Emails to Lovers Ch. 01

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Hey there Bill,

So, the fantasy I had the other morning begins as such:

Imagine you’re picking me up at the airport. It’s pretty warm out, and there aren’t many people around. After we say hello, and you ask me how my flight was, we grab the luggage and head out to your truck (the sexy 2WD beast it is). I walk a few feet ahead of you so you can enjoy the sight of my ass as it sways in front of you.

We get into the truck and I make sure you have Toby Keith playing. Much as I hate to admit it, I really like that particular CD I heard over and over again. You pull onto the highway, and the journey home begins. We just smile at each other, then we grin like total idiots. Finally, we start laughing at each other.

I push the center console up, and I scoot over to you. I kneel on the seat, and I reach over and start rubbing your head. I love that you shave your head…It feels utterly sexy. I reach out for your ears with both hands, and I start to toy with them, y’know, tugging on your earlobes. As I continue to rub your left ear, I reach up and lightly breathe into your right ear, making you shiver. I scratch my nails around your head, and tug your earlobe between my teeth, as you moan. I’m playing with you, and we’re both enjoying the sensations.

“I love this bar” is finishing up, and I reach down your shirt to scratch your chest. You jump slightly as I run my nails over your nipples. I love your reaction so much, I do it gaziantep escortları again, just to drive you up the wall. I take your right hand, and I make you grab my tit. You get the hint, and start massaging me, making me gasp. More than anything, I want you to suck my nipple hard until I cry out. You pinch and massage, while I groan into your ear.

My hand is out of your shirt now, stroking your chest. I’m slowly working my way down to your jeans. Ever…so…slowly. Finally, I reach the button to your fly, and in one swift move, it’s undone, and I’m pulling the zipper down. Your cock is caught in the material and I deftly move it aside and free your massive member. I look down and smile at the sight of your cock…ahhh, nothing but good memories. I’ve waited so long to touch, taste and feel your cock that it’s all I can do to keep myself from engulfing it.

While I’ve freed you, you’ve moved your hand to my other tit, giving it the attention it so desperately needs. I slide down a little, to better appreciate your huge pole. My god, it’s a beautiful sight. I reach out and caress the tip, sliding my fingers softly down your shaft, and encircle the base with my fingers. Slowly, I stick my tongue out, and lick just the tip of your cock. Again, and again, I simply make contact with my tongue and the very tip. I firmly grasp the base of your dick, and I take bigger, bolder licks down the sides of your shaft, coating it with as much saliva as possible. I’m amazed at the size…It’s so much bigger than I remember it.

Ohhh, and the taste…your cock tastes wonderful. I slide my tongue back to the head, and circle my tongue around it. Fast, fast, slow…slow…then fast again. Suddenly, I wrap my lips around the head, and suck hard. You growl at me, and I flick my tongue on the sensitive underside of your shaft, right where the ridge around your cockhead starts. I’m getting as impatient as you, and I start to suck more of your cock in. With every suck, I pump my hand partway up your shaft, and back down again. I pump and suck in unison, fast and hard, then slow and hard, mixing it up, then settling on fast and hard. As I’m sucking and pumping your cock, I’m moaning with absolute pleasure.

I take my right hand and lift your balls. They’re so big and heavy in my palm…I love how heavy they feel. God….I grip your cock hard, and lick down the shaft to your balls…I tongue them, making them wet, then slowly, I suck one into my mouth and move it around with my tongue. Jesus, the size! I’m in heaven. I release one nut with a slurp, and take the other into my hot mouth. I continue to pump your shaft, while I enjoy your balls. Before releasing the one in my mouth, I stick my tongue out, and lick and massage between the two of them.

I’ve had my fun, but there’s something I want more. From between your balls on the underside, I begin to lick, up and over, to the base of your cock, all the way back to the tip, then I slip you back where you belong, deep inside my mouth. I’m moaning and sucking your cock with total abandon. I want you to fuck my mouth and claim it.

I reach for one of your hands, and I put it on the back of my head. You get the hint, and grab a fistful of my hair. I love it, and I growl at you with utter passion. I’m slamming your cock into the back of my throat. My eyes are watering, but I’m loving every fucking second of it. I’m so hot, I’m squirming around on the seat next to you. As much as I’d love for you to fuck me, I want this more. You are tugging my hair hard, forcing my head up and down the way you want it. I’m sucking as hard as I can, while keeping my tongue moving, creating the friction you’re enjoying so much.

You are throbbing, and as hard as I’ve ever felt a cock get. Suddenly, as I moan on your cock, I feel you become rigid, and the first wave of cum hits my tongue. YES!!! I’ve worked hard for this, and I’m going to enjoy every single drop. I keep sucking until your cock stops twitching in my mouth. Then, and only then, do I slowly swallow my way off your cock. I lick a few missed drops off your beautiful tool.

Slowly, cautiously, I push my way up and out of your lap. I look around and realize we’re close to Hopewell. I laugh as I realize the “Taliban Song” is on…I had totally forgotten about the music. I look over at you and smile at the contented look on your face. How’s that for a payback blowjob???

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I will.


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