Ebony and Ivory

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She was sent to me by her Master for training. All I knew about her was that she was feisty and a brat, a hard one to tame as he put it. As I waited for her arrival, I went about cleaning the playroom and rearranging the items I had laid out for my use. The sound of the door bell rang as I finished in the room. She was instructed to be on time and she failed by being thirty minutes late.

Strike one, I thought as I opened the door. Seeing her dressed in a baggy t-shirt with grey sweat pants was strike two. Her Master had instructed her to wear sexy clothes that accentuated her body. Her ebony skin was hidden by what she chose to wear. She was defiant in disregarding her Master’s orders and now I knew why she was sent to me.

The worst part was noticing that she was chewing gum and making those irritating popping noises with her tongue.

“Are you the one I was sent to meet?” she asked as another pop of her gum hit my ears.

“Get rid off that gum now, before you enter my house,” I commanded. Seeing the fire in her chocolate eyes as her fingers reached up towards her mouth to remove the gum, I told her, “Swallow that gum, bitch!”

“I am not swallowing my gum and you cannot make me do it!” she hissed as her mouth opened and spat the gum onto the front step.

The strike of my open palm against her left breast made her jump, “Ouch that hurt, you ass!”

The second blow landed harder on her left breast and I saw her wince from the pain. But the fire in her eyes gave her away. She did this on purpose to see how far she could push the issue.

“Get on your knees and pick that gum up off the step, bitch. Do it now!” I growled.

Slowly she sank to her knees and reached for the gum with her fingers.

“No, you will use your tongue to lick it off the step and swallow the gum!” I growled louder.

Lowering her head down to the step, she looked up into my eyes as she opened her mouth letting her tongue lick her lips. Slowly she lowered her head down to the step and I saw her tongue pick up the gum from the ground. Hearing her swallow the gum she raised her head up and opened her mouth showing me it was empty. The fire in her eyes was deeper as she started to stand up.

“Did I tell you could stand up, bitch? Stay on your knees until I tell you to get up!” I growled.

“No Sir, you did not,” she whispered.

“Now, since you did not dress as you were told to, I am closing this door and when I do you are to stand up and remove all your clothes. There is a trash can by the garage door and you will throw all your clothes in it. You will ring the bell again and greet me as a slave should greet her Master.”

“I refuse to do that Sir! I will not remove my clothes in broad daylight and stand here naked until you open the door again!” she hissed between clenched teeth.

Reaching down to her wavy hair, I grabbed a handful, pulling her head up, “You have no choice. Do as I command or I will rip off all your clothes right here in the middle of the yard and leave you exposed for all to see,” I growled in her ear.

“Yes, Sir,” she said as she slowly rose up to her feet.

Closing the door I could see her shadow through the frosted glass as she slowly undressed. I saw her remove her t-shirt and her hands slide the sweat pants down her legs. Her shadow disappeared from the glass as she threw her clothes in the trash can. On her return I heard the door bell ring again.

Deciding to let her wait for a few minutes before I went back to open the door, I watched through the glass and noticed her head turning side to side as cars continued to pass by my house. Lucky for her I had the tall hedge row shielding her body from sight. As I approached the door I saw her hands go behind her back and her legs spread slightly.

When I opened the door expecting to see her naked, I was surprised. There she stood in her slave pose wearing the most ugly bra and pair of granny panties I ever saw. Her eyes were staring right into mine and I saw the sly smile on her face.

“You did not think I was going to get totally naked standing out here, did you?” she said in a defiant tone, the fire in her eyes burning deep.

“That’s it, bitch! I have had enough of your defiance!” I growled grabbing her by the hair and dragging her inside the house.

“Release me! That hurts!” she screamed and tried to pull away from me.

As I dragged her inside my leg kicked the door closed behind her. Her hands clutched my arm trying to make me release the grasp I had on her hair. She fought like a wildcat. She fell down to her knees to slow me down, but I just dragged her down the hallway and into the play room. Stopping in the center of the room I pulled her up to her feet by her hair. The scream from her mouth filled the room. Keeping a tight hold on her hair, I pulled her head back painfully.

“You have exactly one minute to remove the remainder of your clothes!” I growled by her ear.

“No!” she hissed.

I left her standing in the üvey kız kardeş porno center of the room walking towards the far wall. I felt her hot stare on my back as I reached for the three inch wide leather strap hanging on the wall.

“Please Sir! I will strip completely as ordered. Please put the strap down! Please Sir!” she whined for mercy as I walked towards her.

“Too late for that, bitch! You cannot follow commands!” I hissed by her ear.

I saw her body shaking as I held the strap just under her nose, her deep intake of air as she inhaled the smell of the leather. Stepping away from her as she slowly raised her left arm up to the shoulder strap, I watched as she used the tips of her fingers to push the strap off her shoulder, letting it fall on her arm. I saw a glint in her eyes as she raised her right arm to the other strap, pushing it off her shoulder.

A sly grin crossed her lips as she cupped her breasts in her hands giving them a jiggle. She was purposely teasing me to see how far I would let her go. With a sudden flick of my arm the leather strap lashed out to her thigh. Seeing her flinch as the blow struck her, her fingers tips pulled the top of her bra down exposing her breasts. I saw for the first time, her thirty-six D breasts. They sagged just a little but they were round and firm. Her hard nipples pointed out from her aureoles at least a half inch and took my breath away.

Sliding and turning the garment around her waist, slowly she unhooked the clasp letting it hit the floor.

“Like what you see?” she said as she lifted her breasts to her mouth, her tongue licking her hard nipples.

I had enough of her actions swinging the strap right across her stomach. Her hands instantly covered her stomach as she yelped in pain. The next strike of the strap was right across the top of her left breast.

“Take off those panties now!” I commanded as I raised the strap up for another swing.

Her hands slowly slid down to the panties as she hooked the hem in her fingertips. Quickly she pushed them off her hips and down her coffee colored legs. Stepping out of one leg opening she kicked the panties towards me with her other foot. Her hands covered her smooth bare pussy. Walking around her body I let my hand drag across her skin. Touching her ass with my hand I felt her ass muscles tighten. Her sudden gasp and deep moan told me all I needed to know.

I gave her a push with my hand as I ordered her over to the spanking bench. Her head turned towards me and I saw her fiery eyes change to a look full of lustful craving. She was a pain slave! The harder I pushed the more she liked it.

She walked to the bench placing her hands on it spreading her legs wider. I saw the flick of her tongue over her lips as she bent over the bench. I took a deep breath at the site of her tight quivering ass, her moisture coating the inside of her thighs glistening on her ebony skin. Her coated puffy pussy lips begging me to run my hand up her wet slit. I felt my cock harden as I watched her squirm. Placing my hands on her shaking ass I heard the moan from her throat. I felt my cock strain against my zipper wanting to be released from its confinement.

“Okay, asshole! You got your free feel now let me go!” she hissed.

This bitch was tough, I heard the anger in her voice and saw her chocolate brown eyes harden her gaze up at me.

“Asshole?” I growled adding, “You will call me Sir!”

The anger welled up inside me. She was pushing the limits off my control. Without warning my hand slapped her ass hard and made her jump

“You’re a defiant little bitch, aren’t you? Well we will see who wins this battle!” I growled back at her.

Before she could protest, I rained down several hard smacks to her ass. I heard her screams as blow after blow struck her ass hard. But with each scream she pushed her ass back towards my hand.

“Oh fuck, Sir! That hurts, please stop hitting me. I promise…” she was begging.

Then she climaxed hard all of a sudden in mid sentence; her body shaking uncontrollably as the waves racked through her body. Stopping, I watched in amazement as she writhed on the bench. Her deep gasps for breath finally slowed down and her body relaxed as the final wave subsided.

“Did I give you permission to cum, bitch?” I growled, “You will cum only on my command and not before. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir! Mercy, Sir!” she howled as I rained more hard slaps to her coffee colored ass.

Her knees buckled from the blows I had rained down on her reddening ass.

“Mercy? You want some mercy from me, bitch?” I growled.

“Please Sir, no more Sir, I will obey all your commands. Please stop,” she whined.

Her legs were trembling and beads of sweat covered her back. Slowly my anger at her defiance subsided. My hand was sore from hitting her tight ass.

After she regained some control of her sobbing she exclaimed, “Is that all you got, xnxx porno Sir? My little sister hits harder than that! You are not what my Master said you were. He said you were tough.”

Did I just hear what I thought I heard, “Is that all I got? My sister hits harder?”

My anger came back at full rage, never, never ask a Dom, “Is that all you got!”

My fists tightened into balls as I tried to quell the rage I had. Grabbing her by the hair, I yanked her back to her feet. Pulling her head back, I forced her to look into my eyes.

“Your Master told me you are a dancer and whatever I do, not to mark your face. Let us see how well you can dance, bitch,” I hissed.

Dragging her back into the center of the playroom I ordered her to stand. Walking over to the wall where I had my restraints hung, I selected several lengths of rope. Her eyes followed my every step and when she saw the rope in my hands a sly smile crossed her lips. This bitch was pushing all the right buttons as I approached her.

“What’s the matter, Sir? You have to tie me up to control me? What am I…too stubborn for you?” she hissed.

I had to break her once and for all, her tougher than me attitude was straining on my nerves and I needed to show her who was Master. Walking up to her with the ropes in my hand, I let a smile cross my face. I took her by the arms turning her around so her back was facing me. I pulled her elbows behind her back until they almost touched. Wrapping several coils just above the elbows, I cinched the rope tight. Her groans turned to moans as I took her wrists and placed several loops around them.

I really did not need the wrist rope, but the white rope looked so good against her coffee colored skin. I watched as she tested the bonds on her arms, wriggling in the ropes. After a few attempts to free herself she lowered her head in resignation. Lowering my body to my knees I grasped one of her ankles wrapping a few coils around her ankle, spreading her legs about ten inches apart, I secured the other ankle. I tied her ankles in a hobble so she could move around a bit, but it also prevented her kicks, if she decided to lash out and try to kick me.

Standing there she looked resigned to the fact that she had lost the edge she had by being bound. My cock was throbbing as I ran my hands down her arms feeling the rope against her skin. I felt her lean back into me as my hands reached her tender ass. I wanted to take her right now. My hard cock throbbing through my pants as it touched her ass. She slowly moved her hips when she felt my hardness against her.

I had to back away from her as I fought the urge to bend her over and shove my cock deep inside her. Walking over the table that was by the wall I picked up the blindfold, her eyes grew wide as I lifted it up over her head and placed it over her eyes sending her into darkness. Stepping back away from her I noticed her swaying on her hobbled legs.

I had just bought a new buggy whip and this was the first time I was going to use it. I had shortened the staff a bit so it could be used indoors. It had a three foot length of five braided strands of leather with the ends tied into a small knot. I found this at a tack shop a friend of mine suggested I go to. Testing it at the tack shop I had noticed that I could control the placement of each strike with pin point accuracy.

Walking back to the table I picked up my new toy and flexed it through the air. The resounding cracking sound it made caused her to jump.

“Please Sir, don’t whip me. My Master does not whip me! Please don’t,” she whined.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears as I swung the whip, finding its mark on her outer thigh. She howled in pain as the blow landed. Walking to her other side I swung again hitting her other thigh. I watched as she tried to step away, but her hobble prevented her.

“Sir, No, pleaasse no,” she whined louder.

Since she was blindfolded and could not anticipate the next strike, I swung it across her right breast. I heard the scream from her mouth as the next strike hit her left breast. She was trying to move away from me but her hobbled ankles prevented that. Taking my time now, I slowly touched her face with my fingers. She snapped her head back thinking it was the whip.

I took my time walking around her and striking several areas of her body with the whip, as she tried to move, attempting to avoid the strikes. Her deep pants made her chest heave as she took in gulps of air after each blow. Finally she could take no more as tears streamed down her face.

“Mercy please! Sir…I beg you, no more!” she cried.

Standing there with her chin on her chest, her crying slowly faded away. I noticed the sheen on her coffee colored thighs as her pussy juices flowed down them. Walking up to her, I placed my palm between her legs, and cupped her pussy. She was soaked and I heard the deep growl in her throat turning to a deep moan as I slipped a finger up her hot wet hole. She pushed zenci porno her hips forward on my hand driving my finger deeper.

Arching her back a bit she began to hump her pussy on my hand grinding my palm on her clit. I heard her breathing quicken as the movements of her hips got faster. I knew she was on the edge, so I pulled my hand away from her wanting pussy.

“Please Sir, let me cum! I am sooo close!” she whined as she tried to push her hips searching for my hand.

“I will let you cum when I say you can, bitch!” I hissed.

I heard the faint reply from her lips, “Yes, Sir.”

She was still blindfolded and could not see my wet finger graze across my lips. The sweet taste of her nectar made my cock grow painfully hard in my pants. She stood in the center of the room trembling as I walked back to the table. Grasping the four clover clamps with chains attached, a bit harness, gag, wrist and ankle cuffs, I turned to her.

“Do not move,” I told her as I knelt down by her hobbled ankles and released the rope binding them. My nose inhaled the sweet musky aroma from her pussy. Spreading her legs wider as my hands slid up her shaking legs I couldn’t help but notice the droplets of her juices on her outer lips. Grasping one of her puffy pussy lips in my fingers, I placed a clover clamp on it and pulled the chain tightening it on her pussy lip. She tensed her body as the chain dangled between her legs ending below her knee.

Attaching the other clamp and chain to her other puffy pussy lip, I heard the low groan of, “Ohhh, god it hurts Sir,” as a flood of her wetness gushed from her pussy drenching her thighs.

My hands slowly dragged down her legs to her ankles, I took my time wrapping an ankle cuff around it and locking it tight. The click of the lock made her shudder as it snapped closed. Placing the other ankle cuff around her other ankle, I snapped the lock closed. Standing back up in front of her I saw her chest heaving and her hard pebbles throbbing. Slowly, I trailed my hands up her stomach to her coffee colored breasts. Cupping each one in my hands, I gave them a hard squeeze.

She pushed her chest forward on my hands and moaned deep. I rubbed my fingers over her hard pebbles and grasped just below the base of her nipple to give it a hard twist.

“Ohhhh damn that hurts,” she groaned deep.

Quickly applying the clover clamp to her nipple, I let the weight of the chain fall from my hand.

“Oh shit, oh god that hurts,” she wailed.

Grasping her other nipple below the base, I twisted it harder as I applied the clamp and chain letting it fall.

As the clamps weight tightened she jumped and all the clamps pulled on her tender areas at once, which only prompted another scream of agony from her lips.

“Do not move. Is that understood?” I hissed.

Nodding her head that she understood, I removed ropes holding her arms. I wrapped the leather cuffs around her wrists locking them. I grasped one of her wrists in my hand, raising it up to the chain hanging from her clover clamped nipple. I hooked the chain to the cuff and without realizing what she was doing she tried to lower her arm. A muffled scream came from her lips as the chain pulled on the clamp. I attached the other nipple chain to the other wrist cuff. This time she held her arms up. Removing her blindfold from her eyes I noticed the dampness from her tears. It took several seconds for her eyes to adjust to the light of the room. As her eyes focused she saw the harness bit gag in my hand. Her eyes grew wide with terror.

“Please Sir, I will be quiet! Do not gag me, please Sir, no!” she protested.

Raising the harness up over her head and pulling the gag down to her mouth.

“Open your mouth, bitch,” I commanded.

Clenching her mouth tight and shaking her head no! A smile crossed my lips as I reached for the chains on her clamped nipples and gave them a hard pull.

“Fummmmppphhh,” escaped her mouth as I shoved the bit between her teeth.

Buckling the gag tight behind her head, I tightened the chin strap holding it in securely in her mouth. I heard her soft moan as my fingers grazed over her clamped rock hard pebbles. Dragging just the tips of my fingers down her stomach, I felt the slight tremble of her body. I kept my fingers moving slowly down her body to the top of her wet slit. Seeing her close her eyes, I felt her arch hips up to my probing fingers.

The tips rubbed across the tip of her engorged clit. The deep groan of wanting escaped from behind the gag as I took her clit in my fingers. Pinching her clit hard, I saw her hands tighten in tight balls. Her wrists pulled on her chained pebbles and I heard the sharp intakes of air behind the gag. She was on the verge of exploding in a climax she desperately wanted. The jolt of pain from her pebbles went straight to her clit.

Her pussy clenched as her juices flowed down her inner thighs.

“Are you going to cum, slave?” I growled.

Nodding her head yes, I growled, “Not yet slave, you haven’t earned that pleasure yet.”

I released the grasp on her clit, and heard the groan of desperation from her.

“Get on your knees now,” I ordered her.

Her eyes widened with terror as she slowly lowered her body on to her knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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