Emily’s Home – Ginger’s Out Ch. 05

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Emily Goes Home – Ginger Comes Out

By A Vixen Literally©

*** Week Five ***

Lily’s kiss on my shoulder woke me Monday. I rolled over to my gorgeous brown eyes gleaming with love and … oh my! Looks like I’m going to be a bit late for work. Lily whispered something about revenge. I am such a big fan of her notion of revenge. Poor Tammy … she just didn’t know what to make of the slinky, sexy, Emily who smiled at her. I went to George’s office and asked if I could close the door. He nodded. I explained about Saturday. He stared, blushed, paled, and flushed. No, I didn’t like what happened or having to tell my boss, but it is what it is.

“I’ll talk to security and get back to you as soon as I can.” He was clearly uncomfortable. “Emily, are you okay? Do you need to take the day off?” I smiled and nodded. Poor man; he wouldn’t understand how okay I was after Lily’s ‘good morning.’ I wondered if he and Janet had mornings like we had. Asshole and I didn’t have didn’t have many. Speaking of which, I called Kyle for an update. Blah, blah. You son of a bitch!

“Get this done Kyle.” Those were my exact words. I needed to speak with Mo and Kathy.

I called Kathy first. “Hi!! How ya doin’?”

“Doesn’t matter how I am; how are you?”

“Great, thanks mostly to you. Hey, can we change the location of my appointment tomorrow?” I gave her Lily’s address.

“Umm, sure; you moved?” I smiled.

“Kathy, that’s the address of the woman I’m living with, Lily Russo.” Silence — long, hard, silence.

In a breezy, professional voice, “Okay, Ginger, see you tomorrow at six. Thanks for the update.” That last was chilly. Sorry honey; I wish, but not gonna happen.

I sent a text to Mo: L Room? 5:30? Pls!

Reply: c u there ;).

I called Lily to let her know I was meeting Mo and why.

“I know you’re working but I’m seeing Mo at 5:30. I’ll call when I’m on my way … home. Is it okay with you if I ask her to come back to the band box to grab the rest of my clothes and stuff?” She was busy but her voice was warm.

“Yes of course honey — long as the only grabbing done is of your clothing and not your ‘stuff.” I smiled.

“Love you Lily! See you later.”

I worked the rest of the morning. Oh how I love marketing. I smiled as I thought of Lily’s fingers and mouth waking me up this morning. I was still puzzled about Nora. I just couldn’t make any sense out of what she had done or why. My mind drifted as I worked. Odd little things — I needed to get my hair cut. Some pamper time for Ginger. I smirked to myself. Woo hoo! Does this morning count? I believe it does! Tammy asked if I wanted to go out to lunch.

“Yeah sure, sounds like fun, Tammy.”

I stuck my head in George’s office. “Hi, are we doing well on this marketing campaign?”

He nodded, “Corporate is very pleased.” Oh good. “How close are you to finishing your part of it?”

“Maybe Wednesday; we should be all done by then.” He was surprised and pleased.

I breezed back to my desk.. Ah crap, my period. I reached for a pad and clean panties. The emergency supplies. You know, in the back of a drawer, buried under some other stuff. Tammy looked; I rolled my eyes. She nodded. I stuffed them in my purse and hurried to the bathroom.

I fixed myself up, rinsed the panties, and sent Lily a text: red flag up. Reply: (: No kidding!!

Lunch was nice; I nearly choked when Tammy asked, “What’s it like making love with a woman?” What on earth? I thought ‘Operation Intervention’ would have put an end to that. I stared at Tammy; she lowered her eyes and blushed. “I’m sorry Emily. I mean, you come in some mornings smiling and dreamy eyed and I just know it’s cuz you and Lily have had sex. I try not to think about it and that just makes it worse.” She shrugged and looked at me, embarrassed.

I took a deep breath. “Kiddo, let’s get this out right up front. You and I are never going to be lovers.”

“Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

“Oh Tammy honey, of course you are … we all are. Every woman is lovely! That’s not it. I’m in a relationship with Lily and I love her. It’s still kinda, sorta new too. And, you have your Jeffrey.” I had a thought. “Hey, how did date night go last week? Where did you go, what did you do?” She blushed as I talked. Uh oh.

“There was basketball and volleyball and practices and things.” I saw that her eyes were wet. “Jeffrey had to work late a couple of times and…” She was making excuses, knew it, and was clearly embarrassed. “Oh shit, we just never got around to it.” She pushed the food around on her plate. I had given up trying to finish.

“Okay, listen Tammy. All that other stuff is always going to be on your calendar. Figure out when your date night is going to be. Plan it like you do meals or however the two of you do things. This is every bit as important as school, sports, and the rest. In fact, ya know what? It’s the most important thing.” I wrote the name of the site I know and some of the authors I like on a napkin and pushed it across the table. “Go to that site and look for these women’s stories. They’re good writers and bursa escort bayan you’ll get a good sense of how we make love. Then turn Jeffrey’s world upside down with your lovemaking. He won’t know what hit him Tammy.” I winked; she blushed and nodded.

“I know. I’ve peeked around a little here and there. Boy oh boy was he surprised!” Poor thing couldn’t stop blushing; her smile was so cute.

I took back the napkin and wrote down the name of the toy store I had visited. “You can get the address on the internet. Go, buy some things. Bring Jeffrey if you want — maybe make that part of your date night. Find a nice lingerie store and buy some sexy things. Bring him into the dressing room if you want to have some real fun.” The poor thing was tomato red but she was smiling!! “Use your imagination, girl. Tell him he needs to do more than look … he needs to make sure the outfit fits your bust just right. Or, lift up the top so you can look in the mirror and see if it covers your ass. You’re a woman, Tammy! He’s putty in your hands. I bet you won’t make it home. He’ll get a motel room or find a forest preserve — some secluded area. It’ll be like when you were young, before marriage and the kids, in the back seat of the car.” She made a face, but she was smiling and nodding.

I’d given her some things to think about and I’d gotten her off the subject. Way to go Ginger!! Oh yeah, the restaurant was full enough most of this had been said in ‘stage whispers.’ We’d managed to get a few looks. I ignored them — most likely jealous. We ate what we wanted, paid the bill, and left. My ‘spidey sense’ was tingling in the car. I had a feeling that a kiss was coming before we got out of the car. I would make a preemptive strike, hopefully killing two birds with one kiss. Tammy turned off the car and sat quietly. I turned, reached across the console, and brought her to me. I leaned in for a kiss, my mouth soft and warm on hers. She opened her lips to me. I slipped my hand inside her coat and found her nipple. Oh dear, already hard. As my fingers curled and teased her nipple I found her tongue with mine. Countdown begun. When I got to one I pulled away and removed my hand. She was rather breathless and flushed.

“Tammy, I have an assignment for you. When we get upstairs, hand me your coat, go into the ladies room, and bring yourself to orgasm the way you do when you masturbate.” The look on her face was pure shock. “Don’t look at me like that; just do it. Think about you and another woman, not me, as you fantasize the two of making love. Think about how it will feel to touch, kiss, caress and love a mirror image of you. You can do it. Julia told me I already knew how and she was right.” I smiled, caressed her cheek, and got out of the car.

As we walked to the elevator I said, “You had wondered what it would be like to kiss me. Now you know. I won’t be your lover, Tammy. It’s pretty simple; I’m in love with Lily. I want to marry her.” Tammy’s head whipped around. I stood still, my hand over my mouth. Oh my GOD! What did I just say? Tammy’s eyes were wide with shock and surprise. Oh lord. If those words came out of my mouth they must have come from someplace in my head.

Tammy was smiling. “Really?” she asked.

I shrugged. “I guess so. I don’t know how that happened Tammy; honest to god. I don’t ever remember having that thought — ever. But I must feel that way cuz I sure in hell said it. But you gotta promise me, and I mean pinky swear, that you will never repeat it to anyone, especially Jeffrey!” She nodded, smiling from ear to ear. I stuck out the pinky on my right hand. She giggled, we locked pinkies, one, two, three shakes. She gave me a cute little kiss, smiling the whole time.

The elevator was empty. I held out my hand; Tammy shrugged out of her coat. Just before the door opened I gave her a little smack on the ass. “Go do your little task. I want to see those goo-goo eyes when you come back.” She turned beet red and nodded, smiling. I flounced to my desk, completely proud of myself.

My cell phone rang. Hmm, Kyle. “You have a court date Monday, March 19th at one. I’ll send an email with details.” Short and curt. Tough shit – my money, you dance lawyer boy! I also decided that I would go to the gun range with Lily. Don’t ask me why; I just did.

Tammy looked fabulous — all warm and doe-eyed. We smiled a conspiratorial smile. I had a nice little tingle moment. I worked hard Monday afternoon. It was turning out to be a pretty good day. I hope to god things would go okay with Mo. I laughed as I thought about what Lily had said — goddamn right I wanted her to grab my stuff!! Shit, the way that woman makes love, hell yeah! Maybe Lily had called in a few chips upstairs (my period) to be sure my stuff wouldn’t get got. Oh my god, mickey soft didn’t make bad eyes at ‘get got.’ I know this — one kiss from my redhead and yours truly is all hers. And that’s just between us ya hear? I can’t anyway so it’s a moot point. I sighed. It’s probably for the best.

The afternoon soon came to and end. Tammy and I fist bumped. “On the calendar!” She smiled and nodded. görükle escort We said our goodbyes as we got off the elevator in the garage. I clicked the car door opener and slid in, turned the key and backed out. I headed to the L Room. I would call Lily from the bar. Oh no wait, bad plan. I would call from the parking lot. I backed into a spot — Mo would be proud.

I called. “Hi Sweetie, how’s your day?” I love hearing that voice.

“Just great Lily; do you have a couple of minutes?”

“Oh sure, no problem, is Mo there yet?”

“No, I don’t see her car; I came straight from work. I thought I might just see if you had a few to chat. Anything good happen today?”

“Well, I did talk to some people, got some recommendations, and put in a call to a security company; they’ll be out tomorrow night to look at the place and give me a quote. Couple of promising leads on sales, got a new listing today. So not bad for a Monday; how’s my honey doing? Are you okay not being pregnant?”

“Well, bottom line — yes. There’s that little teensy place deep in my heart that kind of hoped I might be. But yeah.” I told Lily about my decision regarding the range and shooting lessons. I could hear in her voice that she was pleased. “What time do you think you’ll be home babe?”

“Pretty early; say 7:30ish. How about you?”

“Mmm, I don’t really want to hang out here drinking too long. I’d rather go with Mo, get my clothes and, um, stuff…” we both giggled, “say goodbye to Mo, and head home. Can I call when I’m on my way?”

“Sure; if neither of us is home, let’s go out somewhere for dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan. I ought to let you get back to whatever you’re doing Lily. See you soon; love you!!”

“Love you too Ginger. See you in a bit.”

I wandered to the door of the bar, opened it, and was blasted by a wall of bass. Geez!! No Candy today (stop with the smirks). What was this other one’s name? Hmm. “Hi, I’m Ginger, and I forgot your name.” Georgia. Damn, should have remembered that. “Sorry Georgia, I’ll have a Stoli Raspberi.”

Georgia brought me my drink. “Mo called and said she’s running behind a little and would be here shortly. She asked me to pass along the message.” She eyed me with interested eyes, as if ‘who are you to Mo?’ I smiled, said thank you, and asked to run a tab. I sat in the chair with my back to the wall the way my cop liked. Oh lord, I just did it again — ‘my cop.’ Yeesh. And, of course, at that very moment, the gods having apparently taken to teasing (torturing?) me about it all, in she walked. Strode, actually; yeah, in she strode. That’s much better. A walk that said — ‘Yeah I do own the place; you got a problem with that?’ God help me. One look at that woman and I was a puddle.

She smiled at me, took her beer from Georgia and came toward me. I stood, smiling, and reached for her. She gave me a quick kiss and sat down. “So, tell me how you’re doing. I’ve been thinking about you all day.” She squeezed my hand and smiled. I wanted a kiss goddammit!

“Basically, as soon as you left I threw a bunch of clothes and things in a suitcase and headed to Lily’s.” Big moment here people!! “She’s someone I’ve been seeing for a while.” Mo watched and listened in silence. I took a sip of my drink. “I told Lily that you had called and told me about Nora being released and that I’d gone to get my stuff. I didn’t tell her that we had made love. I just couldn’t.” I looked Mo straight in the eye. “I’m not sorry for it, Mo. I love that we did. This is probably a pretty shitty thing to ask but I have to. Would you please go back there with me so I can collect the rest of my stuff? Nora’s fiancé called last night to apologize. He pretty much promised there wouldn’t be another incident.” I shrugged; she nodded. “I believe him but I don’t want to be in that shit box alone. Lily is having an alarm system put in her home as soon as possible.” I took another sip of my drink. I needed to let Mo speak.

“Wow, it’s a huge surprise that he called. I’m even more surprised you took the call.” I nodded. “Sure, Ginger, I’ll go with you. I understand why you don’t want to go there alone even if Nora doesn’t show up.”

“I need to talk with you about something, Mo. We came home from dinner last night and Lily was sure someone had been in her house. We called the police, who came right away. Lily owns a gun — it’s a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber. She uses some sort of hollow point bullets. Her comment was something like ‘if I shoot I want them to go down.'” That got a tight smile and a nod from Mo. “She’s got the necessary permits, Mo. Lily wants me to go to a range and take shooting lessons. I have a feeling I know your thoughts on this, but I’d like to hear them.”

Mo took a deep sip of her beer. She leaned in and kissed me; yeah, that kiss. Damn, the woman just … there was some sort of magnetism between us. Anybody else out there have a Mo? Ah — apparently quite a few; I see heads nodding and hands in the air. Then you’ll understand when I say I love my Lily and can see myself living with and, perhaps even marrying her. And you’ll understand bursa escort bayan my bewilderment and confusion when it comes to the attraction between me and Mo. The feelings overwhelm me and I just love it. And I hate the feeling I’m ‘cheating’ on Lily. I love kissing Mo.

“I got my period today Mo.” She laughed.

“Saved by the bell huh Ginger?” We both laughed — and we both knew it was true.

“Now, about this gun; you say she’s got the necessary permits right?” I nodded. “Check and see that she has a CWP — Concealed Carry permit.” I took out my notebook and wrote it down. Mo continued, “You’re right, law enforcement takes a dim view of guns in the hands of untrained citizens. But I can see why Lily has a gun. She’s out with people she barely knows in homes and places that can be vacant. And I can understand why she would want you to learn to shoot. If the range is good, they’ll teach you well.” She looked at me with her flat cop eyes. “Here’s the thing Ginger. All the learning can’t and won’t teach you how to react when someone comes at you. I don’t know your Lily but I wonder if she knows that. It may well determine whether you will live or die.” Her voice was as flat and cool as her eyes. It gave me the shivers — and I knew she was telling the truth; I only wondered if it was from personal experience.

She could see it in me. She leaned in, kissed me tenderly, and said, “Let’s finish these and go.” Uh oh … I think my stuff is in trouble. I went to Georgia, asked for a bill and was waved off. I smiled, left a ten dollar tip and thanked her. Better for me to get waved off than a cop I suppose, even if everyone in the place knew Mo was with me.

Mo had her coat on and handed me mine. We walked out the door hand in hand. Two cars headed to the band box. Mo had told me in the parking lot to let her get out of her car first. I knew why. I knew her hand would be close to her weapon. She told me to stay in my car until she gave me a nod. I did. I got the nod and hurried to the door. Mo wanted me to stay back; she’d enter first. Overkill? Are you serious? After the other day? I did exactly what she said. She reached inside, flicked on the lights, pushed the door open, and swung from side to side. She did a quick, thorough check of the place and waved me in. The weapon went away. I locked the door behind me.

I grabbed Mo’s hand and headed to the bedroom. I may be on my moon but I wanted some of her. I had her naked in no time. I dove into her headlong. I was frantic and crazed. I was a whirlwind; she didn’t stand a chance. Maybe she wanted to let me have my way with her. My fingers and lips took her. I was demanding, urgent, wanting to give her pleasure until she whimpered. I felt her crest the first time; her back arched high off the bed, gloriously. I never stopped after she collapsed. My mouth never left her pearl, my fingers sawed her depths, massaging and teasing her g-spot endlessly. I dipped a very wet finger at and slightly into the rosebud. I teased her nipples with my fingers. I scraped my nails over her torso from throat to belly button. Her cries announced her second; I was relentless in having every last bit of it rip through her. Mo was panting and moaning when it slipped away. Uh uh, not good enough; I’m not finished.

I loved her breasts, grinding myself on her sex. She didn’t have the strength to protest as I had my way with her again. I bathed, suckled, nibbled, bit and loved her glories in every way I could — one, then the other. She was trembling from it all. I smiled. If this was to be our last time, I wanted her to remember it for the rest of her life. I dragged my tongue from the dew covered valley down the length of her, my nails on either side of her sides. She moaned. Her fingers curled in my hair, not harshly. I took my time this time around. I kissed her sex, bathed her in kisses, pads of my fingers feather light. She had spread her legs wide to me long ago. I kissed up one side and down the other on each leg. I lapped behind her knees. Every trace of saliva was followed by a thin, cool stream of air. Her fingers were urgent and demanding as she pulled me to her. I drove my tongue deep inside her. She lifted, her fingers tore at me. She was close. I wanted one more. I pushed a finger at the rosebud … she grunted at it and cried out for it. My tongue drove in and out, curled, hard, determined. When the next devil took her over she moaned. She seemed to have lost control of her limbs as they just flailed. I wanted it to last; it seemed to, and she whimpered when it finally slid away.

I rose to my red headed glory. Her features were serene. She was deeply flushed. Her lips looked parched. I bent to lap at them, bathe them with me — and her. I kissed her; she barely responded. I slid my arms around her and held her as I lay atop her. I could feel the heat coming off of her body. She was shivering as the dew cooled. I did my best to cover her and knew the shivering was coming from a place deep inside her. I knew that feeling. It was horrible and wonderful. There are no words to express how much I loved giving that to her. What to do with my Mo? This was a question I would wrestle with. I felt her stir beneath me. I kissed her; she responded, her arms curling around me. The kiss was sweet and long. I wanted to cry. I was going to go home to the woman I loved after having made fabulous love to the woman I … who confused, confounded, and befuddled me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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