Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 3: Modifying a Mistake

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Editing Reality

Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

Part Three: Modifying a Mistake

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

I marched behind President Atterbury, fear twisting through my guts. Kyleigh struggled in the iron grip of the older man, her black hair sweeping about the shoulders of her white blouse, her too-short, gray skirt swaying about her nineteen-year-old thighs. She looked at me, confusion on her face. I’d edited reality, modified how she developed.

She thought it was right and there was nothing I could do about it.

I had one last edit left on my phone, so I could easily fix President Atterbury. Then he wouldn’t get mad at Kyleigh for trying to seduce him and Coach Cam Heath, or at me for fucking an barely legal student. He wouldn’t fire me for breaking the college’s policy for fraternizing with a student. How could I stop Kyleigh from getting herself into trouble?

I made her into this slut so I could enjoy her body, a selfish reward for making her skinny and hot, for boosting her self-esteem. I gave her joy, and it made a perverse kind of sense to enjoy her. To satiate those desires in me to enjoy these sultry and sexy coeds who flitted through my college in their gray skirts and fresh schoolgirl blouses. I shouldn’t have cheated on my wife, but with the phone, I could edit Linda so she would find it acceptable.

Even hot.

Was that right? I should use these powers for something better. I was given these powers by God, right? Anael said it was the Creator, and the angel encouraged me to do these naughty things. Was she really an angel? The adversary could appear as something fair. Something good.

That was how temptation worked.

I gripped my phone. Whether Anael was an angel or a devil, didn’t matter. I had to protect Kyleigh. I thought back to her editing. To her social mores. She had a good deal of respect for following teachers. She always was a model student before I changed her. Could I use that? Was it enough to just edit President Atterbury to order Kyleigh not to fuck any teachers?

No. She would still have that temptation. I had to give her an outlet for her desires.

“Mr. Davies, why is President Atterbury so mad?” the girl asked, confused. I had edited her so she had morals different from society’s standards.

The president threw a withering look over his shoulder at me, his face iron-hard. I shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t have an answer. The loathing in the man’s face was apparent. He believed what I did was wrong.

“What cock-and-bull lies have you been feeding the poor thing, Steve?” growled the man. “Huh? What did you do to prey on her?”

“Prey!” gasped Kyleigh. “He didn’t prey on me. I came on to him. To thank him. I can thank you, too.”

“Thank him,” muttered the older man in disgust.

We reached the college’s main office. He ripped open the glass door and marched us into the small lobby. The secretary was missing, off on her lunch break, a sign on her desk proclaiming it. At least there was that. It was the right time to get caught. He marched us past her desk and down the hallway, passing the offices for the other administrators—assistant president, the provost, the school nurse, etc.—to reach his at the end.

He barreled through it. Kyleigh gasped as he pushed her towards the chair. Then he whirled on me as I entered and closed the door behind him. Rage quivered through him as he reached for the phone. It was now or never. I had to figure out how to control Kyleigh.

“You are a piece of shit, Steve,” the old man snarled. “If you were under my command back in the army, I would knock out your teeth! What sort of man are you? Huh?”

I pulled out the phone, swiped the screen, and activated the app.

“You think tweeting is going to save your ass?” Atterbury bellowed, his face going red.




I tapped EDITING. The world paused.

Anael appeared perched on President Atterbury’s desk. “Well, well, well, isn’t this quite the predicament? Everyone up in Heaven is eager to see how you handle this.”

I gave her a look. “You make this feel like I’m on a reality TV show.” I shook my head. “What sort of angel takes amusement in this?”

“Reality is our entertainment,” she said. Her purple eyes flicked up and down me. “That’s why we gave you this power.”

“Not as a test?” I demanded. “Not to see if I’m a good man who can resist temptation?”

She shook her head. “Giving in to temptation can be so much fun. Like what you had with Kyleigh. And I know she had a great time. She came hard on your dick. You both had such a joyful experience.”

“Only it’s backfiring now,” I said. “I can keep myself out of trouble, but what about Kyleigh? She’s going to be tempted to fuck her other teachers. I can’t edit them all.”

“Well, not today,” she said.

“I want to use this power to help people, not to fix my mistakes,” I muttered. I clicked on President Atterberry’s symbol, bringing up his menu.

Vern Atterberry

• Physical

• Mental

• Spiritual

I clicked on the Spiritual Menu, and it sprang down. I found the Social Mores Sub-Menu and popped that open. The big list of things appeared. I flicked up and down it, searching for the one that governed his views on fucking students. I frowned, wondering where it would be.

“It’s not here,” I said. “He has no views on it.”

“Check his morals,” she said. “He’s very wound tight. He might not be like you. He might not even think about fucking these cute, young things.”

Anael stepped off the desk and walked around Kyleigh. She licked her lips, staring at the sexy girl. The angel lifted my student’s skirt, exposing the nineteen-year-old schoolgirl’s black thong. The angel smiled, licking her lips.

“Mmm, what a shame, that is a yummy ass.”

“Are you really an Angel?” I asked as I maneuvered to the Morality Menu.


• Legality

• Outlook

I tried Legality Sub-Menu first.


• Deletion

• Revision

• Addition

I hit Deletion. I had to handle that first. I had to get rid of the idea that it was wrong for him to fuck barely legal girls half his age. I found it after doing a search and removed that from moral from him. Somehow, the events of his life would shift slightly to lead him to develop without that belief. Next, I found the part of him that thought it was wrong to fuck a student.

It was interesting that rules and laws were both under legality. I guess there wasn’t a real distinction in a person on what rules were more concrete than others. A college’s policy and a nation’s laws were at the same level in the depths of a person. This was all so fascinating. I could learn so much about people through this device.

“You are appreciating all that the Most High has granted you,” she said. “Enjoy it. Use it. Do as you wish with it.”

I shuddered. Those were not the words I expected to hear from an angel from Heaven.

Next, I went to the Addition Sub-Menu. I needed to be careful here. I edited in that it was okay to fuck barely legal girls and students and for other professors and staff to do the same. That would take care of one problem. Next, how to keep Kyleigh out of trouble?

As I pondered that, I maneuvered to the Sexuality Menu. I opened it.


• Orientation

• Desires

• Libido

• Taboos

I opened Desires and added in an attraction for Kyleigh. A great ache to fuck her and… to share her. To want others to fuck her, too, and… No, not others. Just me. That was it.

Kyleigh needed a way to satiate her desire for her teachers. I could use President Atterbury to threaten her to only fuck himself and me. It would give her an outlet for her desire to fuck a teacher and keep her from coming onto to those I hadn’t edited.


I added that in, grinning.

“I like seeing you smile,” Anael said. She hugged me from behind, her figure lithe. I could feel the hard points of her nipples pressing against my back through my dress shirt, holding me as her hands slid down to my crotch. I groaned, feeling her rubbing me, making me hard. “You’ve come up with something, haven’t you?”

“Yeah,” I groaned as she stroked me. My dick throbbed and swelled hard beneath her touch.

I opened the Taboo Sub-Menu and made edits. I took away his taboo about having sex before others and having sex at his work. Then I went back to desires, adding a fetish for schoolgirl skirts, especially when Kyleigh wore them.

He would be getting a lot of her pussy, and she would be happy with that.

I was getting harder. He’d want to fuck her right away, but I needed to enjoy Kyleigh right now, too. I deleted another taboo about sharing a woman with someone and as well as an aversion for casual sex. He didn’t need to get hung up on Kyleigh.

“Mmm, you are getting so excited,” Anael purred. “You’re going to have such a wild time, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I groaned, admitting it.

I was about to hit edit when I realized I hadn’t done anything positive. At least I could do some good with every edit, like making Kyleigh skinny or helping my friend Bob and Taylor Adair to explore their attraction. I switched over to the Physical Menu.


• Skin

• Head

• Torso

• Arms

• Groin

• Legs

• Nervous System

• Illness

I went all the way down to the Illnesses Sub-Menu. I opened it up and blinked. There were a myriad of things wrong with him. He had arthritis in his knee and his shoulder, he had diminished hearing, high blood pressure, the build-up of plaque, lowered kidney function, issues with his prostate, and more. Most of his problems were caused by aging, but one popped out of me. He had a tumor forming in his left femur. It would grow and grow, giving him a form of leukemia.

I tweaked him, removing the things that caused pain or discomfort while excising the tumor. I was adding years to his life, easing him. Doing something good for him as well as saving my ass and Kyleigh’s.

“That’s wonderful,” Anael said. “Mmm, yes, now you’ve earned your naughty reward, haven’t you? Another romp with Kyleigh.”

My cheeks burned. “Yeah,” I groaned. “This is so wrong. I’m married.”

“And? You can still love your Ankara escort wife, and you get to enjoy some coed pussy,” she said. “Mmm, lucky you.”

I scrolled down to edit button. I was about to hit it when one last idea struck me. One final tweak to make this right.

“What?” Anael asked as I dived into the Social Mores Sub-Menu. I added a new one.

• Since most staff don’t understand that it’s okay to fuck students, I must keep it a secret from them so as not to upset them.

Anael giggled, squeezing my cock.

I hit the edit button. Then hit:


The bubble of changing reality rippled from the phone, washing around everyone, modifying the fabric of the universe. It tweaked the past to bring about the present President Atterbury that I had set up. It struck him, changing him. The ruddy expression in his features vanished. His posture shifted ever so slightly. His hand moved from the phone.

He was no longer reaching it to call the police.

Anael’s presence vanished from me. She no longer groped my cock. I groaned, my dick tenting the front of my slacks. I couldn’t help but notice that the president also had a bulge in his trousers that wasn’t there before, his eyes hungry as they stared at the coquettish Kyleigh.

“Not every teacher understands the needs of a young, nubile schoolgirl like Mr. Davies and I do,” growled President Atterbury, a husky quality to his voice. “You can’t just be a slut to any teacher you want.”

“But…” Kyleigh shuddered, her hips squirming in a coquettish fashion. She wiggled from side to side, her skirt swaying, my dick throbbing harder. “I just wanted to show Coach Heath how much I appreciate him. He makes my pussy so wet.”

“When you get a wet pussy, you need to come see me,” the president said. “Or Mr. Davies.”

“We’ll be more than happy to satiate your naughty cunt, Kyleigh,” I said, marveling at how I had changed the world. My dick throbbed so hard. All those desires I had suppressed in myself for my students swelled in me. “You’ll get us all in trouble.”

“That’s not fair,” she said. “It shouldn’t be wrong. I want it. You want it.” She grinned. “I’m hot and—”

“You’ll get expelled if you keep it up,” growled President Atterbury. “You’re a young woman. You need to take control of yourself. We’ve tried to instill values in you. So you will control yourself when around your other teachers.” He loomed over her, his face boiling red again. “Do you want to be expelled? To embarrass your parents? They pay good money for you to come here?”

She swallowed. “No, President Atterbury.”

“So what are you going to do when that naughty, young cunt gets hot?” he demanded.

“Come see you or Mr. Davies,” she said, her short, gray skirt swirling from side to side.

He nodded his head, his eyes flicking up and down her. “And do you have a hot pussy right now?”

She nodded her head, looking both contrite and coquettish, her hands behind her back, fingers entwined. She gave a sultry shiver, her large breasts heaving in her blouse. Her smile grew on her lush lips.

Her fingers went to the buttons of her blouse. She popped the first one through its eyelet. President Atterbury groaned. He looked like a man who had just won the lotto. I smiled in delight at the sight of the old man. With his changes, he must have spent the last decade or more lusting after the girls, wishing to touch one, and only now got to have that chance.

She undid another button.

A hint of her gray, lacy bra peeked through.


I groaned and loosened my tie. We were going to share this girl. We were going to fuck the nineteen-year-old slut. My dick throbbed to fuck this naughty schoolgirl. She undid another. And another. Her blouse slid off her shoulders, her large breasts jiggling in her bra.

President Atterbury groaned. His hands gripped the desk. His wrinkled knuckles went white. His breathing quickened, color flushing up his neck to his cheeks. His ears grew bright. I smiled, my tie whisking off as the busty schoolgirl reached behind her.

She unhooked her bra.

“Damn,” groaned President Atterbury as her breasts came into sight. They were large and plump, full of that youthful perkiness. “Those are… Damn.”

“I know,” I said, unbuttoning my shirt.

She giggled, her hands hefting her lush mounds. She squeezed and kneaded them. Her fingers dug into her bountiful flesh. “You like these, President Atterbury?”

“Hell yes,” he groaned.

She jiggled them, her flesh rippling. Her nipples were hard and dusky pink. They thrust from wide areolas. She was a temptress given human flesh. I changed reality to create this lush, coed temptress.

President Atterbury’s hands shook as he reached across his desk. She pulled hers away, letting him seize her tits. She moaned as he kneaded them. Such pleasure crossed her face as his fingers dug into her tits. He licked his lips, his eyes wide as she squeezed them. Fondled them.

“Has it been forty years since you felt tits that nice, President Atterbury?” she asked. “That young?”

“Something like that,” he muttered. “These tits…”

“Yeah,” I said, my shirt off. I attacked my belt next, my dick tenting my boxers. I couldn’t wait. I had to fuck her. She’s beautiful.

Kyleigh gasped as President Atterbury’s head ducked down, his mouth latching onto her nipple. His cheeks hollowed as he sucked on her nub. She groaned, wiggling her hips, her tartan skirt swirling, clinging to her tight rump.

I kicked off my shoes then shoved down my pants and boxers. My cock popped out, thrusting hard as President Atterbury sucked and nibbled on her nipple. I couldn’t resist that girl’s ass. I had to enjoy it. To get her ready. We would fuck this slut’s holes. We would pound her hard.

“Mr. Davies!” moaned Kyleigh as I flipped up her skirt. She stared back behind her, torso twisting. “Ooh, what are you doing, you naughty teacher.”

“Ever had your ass eaten,” I asked her, staring at her exposed butt-cheeks, her black thong buried between her butt-cheeks.

“No.” She shuddered as I gripped her two plump asscheeks. I squeezed them. My fingers kneaded her rump. I pulled those lush butt-cheeks apart, exposing her sphincter. “But it sounds naughty. Like that titty fuck I gave you.”

President Atterbury moaned about her nipple. Someone was interested in that.

I pressed my face between my student’s butt-cheeks. My tongue caressed her asshole, tasting her sour musk. My tongue fluttered over her sphincter, caressing her puckered opening. I loved the feel of her, her butt-cheeks squeezing about my face as she moaned.

“Oh, this is naughty,” she moaned, her hips wiggling. “Ooh, that feels so wicked, Mr. Davies. You’re eating my asshole.”

My tongue pressed against her sphincter. I swirled and fluttered my tongue against her, loving the taste of her coed asshole. It was just such a delight. My fingers dug into her butt-cheeks. She whimpered, her hips wiggling.

I probed my tongue against her anal ring. It stretched around my tongue. I wiggled into her bowels, making her moan louder and louder. My dick throbbed. I’d always wanted anal, but my wife never was up for that.

I could edit her…

My dick throbbed harder as my tongue wiggled through the schoolgirl’s sour asshole. She whimpered, her rectum clenching down around my tongue. I swirled through her, getting her wet and ready, eager to fuck her asshole.

“This is so naughty!” she moaned. “Two sexy teachers playing with my body. Ooh, President Atterbury, pinch my nipple. Yes, yes, just like that. And keep sucking. Ooh, you’re making my pussy so wet! And Mr. Davies… Oh, that’s naughty. Your tongue is in my asshole.”

My right hand drifted down her butt-cheek. I thrust my tongue in her bowels as deep as I could. My fingers caressed her taint. I stroked along until I found her shaved pussy. She whimpered as I stroked her, her juices coating my finger.

“Yes, yes, play with my naughty cunt, Mr. Davies!” she moaned. “Ooh, you two are spoiling me! Whenever I have a hot pussy, I will see you.”

“Special mentoring,” groaned President Atterbury. “Lord, yes, you will.”

She giggled. “I like that. Mmm, special mentoring from you. You’re such a silver fox, President Atterbury. So sexy.”

I thrust two fingers into her juicy snatch. The pussy that I deflowered. My dick broke her in, the first man to ever enter her. Her snatch squeezed down on my digits. She let out a wanton moan as I jammed them deep.

“You’re sexy, too, Mr. Davies. Your wife is such a lucky woman. I’d marry you in a heartbeat!”

Her words rippled around me. Such depraved and selfish thoughts shot through me. I ripped my fingers out of her pussy. She groaned, sounding so disappointed. I brought my cunt-soaked digits to her asshole, pulling my tongue out of the way.

I pressed her cream into her asshole, lubing her before I thrust them in deep. She gasped, her back arching as I shoved them deeper than my tongue could reach. Her asshole was a velvety delight, so different from the wet silk of her cunt. I pumped them in and out of her. I jammed them as far as I could reach, wiggling them in her to loosen her up.

“Ooh, that’s naughty,” she moaned. “You’re going to make me cum, Mr. Davies.”

“Good,” I groaned. “Because I’m going to fuck this hot ass.”

Her bowels clenched.

“While you ride President Atterbury’s dick,” I added, pumping my fingers in and out of her asshole.

“Oh, that’s so nasty!” she moaned. “Yes, yes, I want that.” Her bowels squeezed down hard on my digits. “Do you want to share me, too, President Atterbury? Do you want to fuck me with Mr. Davies? Both of you in me at the same time?”

“Just what a slut like you needs,” he growled. “You want it bad, don’t you?”

“So bad!” she whimpered. “I’m getting so wet. You two are driving me wild. Two sexy men playing with my naughty body!”

“Yes!” I groaned, my left hand rubbing at her pussy now, my fingers getting soaked. I found her clit, massaging her little bud. She gasped. Her back arched, her black hair swayed about her shoulders.

She moaned and groaned. Her juices flowed down my fingers. Her hips wiggled, her bowels so hot about my fingers. President Atterbury sucked on her nipples with noisy hunger, lips smacking as he enjoyed her fat nubs.

Her moans echoed through the office. Her body quivered. Hot juices gushed over my hand. Her bowels writhed Ankara escort bayan about my digits. She cried out in rapture. Her orgasm spilled through her young body, leaving her trembling.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Ooh, that’s good, Mr. Davies! President Atterbury! But… Oh, yes, it is, but I need your cocks in me! I need your big, throbbing dicks in me! I have to be fucked by you! I need my teachers’ dicks in me!”

I wrenched my fingers out of her asshole and stood up, my cock thrusting before me. I stared at President Atterbury still sucking on her tits. “You heard her, Vern, we’ve got to fuck this little slut.”

“Yes, yes, fuck me! I’m such a slut for teachers!” she whimpered, her eyes fluttering. “I need it so badly!”

“Shit, yes,” President Atterbury groaned. He lifted his head from her breasts, his eyes wild. “You’re going to get it hard, slut. I haven’t tag-teamed a whore since boot camp.”

I blinked at that. Not his first threesome.

He stood up and practically tore off his tie, throwing it to the ground. The man undressed fast, his body fit beneath. He still kept in shape despite his age. Kyleigh purred in delight, licking her lips as she squirmed. Her skirt had fallen over her ass again. She looked so hot in just it, her large tits swaying from side to side.

Then the president was on his back on the pale-blue carpet of his office. He waggled his stout dick at the coed slut. She groaned in wanton delight, so eager for it. She was so happy receiving this pleasure, not held up by society’s morality denying her the passion she craved. She was on him in a flash, her tits heaving, her hips lowering.

Her skirt hid the moment of penetration, but I witnessed the effect on them both. Her back arched, thrusting those bouncing boobs forward. He groaned, his fist twisting in pleasure as he got a taste of her barely legal cunt. Pleasure cascaded across both their features as she bottomed out on his dick. She shifted from side to side, a huge grin on her lips.

“Oh, yes, I knew your cock would be amazing, President Atterbury.” She rose up his shaft, bringing a groan of awed pleasure from the older guy. Then she slammed down him, big tits rippling as they swayed.

I stroked myself, hypnotized by those breasts bouncing up and down as she rode him. They were so thick and plump. He grabbed them, squeezing them. They still jiggled in his grip as his fingers swept over her areolas and brushed her nipples.

“Oh, Mr. Davies, you’re not fucking my asshole!” she moaned. “I’ve always wanted to be buggered. I’ve had so many depraved fantasies, and I’m finally getting to enjoy them.”

“Me, too,” I groaned, my eyes flicking to her skirt flaring about her rump, flashing a hint of her naked ass on her downstroke.

I couldn’t resist that ass. It called to me like a siren. I knelt behind her and flipped up her gray skirt. I caught a glimpse of her pussy sliding up the president’s dick, leaving it coated in her juices before she slammed back down him. My dick twitched.

I thrust it at her butt-cheeks.

She moaned in delight as I slid the tip of my dick down her crack, moving lower and lower. She threw a look over her shoulder, her green eyes shining with her desire. She licked her lips as I pressed my cock against her asshole, teasing her.

Then I thrust into her depths.

She gasped as my cock speared into her. Her asshole surrendered, lubed by her pussy juices and loosened by my fingers. She groaned as her anal ring stretched over the tip. Then it was my turn to moan in delight. Her velvety asshole engulfed my sensitive tip, massaging it with hot passion as I plunged deeper and deeper into her.

She was so tight. My eyes squeezed shut as I buried to the hilt in her asshole, my arms going around her body. I rubbed her stomach as she quivered, impaled on both our dicks. Her asshole squeezed and relaxed around my shaft as her hips shifted.

“Oh, that’s fantastic!” she moaned. “Ooh, you’re both in me. Two cocks! Two amazing cocks! You’re the best! Both of you are giving me what I crave!”

“Yes, we are, slut!” growled the old man. “Now ride us. Make us cum!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her hips shifting, sliding her asshole up my shaft.

Pleasure spilled through me. It was incredible feeling her tight asshole rising up my cock. Her bowels clenched the entire way. I groaned, my voice mixing with President Atterbury’s grunts. Then she slammed her bowels back down my shaft, engulfing me with her tight hole.

My balls twitched. The heat engulfing my dick flowed down to my balls. I shuddered, my fingers rubbing at her belly. Her muscles flexed as she worked her hips, sliding her holes up and down our cocks.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “You’re so big. You’re so thick. You’re both in me! Mmm, this is incredible! I love this! I really, really love this! You’ll both keep my pussy and asshole satiated, won’t you?”

“Hell, yes, whore!” grunted the older man. “Just work that tight cunt on my cock. Damn, you are tighter than a Filipino hooker.”

She giggled. “And you don’t even have to pay to fuck me!”

“Best kinda whore!”

“Uh-huh,” I agreed, my hips moving, matching my student’s thrusts.

I buried my cock into her tight bowels again and again. I reveled in the heat of her velvety anal sheath wrapped about my cock. Pleasure spilled through me, a wondrous delight that had me shuddering. I groaned, my balls smacking into her taint as I bottomed out in her, building the pressure at the tip of my cock.

We were all gasping and moaning, the three of us working towards our explosive releases. Kyleigh worked her hips, stirring her asshole about my dick and making President Atterbury grunt and groan. She squealed, her voice swelling in pitch as she savored pumping her holes up and down our cocks.

Every moment brought me closer and closer to my release. The pleasure spilled through me. Her gasps and moans echoed through the office. Flesh slapped flesh as I drove hard into her, pounding her and driving her cunt down President Atterbury’s dick.

“I’m going to flood your cunt with so much jizz!” groaned the old man. “It’s been years since I’ve been in a woman.”

“Oh, you poor man!” groaned the schoolgirl. “Every Monday through Friday, you’ll get to mentor me!”

“Yes!” he grunted.

“Damn,” I groaned. I gave them both this delight. My hips slammed faster and faster. Maybe it wasn’t terrible to edit people.

I was making a big difference in their lives.

My balls grew tighter, swelling that explosive ache at the tip of my dick buried in her velvety asshole. The friction burned around it. My hips slammed into her, fucking her without mercy as my pleasure built and built.

Then she gasped. Her back arched into my chest, her supple skin rubbing against me. Her bowels writhed about my dick. Her asshole milked me. My eyes widened as the pleasure surged through me. My balls grew tighter and tighter as she orgasmed on our dicks.

“Cum in me!” the climaxing schoolgirl howled. “Yes, yes, just spurt all that jizz in me!”

“Yes!” I grunted, slamming to the hilt in her bowels.

My jizz fired out of me. Pleasure shot through my body as my spunk unloaded again and again into her writhing bowels. The ecstasy slammed into my mind. That heady rush of euphoria lifted me to the heights of rapture. I clutched at her as her asshole milked me.

“Fuck!” grunted President Atterbury.

“You’re both spurting in me!” Kyleigh howled. “This is incredible! I love it!”

I did, too. I tried to hold onto the pleasure, but my cock spurted a final time. My euphoric high descended to buzzing lows. I panted, holding her, reveling in this moment. We shared the schoolgirl slut. We fucked her.

We made her happy.

“Damn,” grunted President Atterbury. “That was the best sex I’ve had in… I don’t remember when, Kyleigh.”

She giggled in delight. “You’re going to get as much of it as you want, President Atterbury. I’m so glad you and Mr. Davies understand about my needs.”

The lunch hour was almost over. My stomach growled. I pulled out of her asshole, my cum spilled out after, running down her taint to her shaved pussy lips. She rose with girlish enthusiasm, tits heaving, President Atterbury’s jizz spilling down her thighs. She spun around and gave me a hot kiss, those big tits pressing into my naked chest.

“You both are the best!” She giggled. “Ooh, I’m just full of your jizz!”

“Yeah,” I said, buzzing.

We all dressed fast. I snagged my lunch and rushed out of there. I was eager to get to my classroom and wolf down my turkey sandwich before my first afternoon class arrived. The halls were filling with students, some already drifting to their next class. The girls all looked so sexy in their schoolgirl skirts and vests, those ties making them look even hotter.

Well, not all the girls wore skirts.

“Dad!” my daughter Sam said, darting towards me. She wore the same gray slacks as the boys. Her bright-red hair, cut in a pixyish bob, bounced about her beaming, eighteen-year-old face. “How’s your day going?”

“Just fine, kumquat,” I said.

Not caring that the hallway was full of her fellow college students, she threw her arms around my neck and planted a quick smooch on my cheek. The feel of her hot, wet lips lingered and I remembered our accidental kiss on the mouth from this morning.

My dick, despite unloading in Kyleigh’s asshole, swelled hard again.

“Enjoy the rest of your day,” she said, breaking away. “The weeks’ almost over. Just a few more hours.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, my head turning to follow her as she darted to her three friends. Courtney Franks, Rita Martin, and Tammy Riersen were almost always around my daughter, the fearsome foursome running as a pack since grade school. Unlike my eldest two children, Sam had a social life. She was the one I was least worried about.

As she walked away, I couldn’t help noticing how fine her three friends looked in their skirts and how nice it would be if Sam wore dresses and skirts voluntarily. She was a tomboy, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be more feminine.

It would certainly stop a number of fights between her and my wife. I had the weekend coming up. Six chances between Saturday and Sunday to edit reality. I could tweak my children and my wife, make things more harmonious in my household.


And that would still leave me two things to change come Sunday Escort Ankara to improve the town. Rainier’s leadership could be more socially conscious. Like, help the homeless. It was a big problem, the homeless numbers growing as they flocked to nearby Seattle to take advantage of the city’s enlightened attitudes on the problem combined with the state’s legalization of Weed.

I nodded my head and headed to class.


It was only after my last class of the day departed my room that I could sit down and properly think about the changes I wanted to make to my family and the town. My dick still throbbed from my daughter’s kiss and how lithe her body was.

Ideas a father shouldn’t have danced in my mind. Sam was fun and outgoing. She was blossoming into a beauty. I could… change things. Make it… acceptable. I made Kyleigh so happy and… I shook my head.

I couldn’t think those thoughts. Not about my daughter. It was one thing to give Kyleigh the massive self-esteem boost while satiating my perverted desires, it was another thing to rewrite reality so my daughter wanted to have sex with me.

I decided to cool off. To think about what I could do for my town, Rainier, first. I didn’t like Mayor Wright. He had a lot of ideas that were needlessly regressive. His stance on the homeless, I thought, was abysmal. Most Fridays I volunteered at a soup kitchen, though it produced far better fare than soup. It was held at a local homeless shelter. I enjoyed the work, finding it fulfilling to help those who had less than me.

I could edit the mayor so he would think about the homeless. Be more compassionate. I pulled out a legal pad, jotting down my notes, organizing my mind. He could propose new ordinances, make it so the city helped out to end homelessness.

A worthy goal.

The only problem, it would have to be approved by the city council. Rainier wasn’t that large of a town and only had three seats on our city council. They were all like Mayor Wright. I’d have to edit at least two of them to see the world the mayor’s way.

That was doable. I could spend one day’s effort on it. Or use two of my charges on Sunday after I finished tweaking my family to find harmony. Then on Monday, I could finish the job. I smiled, I could expend two of my charges on Monday to make sure all the city council members saw the world the same way.

I wrote:

End Homeless Problem Plan

• Edit Mayor Wright and Councilman Oleastro on Sunday

• Edit Councilman Ayers and Councilman Cattaneo on Monday

• Compassion for Homeless

• Desire to pass ordinances to end homeless

• Think of good of all not just themselves

• Root out selfishness

I nodded my head at that, smiling. It was perfect.

Next, I needed to deal with my children.

• James

• Becky

• Sam

How to change James…

My son could stand to be more social and gregarious. And… Maybe I should peek in on my son’s personality for ideas. I opened the app and hit viewing. It was the first time I’d used the spying function.





I frowned then hit NO.

James appeared on my screen from an overhead view. He was already in his bedroom drawing at the table, his pencil sketching on a large piece of paper, the type comics were drawn on. He was sketching those two Anime girls he was obsessed with and…

They were both naked. It was clear as his pencil scratched that he was drawing another one of those explicit pictures of the girls doing things to his cartoon avatar. I didn’t need to see more of that. Could I channel his interest into real girls? Were there any he had a crush on? I opened up the menu for him. I couldn’t edit him, but I could read through his settings.

I navigated to the Social Menu.


• Charisma

• Awareness

• Relationships

• Mores

Hit the Relationships Sub-Menu. Everyone he knew popped up. It was sorted by those he liked, I think. His family started the list, with his mother ahead of me, Sam at the top, and Becky at the bottom. Then there were some guys and a few girls but… None of them it appeared that he was close to. I tapped some of the girls’ names. I saw that his interest in them was passing, noticing a cute girl like any horny boy would, but no one he had a crush on.

I headed to the Sexuality Sub Menu and clicked on the Desires Sub-Menu.

Ruri and Orihime were at the top of the list. The names of his two Anime girls. He wanted them badly. I clicked on Ruri and saw that beneath her name, his greatest desire for her, more than his ache to fuck her and love her, was for her to be real.

“Could I make her real?” I whispered to myself.

“Yes,” a familiar voice purred.

I jumped and turned around in my chair to find Anael leaning against my whiteboard, the angel naked and smiling. I gaped at her, shocked to see her petite frame, her breasts small and perky, her smile naughty, her purple eyes almost glowing.

“You could make those two girls real. Flesh and blood and in love with him. You could make it so the world thinks they’re… exchange students from Japan who came here and fell in love. But your son would know the truth. That he had created them.” She licked her lips. “He would be so happy. He wouldn’t have to live in his fantasy world.”

I shuddered, turning around the paper.


• Nudge him to be more social

• Give him more confidence around others

• More focused on doing good in college to succeed in life

• Make Ruri and Orihime real

• Exchanges students who love him

• Let son believe they are his creations come to life but only family knows the truth

“Wouldn’t that use up two of my charges?” I asked. “One per girl.”

“You have two free on the weekend,” she said. “You can hold off on the mayor for a day. I mean, he can’t change anything on a Sunday, anyway. City Hall is closed.”

I swallowed.

“You could make your son so happy,” she said, moving around. “And that’s just the start. Imagine what you can do for your daughters. Your wife. You would be an amazing dad and a great husband.”

Great dad…

I switched to Sam, my dick so hard, Anael was so sexy. She had a similar build to Sam, petite and lithe. My heart hammered in my chest. Anael slid beneath my desk, her hands rubbing at my hard cock. The zipper rasped.

“What are you doing?” I asked as she reached inside.

“Just having some fun,” she said. “And giving you some motivation. Trust me. You’re going to enjoy this next part.”

I had a birds-eye view of Sam walking with her three friends. They were heading to Rita Martin’s house. The Black girl was a few steps ahead, reaching the front door of her home first. She pulled her keys out of her purse. She had such beautiful, ebony skin, her face round, her lips plump.

“Hurry up!” Sam moaned. “Ooh, it’s finally the weekend.”

“Yes, it is,” Courtney moaned. The black-haired girl had a dainty nose and blue eyes. Her arm hooked my daughter’s. “I’m ready to relax.”

Sam nodded.

“Oh, yes,” Tammy said, her back stretching, thrusting her round breasts against the front of her blouse and gray vest.

Rita opened the front door just as Anael pulled out my cock. I shuddered as the angel stroked me. I needed to be thinking about how to make Sam happier, but it was hard to do as the angel’s mouth nuzzled against the tip of my cock.

The angel swallowed my dick. I groaned as Anael’s hot mouth sucked hard. The pressure rose in my nuts. Her lips sealed tight about my shaft. Her hand reached into my boxers, fondling my balls. I shuddered, shocked that the angel’s mouth was so tangible.

So wet and hot.

“Damn,” I groaned as my daughter and her friends rushed up the stairs. Their footsteps thudded. They were all giggling and laughing, a pack of excited girls.

Anael bobbed her head. She worked that hot, sucking mouth up and down my dick. My hand gripped my phone tight. This was so wrong to receive this pleasure while staring at the four girls. At my daughter. I was spying on her while an angel gave me a blowjob.

I smiled, feeling this surge of power through me. It built the ache growing at the tip of my dick. Anael’s tongue danced around it, caressing me, sending such rapture through me. Her delicate fingers kneaded my balls.

“You’re good at that,” I groaned as the fearsome foursome burst into Rita’s bedroom.

Anael moaned about my cock.

It was a neat room. Her bed, covered in a pink comforter, was made with military precision. Her white shelves covered in books and little knickknacks, her computer desk clear of any junk, unlike my son’s. The girls dropped their bookbags and purses in the center, Sam and Rita flinging down on the bed beside each other.

“Mmm, I need this,” my youngest said then kissed her Black friend on the lips.

My eyes bulged as my eighteen-year-old daughter kissed Rita with enthusiasm. It wasn’t a friendly kiss. It was full of passion. Their tongues fenced. They moaned, my daughter’s hand groping Rita’s breast through her blouse.

“Holy fucking shit!” I gasped. My wife was worried about our eldest daughter being a lesbian, and our youngest was French-kissing her friend.

“Mmm, save some for me,” moaned Courtney. She sat down on my daughter’s other side.

Sam broke the kiss with Rita, whipped her head around, and claimed Courtney’s lips. My dick throbbed in Anael’s mouth as my daughter and Courtney’s mouths melted together. It was the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed. Two college coeds kissing in their school uniforms.

Then Tammy sat beside Rita and cupped the Black girl’s ebony cheeks. White fingers contrasted with dark flesh. Their lips came together in a hungry kiss. My balls tightened. My daughter and her friends were all lesbian lovers.

“Oh, my fucking Lord!” I groaned as their hands roamed each other’s breasts through their blouses.

I came.

My jizz fired into Anael’s sucking mouth. My balls tightened. My dick throbbed. I groaned as the pleasure shot through me. These hot blasts of jizz pumped into the angel’s hungry mouth as I witnessed the impossible.

My baby girl was having orgies with her friends. Already, buttons were coming undone, exposing bras cupping youthful breasts. I shuddered, pleasure slamming into my mind as Anael sucked all the cum from my balls.

I drifted in rapture, my eyes glued to the screen as I watched my daughter and her friends’ lesbian passion.

To be continued…

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