Eighteen and Eager

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My daughter Emily had just turned eighteen. Emily and I were always close. That seemed to make my wife Louise upset. What was worse was that Emily liked to sit on my lap and put her arm around my neck.

“Do you always have to act like such a pervert?” My wife would ask me.

I kept my mouth shut. I did want to tell my wife that if she would ever spread her legs for me, she would have no problems. We hadn’t had sex in over two years. She once told me she produced a child, that was more than enough. Thankfully my wife was going on a Saturday shopping trip. She would be gone until late evening. That would mean peace and quiet. I have a den where I can go and read and also listen to music. Emily came in and sat in my lap.

“Can I ask you something Daddy?”

I said she could ask me anything.

“Why is Mom always angry at you and me?”

I told her that her mother was going through one of those phases of life.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

I told her that her mother didn’t want sex anymore. It was causing friction between us.

“I would never do that to you Daddy.”

Emily was sitting hard on my crotch. I could smell her perfume. It didn’t help that her face was inches from mine. Hearing my daughter say she would never deny me, my cock was beginning to stiffen. Emily must have felt it.

“Are you getting an erection?” She asked.

I was embarrassed. küçükçekmece escort I told her yes, I get excited sometimes.

“Do I get you excited Daddy?”

I was trying to control myself right then. What I really wanted to do was rip all of Emily’s clothes off and take her hard.

I said she excited me all the time. Emily then got me red hot. She said that sometimes at night she would touch herself and think of me. I thought my dick was about to explode. I guess you could say I lost control. I picked Emily and I carried her over to the table in the den. I started pulling her clothes off. I removed her shirt and bra first. Her medium sized breasts were finally exposed to me. I lowered my face and began to kiss her nipples. They were already erect when my lips touched them.

“You want me Emily, don’t you?”

“Oh yes Daddy, more than anything, ” she told me.

No more playing around. I was going to have my daughter once and for all. I stopped and shed my clothes. I exposed my hard cock to Emily for the first time.

“I always knew it was big,” she said.

My eight inch pecker was standing straight. I finally removed Emily’s tight shorts. She didn’t have any underwear on. Her pussy was completely shave down, bald. I lowered my face and licked her fresh slit. God, did Emily scream. I hoped no one heard küçükyalı escort us carrying on. I buried my tongue deep. Emily was thrashing there on the table.

“Your’e going to make me cum Daddy!”

That’s exactly what I wanted. Her juices came flowing out. I was drinking her wet offering to me. She looked exhausted and we hadn’t even started. I finally pulled away. My dick was pointing directly at her gash.

“You want my cock, don’t you Emily?”

I was half crazy with lust.

“Yes Daddy, yes! I need you to fuck me now!”

Just like that, I slid my dick into Emily’s slick pussy. I filled her with every inch I had. I told her she was mine. Emily was thrashing on the table. I was going to make sure she never wanted another man’s cock. I pushed her legs back. I drove my dick into her tight hole. She begged for it that afternoon. She told me to never pull out of her. I know it was crazy not to be using a condom. I didn’t care by now. I told Emily I was going to mark her pussy with my seed.

“Please Daddy, I want your baby!”

I had lost all control. I began to hose Emily with my white cum. When she felt me explode, she tightened her muscles around my dick. We both had these intense orgasms together. We went at it for some minutes more. When I finally pulled out, Emily didn’t move. She finally stirred.

“I maltepe escort never thought lovemaking could be like that.” She said to me.

We were both wiped out. That was all we did that day. When my wife got home she was furious. Emily was on my lap once more.

“What is wrong with you both?” She practically shouted.

Louise got a surprise when I finally told her off.

“If you don’t like it Louise, get out.”

She looked as if I slapped her in the face. Maybe I did.

“I’m tired if your bullshit. If you don’t like what Emily and I do, hit the road.”

Louise turned away and walked out of the room. I hadn’t told her that I was going to file for a divorce. I was to the point where I didn’t care if I got taken to the cleaners or not. I was confident I could buy her out. She contributed nothing to our family. I did hear the front door slam. I checked, Louise was driving off to God knows where. Getting rid of my wife right then was a relief. I felt this sexual desire flowing through my body. I kissed Emily and I had her stand up.

I pulled her shorts off and then I removed my pants and underwear. I pulled Emily back onto my lap. My cock was pressed against her opening. I lifted her ass up and then lowered her onto my staff. We fucked like mad that way. I had my hands on her ass. I would push her pussy down hard onto my erection. Maybe the fucking was more intense now that I had told my wife off.

There is something so erotic when you give your daughter a hot load of your baby cum. Yes, I told her once more that I was going to fertilize her eggs. She lost it and had numerous orgasms. I did seed her belly again. I knew we would be doing that many more times once my wife was out of the picture.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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