Em , Mike Ch. 03: Hotel Stranger

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Further adventures of Emily and Mike, (names changed). Can be read in series or standalone, background in Ch. 1.

Prior to our first long weekend spent together, when Mike and I both discovered how much fun it was for him to bend over and take it like a man, we had shared many fantasies.

Out of this pot of sweet, dark desires, Mike had pulled one of mine for his first Master session.

This was my Hotel Stranger Fantasy, in which I am followed back to a hotel room by a ‘fake’ stranger who then proceeds to use me however he sees fit before leaving me, ideally sobbing, and wrecked and goes without ever having said a word.

We discussed it further on and off during that first weekend.

We had to stop having sex occasionally or we would have killed each other. So, we talked about sex instead.

I would like to make clear; we do talk about things other than sex. Just not that first weekend.

“This sounds like rough, dirty sex.” Mike had pointed out.

“Well yes.” I agreed. “Collecting a stranger and giving him control does suggest that rough and dirty would be a possibility. Maybe a little bit nasty as well.”

Mike thought this was perfect for his first Master game as I wouldn’t know what to expect from him, and it’s a danger-based fantasy.

Also, it would have been six weeks, since we had seen each other, still strangers really, still discovering each other.

“I don’t think the silent treatment is realistic though.” I complained. “How would I know what to do?”

“You’ll know.” Mike growled, “I won’t need to verbalize my instructions.”

My eyes snapped to Mike’s at his tone and his gaze held mine captive.

The way he was looking at me shot equal parts fear and heat straight down to my centre, igniting me instantly.

A glimpse of Mike as Master, erotic and slightly terrifying.

Holy Shit.

Then gave me such a mischievous grin I had a sudden urge to pat him on the cheek and give him a lolly pop.

Bloody kids.

I pressed a trembling hand to the wall to help support myself, my knees suddenly weak.

“Are you okay?”

“Yea give me a minute.”

“Why are you breathless?”

“One sec.”

“You’re flushed, are you having a heart attack?”

“Bugger Off.” Laughing made harder for me to catch my breath.

I shook my head, squeezing my eyes closed.

“Jesus, Em. Are you cumming? Just stood there?”

I opened my eyes and glared at Mike.

“Can you seriously THINK yourself into an orgasm?” he was laughing at me.

“Maybe instead of taking the piss you could help me out?” I suggested.

“Sure, why don’t I?” Pouncing, Mike took my wrists in one hand and cuffed them above my head.

Trapping me against the wall, he pressed his lips to mine as he deftly unzipped my jeans and slid his hand down.

Mike’s fingers entered me as his tongue invaded my mouth, and I detonated.

Moaning helplessly as Mike ruthlessly fucked me with his hand, forcing me to cum hard.

In the end, fearing suffocation I wrenched my head to the side and gasped in air.

Mike immediately attacked my neck with his teeth.

“Can’t. Can’t breathe.”



Mike released my neck. “Breathe through your nose.”

“Oh. Ahhh.” Mike pressed harder against me and I came again, my legs giving way as I started to slide down the wall.

Looping my arms around his neck, Mike steadied me against the wall as he finished me off.

I clung to him while rocking against his hand and then half collapsing.

“Oh. My God.”

I dragged in a few more breaths and got a better grip on Mike.

Shuddering head to toe as he pulled his fingers out of me and wiped his hand on my ass before wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I didn’t think of that.” I gasped, still trying to steady my breathing.

“Think of what?” Mike’s voice was muffled against my neck again.

“Breathing through my nose.”

Mike was shaking.

“Are you laughing at me?”

He un-nuzzled from my neck and looked down at me, dimples flashing.

“I can’t believe how fucking easy you are.”

I blushed but grinned back.

“Shut up. Maybe I was frustrated.”

“What?” he looked amazed. “We’ve been screwing for nearly three days. Frustrated?”

“Yea, but.” I reached down and cupped him. Mike hissed and rubbed his obvious arousal against me.

“We’ve run out of condoms.” I finished, looking up at him sadly and pouting.

“Shit. I forgot.” Mike groaned, all turned on and nowhere to put it.

I rubbed him some more and he grabbed my wrist painfully hard, sparks flaring in his eyes.

“That’s not fair Emily.”

I smiled.

“Why don’t we take a shower, and I can watch you. Deal with it.” I suggested.

“Yea?” Mike relaxed his grip on my wrist, pressing me back into him.

“You want to watch me jerk off?”

“Oh, I would LOVE to.” I squealed in an excited voice, then lowering back to my normal level added, “Maybe you want to cum over my tits?”

Mike hissed in a breath, altyazı porno a tell-tale flush over his cheek bones.

“Strip. Shower. Now.”

Later, after we had re-stocked our condom supply, had lunch and gone for a breezy costal walk, the result of me insisting on an alternative form of exercise for once.

Mike clarified some rules for me. He had been thinking how to bring my fantasy further into his happy zone.

Mike’s experience of dominating partners was based on rough sex really, being a bit bossy, (natural talent of his).

He had never had the opportunity to explore control, delve into BDSM or pain.

I knew a little pain would turn me on, but I had never handed that control over to another person.

The chance to explore limits, push a little, was exciting for both of us, and although Mike had enjoyed everything that he had experienced with me earlier in the weekend, he also wanted payback.

Mike demanded total submission during the Hotel Stanger Game.

No pleading or begging or asking stupid questions.

Unless I needed to use my safe word, I stayed quiet and he could do whatever he wanted.

“Unless” he teased, “It’s, please I need your giant cock in me Master.”

I scoffed and said if it was that giant, I wouldn’t let it near me.

Mike took offense at this and tickled me mercilessly trying to get me to repeat, “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

I giggled and repeatedly gasped out, “It’s the perfect size for your hand.” Refusing to give in to his demands.

Until Mike changed tactics and decided on a practical demonstration.

At which point I told him his cock was like a Tardis.

Feels bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside.

Mike laughed so hard at this, he completely lost his rhythm and collapsed on me for a while to get his breath back.

After our somewhat giggly shag, Mike cupped my cheek to get my attention.

“I won’t hurt you Em.” He said, his thumb brushing lightly over my bottom lip.

“Well, nothing permanent. I certainly won’t harm you.” Was his carefully worded reassurance.

Our eyes locked. Questions in his. Uncertainty in mine.

Making my decision, I turned and kissed the palm of his hand. Giving him permission, for what, I didn’t know.

Now it was six weeks later. I had been busy with work during the past few days in the city that never shuts the hell up, or something like that.

Mike was flying out to meet me for a few days, he had never been here and was amazed I had done extraordinarily little touristy stuff, despite visiting many times.

I was normally stuck in meetings, with friends or at the Theater and usually limited my trips to three or four days. The lack of space and buildings looming over me tending to fray my nerves quite quickly.

We had continued to discuss fantasies and plans, but Mike had been very tight lipped on what he had in store for me this first time.

He had, however, jumped on my idea that my ‘character’ in our game was probably a regular submissive and may have travelled prepared.

He liked the idea of me leaving a suitcase with some toys open in the room, to give him more options.

He called me just before his flight.

Equally excited about exploring the city as he was about our play time.

Possibly most excited about the fact I had told him he would be experiencing the best pizza in the known universe, and beyond.

“Em, if you want to back out you need to do it now.” Mike cautioned at the end of the call.

“It’s fine we can still have fun, but I need to know if you are still cool with the plan?”

“I am.” I confirmed.

“I’m so turned on; I swear I’ve been wet the entire trip. I feel like dogs on the street are leaving lamppost messages about this really horny girl who smells like sex.”

Mike snorted at this.

“In that case, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

By tomorrow, or maybe it was later today, I lose track with time zones, I was more than ready.

Dressed, as directed in a short dress that was inexpensive so any damage would not matter, plus floaty scarf. My hair in a ponytail, Mike had been clear about that.

I had vacated the room on receiving a ‘checked in’ text, giving Mike thirty minutes to dump his stuff and freshen up.

Now I re-entered the hotel lobby, unsure where Mike would pick me up, but trusting he would as I crossed towards the stairs.

I was shocked when someone grabbed my wrist and spun me around, gasping as I crashed full bodied into an ageing cowboy.

“Trixie?” he asked, a massive grin on his weathered face.

“Er no. Sorry, not Trixie.” I apologized, struggling a little to get my breath back.

“Oh, Ma’am, I’m sorry.” The cowboy dropped my wrist and stepped back out of my personal space.

“I thought you were my friend Trixie.” He explained. “Cute accent.”

I was saved answering as a Barbie lookalike, no more than twenty-five years old, came up behind him and glaring at me barked, “I’m Trixie.”

The Cowboy glanced between amatör porno us, a look of awe and no little fear on his face, but I smiled fully at Trixie.

“And I’m flattered by the mix up. Hi Trixie.”

Trixie melted and smiled back, even blushed a little, causing the Cowboy’s tongue to hit his boots.

She was a stunner; poor guy didn’t stand a chance.

I sketched a wave at Trixie, (Cowboy had already forgotten my existence) and moved away.

I was shocked at how nervous I was.

Still shaking by the time I reached my floor; I placed a hand on my stomach and laughed a little at myself.

“Get a grip, Emily.” I mumbled.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, as I became aware of another presence.

Somehow, I doubted it was a ghostly ex-guest.

Ignoring my normal instinct to look, I turned away from the shadowy figure and walked towards my room.

Footsteps followed me and I realized this was the scariest thing. I had no proof that it was Mike.

I reached my door and fumbled the key card as I felt breath on the back of my neck.

Oh Fuck. I hoped to hell if this wasn’t Mike, that he was close by.

A man’s hand grabbed the key as I nearly dropped it. Reaching around me, I felt his erection pressing into my bum as his hard body caged me against the door.

Then the door opened, and I was being guided into the room.

Sod this. I HAD to know.

I started to spin round, just to make sure, but my ponytail was gripped hard and I gasped as I lost my freedom.

Holding me fast, the stranger removed the scarf from around my neck.

My heart was pounding, I was breathing fast like I had run a marathon. Like that would ever happen.

Then the stranger let my hair go, briefly running his hand down the tail before pulling the scarf over my eyes.

My stranger.


For me it was a good as him saying, ‘Don’t panic Em, it’s only me.’

I let out of huge breath of relief as the scarf was loosely tied around my eyes.

I could still make out shadows, but not a lot.

The shape of my stranger moved in front of me and I heard a belt and a zip before my shoulders were gripped and pressure applied.

Guess I was headed for my knees then.

Reaching out my hands, I pretended I needed to balance, but really it was just an excuse to re-acquaint myself with Mike’s deliciously firm abs.

Honestly, I just wanted to lick him like candy, and was hoping his hard body would be crushing me into the carpet real soon.

Once I was down, my hands resting against Mike’s well-toned thighs, my hair was gripped again in a firm fist and my lips parted by Mike’s finger.

I opened and Mike fed his beautiful cock into my mouth.

Not that I could see it of course, but it is a beautiful cock.

Mike had a firm grip around his base, which was sensible as we had discovered I couldn’t take all of him.

Watching me on hands and knees doing an impression of a cat barfing up a fur ball is not sexy at all. We had done an unplanned survey and that was our conclusion.

I tried to take the base myself, but Mike pushed my hands away. Seemed he wanted to maintain all control tonight.

I relaxed into the blow job. Enjoying the sensation of Mike using my mouth to edge himself.

His breathing was getting rougher now, as I licked and sucked and massaged his cock with my tongue.

I felt like I needed to get closer somehow.

I was sucking pre-cum out of him and moaning every time he pulled out. Sinking forwards every time he pushed in.

Mike fucked my mouth relentlessly and so slowly.

I realized he had been gripping my hair hard enough to make me cry when he let go and ran his thumb over my cheek.

I continued worshipping his cock, but Mike’s hands were shaking now, and he had to pull out or fire early down my throat.

I knelt, feeling bereft with my empty mouth, and looked up, begging with my eyes when the scarf was removed.

Mike was flushed and breathing hard, his cock like iron, but he just pulled my wrists together in front of me and twisted the scarf around them.

Not tight, I could have gotten free easily, but why would I want to.

Then he knelt next to me and pushed me backwards onto the carpet.

Straddling my waist, he used his weight to pin me. Positioned my restrained arms above my head and then ripped my dress down to the waist.

Pulling my bra down he started to knead my breasts, almost violently. Squeezing and grabbing. Pulling at my hardened nipples.

I closed my eyes, and savored it.

Every pinch, every tug, drove me closer to the edge.

I was going to be so sore; I was going to have bruises and I didn’t care because this felt so good. The roughness of this violation was delicious.

The weight of Mike on my middle and the strength of his exploration was causing me to gasp and grunt, but I figured it didn’t count as talking.

Then Mike started to inch his way down my body. Mapping me with his hands and mouth as he made is amatör porno way down, until he was kneeling between my legs.

I raised my hips to help as he pulled my panties off, smirking slightly at the dampness.

He flipped the dress up to expose me.

Then he gripped my knees and pushed my legs wide.

I clasped the top of my head. This was obscene. Mike was just staring at me.

Eyeballing my pussy and licking his lips like I was a feast.

Or, exactly like I was a pizza.

Knowing Mike, I was probably a pepperoni.

I was saved by the random ravings of my brain by Mike diving in.

The second his tongue swept across my centre; every thought blasted out of the top of my head.

I had been so turned on for so long that I was supersensitive and the combination of Mike’s soft lips, sucking at me, the wicked attention of his tongue, and his rough stubble was more than I could stand.

Panicky, I tried to push myself away.

When that didn’t work, due to Mike’s solid grip, I simply exploded.


I was thrusting against Mike’s mouth now, as he had been thrusting into mine.

I didn’t even realize I had gripped his hair and pushed him harder against me until he freed himself as I shattered under him.

Panting and sobbing, now limp on the floor.

I felt Mike start to move his way back up my body, looking down I saw he was smirking, I groaned as my head fell back to the floor.

I had previously refused to allow Mike to kiss me after going down on me, as the idea of his tongue going straight from my pussy to my mouth just grossed me out.

I had tasted myself on him, but more subtly than that. Silly or not, I didn’t want to cross that line.

I thought Mike had conceded easily, he is normally more argumentative, but of course the filthy little bastard was just biding his time. Until he was in charge and could bring his evil plan to fruition.


I closed my eyes tight and whimpered slightly, expecting my mouth to be roughly assaulted.

Instead, Mike gently brushed my hair away from my face, causing my eyes to flutter open. Then as I watched him, he lowered his lips to mine and kissed me so tenderly I felt a sob rise in my throat.

The floor seemed to sway under me as I experienced the sweetest kiss of my life, it was so confusing.

Then Mike’s hand wandered down and he started to press at my breast again and the kiss deepened, became hotter, wetter. His tongue swirling into my mouth as he shifted, and his hand slipped back inside me.

I was rocking and moaning as Mike controlled me, body and emotions.

Soon we were both shaking and breathing hard. I felt so dizzy that I could not even open my eyes when I heard the rustle of a condom wrapper.

I was so sensitive I cried out when Mike nudged my entrance and yelled when he pushed deep.

His chest crushing my sore tits as his weight pressed me into the floor.

Wanton hussy that I am, I wrapped my legs around Mike to pull him closer. For sure there was carpet burn in my future as he pounded into me hard.

We both exploded at the same time, Mike collapsing full weight on top of me.

As we lay there, I realized we were both still clothed. My dress was ripped open and hiked up, but Mike had merely pulled his jeans down.

Somehow this made me feel dirtier and more uncomfortable than if we had both been naked.

Unsure of my thoughts, I rolled over and cuddled myself when Mike rose and went into the bathroom. Why did I suddenly feel so used?

I was sulking when Mike came back in, now zipped up and putting his arms around my waist pulled me to my knees, and then to my feet.

Like a puppet I let myself be walked towards the bathroom, I was about to speak when Mike touched a finger to my lips, then ripped my dress clean off. Closely followed by the bra.

Then he gently pushed me into the bathroom and shut the door, leaving me alone.

“Shit.” I drew the whispered word out.

We were nowhere near done, but for now I had privacy, clean towels, and Oh, thank fuck, my toothbrush.

I estimated about half hour, for thorough teeth cleaning, getting my own taste out of my mouth, (gross) hot pounding shower and making sure everywhere was squeaky clean and fresh.

Mike had thoughtfully left a hair clip, so I had no need to dry my hair.

I was shocked to see my hand shaking when I reached for the door handle.

I was nervous sure, but this was excitement I told myself, not fear.

Then I screamed as I swung the door open and found Mike waiting naked on the other side.

‘Okay maybe a little jumpy,’ I thought as I covered my mouth to stop a giggle.

Mike just stood leaning on the doorway, watching me calmly. Then he lifted his hand and on his palm was an eye mask.

He just raised an eyebrow when I looked at him.

Not bothering to try and hide my shaky hands I took the mask and then looked at him again.

If I was waiting for reassurance it was going to be a long wait. Mike’s face was implacable as he just observed me.

Like it didn’t even matter to him if I submitted or not.

Taking a deep breath and shooting Mike a dirty look, that was probably going to earn me a punishment, I pulled the mask on. It was just sleep mask but worked well as a blindfold.

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