Educating Tommy_(0)

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When I was eighteen I went to stay with an aunt of mine for a couple of weeks. She wasn’t a real aunt – she was actually an orphan who had been brought up as my mother’s younger sister but we always called her auntie. She had been widowed during the war which had ended only ended a few months previously. I suppose my parents thought it would be company for her and also give them some peace and quiet for a while!

She seemed very old to me but was in fact only in her late twenties. She was plump and cheerful and we got on very well together. We went on long walks and talked of how we would put the world right.

In the evening we played scrabble. We were both pretty evenly matched and were both very competitive. One evening after I had been there for about a week, we had both scored about 200 points and there were very few letters left. She looked a bit hesitant and then put down the word CUNT. She blushed and I have to say I was rather shocked. We both sat there for a second or so then she looked up.

“Well” she said “God made all of our … bits … so there is no reason …” she tailed off unsure how to finish. Nothing more was said but we stopped playing scrabble. We had a dictionary there which we had used to check the spelling of words. I opened it at random and pointed to a long word and asked her if she knew what it meant. This turned into a game and we carried on testing each others vocabularies.

Eventually I picked on the word masturbation.
She blushed. “It’s when you play with your … private parts”
“No it isn’t” I said triumphantly “It’s self abuse – it says so!”
I had assumed that meant literally what it said – like if somebody said “I am a prat!”
She looked anguished. “Well no …. Its abuse in the sense that you shouldn’t do it … playing with your privates. It’s … wanking.”

I blushed deeply. I was well aware of wanking. I would spend every minute I could rubbing my stiff cock and wondering what it was like up girl’s skirts. I nodded.
“Do you think God will punish people who …?”

She laughed. “Well … I don’t really know … but if he does then there will be a lot of girls and boys in trouble” I was absolutely astounded.

“Girls!?” I said with my mouth open “Do girls do it too … how can they? They don’t have …”
She looked uncertain. “Do you really want to know?”

I nodded eagerly. “You mustn’t tell anybody – especially your mum and dad. Do you promise?”
I nodded. “Say it out loud”

“I promise not to tell anybody.” I said
“Well” she said “Do you know where babies come from?”
“I, well … they come from inside your mum … after you’ve been married …”
“Yes” she said “But do you understand why?” I opened my mouth and closed it again.

“Well … when you’re … thing … goes all stiff and you rub it up and down then white stuff shoots out … that’s … having you ever done that?”
I blushed deeply “I … did once …” She laughed “Did it feel nice?” I nodded.

“Do you know what it’s like up … between a girl’s legs under her knickers?”
I blushed deeply. “I … it’s like a slit”

“Yes” she said “But there’s also a hole there. What happens is that the man’s thing goes stiff and he puts it up the girl’s hole. Then he pushes it in and out until all the white stuff shoots up inside her. Then after about nine months a baby comes out”

While she was telling me this she was bright scarlet. I don’t know which of us was more embarrassed but I decided that now was my chance to find out more.
“So how do girls … you were going to tell me?”

“Well … they rub themselves between their legs until … until it feels nice.” she finished lamely.
“Have you ever done it?” I asked boldly

“Once … “she said and then laughed “You’re very nosy aren’t you – next thing you’ll be asking me to show you … my …” She left the sentence hanging.
We were both sitting opposite each other on arm chairs. She looked down at the front of my trousers and swallowed nervously.

“Has you’re …?”

She couldn’t bring herself to finish the sentence.

“Not … well… a bit …”

We were both aware of an incredible tension. Whilst she had been talking her skirt had ridden up to her knees. She sat back. As she did so she opened her legs – I could see the tops of her stockings and then bare thighs. Right between her legs I could see the front of her knickers. I stared at her crotch and she stared at mine. Neither of us spoke. She closed her legs and stood up.

“It’s time we both went to bed”

The house was designed so that to get to my bedroom I had to go through her bedroom. This was quite common in old houses although it seems extraordinary now. The bedrooms were absolutely freezing (it was winter) and she would get undressed in the bathroom which was şişli escort downstairs and go up to bed. I would then follow in my pyjamas. Usually she would say good night as I walked through but tonight she patted the side of her bed.

“Sit down here for a chat”

I sat down as instructed. She was sitting up wearing a night dress I had not seen before. It was quite low cut and I could see the tops of her breasts. They were very white.
“I hope I haven’t shocked you telling you all about …?”
“No” I lied, the truth is that I was deeply shocked and the sight of her breasts was making my cock go stiff.

“It’s just that at your age you ought to know and it’s better to find out from … somebody … than hear it from the lads at …”

Suddenly she gasped and stared down at my lap. My cock was sticking out through the front of my pyjamas. I grabbed it and managed to put it back in.
“It’s nothing to be ashamed of” she said “it’s God’s way of making sure that babies get born. Did it go stiff because of … you seeing my …” She looked down at her breasts.

“I suppose so” I said lamely

“Say good night” she said and put her arms round me and gave me a big kiss. I got up and walked to my bedroom facing away from her with my hands holding my cock inside my trousers.

As soon as I got into bed I rubbed my cock until I came whilst trying to imagine what my aunt’s tits looked like.

In the morning she knocked on my door and came in with my breakfast.
“Breakfast in bed as a special treat” she exclaimed. She was wearing a dressing gown over her night dress but as she leaned forward it came undone and I got a good view down the front. I saw two huge white breasts hanging down for a split second and then they were gone. She straightened up, grinned and walked out.

My cock was instantly hard. I pulled back the sheets and began to rub the foreskin up and down. Suddenly my heart stopped. She had walked back in. Neither of us spoke. I was crimson and she was staring at my cock. I hid it with my hands as best I could. She walked towards me and leaned over. As she did so I got a good long look at her big dangling breasts. She gently took both my hands off my cock and pulled back the sheets over it.

“You don’t want it to get cold” she said. She continued to hold the sheet. I could feel her finger tips actually touching the tip of my cock. She made no attempt to move away. I continued gazing at her breasts. After a few seconds she smiled.

“You’re a beautiful boy” she said “You’ll make some girl very happy one day” Then she started to cry. She put her arms round me and pulled my head towards her. I could feel her big soft breasts on my face. After a few seconds she pulled away.

“I’m just a silly thing. You mustn’t take any notice. Now eat your breakfast”
I did as I was told and then got dressed and went downstairs. We both tried to act as though nothing had happened. In the evening she lit a huge fire and we sat down either side of it. She was wearing trousers and a big thick jumper.

Even to me it was obvious that she regretted what had happened and was keen to avoid a repeat. I was disappointed but had enough brains to say nothing.

“I don’t think we’ll play scrabble tonight” she exclaimed.

This was the first reference, albeit oblique, to what had happened and it helped clear the air.
I laughed. “What shall we play then?”
“How about chess?”

We played chess for a couple of hours and won one game each.
“Are you hungry?” she suddenly asked and without waiting for an answer went out to the kitchen and came back in with a big pile of cold food and a big bottle of home made wine.

“My sister made it – we might as well drink it up”
We ate our way through the food and between us drank most of the wine. I think in fact that I drank more than my fair share. I tried to stand up and fell over. I was a bit drunk and an idea formed in my mind. I pretended to be totally incapable and fell “asleep”.

She tried to wake me up but I continued my act.
“Well” she exclaimed “I can’t leave you down here – if I support you can you get up the stairs?”
I snored.

“I’ll get your pyjamas”

She went upstairs and came down with them. She stood looking at me irresolutely. Suddenly she made up her mind and knelt down and took off my boots. Gradually she undressed me until I was just wearing my underpants.

“Can you hear me David?” she yelled.

I remained slumped. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her swallow nervously. She leaned over and started to pull down my pants. As she did so I felt her fingers brush my penis. It began to stiffen. Through my half closed eyes I saw her staring at it as it stood right up. It got stiffer and the glans forced it’s way forward as the foreskin peeled back. Through half closed eyes I could see the veins standing out on the shaft.

I felt her take it in her hand and rub it up and down. She leaned over and began to kiss me. I continued to act drunk. After a minute or so I felt myself coming and I duly came. A great pumping that went on and on. I heard her gasp.

My semen went all over my tummy and chest.
She went off to the kitchen and came back with a cloth and cleaned me up. I think she was shocked at her own behaviour but I continued to act unconscious. She put on my pyjamas and after an hour or so we both managed to get up the stairs and she put me to bed.

I lay in bed with my hand on my penis remembering the gorgeous feeling of my aunt’s fingers as she gently rubbed my cock. After a while I was conscious of a noise. I could hear my aunt’s bed creaking and a gasping noise. I stood up with my cock sticking out through the front of my pyjamas and walked into her bedroom. The noise stopped.

“Is that you David?”
“Yes auntie” I said “Are you all right? I heard a sound and thought maybe you were ill”
I walked to her bed and sat down.
“I’m OK” she said “I think perhaps I drank too much”
“Me too” I said “I can’t remember a thing. How did I get up to bed? I don’t remember getting undressed…”

“I had to do it” she said “You were dead to the world”
“I’m sorry” I said “I hope you’ll forgive me”
She giggled. “Yes it will but it’d be best if you don’t tell anybody”
I shivered “Gosh” I said “I’m frozen”

“Why don’t you climb in with me?” she asked.
I did as I was told and we both lay in bed not touching. After a couple of minutes I started breathing very deeply as though I was asleep. Nothing happened for a while and then I heard her moving.

“Are you asleep David?”

I didn’t reply. I heard her sit up and there was a rustling sound. In the half light I saw her take off her night dress. I was so surprised I almost forgot to carry on with my sleeping act! After a couple more minutes I felt a hand on my tummy. As I continued to breathe deeply it slid down to my tummy and grasped my penis. She held it for a while and then began to slide her fingers up and down – I gasped as she brought me to a climax for the second time that night.
After a while I heard her start breathing deeply. I reached out with my hand until I touched her hip.

“Are you asleep auntie?”

There was no reply and the heavy breathing continued. With my heart hammering I slid my hand up onto her tummy. Still the deep breathing continued. I slid my hand down and was amazed to find myself touching a mass of hair. For a second I thought I had somehow encountered her armpit!

I explored and found that the hair was growing in profusion over the top of her belly. I slid my hand down into the hair. Unfortunately her legs were closed. Whilst I wondered what to do next she stirred a little and then opened her legs wide. I slid my hand down and explored with my middle finger. It was incredibly wet and slippery.

I found what I assumed was the hole she had referred to in my lesson of a couple of days earlier and pushed my finger in. I heard a stifled gasp and her legs closed around my hand. I felt her hands push down on mine and her belly pushing up and down at my hand.

The gasping grew louder – I was in terror that she would wake up! Needless to say she didn’t but suddenly started shrieking and gasping so that I was quite alarmed. Suddenly she went rigid and groaned. She opened her legs again and quietly I withdrew my hand. She carried on breathing deeply.

“Are you asleep auntie?” I asked again.
She stirred. “Oh David, is that you? I have just had such a nice dream. Are you all right dear?”
“Yes auntie” I replied, we then both went to sleep again. At about eight o’clock it was beginning to get light and I sensed auntie moving about. I went into my deep breathing routine and was rewarded by the sight of my aunt sitting up.

Her big white breasts were dangling down. As I waited she leaned over so that her breasts began to brush my face. I turned over on my back and she positioned herself so that one of her nipples fell into my mouth. I instinctively began to suck. I heard her gasping and her hand again found my penis and began to rub it. At the same time she began to rub herself vigorously between her legs.

Soon in a climax of groaning and shrieking she came and so did I. Meanwhile I continued the heavy breathing. Then I ‘woke up’. She was looking down at me her breasts hidden again inside her nightie

“Are you all right David?”

“Oh auntie, is that you? I have just had such a nice dream. I dreamed I was in Heaven”
“Maybe you were dear” she replied smiling.

She went downstairs and after a decent interval I followed in my pyjamas. I had the brains to act as though nothing had happened and treated her with respect. After lunch she gave me a nice smile.

“Would you mind terribly if I went up to bed for an hour or so I feel very tired. You can keep me company if you like. I must have looked a bit baffled.
“I’ll go up and climb into bed and you come up in a few minutes”

My heart in my mouth I went up the stairs and into her bedroom. On the chair were all her clothes – on top was a big white bra. Her night dress was over the back of the chair. She patted the side of the bed. I sat down obediently.
“Why don’t you climb in?” she said – it must be cold out there.”
“Shall I get undressed?” I said, not sure what was expected.
“Yes” she said “I won’t look”

I stood up and got undressed. As usual my cock was sticking up and although I tried to hide the fact I knew she had seen it. I climbed into bed beside her – again not touching.
“David” she said solemnly “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”
“No” I said “Go ahead – I’ll do my best!”
“It’s just that … well … did it shock you when I told you where babies came from?”
“A bit” I said noncommittally.

“Have you ever wondered what it’s like between a girl’s legs?”
I nodded.
“Would you like to see …?”
I nodded again.
“I’ll show you but you mustn’t breathe a word to anybody or else we’ll both get into terrible trouble. Do you promise?”

“I promise. I’ll never do anything to hurt you auntie I think you’re wonderful”
Looking back now I think she must have been crazy. All it would have taken would have been a hint and her life would have been not worth living. My parents would have gone ballistic. And as for the neighbours….

“You’re sweet” she said

She sat up and for the first time I saw her big white breasts properly. They were gorgeous. At the time I didn’t appreciate just how special she was. She lay on her back and opened her legs wide.
“You can explore with your fingers but you mustn’t … do anything else”
Gingerly I opened up the hairy lips of her cunt. She showed me where the hole was and I put my finger up. After a while she drew me up to her and put her arms round me and hugged me to her.

She started to kiss me and I responded. Needless to say my cock was sticking up like a flag pole. After a while she lent over me and put one of her nipples in my mouth and showed me how to suck it properly. Meanwhile she started groaning and rubbing herself between her legs. I saw her keep looking at my cock and swallowing nervously. I saw her looking.
“Auntie” I said “How does it go up inside? Does it feel nice?”

“Well” she swallowed hard “Sit between my legs and I’ll show you”
I sat between her legs. My cock was so stiff it hurt. It looked huge and was covered in pulsing blue veins. The top was a hard purple colour. She pulled me down so that I was lying down on top of her.

“What happens” she said “Is that the woman opens her legs wide, like this”
She opened her legs wide.
“And the man inserts the tip of his penis into the entrance of the woman’s vagina – like this”
As she said this she put the tip of my cock so that it was actually in between the lips of her pudenda. Her eyes were closed and she had her arms round me. Suddenly she just gasped and pulled me to her.

My cock suddenly slid forward and stopped – it was in her slit but too high up. She stopped and I felt her trembling. She started kissing me passionately and then her hand reached down and pushed my cock lower down and again she pulled me to her. Suddenly I felt the most gorgeous hot enveloping sensation as my penis slid deep into her vagina. I heard her scream and I just lay there terrified that I had hurt her. I had no idea what to do. She stopped kissing me and gasped in my ear.

“Take it out and push it in again, quickly”

She was bucking and gasping and I did as instructed but it came out completely and I just lay there frozen. I heard her whimpering and felt her put the tip between her legs and pull me inside her. Again I felt the exquisite sensation as my cock slid up into her hot slippery cunt.

“Just push it in and out slowly.” I made another attempt “Yes. That’s it. Just push in hard then out a bit and then in hard again. Try to develop a rhythm”
I tried my best and after a while I got the hang of it and really set to with the enthusiasm of youth.

After a while she began to gasp and scream and I stopped in alarm
“Don’t stop! She screamed. Keep going. Harder, harder! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m coming … I’m coming …!”

Finally she went rigid and then sighed and fell back. She sat up looking terribly flustered and embarrassed.
“David” she said “You must never tell anybody …”
“I promise auntie” I said

She looked down at me “Would you like to …. Maybe … again?”
I nodded. It was definitely better then Scrabble.

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