Edward’s Seduction

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The cries arose from somewhere deep inside him as he felt a complete release built of please and pain. Suddenly his body lay there in udder abandonment. Edward could only lie across the deep burgundy satin sheets that covered the large bed in the dimly lit hotel room. His body still showing signs of the release it had just given itself over to a few minutes before.

Slowly he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of what had taken him to the ultimate pleasure point. She was a vision of total beauty that couldn’t be compared. There she stood with her long straight blonde hair, which softly fell over one shoulder and lightly brushed her left breast. But it was her eyes that had drawn him to her in the first place. Her pale blue, deeply set eyes had captured his very soul. How could those eyes belong to anyone other than this radiant goddess that now stood before him?

She was smiling softly at him when he heard her soft voice echo through the room.

“Have I pleased you well my lord? Are you satisfied?”

He wanted to grab her and hold her, but his body still wouldn’t move.

“Oh yes,” he responded. “You have done so much more.”

Slowly she moved toward him and kneeled beside the bed. She took his hand and helped him sit up, for he now had control over his body again. Edward was captivated by the beauty that was so readily and freely given to him, yet had total control over him.

Who was this beauty? Where did she come from? Why did she want him, of all people? He was nothing special; at least that is what he thought. He was just over six foot tall, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. A boyish face that has but a single dimple on his left cheek, now shown a well groomed beard and mustache. Edward was fair skinned with freckles lightly dotting his entire body. But Edward was no small man. snowpiercer izle He had broad shoulders and a wide chest that was sparsely covered with a few hairs. Overall, he was what most would consider average, but this beauty of a woman considered him a Lord.

As he sat there thinking about how this came to be, he realized that she had started to move her hands up his thighs and caress his body with soft gentle pulses of pressure. Edward looked down at her face and came eye to eye with ecstasy. Slowly, he lowered his lips to hers and let his tongue explore her moist mouth. Gentle he lifted her, so that with each kiss he was now exploring her body one section at a time.

Soft moans echoed through the room as his mouth found her supple mound and his teeth softly closed around her now protruding nipple. He could feel the pleasure rising in him, quickly. But then something happened. She pushed him back across the bed, and began her exploration of him again. Kisses were laid done his entire body. When she had reached his feet, she lathered them in kisses and began to caress his body again on her rise to his now throbbing cock. Her hands found their target waiting anxiously. She began lightly kissing the mound of flesh that lay just below his heightened awareness. Slowly kissing down the mound as his moans became more audible.

Suddenly Edward felt a strange but very excited feeling, for she was now licking the spot just between his anal cavity and his sac. The pleasure was almost too much to bear. She continued to stroke him with her left hand as her tongue enjoyed it now delightful torture. Just when he thought the pleasure could rise no more, he felt it double. She had slid her right hand under his now tense buttocks and her finger was now entering him slowly. Edward’s body so help me todd izle was starting to convulse with pure pleasure.

“Oh God,” he cried out.

“Yes, yes….What are you doing to…..”

But before he could finish, he felt her mouth slowly cover his engorged cock. The pleasure was too much, as she slowly caresses him with her mouth and slid her finger deep into him.

Here again, he was at the point of explosion and he could not believe it. Slowly she removed her finger as he quickly drew a deep breath and gasped. His moans echoed thorough the room. Slowly she released him from her mouth and rose above him. She began kiss him softly about the neck as she slid herself over him. He could feel the moisture between her legs dripping onto him as she took him into her. Not once, did she let his pleasure die. With a constant rhythm she took him deeper and deeper inside of her. Her moans were now mixing with his throughout the room. The passion building with each movement she made was becoming almost unbearable to him. He needed to release himself.

Then just as he thought he could take no more, she reached back and let her finger enter him again. This time there was no holding it back. Edward cried out as every drop of ecstasy was forced out of him and into her. Edward heard her cry out also then he collapsed.

Slowly Edward regained consciousness. Still feeling weak and well pleased, he slowly opened his eyes. Edward looked around, it was still dark. How long had he been asleep? He glanced at the clock by the bed. It was merely 12am. He had only been asleep for 3 hours. But something felt strange, the room was different. There were white cotton sheets on the bed and where was she. Edward quickly sat up and realized he still had his clothes on.

Was sokağın çocukları izle it all just a dream? How? How could he have imagined something so wonderful? Edward walked over to the dresser and lifted the key to the room and went downstairs. He needed a drink and it better be a strong one.

Edward entered the hotel bar and sat down. It was fairly quiet. Only a few other guests were still awake at this hour. He glanced around the room slowly. Just a few other businessmen at one table and a woman sitting at a table back in the corner.

“Can I get you something?” asked the bartender.

Startled, “glass of Chaves please,” he replied.

The bartender returned with his drink. Edward could not place it, but there was something familiar about the woman. He watched her for a while, not able to think of who she was. Then she rose from her chair and started to approach him. Just as she was stepping into the light she turned and left the bar.

Edward gasped. He sat the now empty glass on the bar. It was her. He quickly got up and headed out of the bar. Where did she go? He couldn’t see her. Edward walked to the front desk and asked the clerk there if he had seen where she went.

“I’m sorry sir, but there has been no one by here in the last 30 minutes.”

“But she just left the bar. She had to have passed by here.”

There was just no way she could have come by and he had no t seen her. She was the type of woman you could not miss.

“No sir, no one has come by.”

Edward dropped the conversation and returned to his room. Had this really all been a dream? Exhausted Edward decided to lie down and deal with it in the morning. He carefully removed his clothes and laid them on the chair beside the bed.

Something caught his eye. He carefully picked his shirt back up and examined it closely. Lipstick, there was lipstick on his collar and the first two buttons were missing. It looked as though they had been ripped off. Edward was now puzzled. Where had this woman come from? More importantly, where did she go? How was he going to find her? Edward lay down on the bed, closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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