Emily’s Trigger

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Training for my slave began tonight. On the whole she is a good slave. We are committed to a 24/7 relationship. I don’t control every part of her but I intend to. In the past few weeks we have tried a lot of different activities so that I could grasp her potential and understand what I had to do to train her to my specifications.

“Emily!” I called

“Yes Master.” She called as she came running to kneel at my feet.

I like looking at her in this position. Emily stands about five foot eight inches tall, all of it is curves. I like my girls a little rounder than most guy’s. It means I don’t have to worry about breaking them when I use them. Her auburn hair is trimmed into a pageboy haircut, and always seems to wave around her face. Her skin is alabaster white and her up thrust nipples are a charcoal red. It is her responsibility to keep herself shaved at all times and as she knelt there on her knees legs open and tits up her little pink cookie was well exposed to my gaze.

“Very well girl, you have five minutes to make me cum..” I commanded.

“Yes Master.” And without a seconds hesitation she scooted forward and unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis. She immediately out the head into her mouth and putting her hands behind her back began to suck me off. She has very talented lips, although I don’t tell her that.

She began to rock herself back and forth pushing the tip of my penis into the back of her throat and rocking back on her heels to pull her mouth the length of me to the very end of my penis. When she had me good and warmed up she began to use her tongue as well. The essence of a good blow-job is in the tongue, Rubbing it back and forth altyazılı porno and right under the ridge on the tip can drive a man insane.

It took her four minutes and thirty seconds to make me cum. Good girl that she was she swallowed it. But I wasn’t going to let her get off that easy.

“Girl, you’ve given me much better blow-jobs. What is the problem?” I growled.

She turned pink and then said, “I’m sorry I wasn’t pleasing Master, may I try again?”

“After I’ve given you a little incentive girl you will do better, or I’ll tan you so hard you’ll feel it for a week. Now come here.” And matching my words to my actions I grabbed her left ear in my right hand and dragged her to the couch.

I never let go of her ear as I sat down on the couch and draped her over my knees. She let out a little shriek as she was upended. I draped her over both knees with her sex on my left thigh. This left her upper torso to hand down to the floor and her legs in the air.

I rubbed her bottom letting her feel the strength of my hand and subtly letting her know that she was in this position until I let her up. It also lets me establish exactly where I intend to spank and how much muscle or fat is there. She let out a small whimper.

I began to spank her one smack at a time with a little pause between each one. Just letting her feel each blow. Each impact upon her bottom. I alternate my blows between each cheek but after 15 hard smacks she began to wiggle her bottom. I placed one hand firmly in the small of her back to hold her down and increased the tempo and force of each blow. I kept spanking her until I had counted out fifty blows to her bottom.

When zenci porno I let her up she put her hands behind her back, very careful not to rub her burning bottom and really put her back into giving me a blow-job. The second one was much better. I could tell she had real incentive.

“Good girl.” I groaned as she finished.

I let her put me away and told her to follow me. She crawled on all fours as led her into the bed room.

“On the bed girl, face down spread eagle.” She looked at me with trepidation as I said this but she followed my order with out question.

As she spread herself on the bed I pulled out my nylon ties and tied her to the corners of the bed.

“Ok Emily, one of the biggest things about owning you is that I want to control your mind as well. Tonight we are going to start that process.” I laid a rattan cane across her arms as I said this.

I could see her quiver as I left it there.

“You will cum when I say NOW, if you don’t you will receive twenty stripes with that cane. If you come before I say the word NOW you will be given twenty stripes with the cane. Please signify your understanding.” I said.

“Yes Master.” She quoted.

“Don’t just yes Master me girl tell me what I just said to you.” I really wanted to know she understood. In a D/S relationship communication is of paramount importance.

“Yes Master I understand that I must cum when you say NOW or I will be whipped.” She squirmed as she said this not liking the thought.

“And?” I prompted.

“And if I cum before you say so I will be whipped as well Master.”

“Good girl.” I said as I sat down on aldatma porno the bed.

I began to run my hands across her body. I could feel her body respond as I touched her. Shifting itself subtly to stay in touch with my hand for as long as possible. She started to moan and I shifted my hands down between her thighs. I entered her with first one finger, then two and finally three. She fought so hard to keep from cumming. I worked her right up to the edge and watched her fight against her bonds. I withdrew my hand leaving her need unquenched and she fought again to close her thighs and find some relief. My bonds held her fast as she wiggled and fought. When she’d calmed down I again began to touch her. Driving her once again to the very edge and letting her down. Again she fought her bonds to no avail. For the third time I began to touch her and this time as I drove her to the very edge I installed the trigger.

“NOW.” I commanded in my best Dom voice.

She screamed as I thrust my fingers into her finding the release she’d sought for the last hour. When she was spent I gave her no time to rest but began again by stroking her. Twice more did I drive her to the very edge before giving her the command. I left her tied for several hours after that as a reminder.

We repeated this process every night for a week. That Friday night I drove her to the edge four times. I was able to dive her farther and farther each time as the trigger took hold. She became dependent upon the word NOW. On the fifth time I let her cum.

I’ve used that trigger every time I want her to come. I control her mind so much now that she be can be standing in grocery line and hear that word from my mouth and cum right then and there. The week I sent her to see her mom I called her right at dinner time. I enjoyed giving her the command and knowing she orgasmed and had to sit all the way through dinner before she could make an escape to her room to clean up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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