Edna’s Basement

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By Missy_Beauty1985and MillieTeases

Missy_Beauty1985 had the ideas for this story. Millie Teases put the words down and incorporated the edits Missy suggested. This is their first collaboration.

Chapter 1. Missy Revealed

Missy looked out the window and watched as her Mom got into Bob’s truck. He was kind of gross – when she’d let him earlier it was pretty clear that he hadn’t shaved that day and his fingernails were dirty and he smelled like he’d been drinking beer. Her mom hadn’t seemed to notice any of this – not that she ever did these days – and had told Missy not to wait up when she was walking out the door.

It was not like she would – it was Friday night and her Mom didn’t work on weekends, so she usually didn’t come home until late on Sunday – if she came home at all. The idea that she would go to church never entered her head. And she made fun of Missy every time Missy would ask her to come to church or Sunday school.

Missy had started going to church not long after they had moved to Hillsboro. Mom and Dad had divorced, and Mom decided they should move back closer to her sister. But Aunt Jane and her family had moved away only a few months after they got there, and Missy was pretty shy, so she hadn’t made many friends at school. When a flyer came one day from the church that was a couple of blocks away, Missy asked her mother if she could go. Mom had, reluctantly, said yes. That was five years ago. Now Missy was a leader in the youth group, helped with the 4-year old Sunday school class, and had been the first in the church to sign the “pure until marriage” pledge.

Once Bob’s car had turned the corner and driven out of site, Missy sat down at her desk. She was feeling particularly lonely and upset that night. She’d gotten the letter that day saying that Wesley Christian College had turned her down. She’d tried to have a good Christian attitude about it – after all, the letter had said that it was particularly difficult to turn down as many students as they had, and it encouraged her to apply again in a year, if she could get her grades up a little.

Well, there was always Alamance community college. As long as she lived at home she could avoid the temptations that living in a dorm would have provided. (Missy had heard terrible stories about life in public college dormitories – boys on the floor at all hours, all night parties with lots of drinking, and roommates who fornicated right in front of you.) She picked up her Bible and idly opened it up. There was always inspiration there.

The pages had opened to Solomon – the Song of Songs. As Missy read she was vaguely uncomfortable. She knew from church and from Sunday school that this was the about the love of Christ for his church, but it was very tempting. The fourth chapter, where the woman is described as having breasts like two young roes that are twins made her stir uneasily. The fifth chapter, when the man is describe as having legs like pillars of marble, and mouth most sweet, made her squirm. She wasn’t supposed to have feelings like this. How could the Bible be leading her to impure thoughts? And the seventh and eight chapters, well…

Missy abruptly put her Bible down. This was just not right. Maybe Edna could give her some advice. Edna, the woman in the chatroom who had become more of a mother to Missy over the last several months than her own mother, would know the answer to her disappointment about college, and these strange feelings she was getting.

Missy turned on her computer and went to the chatroom she usually did – one where girls her age could talk, and there were older women who kind of gave advice – I kind of wish Edna were my real Mom, Missy thought to herself.

She’d met Edna in that room, and over the months had kind of gotten to know her well. Edna seemed to always know what to say. And it turned out she lived only a few miles away in the next town. Missy hadn’t told Edna where she lived yet, but tonight she just might – she really needed someone to talk to – and not just typing on the computer.

Edna came on a few minutes after Missy did, and Missy asked her to go to a private chatroom. They did, and in a few minutes Missy was pouring out her heart to her friend.

missy_beauty1985: It’s just so unfair. I really wanted to go to Wesley Christian, and I’ve got the money and everything, and now I’ll have to go to community college and live at home with Mom and her drinking and her boyfriends and it’s just not fair!”

edna0u812: Can it really be that bad? I mean, can’t you try really hard, and get good grades, and then transfer to Wesley Christian next year? missy_beauty1985: But I want to go now – and Mom is just too much and I just need to cry about it and have somebody understand. It’s terrible hear – Mom makes fun of me, and she drinks and swears and goes out with all kinds of men – and they stay here some time and I can hear them fornicating late at night and it’s just awful! I can’t take it! I want to get out of here so much, but now I can’t, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m so upset!

edna0u812: Too mecidiyeköy escort bad we’re not together. I’d let you cry on my shoulder. And then I’d give you something nice to drink, and rub your back so you could relax, and we’d figure out what to do next.

missy_beauty1985: Oh Edna, you say all the right things. I wish you were my mom!!!

edna0u812: Oohh me too sweetheart!!!

Missy read this last post and her breath caught in her throat. Did she dare tell Edna that they lived just a few miles apart? Did she dare meet her in person? She felt so bad, and she could ride her bike over there in only an hour or so, and Edna could hold her while she cried, and then make everything all better. She took a deep breath and though about it for a minute. “Why not,” Missy thought to herself. “Edna is nice, and her daughter will probably be there so it will be safe.” She typed in the question she hoped might make things better, at least for the weekend.

missy_beauty1985: Edna, I live here in Hillsboro. Just a few miles away. Can I come see you? Will you really hold me and let me cry on your shoulder? My mom would never let me do that, and now that I’m older she just laughs at me when I go to church or get emotional or even just read my Bible. I really need you, now, in person.

Edna read this and was thrilled. Her patience was about to pay off. She could have lots of fun with this sweet, innocent little girl. Both of them could, if Missy was really the kind of girl Edna thought she was.

edna0u812: Well, ok Missy. It’s a little quick, but I’m home tonight and I can tell you’re hurting a lot. I live at 123 Apple Street. It’s just a few blocks from First Baptist Church of Silverton. Do you know where that is?

missy_beauty1985: Oh, thank you, thank you. I do know where you’re talking about. Our church youth group met with theirs just a few weeks ago. I remember seeing Apple Street from the bus and thinking what a nice name it was for the street.

edna0u812: Will it take you long to get here?

missy_beauty1985: Maybe an hour. I’ll get on my bike right away and be there as soon as I can.

edna0u812: Good. I’ll get ready for you.

missy_beauty1985: Oh thank you. I’ll leave right now. Bye!

edna0u812: Bye!

Missy looked down at herself and decided to change quickly before she left. She quickly stripped off her t-shirt and jeans, and pulled off the old, comfortable bra and pink cotton bikini panties she had been wearing. She looked at herself in the full length mirror that hung on the back of her closet door. A pretty, 19-year-old woman looked back at her. She was just a smidge under 5’6″ with a voluptuous figure that had attracted boys all her life, but usually for all the wrong reasons. Her skin was a beautiful dark golden tan and her shiny brown hair, parted in the middle and falling just below her shoulders, framed her cute face. Missy knew that it could easily become sinful, but she always made a point of carefully shaping her eyebrows, which otherwise tended to be embarrassingly full. Her deep blue eyes twinkled at the thought of actually meeting Edna that night. She glanced quickly at her cute nose, small chin and a pretty mouth with even white teeth. She saw that her lipstick, red but not sluttish, would probably need to be touched up before she left.

Missy continued to examine herself, wondering if Edna would like the way she looked. Her breasts were large, round, and full, capped with dark brown nipples. Too many boys had tried to paw them, she thought to herself, with a little shudder. Her arms and legs were nicely shaped, and she had carefully trimmed her finger and toenails and polished them with red nail polish that matched her lipstick. Finally, she glanced at her private place. Her pubic hair, a shade lighter than the hair on her head, was full and lush, but carefully trimmed so that it would not show when she wore a bathing suit. Standing with her legs together, she saw no hint of her genitals. Realizing that she was going to be late getting to Edna’s, she shook herself out of her little reverie.

A quick trip to the bathroom, and then Missy put on the new white panties and bra she had bought just a few days ago. Even though she was going to ride her bike, she decided to wear a modest khaki skirt that came down to her knees and a nice blue linen blouse. Fifteen minutes after signing off the computer she was pedaling her way down the block, headed for the road to Silverton.

It took every minute of the hour Missy had said it would, so when she pedaled up to the neat white colonial house on Apple Street she was really fifteen minutes or so later than she had told Edna. She hoped the older woman wouldn’t be upset. Missy got off her bike and propped it by the side of the house, then walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

A tall, slim woman about 45 years old with wavy red hair that swept down to her shoulders answered the door. She was wearing a bright green blouse and loose, silky-looking slacks. The woman looked at Missy and asked “Missy?”

Missy nodded. The aksaray escort tall woman looked a little angry.

“I’m Edna. You’re late,” Edna said, a little sharply. “I was worried about you. We’ll have to work on that.”

Tears welled up into Missy’s eyes. Here was this woman who had been so nice to her on the computer, and the first time she met her she’d disappointed her.

“I’m sorry,” Missy said, choking back her tears. “It was a little longer than I thought, and I changed so I would look nice for you and…” The tears welled over and dripped down her face.

Edna saw the Missy’s tears in and her expression softened a little. “Oh dear, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I know you feel bad enough. I just wanted to make sure you were on the right road to getting into Wesley Christian. Being on time is very important. It indicates that you appreciate discipline. But we can get to that later.”

Missy was a little confused about appreciating discipline. Usually she wasn’t late, and she did know she’d have to work hard at Alamance if she were going to get into Wesley Christian eventually.

“Let’s go sit down,” Edna said, leading Missy into the living room.

The living room was elegantly decorated in shades of soft blue. Edna guided Missy to the couch, sat down next to her, and offered her a glass of wine from the tray she had placed on the coffee table earlier.

“Umm, Edna, I don’t drink,” Missy said, nervously.

“This is just wine, dear,” Edna said, pressing the glass on the reluctant girl. “It will help you relax. Just sip a little. You’ll like it.”

“But Reverend Handlemann says it’s evil.”

“If it were evil, would Jesus have turned water to wine?”

“But his mother made him do that!”

“Dear, just try a little. It’s a new experience. I promise it won’t hurt you.”

“Well, ok, just a little.” Missy was nervous, but really didn’t want to upset Edna any more. And it was just wine. She’d only drink a little, she decided, sipping the cool, crisp liquid. She was surprised how much she liked it.

Holding Missy’s hand in hers, Edna questioned Missy about how she felt, and what her plans were, and just listened a lot. Missy poured out all her feelings and frustrations and fears and started crying when she got to the part about getting the letter turning her down that afternoon. She admitted that her grades – B’s and C’s – were probably pretty borderline for Wesley Christian, but since she had good extracurriculars and recommendations she’d hoped that would make the difference. It hadn’t, of course. Edna held the young woman as she cried and murmured sympathetic words to her as Missy told her story. And she made sure Missy’s glass was never empty.

An hour or so later Edna looked at Missy. She saw an innocent girl with a tear-stained face who needed to do some growing up. And she had a pretty good idea about how she was going to help her grow up.

“Missy,” Edna asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No,” Missy admitted. “I don’t. I don’t really like boys that much. See, I developed kind of early, and all the boys have ever wanted to do was paw my breasts. I got real tired of fighting them off, and I haven’t gone out with any in a long time.”

“I understand,” said Edna. “High school boys are curious, and pretty immature.” She changed the subject.

“You look a little hot and uncomfortable, dear. I’m sure your bike ride on this warm night made you perspire a little. I think you should take a shower. When you’re finished I’ll give you that back rub I promised.”

“Oh, Edna, I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to impose on you like that,” Missy replied. If I could just use your bathroom I’ll clean up a little and that will be fine.”

“No, Missy, I insist,” Edna said firmly. She dropped her voice. “Frankly, dear, you smell a little from your bike ride, and from crying. You must take a shower and get all nice and fresh.”

Missy realized from Edna’s tone of voice that she didn’t have a choice. “Yes, Edna,” she said.

“Good. Now come with me downstairs. We have a very nice guest room down there and you can get all cleaned up.”

When Missy stood up she felt her head swim a little. She looked down at the table, and realized that most of the wine was gone. She hadn’t realized they had drunk so much.

Edna noticed Missy wobble a little, and smiled to herself. As she led Missy down the stairs she thought about what she would be doing soon with this girl, and felt a little thrill run through her loins. Her plan was going well.

Edna opened the second door on the left in the basement hallway. It opened into large bathroom with a whirlpool tub and a large, walk-in shower with multiple showerheads. Missy had never seen anything so elaborate.

“It is a bit much, isn’t it?” Edna said to her. “My ex-husband had it built when we bought the house. He had a gym down here and wanted to be able to relax and get clean after he exercised.”

“It’s very nice,” Missy said, looking around. She was a little startled when she realized there was a floor-to-ceiling mirror nişantaşı escort mounted opposite the whirlpool and next to the vanity. Missy noticed a wooden door in one wall, and realized there was also a sauna here.

“Well dear, take off your clothes and hop in the shower.” Edna spoke in a kindly, but firm tone. “I’ll pop them in the washer so they’ll be nice and clean for you. You can wear one of the robes over there while they’re in the wash.”

Missy waited for a moment, hoping Edna would leave the room. She really didn’t like undressing in front of others, and had always been in agony during gym class in high school when she had to shower with all the other girls. Even they had stared at her, since middle school, when her breasts developed earlier than those of the other girls, and had grown larger and larger over the years until they reached their 36 D size.

“Hurry up,” Edna said, a little sharply. “We’re both woman, there’s nothing to be shy about.”

Missy stepped out of her shoes, slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders while Edna watched. “I really hate this,” she thought to herself. “But I am kind of sweaty, and she was so nice.” She unfastened her skirt and stepped out of it, handing it to Edna.

“What nice underwear,” Edna said. “It’s so nice to see a girl who wears modest underwear. None of this thong nonsense or bright colors. Just nice, simple white underthings. How tasteful.”

Missy thought this was a very odd comment. It was just underwear. And she liked her different colored panties. She just happened to be wearing white things tonight. Usually her panties were pink or pale blue. She even had some with flowers on them that she really liked. But Edna was right about thongs. Who wanted that string going up there?

“Come dear, you can’t shower in that nice underwear.”

Missy, reluctantly, reached behind herself and unfastened her bra. Taking a deep breath, she pulled it down her arms and off, and handed it to Edna. After another deep breath she pushed her panties down over her hips and stepped, a little awkwardly, out of them.

Edna suppressed her reaction as she looked at Missy standing naked in front of her. This girl was more than she ever could have imagined. Her full round breasts, capped with large dark brown areolas with small, pointed nipples, and the barely shorn, thick patch of pubic hair made Edna ache. She felt her own nipples growing hard, and hoped Missy would not notice. Missy was voluptuous, but not fat. She had the curves of woman, but the innocence of a child. It would be a very fruitful evening, and perhaps weekend.

Edna came back to her senses quickly. “The controls of the shower are there,” she said, pointing. “Just use the top one, it controls the shower head there – the one that comes off so you can point it where you need to. I’ll go put your clothes in to wash.” Looking at Misty standing in front of her one more time she suppressed another shudder, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Missy had noticed Edna gazing at her for a little too long, but tried to excuse it by thinking that maybe Edna was distracted by something else and didn’t realize she was staring.

She turned on the shower, waited for it to get warm, and then stepped under the flow of water. The shower stall was big – easily big enough for several people, and tiled with small, green tiles. She picked up a bath puff, squirted a little shower gel that she found on a shelf next to her on it, and began to wash herself.

Edna quickly walked down the hall and into the laundry room. She put Missy’s clothes in the wash, dumped a little detergent on them, and started the washer. When everything was going, she slumped back against the washer and pushed a hand into her slacks. She just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Oh, wow,” Edna thought to herself as she cupped her vulva and began to rub it in small circles. “She’s so exciting. She’s so innocent. I’m sure she’s never, ever been touched. I bet she hasn’t even touched herself, at least not much.” She rubbed a little harder, and felt herself begin to lubricate. “Stop!” she told herself. “Not yet.” Edna slipped her hand back out of her slacks and adjusted her clothes. She didn’t want to lose her edge too early. She walked down the hall and into the room she had prepared while she was waiting for Missy to arrive.

The room had previously been the gym that she had mentioned to Missy. But while Edna still worked out in the room, it was in a very different manner than her husband had.

A large, four-poster bed dominated the room. It was pushed against one wall and had small night tables on either side of it. Unlike the books, magazines and lamps such tables typically held, the drawers of these contained an assortment of paddles, whips, dildos, vibrators and other sex toys. Near the foot of the bed was a table that looked like a massage table, but which actually could be adjusted in a number of ways to facilitate sexual acts. Along a third wall there were hooks and eyes, and a small cabinet there held a variety of ropes and other restraining devices. It also contained the door to the bathroom where Missy was. A large mirror filled the opposite wall. Edna walked around the room, lighting candles and adjusting the dimmer so that the room was bathed in a soft, but not overpowering, light.

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