Elisabeth Ch. 02

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Group Sex

It has now been a week since I saw Elisabeth doing those black guys from the closet.

And a few days ago I even caught her making out with Jamaal in the hallway at our college, right in the open.

She told me that she was sorry, but I think that she wanted me to see it. I think it turns her on knowing that I’m watching her when she’s with black guys.

And even though I get very jealous, I really do love her and I know that she loves me.

Then one day as we were in our apartment the phone rang.

“Hello.” I answered.

“Well hello John, its Jamaal, is Elisabeth there.” Jamaal asked.

I looked over at Elisabeth.

“Who is it John.” Elisabeth looked back at me.

“It’s Jamaal, he wants to speak to you.” I told her.

“Oh, I’ll take it in our bedroom.” Elisabeth said as she got a smile on her face and rushed into the bedroom.

I then hung up the phone.

I went over to the door to our bedroom and listened through it. I couldn’t hear very much, but I could hear Elisabeth telling Jamaal that he was nasty and then she laughed.

About ten minutes later she came out from the bedroom. She saw me sitting just outside the door.

“Were you listening in on my conversation?” Elisabeth asked me with a smile on her face.

“Well I…” I tried to say something.

“That’s ok honey.” She said to me as she gave me a little kiss.

“What did he want?” I then asked her whilst we went back and sat down on the couch.

“Oh yes that.” She said and turned and faced me.

“Well, Jamaal has invited some of his frat buddies over to his place tomorrow. And he wanted me to come over and have some fun with them.” Elisabeth told me.

“Some fun?” I asked.

Elisabeth smiled.

“I think you know what I mean by some fun.” She said smiling and then she gave me another small kiss on my cheek.

“Oh.” I said.

“And another thing John, I asked Jamaal if it was ok for you to come along.” Elisabeth then told me.

“What… you want me to go there with you.” I said surprised.

“Oh don’t look so surprised John, I know that you like watching me with those guys.” She told me.

I looked down on the floor. But she was right, I actually did find pleasure in watching her with black guys. But it was still rather humiliating, watching my own girlfriend with other guys, right in front of me.

“And John, Jamaal said that you could come along, as long as you didn’t get in the way.” Elisabeth told me.

I agreed to go with her.

The next day at the college.

Elisabeth and I was standing and talking next to the bulletin board, when Jamaal came up to us.

“Hi gorgeous.” He said to Elisabeth as he then leaned over and gave her a kiss on the mouth.

He then looked over at me with a small grin on his face.

“Are you looking forward to tonight?” He then asked Elisabeth.

“You know that I am.” She said smiling.

“And thanks for letting John tag along.” She told him.

“Ah yes John, I bet he looks forward to it a great deal.” Jamaal then said laughing a bit.

I felt a little humiliated by this.

“Well I have to go.” Jamaal then said.

Jamaal then gave Elisabeth another kiss and a squeeze of her ass, and then he left.

Then as we came home that day, Elisabeth took a shower, she wanted to get ready for her big night at Jamaal’s.

A little while later she came out from the bathroom wearing only a robe. She looked so good.

I went up behind of her whilst she was combing her hair, and reached around and grabbed her big tits inside of her robe.

“Mmm, oh John we don’t have time for anything like that right now.” Elisabeth told me.

“Just a little.” I pleaded with her as I felt her huge soft breasts.

“No, maybe we can fool around a little after we come back from Jamaal’s.” Elisabeth told me as she then closed her robe and continued to comb her hair.

“Ok.” I said feeling a little neglected.

I then went out and sat down on the couch whilst she got dressed. About a half an hour later she came out.

“Do I look hot?” She then asked me.

At the first glimpse I would say wow, but then it hit me.

“Are you actually istanbul escort going out dressed like that?” I asked her.

“Yes, don’t I look good?” I asked again.

“You look great, but… isn’t that outfit a little skimpy.” I said to her.

“No, Jamaal told me to wear something slutty.” Elisabeth told me.

And I had to agree with her, she did look rather slutty.

She was wearing a blouse, which she had pulled up the lower half of and made a knot just below of her breasts, exposing her belly.

And she had also opened the blouse so that it gave her an enormous cleavage, showing off a lot of her large breasts, and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

And then she had a pair of shorts that really hugged her big butt.

But needless to say, I got pretty hard down below seeing her like this.

“And these are for later.” She told me as she held up and showed me a pair of nylon panties.

“Aren’t you wearing any panties?” I asked her.

“No, they would only get torn off anyway.” She said with a nasty smile.

“Should we go?” She then asked me.

“Well… ok.” I said watching her big juggs bounce up and down as she walked.

But then as we got to the door she picked up and put on a coat, and she placed those nylon panties in one of the coats pockets.

“Did you think that I was going out wearing only this?” She then said smiling.

“Well…” I said.

“No, this is a surprise just for Jamaal and his friends.” Elisabeth told me.

Then we went outside of our apartment building and took a cab over to Jamaal’s place.

He had an apartment, about ten blocks away from us. A few moments later, we were standing outside of his apartment.

“Are you ok?” Elisabeth asked me.

“I guess so.” I told her.

She then gave me a little kiss and then rang the bell.

It was Jamaal who opened the door.

“Welcome.” He said whilst giving her a kiss.

We both then went inside.

I got a little stunned at what I saw inside. Along side from Jamaal, there were four other black guys here.

“Guys, this is Elisabeth.” Jamaal introduced her to the guys.

“You already know Tyrone and James.” Jamaal then said.

“Yes, hi.” She said to Tyrone and James.

“And this is Melvin and Derrick.” Jamaal then introduced her to the two remaining guys.

“Hi.” She said.

“We’ve heard a lot of great things about you.” Derrick then said to Elisabeth.

Elisabeth smiled at them.

“Oh yes before I forget, this is John. He’s Elisabeth’s wimp boyfriend.” Jamaal then said.

“Hi wimp.” Melvin said.

They then laughed, even Elisabeth got a little smile on her face.

I felt humiliated.

“Well it’s warm in here, I better take this coat off.” Elisabeth then said as the guys looked at her.

Then she slowly removed the coat.

“Wow…Damn…Man…Would you look at that?” The guys said.

“Mmm, you like it huh.” She asked.

“Like it, damn you look hot as hell.” James told her.

“And those enormous tits, damn.” Derrick said.

“Yeah those things sure are big.” Melvin said.

“Doesn’t she look like a real slut?” Jamaal then asked to the guys.

“She sure does.” They all said.

Elisabeth smiled.

“And she’s all natural.” Jamaal then said as he got behind of Elisabeth and grabbed her big juggs.

“Ohh Jamaal.” Elisabeth moaned a little.

“Why don’t we show the guys these melons?” He said as he began to undo the knot on her blouse.

Then as he had undone it, he opened up her blouse completely.

“Wom.” The guys all got smiles on their faces.

I stood there watching as Jamaal squeezed her breasts from behind with his huge black hands.

“Well guys, why don’t you get more comfortable and get out of those restraining clothes.” Elisabeth then told the guys.

All the guys then started to get undressed. Then as they pulled down their underwear, I could see that all of them had much bigger cocks than me.

“Oh wow.” Elisabeth got a big smile on her face as she saw their manhoods.

“You’re all soo big.” Elisabeth told them.

The guys then walked up to Elisabeth and stood around Escort Anadolu Yakası her in a circle. She looked at their hard black bodies, their big muscles, and their hung cocks.

As the guys stood there, they reached over and felt her body, squeezed her tits and her big ass.

“Now tell us what you want slut.” Jamaal then said.

“I want to get down on my knees and suck all of your black cocks.” Elisabeth told them in a nasty voice.

“Yeah do it, get down on your knees.” Tyrone told her.

Then as she slowly got down, she looked over at me and smiled. I had already gotten a real hard-on from watching this.

“Mmm, soo big.” She said as she looked around at all those cocks.

Then she reached up and grabbed one in each of her hands and started to jerk them. Whilst doing this she leaned forward and took Derricks cockhead into her mouth.

“Mmm.” She moaned as she started to suck on his plum size cockhead.

“Man, this girl really knows how to give head.” Derrick said.

Then a moment later she switched and began to suck on Melvin’s organ. She always had a cock in each of her hands as she sucked a third one.

“You guys taste so good.” Elisabeth said as she now slurped on Tyrone’s cock.

Elisabeth was really getting into it now, she was slurping on one and then switched to another, she even tried to get two cocks into her mouth. But due to theirs sizes, that was impossible.

“Tell us what you are slut.” Jamaal then said.

Elisabeth looked up at them and said.

“I’m your black cock slut.”

All the guys smiled as they then looked over at me and grinned.

“I think it’s time for some pounding.” James then said.

“Oh yes fuck me.” Elisabeth said eagerly awaiting a cock in her pussy.

She then laid down on her back as James got in between her legs.

He teased her a little by running his cockhead along side her pussy lips.

“Please shove it in.” Elisabeth then pleaded.

“You want it huh.” He said.

“Oh yes.” She moaned.

And then James just shoved half of his length right inside of her.

“Ahhhhh goddddd.” Elisabeth screamed out.

James then started to push himself deeper and deeper inside of her, and soon he had his whole 11 inch organ inside of her.

Her large tits were bouncing up and down as James began to fuck her.

“Oh yesss, oh yeeeesss gawwd.” Right then as she had her mouth open she got a cock shoved into her mouth.

It was Derrick who started to mouth fuck her. As he got more than half of his shaft into her mouth she started to gag. Then he pulled out and then shoved it back in.

Elisabeth was making sloppy gagging noises as she sucked his cock.

Then as Derrick pulled out of her mouth another cock pushed its way into her eager mouth. Elisabeth now had Derrick, Tyrone and Melvin’s cocks near her mouth.

A few moments later James pulled out of her pussy.

“Sit down on me slut.” Jamaal told her.

Elisabeth then got up on top of Jamaal and then she slowly sunk down onto his erection.

“Oh yesss.” She moaned as she moved her ass up and down.

She was pumping him really hard now.

“Ohhhhh godddddd.” She moaned out as she got an incredible orgasm as she sunk down onto his full length.

A moment later she got a cock shoved into her mouth again. She started to slurp on it real hard as she continued to hump Jamaal.

“I think this ass is ready to be taken.” Tyrone then said as he got a finger into Elisabeth’s butt hole.

Tyrone then got behind of her and placed his cockhead up against her asshole.

Then he slowly pushed his cockhead into her tight ass.

“Ahh yesss, fuck my ass, fuck my white ass.” Elisabeth moaned.

“Yeah take my black cock up your ass you white whore.” Tyrone grunted as he started to push himself inch by inch into her ass.

He had gotten more than half of his giant cock into her butt, as he then pulled it out and then just shoved it back in.

“Ahhhhhhh.” Elisabeth moaned out.

She now had a black cock in every hole.

I watched this go on for more than an hour. The guys switched until every one had fucked her now stretched Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort out butt hole.

Elisabeth was now back on her back and Derrick was fucking her pussy hard.

“Ah…ahhh.” Derrick started to grunt heavier and heavier.

“I’m gonna cum.” He grunted.

“Oh yes, fill my pussy up with your black seed.” Elisabeth moaned.

And then.

“Ahhhhh.” Derrick grunted as he started to spurt out his cum inside of her.

“Yesss, cummmm.” Elisabeth moaned.

I was shocked that she would let them cum inside of her pussy.

Then as Derrick had emptied his balls inside of her, he pulled out of her. And soon after Melvin took his place and started to pound her pussy.

And then as Elisabeth got her fifth orgasm she felt something splash on her face. It was Tyrone who was cumming on her face.

She quickly turned and opened her mouth. Tyrone spurted load after load of semen into her awaiting mouth.

Elisabeth kept on swallowing but he was cumming to much, so some of it ran out from her mouth.

Then as she sucked the last drop out from his cock, James got his black manhood up to her mouth.

“Take it slut.” He grunted out.

“Oh yes, cum in my mouth.” She moaned.

Elisabeth quickly got her mouth around his cockhead, and as she did he started to unload into her mouth.

Wads and wads of hot gooey sperm hit the back of her throat. She swallowed all she could.

At the same time she felt Melvin cumming inside of her pussy. James’s cock were gushing out sperm into her mouth at the same time as Melvin was filling her pussy up with even more cum.

Then as Melvin eased down and pulled out, Jamaal got in between her legs and started to pound her pussy hard.

As Elisabeth sucked James’s cock clean, Jamaal started cumming inside of her. He was now the third guy that had cum inside of her gaping pussy.

“Yes, cum inside of me you black stud.” Elisabeth moaned.

“Ahhhhh…ahhhhhhh.” Jamaal then slowed down as he stopped cumming.

“Oh guys, you were awesome.” Elisabeth then told the guys whilst breathing heavy.

“You weren’t so bad yourself.” The guys then told her.

“And all that delicious cum, thanks.” Elisabeth told them.

Elisabeth then looked over at me.

“John could you hand me those nylon panties.” She asked me.

So I walked up to her coat and got her the panties. She didn’t get up to put them on, she just slid them on as she laid there on the floor. Then as she had gotten them on, she stood up.

She then picked up her blouse, skirt and coat. She looked over at the guys again and smiled.

“Thanks for fucking my brains out.” She then told them.

They just smiled and grinned.

“Now John, we better hurry home, because I have a treat for you when we get home.” She told me.

So we quickly got out of there and took a taxi home. On the way home I thought about that treat she had talked about. I wondered what it could be.

Then as we got home, Elisabeth quickly walked me into our living room.

“Now lay down on the floor.” She told me.

I did what she told me and laid down on the floor.

She then walked over and stood right above my face. I looked up at her and saw her nylon panties.

“Do you see that wet spot?” She asked me.

“Yes.” I did actually see a wet spot on her panties.

“That’s your treat.” She told me.

“But… that’s those guys…” I said as I realized what the treat was.

“Now open your mouth.” Elisabeth told me.

“But…” I tried to say something.

“John…” She said.

“Ok.” So I opened my mouth.

Elisabeth then removed her panties and quickly sat down on my face.

As she sat down I could feel the guys cum pouring out of her pussy and into my mouth.

“Swallow it.” She told me.

There was so much sperm coming out of her pussy. I could taste their gobs of semen as it poured down onto my tongue. Then I swallowed it.

“Lap it up.” She told me.

I then started to lick her wet pussy as I tasted more of their cum mixed with Elisabeth’s pussy juices.

I licked inside of her and swallowed more of their cum.

Then a few minutes later.

“Oh that was great honey.” She told me as she gave me a kiss.

“You liked that didn’t you?” She said.

“Maybe.” I told her.

Even though it was humiliating, I actually did like it a bit.

She smiled at me and gave me another kiss, and then we went to bed.


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