Ecuador Ch. 05: Mounted

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“¡Oh, NO! ¡FOLLOME! ¡Ahhh- ORA!”

Cumandá’s beseeching wail reverberated in the ears of all three young men strategically positioned about her restrained and nearly nude body. The eighteen-year-old girl’s rapid transition from questioning naif to desperate nymph was electrifying. Alejandro Vásquez, her twenty-year-old brother, pushed her fulsome bare breasts flat to her ribs and silenced her with a powerful open-mouthed kiss. She gasped air through her nose as he hissed into her throat, “¡Nosotros lo haremos, mejita! We will fuck you for sure!”

Cumandá grabbed the top crossbar of the barrel gantry. Again, she tried to free her wrists and ankles from the soft suede cuffs which held her there, spread-eagle like an inclined starfish. As quickly as she realized that struggling was useless, so too did Alejandro’s nineteen-year-old pal, Esteban Reynaldo, that quickly close in further behind her bottom and stroke his weighty woody back from her coccyx, along the satin covering her buttocks’ central crease. She mewled into her brother’s maw as his friend’s prick tickled her cheek-crack while his long fingers pressed in on her soft belly.

A year older than Esteban, but a week younger than Alejandro, Mateo Diego was perhaps the most mature of the three amigos surrounding the distraught teen. Certainly, he was more disciplined and resolute than they when it came to making love. He had his nineteen-year-old sister, Ana, to thank for that. “Ahh, sweet Ana,” he thought distractedly as he crouched beside Cumandá’s left hip and continued slowly to swipe his middle two fingers up and down the sticky mother-of-pearl material that he had trapped three millimetres deep in her quivering coño.

Whenever he stroked a girl’s pussy, or nibbled one of her tits, Mateo was grateful to his petite sister. It had been she who had initiated him as a man and then taught him how to tease her thoroughly without losing control of himself. With the techniques he had learned he could bring the coolest pot to a boil. He chuckled inwardly as Cumandá twitched jerkily with each glancing poke he delivered to her silk covered hot button.

Esteban’s nostrils flared and his breaths shortened. Already his tightening nuts threatened to expel their stored supply. He squinted up through the darkness above the storeroom’s rough overhead beams and cursed in his head, “¡NO! ¡Dios! ¡No esta vez!” Gripping Cumandá’s gut fiercely, he fought without success his libidinal urge to purge.

Esteban’s first eruption soiled Cumandá’s panties’ elastic waistband on its way to landing in the middle of her lower back. As the thick warm glob splattered on her spine, she torqued her torso violently left and right. His second and third salvos drizzled her jutting scapulae. Each jizz bead was a live ember that further sparked deep inside her and added still more heat to her building fire.

While his squirming sister’s body twisted in his grasp, Alejandro’s hands, perforce, slid off her tits and under her arms around to her shoulder blades. Smiling as his fingers recognized the greasy texture of the glomming ejaculate he discovered there, he broke his kiss and said softly, “Esteban’s contribution to your education comes early, but let’s not undervalue it.” He brought the thick grey treasure to her mouth and painted it over her lipstick as he asked in a low voice, “Does it taste like mine? ¿Te le gusta?”

Wordlessly, but not in silence, Cumandá parted her lips and hungrily drew the dripping digits past her teeth. Soft on her neck, Alejandro’s thumbpads, rose and fell as she greedily swallowed the gleaned spunk with her own saliva. Hard between his snowy shirttails, an obelisk rose and did not fall. He answered his own question, “¡Creo que sí!”

While Cumandá bobbed her head and swabbed her tongue on Alejandro’s greasy fingers from their nails to their webs, her turmoil thundered unabated. Her tummy roiled; her chest burned; her pussy flooded. The piquant knuckles were delightful but inadequate. She sobbed her pleasure and her despair.

Alejandro spoke around his sister’s heaving ribs, “Esteban! You shot your wad, but do not worry, there’s more yet that you can do. Quickly, now! Get the scissors from the table and the unguent from the cabinet. Our pupil is eager for her first lesson.” Then, to Mateo, he instructed, “Bring over a wine case so you may sit comfortably where I am standing.”

Grateful for his friend’s equable attitude, Esteban backed away from Cumandá’s butt. As he departed, his still sensitive glans thrilled once more and a final volley from his twinging nuts spit onto her satin shelf. Despite his embarrassing prematurity, he was glad for the oily stains on her bragas and the glistening track on her spine. Proudly, he thought, “And it was my semillas that she enjoyed first!”

Meanwhile, Mateo quit petting his own erection, then reluctantly stopped stroking Cumandá’s liquid labial trench and moved off behind Alejandro. From a shadowed stack, he removed a suitably sized crate, placed it directly in front Girne Escort of the tethered teen, then seated himself eye-level with her underpants’ now transparently wet crotch. Craning his neck, he inhaled deeply her evidenced torment. She groaned miserably for her lost stimulation and futilely gyrated her hips as an unbearable internal itch drove her mad.

Mateo flattened his mouth in a flourishing kiss on Cumandá’s thinly veiled fluttering quim. She lunged her pelvis for maximum contact and rued that her wrists were restrained. She wanted to clutch his head and swallow him whole. Appreciating her need, he gripped her legs firmly and held her as steady as he could.

Behind Cumandá, without haste, Alejandro had stepped free of his boxers and unbuttoned his shirtfront. Now, he leaned forward and draped her back while reaching around to once again squeeze her breasts to her bones. It was too much. She gasped as an incredibly wonderful anguished relief broke throughout her being.

Erotically and emotionally confounded, Cumandá choked, “¡OH! ¿Qu-quién…? ¿Qu-qué…?”

“No te preocupes, mijita,” Alejandro breathed hoarsely into Cumandá’s right ear. “It is I.”

Just then, Esteban returned with his acquired items. Alejandro let go his quaking sister’s tits and straightened up. Keeping the lotion for himself, he nodded at the impeding undies and instructed tersely, “Fix those. But, be careful!”

Esteban immediately pulled the loose silk away from Cumandá’s twerking rear end and efficiently snipped his scissors until the tap pants tore completely free from her body. Tossing aside the shears, he lifted the destroyed redolent rag to his face and masked himself behind its erotic perfume. His retired carajo promptly revived. While he reveled, he sighed, “Ahhh, so strong!”

“Yes, exactly so,” Alejandro agreed, as he liberally spread glycerin across Cumandá’s now entirely exposed heart-shaped bottom and transferred the excess lube to his fully engorged erection. Spreading her glutes with his thumbs, he extended his long fingers outward and clawed into her ass as he nosed his knob onto her gleaming starry portal. She hitched forward reflexively, but only drove her creaming cunt all the harder onto Mateo’s stabbing tongue. Involuntarily reacting again, she jerked away from him back toward her brother’s prong.

Alejandro anticipated the whiplash and thrust his hips powerfully forward to meet Cumandá’s returning anus. He grinned as he forcefully buried his bulb beyond her tight rim, then implacably held her so that no ingress was lost. Fixed on his stick, she wiggled autonomically. It amazed her how the alien growth filled her more deeply with her every movement.

Hunched forward between Cumandá’s spread trembling knees, Mateo pressed his own advantage. Excited to discover the virginal membrane barring deeper exploration, he tentatively tested its resistance. Though his probe was nowhere near strong enough to rupture her shield, it nonetheless elicited a profound reaction. She came again, squirting and cried out to the room, “¡Ay Dios! ¡De nuevo! ¡Un orgasmo de nuevo!”

Esteban could not keep from matching the outburst with a hearty whoop. As he watched her animated ecstasy, he lowered Cumandá’s ruined juice-infused panties from his nose to his recharged cock. The soft sticky satin ball felt like nothing else he had ever experienced. He closed his fist around his jacketed hard-on and dreamily squeezed himself while he imagined he was parked in the writhing teen’s pussy.

Meanwhile, Alejandro had nothing to imagine. He rocked his knees and pulled his sister’s hips. She ground her ass and lurched in her cross-ties. His balls slapped her bottom rhythmically as he pounded away in her rectum. He growled, “¡Adelante, mijita! Keep cumming for me and I will cum for you!”

Alejandro stroked six more times hard in Cumandá’s virgin rectum while Mateo abandoned his efforts to puncture her hymen and instead latched onto her swollen clit. She shook as if she were a shack in an earthquake and whimpered nonsensically in her continuous crisis. On his seventh ramming thrust, Alejandro let himself go. His erupting nutsack pancaked and he held her rigidly impaled as he thrilled to the electric spurts exiting hot from his throbbing cock.

Esteban was the first to notice something was different. Cumandá hung slack and motionless by her wrist-cuffs. Her body was limper than cooked fideos and she no longer made any audible sounds. Quickly, he dropped his cock-rag and prodded the girl, seeking any response.

Alejandro, newly recovered from his transformative ejaculation, noted the change and the alarm on his friend’s face. Pulling his dick from his sister’s gaping asshole, he stepped around the barrel gantry and stood beside Mateo, who was also inspecting their quiet pupil. Alejandro, much relieved to observe Cumandá’s steady respirations, announced, “She has merely passed out from her exciting experience. Take her down. We’ll lay her on the bed; Magosa Escort let her rest.”

While Mateo and Esteban detached the suede cuff’s swivel-clips from the eyebolts in the gantry and transported Cumandá’s inert body to the standard iron bed, Alejandro poured three rums from a bottle in the glass-front cabinet. Each randy don had his own idea for the next activity. Cumanda, in her physical bliss and exhaustion, meandered mindless through a fluffy haze and had no ideas at all. Across town at the Hotel Plaza Grande, Esmeralda Verde, The Green Witch, sensed her scheme was moving right along.

As his pals sat themselves in the unmatched wood straight chairs at the square plain wood table, Alejandro made himself comfortable in a woven cane armchair. Mateo tossed back his rum, set his glass down with emphasis and declared, “That was great fun!” The raw booze burned its way down his gullet then spread its warmth through his gut while his thoughts carried him back six months to an even more significant moment.

Late on a sultry mid-August afternoon Mateo Diego had lain nude and sweaty on a striped beach towel on his double bed. Having just ended his daily exercise regimen of push-ups, leg-lifts and stomach-curls, he rested his hands on his crotch and contemplated finishing his workout with a good yank. The leaf-blade ceiling fan was virtually useless against the day’s heat which had accumulated in his room. Suddenly a gust from his open window crossed his chest as his bedroom door unexpectedly opened and created a cross-draft.

Swiftly, in a momentary panic, Mateo turned his head to identify the uninvited visitor and was chagrined to see Ana, his eighteen-year-old sister. Eleven months his junior, they had played together all their lives and were close dear friends as well as siblings. Still, this inopportune invasion was too much. Scrambling to pull the towel around his nakedness, he cried out, “Ana! What are you doing here?”

Even as he sincerely exclaimed his shock, Mateo could not disregard the alluring duendecilla standing in his doorway. Petite, at a mere one point five five metres tall and weighing maybe a gram over forty-four kilos, Ana had ample sand for her shapely 71-49-66 centimetre hourglass figure. Though her navy-blue one-piece tank-style bathing suit was modestly cut, her C-cup breasts hung behind the lightweight stretch wool fabric like ripe mangoes in a Guayas grove. He licked his lips and wondered why he had never before noticed their fullness.

Ana was at least as astonished as her brother. Recovering her aplomb as quickly as she could, she demurely averted her gaze and bent her head while she patted her white rubber bathing cap as if her escaping bobbed brunette hair were her only concern. A second later she said, “¡Discúlpeme, hermano! I just came to tell you that Alejandro Vásquez will be here soon. And to ask did you want to join us at the pool for a nice swim?” Nothing in her voice or manner contradicted the message in her words.

Ana continued into Mateo’s bedroom, kicked the door closed behind her and then crossed to his balconette. As she paraded by his bed’s footboard, he thought, “¡Dios! ¡Qué linda tetas y culo!” Aloud, he answered, “Sure, that sounds great. I was just lying here wondering what to do to… umm, you know, beat the heat!”

Ana drew the louvred shutters closed, reducing the room’s light and airflow to near nothing. Mischievously, she retorted, “Yes, I can see now that is what you were considering.” Moving back into the room, then closer to Mateo, sitting centered on his mattress edge, she reached out and laid her soft right hand on his bare left shoulder. As she gently pressured his deltoid and upper biceps she purred, “Mmm, such a nice big hard muscle. Would you like me to towel the sweat off it?”

Mateo stared dumbfounded at Ana’s disproportionate mounds. Looming from her slight frame, they seemed impossibly contained by her thin tight scoop-necked suit. Moreover, her large areolae were upraised in bas-relief, like buttons to be undone. A shameful prickle raced down his neck as he felt his prick stiffen lustfully in his lap.

“This is my sister. And my best friend’s girl,” Mateo thought miserably. “These ideas I am getting are wrong!”

Ana lowered her eyes and her voice as she lowered her left hand to the lifting peak beneath Mateo’s draped loins. A coquette of the first order, and therefore a virgin of the worst kind, she had seen the look on her brother’s face dozens of times on the faces of other young men. Caging his cock’s capstone with the tips of her first three fingers and thumb, she tugged the towel, along with its tumescent contents, while she burbled, “I didn’t hear you, but here is another big hard muscle begging to be rubbed.”

Mateo groaned as Ana’s pulling pinch petrified the blood rushing to fill his member. Harder than he could remember ever being, he wanted simultaneously to protest her immorality and praise her initiative, but his throat was too Kıbrıs Escort dry to voice anything at all intelligible. Instead, he meekly followed her guiding right hand as she pushed him backward onto the bed while she worked on his boner and cooed, “Yes, that’s right, querido, just let your little sister take care of you.”

While Mateo fishtailed and squirmed his way fully onto the mattress, Ana climbed up with him then situated herself on her knees astride his. Grinning at the mighty log which lay fully exposed along the curly trail leading from his dense black pubic forest to the flat indented ombligo centered in his taut heaving gut, she crowed in full voice, “¡Hah! ¡Justo como pense! Your carajo is as thick as a tapir’s snout! Very cute!”

Mateo watched amazed through half-lidded eyes as Ana swiftly inverted her arms through her swimsuit straps, skinned its top down to her own tummy button, and then exclaimed, laughing, “Now you don’t have to guess, querido!” Leaning forward in a low crouch, she raked his hardpan pectorals with her spongy tit tips, kissed him quickly, then raised upright again and shimmied her snow-pale boobs provocatively as she continued, “I hope you are not disappointed!”

Far from disappointed, Mateo was elated as Ana’s umber nipples stiffened. No longer merely hinted at, their supportive dark platforms puffed up proudly. He instinctively reached to caress them, but she batted away his hands and chided, “No, no! Only look; I will do all the touching!” Cupping her palms beneath her breasts, she pushed them up while she bent down her neck and delivered wet licks to their clustered swollen berries.

Mateo’s temples throbbed and so did his cock. Somehow saliva had returned to his mouth and throat, but it was not enough to quench the fire his sister had started in his belly. His lungs ached as each breath seemed uncertain. Content for the moment to stare at her pulchritude, he dropped his arms back to the bed and croaked simply, “Okay.”

Flushed with her own excitement Ana scooted her wiggling bottom toward Mateo’s shins. She enjoyed the squishy friction she began to feel in her pussy as she moved. Once again balanced on his legs, she hovered over her newfound prize then lifted it from its hairy track with both hands. Hot and heavy, it pulsed its eager invitation.

Ana sighed happily. Beginning slowly, she stroked lovingly from Mateo’s mushroom to his staff’s root. Then dividing duties between her hands, she crimped his weighty eggs with her left while she returned her right up to the helmet’s flange. He moaned his appreciation. She squinted her eyes and beamed at the obvious pleasure he showed.

Ana was used to protecting herself by mercilessly teasing boys until they popped and were no longer a threat. Thus, despite the inference she might have taken from Mateo’s more mature manly developed physique, she was greatly surprised when he suddenly rolled and flipped her sprawled onto her back. As his macho libido took charge of his conscience and his will, he thought, “Propriety be damned!” Aloud, he threw her own words back at her, growling, “No, little sister. It will be you who is taken care of. And I mean, right now!”

Mateo’s strength, speed and determination were mind-boggling. In scant moments, he finished stripping and pinning Ana. He held her slim wrists clamped together in his left hand above her white bathing cap while he kept her thighs spread to their utmost with his knees and aimed his dick with his right fist. She screeched, “¡No, Mateo! ¡Por favor! ¡Soy una virgen! ¡Y también hoy muy fértil!

Ana might as well have been standing in a tropical storm screaming for the wind to stop. Mateo violated her thatched hut’s portal and pierced her hymen with a single stunning stab. She grunted as his cock’s velvet head flattened against her cervix. Reflexively, she hooked her heels behind his humped back, folded her arms around his shoulders and locked him in place.

Mateo remembered that fuck well, because it had been his first time, too, and like Esteban with Cumandá, he had lacked self-control. After only a few short thrusts he came violently in Ana’s despoiled nest. She kicked his butt and crabbed her long nails along his spine, but he had been too fast for her satisfaction. When he flopped away from her, she said in a tense voice, “Huhn! You ‘took care’ of you while I am stranded! Pero no hay de que…”

Mateo recalled that after the swim party, through the night, and across the next three days, he and Ana had made mad love a dozen, maybe fifteen times. Each session was longer and better. He knew without doubt that it was his baby Ana was carrying with her to Lima although she never admitted as much to their parents. The shame of the unmarried pregnancy was enough for the oldsters.

Suddenly, Esteban Reynaldo reached across the table in the storeroom and jostled Mateo out of his reverie. “¡Hola! You with us? I just suggested we roll dice to see who fucks Cumandá next. Excluding ‘Jandro, of course, because he just finished with her!”

Before Mateo could answer, Alejandro heard in his mind La Hechicera as she psychically instructed him, “None of you will deflower your sister. You brought her here and have given her a lesson or two, but now you must take her home and put her safe in her bed. Hacerlo AHORA.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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