Elevator and Lace

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– Let’s be honest, let’s just be honest. You are trying to revive something that is already dead.

She was thinking to herself while she was watching her face in the mirror preparing it to do her makeup. On the other side of the room, you could see a bed lined with expensive lingerie, she bought just for this occasion. Nice black corset that perfectly fit her waistline and made her boobs even perkier, sexy pair of lace panties which would make the access to her certain body part easier and a pair of garters and stockings. Next to the corset you could see the well arranged accessory, a silver choker necklace with a pair of tassels attached to it and a nice pair of satin gloves which were going up to her elbows.

She was going through her makeup bag.

– Well Joanna, let’s do just something classical, like a black liner and red lip, I mean red lips were always his thing, that night you met you had that ruby rose Max Factor on …

She was trying to convince herself that she is on the right track, that this will work for him, because for the past six months or so, things were not actually going well between them. He was stressed at work and not paying attention to her and pretty much torn between his family and business life. She knew that for him she was just something on the side and that he would never leave his wife for her. In essence, that was not what she wanted, she didn’t care having him for herself all the time, she just wanted his full attention when they were together and that is what she was missing. That night when she wore that Max Factor, there was something magnetic about him. In time, it turned out that he is the kind of man who knows how to give a woman his full attention and she was enjoying it. There were times when things were perfect. You know, like using a lunch break at work for a quickie in his car. Now, most of the magic was gone and she was quite depressed because of the whole thing. He was not happy with himself and he was taking her down with him. So, she was thinking that this could be the way to return things to the beginning and make it the way they were.

All those thoughts going through her head, questioning her decisions and moves.

– Damn, I fucked up my liner. No, I am too nervous for this shit. He is not even going to notice everything on me. Why the hell am I doing this?

She took a deep breath looked herself in the mirror.

– No, fuck it, you are going to give it a try, you know just to be OK with yourself, you will know that you tried everything and if it doesn’t work, just end the whole fucking thing and move on.

She slowly finished her makeup, went to the bed, put on everything she prepared and sprayed her perfume on. She took one last glance of herself in the mirror. Damn she was hot! She looked like this surrealistic creature that could turn from the domino lady to a sexy little slave in a few seconds. She could be everything he wanted. She adjusted her garters, put on her coat and called a cab.

After a short while she found herself in front of the building. He lived on the final floor of the old prewar building which had one of those old Schindler elevators, that had metal bars instead of walls. She was rarely going there, but this week wife and the kids were at the skiing somewhere in the Alps. She was standing in front of the elevator thinking:

– How the fuck does this thing still work, it must have been like 500 years old or something.

She hated that elevator, it always made her feel as she was in prison and the screeching of the whole construction when it moved was always terrifying thing to her.

As she was reaching to push the button and call the elevator a strong masculine hand intercepted her hand and pushed the button. She shivered from surprise and threw a glance to her left side. There was this blond guy saying:

– Let me do it.

He reached out and pushed the button. She just smiled and thanked him without even looking at him properly. Her mind was onto something else.


He was pretty out of it that day. Although he was in love with his job, I mean who could complain? Escort Çankaya He was paid to look at gorgeous women through the lens of his camera and enjoy their company all day long sometimes, but still there were moments when everything was just too much. He had to put up with no less than 5 primadonnas on the photo shoot, every each one of the wanting something completely different and not cooperating. The whole day was just a frigging mess.

He got home, parked his beloved Bianchi bike in the store room, and went for the elevator, just a standard everyday route for him.

And there she was…He immediately forgot what he was thinking about when he saw this creature.

Brown curls, a beige coat with a thick belt, long enough to cover her buttocks and maybe a bit more. He could see the garter belts the stocking ending in a gorgeous lace top and the heels.

Those legs were simply calling to him to be touch kisses and caressed.

But then reality kicked in:

– Yeah, I know her, she is hooking up with the building owner. She would probably not be interested in a guy like me. So, forget it and just enjoy the view…

As he was walking up to the elevator, he could see she was almost wrapped up, and prepared as a gift.

– Fuck, a lucky bastard…

His eyes become locked on her face.

– She made the effort, everything is there to bring those eyes and lips out and make them more desirable… and I bet those look just as stunning without any.

He could also feel on her she’s not completely “there”, her mind racing elsewhere. He could see her reaching for the button but he reached for it first. He caught a glance of the smile as they were waiting for the elevator. The inner door opened, he moved the outer railing and let her in, still amazed and pretty much enjoying the view with a grin on his face.

-Maaaaaan, stop grinning , the hell is wrong with You?!

He was fighting something he never felt ever before. As he was standing in the elevator , her whole body was exposed to him like a statue in a museum. He could see perfectly her cleavage and that soft skin and feel the scent of her perfume.

– Damn man your drooling…Behave…


She entered the elevator, still being out of her mind.

– Should I just wait for him on the sofa in the living room or maybe bedroom? I think about it when I enter the apartment.

She moved her head, throwing a glance at the stranger in the elevator.

– Wait I know this guy, he lives on the 3rd floor, he is a photographer or something. Probably one of those guys selling young girls stories of a modeling career to get them into bed. Though, nice blue eyes and well… that coat probably fits him nice because he is giving those back hard time at the gym.

Suddenly, she remembered faces of some of those girls in the elevator, after they were leaving his apartment, sometimes two at a time. She remembered those stupid grins, he must have been giving them crazy time.

She started thinking when was the last time she had like a really good time in bad.

– Damn, last time with the Rat was so bad, I mean he wasn’t even able to …just forget it.

– Hm , look at that – she thinks. I can’t believe it, he is checking me out, well I did put an effort and it would probably go to waste. Damn, that stocking is not in the right place!

She leaned forwards just to adjust it a little bit. As she was reaching for her stocking, she suddenly lost the balance on her heels and she was falling straight towards him.


That look on her face said a thousand words.

– Hahahahh, this is so funny. Look at her face. It is like she is despises and likes me at the same time trying to read me.

His eyes still wondering up and down on her body, thinking to himself.

He was kind of aware of the stereotypes about fashion photographers and models, and yes he did have some nice time with those girls, but the reality was a bit different.

The keen photographers eyes started seeing her in picture frames. Her in the satin sheets, her against the Çankaya Escort wall, her…

– Maaan I’d like to make some photos of her…hahah …she noticed it…

– Of course you twat she did, they always do.

At some point he saw her face transforming, he could see the content smile on her face.

She probably undressed him once with the look and her smile widened even a bit more.

-And you are going to which floor? – he tried to ask in the most calming voice he could.

Focused on her face and waiting for her answer, he didn’t even noticed when she leaned forward. Next thing he remembered was her lunging towards him and catching her with both his hands, she ending up almost touching his face. He could feel her hands feeling his arms up, and her still having the silly grin on her face. She straightened up but she did not let him go, she stepped even closer looking at his lips, biting her lower lip and gave him a very teasing look.

– Damn, just risk it! – he thought to himself.

He just went for the kiss, pulled her in close, biting her lips, kissing her with a passion she probably had never been kissed with before. Her hands were almost like claws grabbing his back and pulling him close to her. He reached with one hand for the button and stopped the elevator, which stopped with a dose of screeching and a small jolt. He could feel the shiver going through her body like she was scared.

His hands went under that coat holding her buttocks, feeling that soft skin the fantastic fabric of her panties and the lace on them. The sensation in his fingertips from feeling the texture of her skin caused the heat wave that traveled from his hands to his groins. He went for the coat belt, untied it and just couldn’t believe the sight when he opened it. The fantastic sheer black lace lingerie, perky breasts with just a part of her already hard nipples coming out of them and the open bottom panties. He literally lost his mind.


Before she even realized what was happening she found herself in the most unexpected position. His hands were all over her, and she did not want to make them stop searching her body. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the waist with one of his hands, turned her around with her back towards him and pressed her against the bars of the elevator. She grabbed the bars of the elevators to support herself. She could feel his engorged privates rubbing against her buttocks while one of his hands was reaching for her already wet private parts. The other hand released the ties of the corset on the back and found its way to her boobs. The minute those breasts came out he could not stop himself getting them into his hands and playing with them, rubbing her nipples lightly squeezing those perky gorgeous twins. Warm sensation started circulating from her clit up to her boobs. He aroused every part of her skin and every little nerve in her body.

He unzipped his pants and almost gave her a light spank with his rock hard privates as he leaned against her so she could feel him on her buttocks. His whole palm of the other hand was covering her already wet pussy and his finger on her clit but also rubbing her and opening her lips slowly and inching his finger into her. He could feel her opening up for him slowly.

At one second she thought: What the hell am I doing?… but the next thing he did intercepted her flow of thoughts. As she was supporting herself against the bars, he started caressing her neck and suddenly he turned the choker, took it by the tassels into his hands and slightly pulled. Her head went towards him and he started French kissing her passionately, while still caressing her clit. He was lifting the level of excitement in her body up to a point where her judgment was completely clouded.

By the way she moved, he knew that was the right thing to do. He paid much attention not to pull on that choker too hard. He wanted her enjoying him, controlling her as much as possible. She let go of the bars and reached with her hand to the back, one hand on the sack, the other on the rock hard part. She enjoyed researching every millimeter Çankaya Escort Bayan of his shaft, top and sack. The arousal was so strong that she couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped kissing him and just whispered:

– I want you inside!…

The passion with which she said that send shivers down his spine. He let the tassels gently, spread her legs, pulled her a bit back while she was holding on to the bars and inched slowly into her holding on to her hips. He went pretty slow for few moments but felt that she wanted it faster and deeper.

As he was inching into her, with every little move he made, he would slightly pull that choker, then release it for a second then do it again. The unexpected move would always stop her breath for a small part of the second, making the adrenaline rush through her body. She was scared, she was excited, she couldn’t define what she felt, but she knew she wanted it more. The fact that she killed every little bit of rationality and that she was not in charge of her body anymore, that she gave it to a total stranger completely just made her even hornier. When he was balls deep into her and started thrusting heavily, she arched her back even more, helping him enter her even deeper. As she felt him rubbing against her inside walls , her thighs almost started to clench and shake from the excitement. At one moment he leaned against her and started kissing her neck and going down her back. As he was going down her back alternating kisses and bites he could feel a spasm going through her body. He knew she was about to finish and he just whispered :

-No, not yet you don’t…

With one move of his hand, he turned her around. She basically did not even have a control over her body. Whatever he did felt amazing and she just wanted to go for it and follow his rhythm. He grabbed her and just turned her around, pulling up her leg and going into her, almost as one fluid move. Seeing the amazement and surprise on her face made him go crazier. He was trusting for a while, biting her neck, but then he turned around pressed her back up the bars, picked her up, holding her fantastic buttocks.


As he was turning her around, one thought appeared in her head. This guy was pushing her body and mind to the final limits, she wanted more.

– I am not letting you out of here yet.

She knew it…right here…it is time to change the roles.

She just gave him that devilish smile, wrapped her legs around him, grabbed the bars just next to his head and the look on her face was clear :

– Boy you are getting fucked the way you never been before.

He was just supporting her by her buttocks and let her move and give the pace. After few minutes of heavy thrusting, you could see that her body was ready to finish this. As she was trying to control the moaning, waves of spasms surrounded her whole body.

The moment she was about to finish, she felt that the elevator started to move again. Apparently somebody called from the ground floor. You could see complete atonement in his eyes.

– No, this is not going to be over like this.

With her legs in the air and as she was giving him another thrust, she reached the buttons with her heel and stopped the elevator again, continuing to push more. She looked at him with a softer smile and after a few very deep hard thrust, she could feel the warmth of his cum inside her. As their bodies started to relax, he slowly put her down, still breathing heavily.

– Sorry, i’ve messed up your lipstick…

She just smiled briefly and started fixing her clothes.

– I’m going to the final floor – she said.

He pushed the button and the elevator started going up and stopped on the 3rd floor. As he was walking out, he gave her a quick glance and smiled

-Now that’s something I’ll remember to the end of my life…that was awesome…

As the elevator was closing, she gave him a wink and said:

– Can you at least tell me your name?

– Drew is my name.

– Nice to meet you, Drew.

She leaned her back on the bars, her body got relaxed and everything was still foggy to her. She still had difficulties believing that everything actually happened to her. She was about to enter the apartment and started searching for keys in her bag.

-Fuck, this, just go home.

She returned to the elevator and left the building.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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