Electro-Stim and a Webcam

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I’m your average 49 year old man, a normal guy, who like most guys really enjoys jerking one off once in awhile. Well, maybe more than once in awhile and maybe more than most guys. Anyway, since I was a teenager, first jacking off over my dad’s girlie magazines, I have always been interested in the ability to be able to cum without the use of my hands. I actually devoted a lot of time and practice to the achievement of this goal over the years. I finally gave up several years ago. But I was still left wondering if there was ever a way I’d figure it out. And then along came the internet! Almost completely by chance several months back I came across an amateur video posted to one of my favorite porn sites during one of my late-night horny internet surfing sessions. The video showed this guy with some kind of metal gizmos around his cock and wires attached to a power unit of some kind. Without any hands or stroking of any kind after about three minutes he was cumming! I was totally mesmerized and immediately turned on like I’d never been watching another guy’s cock pulse with pleasure just before he shot his load. The extreme amount of cum that first spurted out and then just seemed to continue to flow had me so hard I jacked off and came right with him as I replayed the video.

Needless to say that video and my latent pursuit of being able to cum while masturbating without my hands quickly started a scouring of the internet for anything related to this extremely erotic pleasure. I quickly found this technique was something called electronic-stimulation or ‘e-stim’. I also found a new term for my old deep solo desire, what they now call a ‘hands-free orgasm’ or a ‘HFO’. It wasn’t hard to find a myriad selection of sites with more e-stim related pics and vids along with blog information on the ‘how to’. As it turns out this was actually a not so new way to enhance sexual pleasure, it has been around for some time. E-stim provides some very unique sensations that most people find highly erotic and pleasurable. Proper erotic e-stim uses special high-frequency pulses designed to stimulate the nerves in various erogenous areas of the body. When the nerves are correctly stimulated by the electrical currents, the body is fooled into thinking its being physically stimulated. The resulting sensations can include anything from a light tingle to deep internal throbbing.

I was so immediately turned on to the extreme that night and after jacking off once more before my wife came home (…which is a miracle to cum twice in a couple hours at my age!) I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and had to experience this extreme pleasure for myself. From doing my homework reading articles from veteran and newbie ‘e-stimmers’ alike, I found what was a good power unit to go with for this ultimate sensation. I found a website and placed my order for this pleasure box along with the electrodes and accessories that I thought I had seen as the best in all the e-stim videos I had collected. Three weeks later after the post man dropped off a package one Saturday afternoon I finally had an opportunity to experience the power of e-stim.

My cock was already hard with anticipation, stretching down my right thigh under my shorts as I just held the e-stim equipment in my hands. I knew from all the articles I had read it was rare to be able to cum hands-free during an initial e-stim session, but I didn’t really care at that moment as I had be the horniest I had been since my teenage years. I couldn’t wait to try out the unit. As it was, my wife was down at my sister’s babysitting for the evening so I was all alone to lay out my new toys on our bed. I slowly and excitedly examined each piece. By this time I was drooling so much precum it was oozing through my khaki shorts. Something had to give, so I quickly undressed and let my raging hard-on free. It was just begging for attention as it throbbed and looked up at me. I was all set to strap on the apparatus and get down to business, until I read through the first page of the instructions and found I needed to charge the power unit before I could use it the first time. After almost tearing the instruction pamphlet in shreds and throwing the unit out the window in pure sexual frustration I calmed down and set up the unit like the instructions said. Then I went off to my computer to read over a few Literotica stories to pass the time.

Of course, it didn’t take long to get that raging hard-on back after reading a few juicy words from some of the fantastic amateur authors Lit has attracted. It was all I could do to keep from stroking off to one or two of the best of the new ones that day. I held off though, even though my cock and thighs had become drenched in some serious pre-cum. I looked at the wall clock and realized by then it had been the requisite amount of time to minimally charge the power unit. I retreated back to the bedroom still in my birthday suit, my Literotica fed hard-on leading the way. I found the little green light on the unit indicating it was Arnavutköy escort bayan fully charged. My toy was now ready. My cock was rock hard and I was so ready to go. I sat down on the edge of the bed and lubed up my cock as the instructions advised then slid two penis bands down my stiff shaft. The bands consisted of a metal circular piece with a thin rubber lining and an electrode that attached them to the power unit.

The bands adjusted enough so when I was fully hard it wasn’t uncomfortably tight, but they stayed on nice and snug still. I hooked up the cables and switched on the power. I set the digital dial to what is called “Waves”. As the word implied I immediately started feeling small waves of a buzzing-like sensations all over my cock. It felt absolutely incredible already!

After “riding the waves” for a good long time, I decided to give myself a little more juice. I turned it up another notch and got a slightly different feel from just where the bands contacted my cock. This time, there was a feeling in my balls which began to make them feel almost as if they were rolling around in my sac all on their own. It allowed for the pleasurable fantasy of having both my cock and my balls being stroked without using my hands at all.

From these new sensations I was feeling I knew I would be able to cum without any added stimulation at all. My cock was already straining and throbbing at its very full length. I decided to go for it and set the unit on “Stroke”.

It immediately put out an awesomely steadier buzz and made my cock feel like I was being stroked from both the outside and inside. With that I just sat back and let the machine work my rod. With everything set, I closed my eyes and relaxed as the e-stim unit just seemed to inch me closer and closer to orgasm. With the little lubrication under the bands they gave just enough so when my hard-on twitched they slid up and down just enough to feel like a pair of lusciously warm lips caressed my shaft. After about five or so minutes of this I could feel myself get right on the edge of cumming, but then it seemed to jump a notch or two suddenly. It hurt actually so I had to reach over and turn down the power. I let myself ride that lower level for a couple of minutes until I felt ready to try again. Then I slowly increased the power back up.

After a couple more times of edging like this, just like I would do with my own two hands, and now with a steady stream of precum flowing from the tip of my rod I began to realize I was not going to last much longer. I watched my cock tremble with pleasure as the intense sensations flowed through it. I eventually reached a point where I wanted to cum so badly I was biting my lip and groaning out loud. I could feel my body tensing up ready to cum. I opened my eyes long enough to reach over and increase the power just a little more. The familiar warm sensation of being on the edge of orgasm started in my core and flowed to deep beneath my balls. My cock surged rock hard and suddenly, with the feeling losing all control I looked down to see a shot of white hot cum blast from the swollen shiny head of my cock. The electro-stimulation steadily kept pushing my orgasmic contractions deeper as what seemed like endless flows of cum poured from my cock. I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as my feet pushed into the carpet and my hands squeezed the bed sheets tightly between my fingers. I just let myself flow with it while the electro-stimulation continued on through my orgasm. It seemed to go on and on until my cock gave one last pulse to expel what had to be the last drop of cum from my once full balls.

I had cum without having to do anything at all with my hands! I had done it. The e-stim unit and attachments did all the work for me. Still tensed I reached over and eased back on the power. Amazingly, even the much lower steady buzz still felt incredibly good on my cock. This was interesting as I always had to stop my thrusts into my wife’s pussy or mouth after cumming like that because my cock head got too sensitive after. Even more amazing later was the fact that only an hour after my first e-stim session, I was already getting hard thinking about doing it again—remember I’m almost 50 years old!

I quickly became addicted. I had finally found my completely hands free solution to masturbating. My e-stim began to produce some of the most unbelievable orgasms of my life. With other attachments I bought I’ve learned to stimulate myself from the base of the shaft, around my balls and back up to the head of my penis, like one big electrified pleasuring circuit. When I first started doing hands free cumming with e-stim I thought it was all about staying still and not doing anything. But I soon found that not using my hands at all took away from the exploration which is so vital to this kind of orgasm. Instead I found it allows me to use my hands to explore and tease the rest of my body. This further exploration with my hands Escort Avcılar on other parts of my body and having the freedom to do other things while the machine got me off gave me another idea. I wanted to combine two sexy ideas, e-stimming and webcamming. I knew the combination would make both experiences even more stimulating. So that is where I’d like to share with you the story of my first experience with both my e-stim and my webcam…

I’d used my e-stim outfit at least 25 or 30 times before I made my first venture into sharing my experience with others over my webcam. The “breakthrough” event came one night when I was home alone again. My wife was out with her girlfriends this time. I lay in bed relaxing while I surfed for porn on my laptop (I know bad husband!). I got to watching e-stim vids again. An hour into my horniness on-line I looked up at my webcam looking down at me. I immediately thought– ‘I have a cam why don’t I find someone to share how much pleasure e-stiming can bring’. With that I soon found myself on Lit and hooked up with not one but two women I eventually convinced to meet me on my other favorite messaging site, one with live webcam capability.

I had recently bought a couple of new ‘electro bands’. These were made of a comfy fabric that is more elastic. This means it can be fitted on the penis shaft or even around all the way around the cock and balls. When you put it around the cock and balls tightly it also acts as a cock ring which keeps you harder longer (something else I’d never heard of until I started e-stimmning!).

I had one of those set that way that night. So by the time I met up with the women I had already settled in with my e-stim buzzing away and I didn’t need to stroke myself to maintain a hard-on as I began chatting with the sexy girls.

Of course, just their chat nick names and profiles were a turn-on. The first woman that took up my offer to watch went by the name ‘LittleBitNaughty’. Her Lit profile had read something like—”I am what I am, give me an inch (or 8 or 9!) and I’ll take advantage and be as naughty as you want!” My other new Lit friend was named ‘pleasurelady’. Her profile had comments along the lines of—”I’m into pure pleasure. Young mom of two, with a horny hubby but still like to play.” So I was smitten by the very thought of what lay on the other side of those profiles. I also allowed another, actually a couple, to join us. LittleBitNaughty had been chatting with a husband and wife from England that go by the nickname of ‘UKcouple4cyber’. At first I was a little hesitant to have a guy view me masturbating, but it was a couple after all. As horny as I was at that time, all I could think of was having three women viewing my new masturbation prowess…

LittleBitNaughty: Is that thing safe? I’d be afraid of electrical shocks to my privates!

pleasurelady: Does it sting a little in the beginning? Just how pleasurable is it really?

Stephen7: It’s not painful at all. You have full control of the sensations with the power unit.

UKcouple4cyber: I’ve been around the world in my own 40+ years and have never seen anything so frigging HOT for a guy!!!

Stephen7: My hard cock is all for you ladies…hope you’re getting wet, playing with yourselves… wish I could watch you masturbate

UKcouple4cyber: btw the wife says hi, too!

Stephen7: Oh hi you two!

UKcouple4cyber: I know this is for the ladies but damn dude, this is very kinky and hot…we both think so

Awesome! It was a couple after all, a husband and wife was enjoying me right along with these other two women. My pleasure meter just went up another notch or two as the flow of electrical pulses continued to thrill my hard cock.

LittleBitNaughty: Didn’t know they had stuff like this? Wow! That must be crazy, being stimulated without touching

pleasurelady: How do you do it? I mean how can you make yourself cum with no hands?

Stephen7: Normally I watch some porn, read Lit stories, or occasionally have my wife play with herself in front of me. It’s enough to do the big HFO.

pleasurelady: What’s an ‘HFO’?

Stephen7: A ‘hands free orgasm’. It’s something I’ve fantasized about being able to do since I was 13 when I started masturbating

LittleBitNaughty: I’ll bet you are a sensual lover…this would make me hot enough to play with my own little hot cunt in front of you. I think that’s hot your wife doing that for you!

UKcouple4cyber: Can you pick up satellite radio on that thing? ?

Stephen7: lol

UKcouple4cyber: Dude, hope you don’t mind a man commenting while watching you masturbate

Stephen7: I don’t mind. It’s flattering I suppose. Go ahead and watch if you like, but this is really for the ladies!

pleasurelady: I’m a teacher btw and I give you an A+ for this show and tell!

UKcouple4cyber: I agree give that laddie an A!!

pleasurelady: You do have a great looking cock btw. That mushroom head Bağcılar escort is so huge and sexy!

Stephen7: My shaft measures 7 and half inches long when fully hard…which btw it is!!

LittleBitNaughty: This is one of the hottest things I’ve seen. You are very sexy hooked up like that and your cock is beautiful too

Stephen7: Thank you for the kind words!!! I do like my e-stim a lot!

I smiled broadly as I finished typing that line. I was feeling the wonderful sensations of the current stimulating me satisfyingly as the e-stim always had. But there was something else making this cyber session tonight extra enjoyable. I was fulfilling two fantasies at once, getting my rocks off with no hands and being an exhibitionist all at the same time.

LittleBitNaughty: Love to have you describe what it feels like…

Stephen7: Hard to describe cause it’s not like ordinary jerking off. I used my wife’s vibe on my cock before but its nothing like this sensation

LittleBitNaughty: Cute! Well try and tell us anyway

Stephen7: Well, it’s more like a series of pulses at different speeds or intensities depending on the program and the strength from the power settings

UKcouple4cyber: So I bet it takes a lot of work setting all that up.

Stephen7: No not really, you attached the cock electrodes, power up the e-stim unit and the awesome fun starts. With every little jolt of electricity, you get stimulated as though an electrical tongue is caressing your big cock

pleasurelady: mmmm, now that sounds delicious (I say as I lick my lips with my hot real tongue!)

Stephen7: You feel different sensations like throbs, tickles, strokes, and waves. The signals go straight to my cock and balls, where I have the electrodes attached. I can then generate climbing waves of pleasure with this thing and blow my load without ever touching myself

LittleBitNaughty: So maybe a woman can set up an electrified dildo to pulsate and throb inside like she’s being fucked?

Stephen7: Actually they make an attachment like an electric dildo! There are even some naughty alternatives perfect to turn your own favorite dildo or dildo-like toy into a very pleasant vibrator. They even advertise smaller power units and attachments you can slip down in your panties for a silent session while working at the office ?

LittleBitNaughty: mmmmm…that sounds like a hot idea!

pleasurelady: I have a gf that uses one of those ‘butterfly’ things, says she has used it at the office more than once

UKcouple4cyber: Oh girls, its nothing like friggin’ your clit while the blokes around you try to figure out what that pleasant smile on your face is all about

pleasurelady: You don’t mean you…oh my gosh!!

UKcouple4cyber: I have indeed young lady *wink*

Stephen7: Electro-stim takes experimentation, timing and some practice, but this is why it’s so exciting

LittleBitNaughty: From what I can see you must practice a lot you naughty boy! *wink*

Stephen7: I do like watching my manhood throb and twitch while I get off and using my e-stim without my hands I have my perfect chance to watch myself in all my cumming glory!

LittleBitNaughty: Still this looks both scary and fantastic at the same time…ooo love the dribble of precum already!

pleasurelady: That is so HOT!!!! Your precum is leaking and you aren’t even squeezing it out…soooo hot

Stephen7: It feels like someone is lightly caressing me or giving me a good slow blow job right now…really incredible!

LittleBitNaughty: You wouldn’t have to ask twice if I was there right now, you’d get the BJ of your life!

pleasurelady: I say sex takes place largely in the mind…so I would love to know what you are imagining to get yourself so hard and throbbing like that

Stephen7: I totally agree the mind’s still the key point to sex. Probably why I like to write erotic stories so much. I have written while hooked up to this thing.

pleasurelady: I just think that cock of yours should be managed by expert hands…it’s a shame such a wonderful tool is left to a machine ?

Stephen7: Actually its fantastic in a lot of ways. Since I don’t have to concentrate on stroking myself I can focus on an overall idea, a real hot fantasy, and let that idea and the current circulate through my body all the way to orgasm

pleasurelady: I’ve never seen anything like this…I can’t stop watching you!

Stephen7: Then don’t, just enjoy along with me…I’d really like that

pleasurelady: But this IS the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…I am typing with only one hand already…you are so hot!!

LittleBitNaughty: Would love to be there in person to watch this. I can imagine your facial expressions from the pleasure. Still though, it looks very intense just from the chest down

That last comment reminded me this wasn’t the first time I’d played with myself on my webcam. I’d been a bit bad a couple times before, and jacked off without my e-stim for a couple of women in the past while they chatted with me. I’d never shown my face on screen though. As good as I was feeling at that moment and how these ‘peeping tinas’ were seemingly enjoying themselves I was tempted. I got ready to lean up to adjust the webcam when I thought better of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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