Emily’s Home – Ginger’s Out Ch. 10

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Emily Goes Home – Ginger Comes Out Ch. 10

*** April 15th — 29th***

Sunday, April 15 — Sunday sucked, from the goddamn alarm, to saying goodbye to my honey, to the shitty weather. After Reenie left I went back to bed. After waking again, I showered, stuck my tongue out at my reflection in the mirror, which added nothing to my mood, dragged a brush through the tangles, and set out in search of food, dodging raindrops on my way to the car.

I had nothing to do and all day to do it. What does a woman do on a day like that? Shop! Well, after breakfast. So here’s your Ginger, braless, in a skirt, no panties, wandering the Dayton Mall. I had my smuttiest red lipstick with way too much makeup, especially for me. I really didn’t do too much buying. Part of the fun of is window shopping, wandering, holding things in front of a mirror, wondering, and wishing. You know the drill. Doing it alone? Not so much; in fact, I hated it. I miss my redhead!!

I was feeling frisky. I had read a story about being pacified (do you remember?) without panties. The author said her lover was a wreck all day from the tension of having to hold the pacifier in place, especially since she had been told to wear a skirt. Plus it gave me the giggles. Okay, way more than just giggles. The plastic of the pacifier pressing on my pearl sent me into orbit. I’m talking full flush, gasping, jelly legged, lean against a column and ignore the stares orgasm.

I sent a text to Reenie telling her that. It must have been a busy day for my honey. The thought of that reminded me to say a silent prayer: Please keep my Reenie and everyone else who serves safe today! It took her a while to respond in her usual expansive way: ‘Slut.’ She’s just adorable. The day had gotten away from us yesterday. Imagine that. My surprise would have to wait till – whenever. What surprise? If I tell you it won’t be a surprise. Geez!

I was in a state all day, as planned. Reenie didn’t know (obviously) but I’d stashed work clothes in my car, hoping she’d call, asking me to dinner and to spend the night at the crash pad. All three happened. The fact there were four of us with one bathroom wasn’t particularly a problem — Reenie would leave before me; I would leave before the other two were even conscious. I did give a moment’s thought, while taking my shower Monday morning, to Candy and her crush. But I knew Reenie would tan her hide. And that would be after she kicked Candy’s ass.

Sunday, April 22nd — It had been an interesting week. The masher was Monday the sixteenth. All of you who aren’t men know what that’s like. George, tan and all, gave me stink eye about my decision to give everybody Friday off. I gently reminded him that it was a one-time deal. After he saw their work, not another word was said. Ginger: inner voice — neener! I smiled sweetly. Not all that much to report otherwise. Everybody was in great spirits after their day off.

Reenie’s idea of date night Monday was rather carnal. Yeah, I complained — not. I was the rather grateful recipient of her ardor in the extremis! Good golly miss Molly! Candy and Georgia giggled through the apparently thin walls. Yeah, our loving lasted that long. Reenie and I took turns at my place and hers. We talked about Tara’s recommendations; more on that in a bit.

I called Jenny after Kathy’s visit Thursday. All was good there. The big news was Megan’s prom, which is this coming Saturday. Jenny sounded excited and frazzled. I was able to spend a few breathless moments on the phone with Meg, who was every bit as giggly, excited and nervous as you’d expect. I wished her well and asked that she be sure to have her Mom send pictures via email.

Reenie had rare back to back days off Sunday and Monday. We met after Kathy’s Saturday visit. Unfortunately it rained off and on all day and night Saturday. I pulled up Active Dayton to see if there was something to do. Lots; very little of it interested both of us. We decided to see the Gem City Rollergirls. Yup, roller derby. It was silly, it was fun, and it was nearby in Huber Heights. The women are crazy mad, beating the hell out of each other. This little tidbit will bring a smile. Anyone who was an EMT got in free!! And, they were having an ‘after party’ at a sports bar — The Filling Station. What the hell. Actually, what a night! As in, for a sports bar they had one heck of a menu. Reenie nearly needed to be tethered to the booth with the beer selection. We got to meet some of the players from both teams. We got the sense that more than a few play for our team. I’m sure they figured out we’re family as well.

Waking up on Reenie’s day off has a way of taking a while, she said with a wry smile. I had called Saturday afternoon and scheduled a late morning visit with Tara. It was super nice of her to see us on a Sunday. We didn’t want to wreck her day by making the appointment too late. We got to the store with about a minute to spare.

The meeting was really more about confirming than changing. Tara said that the bedroom fatih escort set would be delivered late this week. She would call when she knew more. Oh! I think I forgot to mention it … that was the only thing we’d ordered last time. It won’t surprise you who pressed hardest to get that done sooner rather than later. Tara also said all the ‘little’ items – dishes, glasses, towels and the like would also be delivered this week. I had put the bedroom set on my credit card. The rest of the order was placed. I wrote a check for the deposit and signed my life away for the balance. The invoice was very lengthy. Tara asked me to look at the delivery charge. It was one hundred dollars!! Huh? Tara smiled. The order was large enough, apparently, that her manager had signed off on it. It saved us quite a bit of money. Hugs, kisses, and genuine words of thanks and praise were exchanged. We would be in our home soon!

Reenie asked why we were going to the Dayton Mall. I made sure to park as far away from my destination. Reenie didn’t know what I had planned. What she discovered was the delicious agony of being pacified without panties. No, my cop didn’t wear skirts often. She did today and she looked gorgeous! We walked all the way through Macy’s. Her face was flushed, and the air was, quietly, very blue. About two thirds of the way through the long corridor, JC Penney in sight, she stopped, grabbed my arm with a strong hand, and gasped, “Oh my god Ginger, help!” She was in the grip of what was, obviously, a shattering spend. I thought she was going to break my goddamn arm. I pulled her to me, held her head to my shoulder with one hand, and tweaked a nipple with the other. She moaned and bit my shoulder. I smiled. When she had finally gathered herself after it passed, she hissed, “You are so dead!” I smiled sweetly and kissed her nose. I took her hand, walking quickly through Penney’s. When we passed through the doors our destination came into view.

Reenie turned and looked at me. I smiled and nodded. I had gone online and found what I wanted. Jared had a gorgeous white gold promise ring with interlocking hearts and diamond chips in the center of each. The website has this hysterical blurb, ‘If you need your finger sized, try to do so on a dry, cool day.’ Sunday was in the mid eighties, cloudy, humid, and windy. Reenie was neither calm nor cool, especially after the orgasm. My period was due soon so I had a bloat going on. Reenie’s eyes were leaking the whole time we were in the store. Yeah, my tough cop with the soft heart. The sales dude finally seemed to catch on that we were buying the rings for each other. He had spent most of the time eyeballing each of us. Dream on dude! Reenie pitched a minor hissy when I gave him my credit card. I shrugged and smiled. She made goo-goo eyes at the dude and he rang up each ring separately.

When we left the store she asked if she could take the pacifier out. No! She begged. No! She threatened. I laughed. I spun, pulled her tight, and ground my hips to the plastic bud. Reenie shook as another ripped through her. My eyes showed concern to passersby. She shivered, trembled, and hissed things sailors would blush at. I had to bury my face in her hair to keep the mirth from showing. Everything was good until I felt her fingers digging into my ribs. Bitch is way too strong. In absolute survival mode I tore her fingers from me. I would ache for a week.

In the car, I climbed over the console and knelt before my love. I took her ring, looked in the leaking pools of blue and said, “Maureen Henry, this ring is a promise, a step, another strand in the rope of our deepening relationship. I promise to stand by and with you. I promise that you are my one and only. I promise that you will be my M.I.P. — Most Important Person. We will love, we’ll live, laugh, scrap, and more. The friendship, respect, and affection that this ring signifies, for me, holds the promise of more to come. I love you, Reenie.” I slid the ring on her finger, leaned in and kissed her.

Reenie wiped her tear streaked cheeks, sighed, and began. “I love you Ginger. Can you imagine that a traffic stop could lead to this?” We both laughed. “I know my work scares you. I love you for finding the strength to deal with it. I love you.” She shrugged. “I’m not as good with words as you. I just do, completely.” Her fingers ran through my hair as she talked. She reached into the little case, took the ring and slid it on my finger. Her kiss was soft and sweet.

There was a reason I climbed over the console. It was about more than slipping the ring on her finger. Her cries of ecstasy echoed in the car after I removed the pacifier. I love my redhead. I think that’s about all I need to say.

The rest of our Sunday was intimate and not all of it was in the cave. Intimacy is whatever you make it. We did. That included a celebratory dinner at Fleming’s. I insisted. We compromised; she said yes. My honey didn’t know I had called earlier and made a reservation. I wasn’t sure if it was needed on istanbul escort a Sunday evening, but I wanted a table away from the crowd. Yeah, we stopped at the cave to get my Monday work clothes. Reenie could (wink) sleep in. We were doing more of this now. The day was coming when we would live together, as a couple.

Reenie called. Both Candy and Georgia met us at the L Room after dinner. I’m smiling as I write. Their tears, hugs, and kisses were warm but not sexual. They were both so happy for us. It was late, but not too late, when we got to the crash pad. We celebrated our commitment spectacularly and thoroughly. Reenie’s magnificent body was mine to feast on. I indulged, fabulously. After she recovered – let’s just say her threats in the mall were not idle.

You may wonder how we are able to keep our ardor for each other at the level I’m describing. I can’t really explain it other than to say this: If you were to see what I see, and know her like I know her, I believe that you would be every bit as determined to pleasure her as I am. And by now you know there’s so much more to us than what we share in the intimacy of our loving.

Monday, April 23rd — A new project; after lunch, new teams were drawn. Tammy and Chris were captains, Roy Massey the floater. In a most unusual coincidence the teams came up all men and all women. No one could believe it. Several people suggested I’d stacked the deck. I hadn’t. I suggested the team names: ‘Guys’ and ‘Dolls.’ All the guys rolled their eyes. The women loved it! I explained what we were doing with this one and gave each team their folder. There was some good-natured joking and teasing about the teams but, as Tammy’s team headed to the small conference room, I could sense excitement about the teams and the task.

I had asked Tammy if she wanted to go to lunch. She was very excited about being a captain. I showed her the promise ring and told her about the furniture. She was so excited for us. She laughed when I described our Saturday night.

“Roller derby? Oh my gosh, how on earth did you find that?”

“Your idea — Active Dayton; the tickets weren’t very expensive, it was a hoot, and, there was a party afterward at a sports bar. The food was unbelievably good, so all in all it was a pretty fun night.” It was a fun and funny lunch.

I took a few minutes and called Rita Cutler about a cleaning service. I explained about the furniture and other things being delivered later this week. She gave me a company name and phone number to call. The lady who answered identified herself as Katie. Oh good, the owner. I introduced myself, told her about the house, and gave a few details about what I needed. “What I really need to know is if you can clean the house later this week?”

“Do you need the entire house cleaned at one time? If only the bedroom set and things for the kitchen are being delivered now, we could do this over two days, if that’s okay with you.” Hmm, that was a good point. Maybe they could start on Friday, which happened to be Reenie’s day off, and come back to finish Saturday

“Do you work on Saturdays?”

“Yes. We could do some on Friday and finish Saturday.”

“That would be ideal.” Katie asked me for a little more detail on what I wanted done. Basically, everything – the windows, the bathrooms, the refrigerator, oven – it all needed cleaning.

“Could I call later this afternoon to confirm and give you a quote?” Absolutely.

This house thing was more complicated than I remembered. Yes, I’d owned a home with my ex-husband for most of the time we were married. But he’d taken charge of most of the details. There is no husband now. I also realized we needed a landscaping service. The bank had theirs cutting the grass. That would end soon. I didn’t even know if Reenie knew how to run a lawnmower. Maybe she would like it. Gardening – another decision that needs to be made.

I was stirred from my musings by Jodi’s knock and smiling face. “There’s someone here to see you Ginger.” What on earth? I saw a head behind Jodi’s, a head that had red hair. Reenie? A hand over Jodi’s shoulder wiggled fingers in a ‘hello’ gesture. I laughed.

“Get in here you goof.” My honey crossed behind Jodi and came into my office. I stood, came around my desk, and kissed her. “I take it you and Jodi have met.” Jodi’s smile spoke volumes.

“So this is what the busy executive calls home during the day.” My face burned with embarrassment. If she said anything about that Friday I’d be mortified. “I was bored and thought I’d come hang out with you. Maybe we can go out to dinner tonight.”

“Absolutely; we’ve got a bunch to talk about.” I stuck my head out the door. “Jodi, please call and see if George is busy. I’d like to take Reenie upstairs to meet him.” She picked up the phone to dial. I had a quick and important decision to make. I was completely comfortable with who I am and my relationship with my honey. On the other hand, I hadn’t made a point of broadcasting it. Jodi, Tammy and George taksim escort all knew about Reenie. “Reenie, are you okay meeting the people in our group?”

She looked at me in disbelief. “Are you?”

I shrugged. “A few people know. I guess it’s time, especially after yesterday.” That brought out the hundred watt smile.

George walked into my office. “Ginger, I hear you have a visitor!”

“George Watson, this is my girlfriend, Maureen Henry. Reenie, this is my boss, George. Not only is he the best boss I’ve ever had, but he recommended little old me as his replacement.”

“So he’s not only handsome, he’s smart. It’s a pleasure, Mr. Watson.”

“Please, it’s George. What brings you to our neck of the woods today, Reenie?”

Reenie took my hand. “My honey of course and it’s my day off. I thought I’d come see what she does all day.”

“George, I’m going to take Reenie to the conference rooms and introduce her to everybody.” There was a flicker of alarm in his eyes, then he smiled and nodded.

“Reenie, it’s a pleasure to finally get to meet you. I should get back to doing boss things.” They shook hands and, with a wave to me, he left.

“Come on you.” We went to the small conference room first. I knocked and opened the door. “Hey ‘Dolls,’ how’s the afternoon going?” I could see Tammy’s eyes get real wide.

“Really good Ginger,” chimed in Kayla. “It’s fun being an all-girl team. Who’s your friend?”

“Everybody, this is my girlfriend and the love of my life, Reenie. Reenie, there’s Tammy, Deanna, Kayla, and Natalie.” I pointed to each of the women in the room as I identified them.

Bless her, Tammy got up, came to where we were standing and said, with a smile, “Reenie, I’ve heard so much about you. It’s really nice to meet you.” She gave Reenie a little peck on the cheek.

Deanna asked, “Ginger, how long were you married?” Subtle huh?

“Twenty seven years, Deanna. Asshole changed the locks on me. I took his ass to the cleaners in the divorce.” I turned to my redhead. “Do you mind sharing how we met?”

Reenie smiled, “I’m a Dayton police officer. I pulled your boss over for speeding one morning.” The room exploded in laughter.

“Listen kids, we’re going to the wolves den. It’s Reenie’s day off. She chose to bless us with her presence. Anyone have questions or problems with your part of our project?” Four heads shook. “Okay, I’ll be back in a bit.” I can’t lie. I was nervous, relieved, and pleased — so far, so good.

I knocked on the door and we walked in. Five sets of eyes immediately locked on my redhead. I cleared my throat. “Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce Maureen Henry, my girlfriend and the love of my life.” I went around the room, naming each of the five men. Reenie waved hello. Five sets of eyes moved from me, to her, and to each other.

The longest tenured of the group, Roy Massey, said quietly, “Ginger, you were married right?”

I smiled. “Yeah I was, for a long time.” Just smile Ginger. They’re guys, and guys do what they do.

Reenie seemed perfectly comfortable with their stares. “I met Ginger in a rather unusual way, guys. I’m a Dayton cop. I pulled her over for speeding one morning.” She gave them her hundred watt smile. The room was quiet for a beat and then the laughter began. What could I do but blush, shrug, and smile?

“It’s her day off and she got bored, so she came by to see what I do all day. I wanted all of you to meet the woman in my life. How is the day going? Anyone have any questions about your side of the project?” The response was slower. Their eyes were still taking the measure of my beauty. Five of them — four were married, one was divorced. I sighed. “Okay, I’ll let you get back to it.”

We headed to my office. I collapsed in my chair. Jodi came in, looked at me, closed the door, and sat next to Reenie. “Are you okay Ginger?”

Reenie answered, “Yeah, she’s fine Jodi. I’ve known I’m gay for just about all my life. This is still sort of new for Ginger. Add to that her promotion — it makes sense she’s a little nervous.”

“Listen you two. I’m going to go pretend to be the boss for a while. I’ll let the two of you chat.” I smiled at Reenie and gave Jodi’s shoulder a squeeze on my way out.

I went to the guy’s room first. I stood outside the door for a few seconds — listening. The chatter had nothing to do with work. It was a little disappointing but not a complete surprise. I burst into the room and found a seat. “So what’s the chat about? Is everybody okay?” I made eye contact with each of the five. I knew my eyes were not particularly warm and I didn’t really give a shit. Not a word from any of them. Okay. “Anyone have any questions?”

It was Roy who spoke first. “Ginger, we really like you. I’m sure you understand that this is more than a little bit of a surprise to everyone. I’m only speaking for me – your girlfriend is really pretty. It’s obvious that the two of you are a couple. If the two of you are happy together, well, that’s all that matters. Your personal life is just that. It says a lot about your character that you introduced her to all of us. I’m assuming you introduced her to the ‘Dolls.'” He smiled warmly. Some of the others had turned to listen to Roy; some were staring at me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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