Emily’s Shorts – Drowning

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is not based on, or inspired by, any real world events or any actual people. All characters are invented and envisaged by the author as being at least 18 years old and engaged in only consensual activities.


Shorter stories or single scenes featuring Emily and her various partners. You can read more about our heroine in “Emily’s Erotic Adventures”, a series of longer novelettes.

This short story is a direct continuation of: Emily’s Shorts – You Spin Me Round.

Call me Emily. That may or may not be my real name. Today, I’m a normal, well-adjusted girl in my mid-twenties. One who loves her Daddy very much. I am blonde and diminutive, with small breasts. If you want to know more about what I look like, read one of my other stories, I go on about it lots in them!

This is a tale from back in 2017. At the time I was nineteen and still exploring the boundaries of my sexuality.


There was a comfortable familiarity to Daddy’s big, thick cock as he thrust it deeply in and out of my tilted back head and down my throat. At the other end of me, the head of Rian’s curved dick felt good pressurizing the roof of my vagina as he fucked me. My eyes were closed and I savored the feeling of fullness, the feeling of accommodating two large cocks within my petite, teen body. Mmm… that was so good. It could have been any night when Rian had come over to visit the two of us.

Then the alarm beeped loudly on Daddy’s phone…

Daddy and Rian both stickily withdrew from me. Daddy’s cock rose above my face glistening with saliva and mucus. And then it began to swivel out of view to my right. I was suddenly aware of the tightness of leather belts across my stomach and neck, the weight of chained wrist-cuffs on my arms and my legs raised, spread and padlocked in lithotomy stirrups.

The feeling of emptiness left by Daddy and Rian’s cocks was mirrored by an emptiness in my stomach. I had told myself it would be OK and it had felt OK being penetrated by Daddy and his friend. Now a new cock appeared from my left. Number 2 was a newbie, Frank was his name I think. He was mid-fifties like Daddy. He was circumcised like everyone bar Daddy and John, another of the regulars. I recalled that Frank was the guy I had got to lick my pussy by way of introduction. My head was tilted back in the headrest Rian had built, so I could not see Number 7. I think it was probably Jeff, another newbie. Well I couldn’t worry too much about him, I focused on Frank. His cock was around six inches, easy for an experienced deep-throat slut like me. The platform stopped rotating and I heard Daddy say ‘2 minutes’. I opened my mouth…

Then I felt a cock push against my asshole. It was slippery with pre-cum, but the owner hadn’t bothered to lube me in any other way. I gasped as he penetrated me, forcing my ring open roughly. The sting of his anal invasion had made me bite my lip, but I’m a submissive, I decided not to make a fuss. I reasoned that it would be over soon enough.

I remembered Number 2 and opened my mouth again ready for him. He held his cock near the top and moved it towards my face. I awaited his oral penetration. Then a jet of liquid sprayed into my mouth. Had he cum already? But the stream continued with greater volume than any guy cumming could produce and I tasted urine. Oh shit, I had agreed to this, what was I thinking?

His piss splashed my chin and dripped down my up-turned nose. Then he moved his hand to direct the jet downwards. I closed my eyes just as his warm piss hit them. I felt the pressure of the stream of liquid through my eyelids and on to my eyeballs. I squeezed my eyelids tight. Then he redirected himself to my mouth once more. I had closed it having swallowed the first mouthful as best I could in my prone position. Like the good sub I am, I opened wide and felt the liquid pool at the back of my throat. How much water had he drunk for fuck’s sake?

The watersports show has distracted my attention, but I had been aware of Jeff working his cock deeper into my dry ass. it was uncomfortable and I thought it couldn’t have felt too good for him either. At least his cock seemed to be smaller than average. If Daddy ass-fucked me like that, I’d end up in the ER. Then people get off on all sorts of things. I hear some girls like to have 10 guys take turns to fuck them while restrained; weird right?

Frank’s stream of urine was petering out finally and now stopped. Some of his piss had overspilled my mouth and my hair was wet from both this and him spraying my eyes, which were still firmly closed. I swallowed a second mouthful of pee and then felt the head of his cock against my lips. I parted them obediently and he was in my mouth. I sucked on his glans and ran my tongue around him. Jeff was managing to somehow fuck my un-lubed ass and I hoped he was enjoying the experience more than me. I would be talking to Daddy about Jeff later, I felt his Çeşme Escort “Fuck Club” days were probably numbered. I longed for the calmer waters of Daddy and Rian.

Then the alarm beeped loudly on Daddy’s phone…

Frank pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped back. But Jeff kept humping my ass.

‘Number 7. It’s time to yield.’

‘Number 7!’

‘I want to use my joker, I’m going to cream-pie this bitch. It’s what she wants.’

‘Daddy, he didn’t lube me at all. I could put up with it for a while, but not another 2 minutes. He’s going to make me too sore for anyone else to ass-fuck. Daddy, I’ve had enough of this!’

‘Number 7, stop now!’

‘I’m using my joker, those are the rules. The whore likes it rough. I’m going to fill your whore ass with cum bitch.’

‘No you are fucking not asshole!’

This from Rian, who was standing next to Jeff. I winced as Jeff’s cock was pulled almost sideways out of my ass.

‘Good luck finding a fucking whore who wants to be ass-fucked dry you fucking piece of shit, even with a tiny dick like yours, asshole!’

I had a potty mouth on me at times. This was one of those times. I felt pretty justified in the circumstances.

I was aware of a struggle and in my peripheral vision saw Daddy moving. There was a scream and some indistinct shouting receding into the distance and then a second fainter scream. A door opened and closed. I learned later that Rian, Daddy and John, the regular who has vouched for Jeff, had man-handled him out to the car park, thrown his clothes after him and then stamped them into the dirt.

Josh, another of the regulars and owner of the store, appeared in my vision, he was Number 3. He crouched down, his face close to mine.

‘He’s out of here angel and not coming back. Are you OK? Do you want me to undo you?’

He stroked my urine-soaked face as he spoke gently to me. Josh had always been a good guy.

‘I’m OK thanks Josh. Can you just raise the headrest for me? Thanks.’

I lifted my head and Josh locked the headrest at its most elevated position. Six rather sheepish guys surrounded me in a ring, with a gap near my legs where Jeff, Rian and John were missing. There was not an erection to be seen. The door in the far wall opened and Daddy, Rian and John came back in. Daddy and John were in animated conversation. It was odd to see as everyone was nude.

‘I’m sorry David, I never saw any behavior that even hinted at that. I’ve known him for years and had no clue he was a misogynistic psychopath.’

They drew near the platform.

‘I’m so, so sorry Em. It’s my fault I know, my judgement is clearly awful. I’m going to leave. I hope you will forgive me in time.’

‘It’s OK John. I guess we just need to be a bit more careful about expanding the group. I’m fine. Just glad he’s gone.’

‘He’s gone alright.’

This from Daddy.

‘He’ll also have a fun time explaining to his wife what happened to his face and why his clothes are filthy and in tatters.’

‘I know where he lives and told him if I ever see him again, or hear he has been round here, his wife is going to learn a few things about him.’

He was walking as he spoke. Josh shuffled sideways and Daddy crouched beside me, as he stroked my cheek, I could see his knuckles were bruised and bloody.

‘So, sweetie, shall we pull the plug? It doesn’t seem that people are too in to it anymore.’

Glancing round I could see he was right. Frank, who was a little behind me to my right, was actually looking terrified.

‘Emily, I hope I didn’t, I mean I didn’t want to…’

‘It’s OK Frank, believe it or not, I have drunk piss before. I like it. Also, it was on the menu as a special request, so don’t feel bad, we are cool.’

‘Having said that, maybe I’ve has my fill of urine for today.’

‘Daddy, do you mind getting me out of this contraption? I’d like to have a talk.’

Daddy started to remove my restraints and Rian and Josh helped. I sat up on the platform, hair dripping.

‘No one needs to leave. Rian can you maybe call Ray and ask him to bring a couple of bottles of Bourbon over? If his shift is nearly finished, he’s welcome to stay.’

‘Again, nobody needs to leave, unless they want to. I’m just going to talk to Daddy about how we get this night back on track.’

‘Give us 10 will you.’

Daddy picked me up off of the platform and put me on the floor. Rian handed me a towel for my hair. I took Daddy’a hand and we walked into the showroom; Josh always closed the store on party nights.


We were surrounded by the paraphernalia of sex. Mannequins with exaggerated breasts and lurid painted genitalia sported PVC and leather costumes. Dildos stood in neat rows, ordered by size. Chains and crops segued to baby-dolls and nurses’ uniforms. With the lights turned low, the room had a slightly eerie feel, as if the fetish figures might animate and demand to be fucked or punished.

When he had closed the door, Daddy turned Çeşme Escort Bayan to me and put his arms around me. I sank into his naked chest.

‘Are you OK, precious?’

‘I’m OK, Daddy. But that was so unnecessary. I don’t mean poor Frank before you get angry with him.’

‘But we have to either stop allowing new people or do a much better job of screening them.’

‘I agree angel. Leave it to me. I’ll figure out something and you can either OK it, or we stick to regulars. Heck we can just stop completely any time you like.’

‘OK. Let’s not worry about that now. I can’t imagine anyone causing trouble after what happened to Jeff. Can you?’

‘Not really.’

‘A more pressing issue is we have a rather punctured mood. If we can’t fix that, we might as well all go home now. Frankly, I don’t want to go home, I want to be fucked and to cum so much that I forget about that asshole.’

‘Speaking of assholes. Is there any of that cream you used on my nipples around?’

Daddy reached behind the counter and pulled out a plastic jar with a screw top.

‘Do you want me to?’

‘Yes please, Daddy. Inside as well.’

Daddy picked me up and lay me lengthways on a display case. I put my legs on the glass, shuffled them apart and used my hands to part my butt-cheeks. Daddy took a scoop of cream and rubbed it gently round my asshole. He took another scoop and pushed some of it inside with his forefinger. I winced a bit.

‘Does it feel bad?’

‘It’s a bit sore, but the cream is helping. Can I have some more please Daddy?’

‘Of course, angel.’

Daddy applied more cream and pushed it up my ass, this time with two fingers. I moaned softly.

‘Well that sounds like an improvement.’

‘Yes. But there is only one way to be really sure that I can ass-fuck. Isn’t there Daddy?’

‘Are you sure, baby girl?’

‘Yes, I’m sure.’

‘OK sweetie, but yell if it hurts.’

Daddy took more of the cream and spread it round my asshole. The blood had begun to return to his cock. He pulled back his foreskin and put a dollop on the tip. He spread it around his head slowly, making himself hard and them smeared more onto his long shaft.

‘OK angel, nice and slow.’

I hooked my hands under my knees and lifted my legs, parting them, offering my injured ass to Daddy. He pushed his head against my ring and it opened under the pressure, accepting his wide tip. I gasped, but Daddy was so big that I did that at the best of times when he penetrated me. I felt my muscles stretching, adjusting, accommodating. It felt OK so far.

Daddy now held my legs, which left me free to rub my clit and suck my thumb. The sight of his daughter doing this always had a galvanizing effect on Daddy. He lent his weight onto my slight body and began to ease his shaft into me, albeit more carefully than normal.

‘Oh yes, Daddy. That feels good. Mmm… the cream is good and you are slipping into me so nicely. Give me more Daddy. I think I’m OK, but slowly, OK.’

I felt a little sore inside, but the cream was soothing. So was the familiar feeling of my Father’s 8 to 9 inches probing my rectum. Daddy had taken my anal virginity a few hours after being the first cock to penetrate both my mouth and pussy. I had craved him sodomizing me ever since.

‘That’s it Daddy. All the way into your little girl’s ass. It feels good.’

Daddy slid all but an inch of his cock into me. He got very wide at his root and was now stretching my asshole a lot.

‘Ow! OK that hurt a bit. Can you pull out and give me some more cream please?’

Daddy’s withdrawal left my ring gaping and twitching.

‘You look a little sore angel.’

Daddy rubbed cream around my ring, making me tingle. He pushed more inside with his fingers, massaging it into the sides of my anal cavity.

‘That’s good Daddy. Let’s try again.’

Daddy put some more cream on his cock, I held my legs wide as he slipped back into me, returning to rubbing my pussy and sucking my thumb once he was inside.

‘Let’s rip the bandage off Daddy. Give me it balls-deep.’

I didn’t just want to test if my ass was serviceable, I really wanted Daddy’s cock deep in me. He slid in smoothly but without pause until our groins met. My ring was wide, wide open and the pain from before did not return, just the deeply sensuous feeling of fullness, of taking a very large foreign object in my petite frame. I loved anal so much. I took my thumb out of my mouth temporarily.

‘Mmm.. that’s good Daddy. No pain at all. Now fuck me. I want the first load of cum I take tonight to be yours and I want it deep in my ass.’

Daddy started to rock in and out of me. He restricted the length of his strokes to just one or two inches and adopted a slow rhythm. When I told him to fuck me harder, he started to slide four or five inches in and out of my ass, slapping his body into mine at the end of each inward stroke. I paused sucking my thumb again.

‘Harder Daddy. Faster Daddy. Make me cum Daddy and then Escort Çeşme cum for your little girl.’

Daddy stopped holding back and began to fuck me hard. I frigged myself with two fingers and slurped noisily on my thumb, removing it briefly to breathe:

‘Like that Daddy, I’m starting to cum. Please don’t stop.’

Daddy increased his speed and I felt warm waves reverberate from my ass, through my pussy and break onto my clit. I arched my back and pushed my body up to meet Daddy’s urgent thrusts. I tensed and shuddered and tensed again. I moaned deeply, my thumb still in my mouth. The warmth exploded from my clit, enveloping my whole body as I bucked and writhed, Daddy’s cock deep in my ass. Warm liquid gushed from my cunt, my fingers making it spray sideways. Daddy’s body also trembled. He thrust deep into me and I felt his cock twitch violently again and again before erupting into the depths of me. The warmth of my orgasm blended with the warmth of Daddy’s cum filling my rectum.

Daddy leaned forward on to me and our lips met. I accepted his tongue into my mouth as he continued to twitch adding more sticky liquid to that already pooling inside me.

‘Thank you, Daddy. I love your cock in my ass. I think I’ll be OK to take a few more now. But we need to get the guys back in the mood.’

Looking round at the mannequins that loomed over us. An idea began to form in my head.

‘I think I know what we can do. Let me clean your cock and then let’s try something.’


When Daddy led me back into the “Fuck Club” room, I had lost the stockings and garter belt. Instead I returned as schoolgirl Emily, a role my waif-like body was well-suited to.

Instead of my own real uniform, in which I had first fucked Daddy at the age of 18 years and 4 days, this was slutty schoolgirl Emily, care of a costume from Josh’s store. My hair was in pigtails on either side; Daddy had got very competent at tying these. The white lycra crop top had a red plaid trim and came with an integral approximation of a school tie. It was small and stretchy enough to fit snuggly even over my flat chest, showing off my hard nipples.

The skirt was more impressionistic than an actual garment. Colorwise, it matched the trim on the top. It’s main purpose seemed to be to flap around showing off my white panties and ass-cheeks. The skirt was also ultra-low-rise, leaving an extensive expanse of soft pink flesh between the bottom of the shirt and the top of my pubis, the upper part of which protruded a little from the waist-band. At the rear, the top of my ass-crack also peeped out.

I sported sheer knee-high socks, with red ribbons at the top and Daddy had even found a pair of patent leather flats with shiny silver buckles in the shoe section. I cuddled a teddy bear and continued to suck my thumb, completing the look.

I could almost hear a coordinated inhalation as I walked demurely to meet the group. It was very clear that all eyes were on me. The guys had put their robes on and were sipping Bourbon from plastic glasses. Apparently, Ray had to work a double shift and sent his apologies. My entrance caused Rian and Josh to disrobe and the others followed their lead.

‘So Emily had to go home and her friend schoolgirl Emily has said that she would fill in for her. I know she may not look it, but she is 19, just like the other Emily, so she is 100% legal. She is a little shyer than the first Emily, but you will find that she can be just as accommodating if you are kind to her.’

I stood on tiptoe, fully aware of the inadequacy of my skirt for such a maneuver and pretended to whisper in Daddy’s ear.

‘Schoolgirl Emily says that your cocks look very nice and asked if she can suck them.’

I nodded in silent affirmation.

I knelt and the 8 men surrounded me. I still sucked my thumb. It didn’t actually seem that anyone really needed a hand with their erection right now, including Daddy, who’s cum was trickling out of my ass, wetting my panties. But it was best to be sure.

I selected Frank to go down on first. I felt bad for the guy. I gazed up at him with my big green eyes as I took him in my mouth, massaging him with my tongue and leaving trails of saliva on his modest shaft as I moved on to the next guy. I made sure to suck my thumb and cuddle my teddy between each guy; method actors had nothing on me.

I worked my way through all of them. The sixth was the last of the newbies, Steve, I think. I guess watching me slurp on the previous five cocks was too much for him. As soon as my mouth closed round his head, it throbbed and twitched, squirting cum into my mouth. I sucked him as he orgasmed and ran my tongue over his head in my mouth. As his spasming abated, I pulled him out slowly. I had kept his cum in my mouth, which I now opened wide. I gurgled on his spunk, turning my head to display the contents of my mouth to the others, before theatrically swallowing.

The last two cocks belonged to Rian and Daddy, neither ever had any problems getting rock hard for me, so I kissed and licked them briefly, ready to move to the next stage. They led me to Rian’s platform and again I was strapped in. They left my arms free and I cuddled my teddy with one and continued to thumb-suck like a trouper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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