bust you in my scissorlocks, my mom can, too. Now get over behind my mom!!”

She hip snapped me out of her lethal leg lock and I knelt behind Beth, face to face with her glorious ass, shapely and hard for a woman of middle age. Amy knelt in front and stuck her hand into her mom’s snatch, three fingers, going in deep.

“Just trolling for the deep stuff you may have missed,” she said, leaning into it and now lapping her mother’s thick clit. “Oh, here’s some!!”

She pulled her hand out, holding open Beth’s well-fucked cunt, and a huge dollop of my come plopped out, a thick glob of hit hitting the back of her thigh and running in a creamy white streak down to her calf.

“Lick that cum off my mom’s calf and thigh, lick it up,” Amy growled, coming around to grab my ears and force my face to the cummy mess on her mother’s muscular legs. “Suck that calf!”

I obeyed, attaching my mouth to Beth’s supple calf, sucking it clean and running my tongue up the back of her lean leg to slurp the soup off her thigh. Amy let go and I slumped back against the couch.

“Mom, I feel bad for you, fucking a shrimp dick like this,” Amy said, grabbing the phone and backing up over my face, spreading the supple cheeks of her ass to expose her sweaty rosebud asshole, sitting down hard, the back of my head on the couch, Amy’s ass engulfing my face. “Let me call Bobby and a couple of his buddies, they love your body.”

“Oh, yeah, BIG Bobby…get Al, too, Christ that kid is hung,” Beth said, spreading her daughter’s ass for her and skewering her sweaty shitchute with my nose.

“Smell that asshole,” Beth hissed, slapping my forehead and poking my eyes which were gazing up the swell of her daughter’s muscular rump as it held my face fast inside of it. “Sniff my daughter’s shitty butt.”

I did, and gagged. She’d been at sports practice all afternoon and was decidedly unclean. But I obeyed, especially when Beth went around front and started mauling my nuts, kneading the meat of them in her strong fingers.

“Yeah, Bobby, come on over, my mom is soooooo fucking horny….who’s there, Al? And Marcus, too?”

“FUCK, get that ass over here NOW!!!” Beth boomed.

Amy laughed and hung up. Bobby, her teen boyfriend, was hung, at 9 inches and thick, and Beth loved fucking the boy. And Al was hung even longer, 10 inches, a little slimmer than Bobby’s but able to get deep inside the older woman’s insatiable pussy. And Marcus was the star basketball player on the high school team, 6-feet, five-inches of black muscle and a 13-inch cock that was the talk of the campus and the entire county. When Beth fucked Marcus, she’d go off into another world, most women did.

“Uh-oh, Mom, we shouldn’t have had those beans last night,” Amy laughed, ripping a barrage of juicy wet farts directly up my nose. I twitched under her, my legs flopping, with Beth still stretching my nuts apart in her powerful, tanned hands.

“Hey, get it out now, before company comes,” Beth laughed, letting go my nuts to suckle her daughter’s tiny içerenköy escort tits as she rode my face, punishing my nose inside her gritty asshole.

The bell rang a little while later and the three boys came in, walking into the room where Amy was still grinding her dirty little asshole into my face. They roared with laughter and started stripping off their clothes. Beth moaned, kneeling before the three of them, first sucking Bobby’s cock to life, then Al’s and finally inhaling the thick tube of black meat that was Marcus’s massive wang.

“Fuck, Marcus, this thing get bigger since the last time or what?” Beth growled, rubbing the massive cock cap all over her face, soaking her pretty features in the constant stream of pre-cum the kid was oozing. “Goddam.”

“Tell ya, Mrs. T, you keep sucking my cock like that, it’ll ALWAYS get bigger for you!” the muscular black stud moaned, head back and rubbing Beth’s blonde hair with his long fingers.

“Bobby, fuck me, fuck me now,” Amy hissed, climbing off my face and booting me to the floor so she could sit on the couch, slender legs spread. “And you, your cock, my mouth, NOW!”

I watched the bizarre scene unfold as my girlfriend just devoured Marcus’s quivering fuckstick, using two hands to stroke the spit-soaked prick deep down her throat, while Bobby knelt between Amy’s muscular legs and fucked her hard, with Al standing on the couch, getting his knob gobbled.

“Beth…please…this isn’t right..stop,” I groaned, getting up to my feet, looking at my pretty girl imploringly as she filled her face with black cock.

She didn’t even turn to look at me, instead shooting a fist back and catching me flush in my naked nuts, flattening them. I crashed back into the wall and fell to my knees in a heap, clutching my crotch. The room erupted with laughter.

“You think that’s funny, look at this!” Beth laughed, popping Marcus’s prick from her mouth and descending on me, putting me in a reverse headscissors, my face up her muscular haunches as her thighs chewed at my head and she devoured my soft cock into her mouth.

Minutes later I was fully erect, shamefully so when compared to the studs in the room. She sat up on my face, taking my nose up her ass, and pointed triumphantly to my pecker.

“Have you EVER seen anything so pathetic?” she said disgustedly.

“Fuck, he’s hung like a baby,” Al groaned, still ramming his big pecker into Amy’s sucking mouth.

“Shit, he satisfy you with that thing?” Bobby asked, looking over his shoulder from where he was pounding Amy’s cunt.

“Shit, no, that’s why I’m gonna fuck you all blind,” Beth groaned, rubbing her ass all over my face. “He’s so fucking small, it makes me want to do THIS!”

She balled up both hands into fists and rammed them brutally hard down into my exposed balls, forcing me to scream in agony up her ass and curl my legs up in involuntary response.

“Put those fucking legs down!” Beth yelled. “Now!”

I had to obey and sure enough, she delivered another double shot of fist to my aching balls, over and over until I passed out from the sheer pain. When I woke up, Marcus was fucking my girlfriend on the floor next to me, her muscular legs wrapped around his trim middle. On the couch, Al was fucking Amy from below while Bobby stuffed her tight teen ass from behind.

“Shit, you’re so fucking tight for a middle-aged woman, Mrs. T, fuck, fuck, every time we screw, you just milk me dry!” Marcus screamed, the veins in his neck standing out under his jet-black skin.

“CUMMING!!!! AGAIN!!!!” Beth screamed, eyes rolling in her head as she went off into another well-fucked world.

They all came at once, Marcus scorching a load so big up Beth’s cunt innovia escort it boiled out around the thick base of his cock in a frothy ring and coated her asshole below. Al pumped Amy’s pussy full of his spew at the same time Bobby blasted a load deep into her twitching bowels. I sat back against the couch, humiliated and scared, sobbing into my hands.

“Look at the baby fucking cry, awwwwwwwww, poor baby!” Amy laughed, popping the two teen cocks from her asshole and cunt and walking over to me to slap my face hard with her hand. “Look at me!”

I looked up, tears running down my face.

“You’re not worth shit, except to do this,” she hissed, spreading her lithe legs and pointing to a thick wad of Al’s cum clinging to her downy pussy hair and running down her muscular thighs. “Eat it!”

She grabbed my ears and rammed me facefirst into her thighs, scissoring my ears and rubbing her gooey cunthole into my mouth. She flexed her cuntal muscles and a flood of Al’s spunk rippled into my mouth, choking me. I swallowed and gulped the bitter brew down to keep from drowning. Amy then guided my face down each cream-coated thigh, forcing me to lick each clean. She then rammed a foot to my nuts, rolled me to my back and rudely sat on my face.

“Thought I’d forget about THIS load?” she roared, spreading her muscular haunches in her hands, her cum-stained butthole opened and poised at my mouth. “Guess again! EAT UP!”

She grunted and farted out a massive plug of Bobby’s spunk, blasting it right into my mouth, which she then sat on and rudely ground herself on me, crapping out the rst of Bobby’s thick spew until I ate every drop, a sheen of his cream coating my crying face. She got up and stomped my nuts with her socked foot for good measure. I rolled in agony to my side, face to face with Beth, who was still getting fucked slowly by the ever-stiff Marcus.

“Saved the best for last, darlin’,” Beth hissed, pushing Marcus off her and spinning to face me, lifting her legs high in the air and holding her own ankles. “Look at this!”

I looked inside; Beth’s pussy was ravaged, wide open, a gaping, puffy hole and deep inside her cuntal walls was a veritable lake of Marcus’s thick white cream. Beth laughed and contracted her pussy, forcing a blob out to the entrance of her well-fucked cunt.

“Amy, feed him,” Beth growled, looking at her daughter.

Amy giggled and knelt, grabbing my hair and pushing it toward’s Beth’s hole, which reeked of cum and sweat.

“Stick your tongue into that soup,” Amy barked. “Just your tongue, that’s it!”

I had to obey, slicing the tip of my tongue into the bitter hot brew in Beth’s opened cunt wound, tasting the tangy sauce. Amy laughed.

“Now put your mouth to it and suck,” she growled. “Suck the whole load outta my mom’s cunt!”

She punched my head forward, my mouth forming a seal over Beth’s cunny. Instantly, my mouth was flooded with a thick river of cum, jetting out of Beth’s pussy as she convulsed her cunt and shot the whole wad into me. I gulped and gagged, swallowing as best I could while Bobby, Al and Marcus stood cheering and laughing, their massive cocks hanging limp and wet from their crotches. Amy pulled my face out of her mother’s sopping snatch and drilled it with four fingers, scooping out the deep stuff and holding it in her palm.

“Suck my hand clean, spunk slave,” she hissed, tipping her hand and letting the hot spew dribble into my mouth. “Now tongue my palm, tongue it dry!”

I obeyed and then fell to the floor, curled into a ball in shame, my face coated with spunk. Beth and Amy stood, kissing madly, slurping each other’s tongues into their mouths while the boys watched and stroked their massive cocks back to life.

“OK, you can wait here awhile until we’re done for the night,” Beth said, breaking the kiss with Amy and grabbing Al’s and Bobby’s cock in each hand, Amy grabbing Marcus’s black stick and the lot of them heading for the bedroom. “Then you’ll have a lot more cum to clean up!”

They laughed all the way down the hallway, leaving me to cry alone in the dark while I waited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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