Emma in Charge

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Emma was getting so annoyed that her aunt Maisie still wasn’t home but she would pay for her lateness for sure.

Maisie is thirty-nine-years-old and is staying with twenty-four-year-old Emma and her mum, Janet, who’s is Emma’s forty-nine-year-old mum.

Janet has a busy job and three days ago announced she would be away on business for the next two weeks.

Emma had finished Uni and set up her own clothes business which she ran from home.

Maisie was out of work and on benefit which was why she could not afford a house rental and begged Janet to let her stay a while. The two sisters generally got on when living in their own homes, but tensions rose after Maisie moved in as she didn’t contribute to the running costs or pay rent but assumed her older sister would put up with that.

Emma was also getting really annoyed with her aunt who would watch tv all afternoon and generally interrupt her business by being noisy when she was trying to concentrate.

So, when Janet announced that she would be away for two weeks Emma asked in a worried tone, “What am I supposed to do, mum? Auntie Maisie loafs around the house leaving a mess everywhere.”

Janet was sympathetic to what her daughter was saying and replied, “I’ll talk to her.”

Well the talk didn’t go too well. Maisie was off hand with her sister saying it would all be okay and she won’t interrupt Emma when she was working. However, Janet knew Maisie lapsed in to her bad ways very quickly and decided on another tack. “Listen up, Maisie, Emma works hard and needs support and not your interference so I need to know you will be helping around the house as well.”

Maisie obviously wasn’t too happy with what her sister said and even less so when Janet said, “So I am going to tell Emma to let me know if you become a problem and if you are then I’ll do what mum did to you when we lived at home. You’ll remember she grounded you.”

Maisie looked surprised at the threat. “You are joking sis, aren’t you?”

Janet remained resolute. “No, Maisie, I am not joking. I trust Emma to keep a watchful eye on you. Don’t forget she was a prefect at school so is used to monitoring behaviour, and if she tells me you are causing her a problem then I’ll ground you, and Emma can monitor that was well.”

Maisie just wanted the conversation to be over so simply agreed with her sister. “Sure thing, Janet, young Emma can watch over me.”

Janet didn’t thing the sarcastic sounding response was helpful and pushed back with, “Exactly. Maisie, Emma will be in charge whilst I’m away.”

Janet had been gone just three days and Emma was already getting more and more frustrated with her aunts’ time wasting. Thankfully Maisie did go out a lot but spent her benefit money on frivolous things she didn’t need and so then had to stay in or ask Emma for some money on a promise to repay her.

Today though, Emma decided to exercise some authority over her aunt. “So, auntie, you have an interview at 3 o’clock so make sure you attend it and if you don’t I’ll be telling mum.”

Maisie was off-hand. “Well I may not bother, sweetie, as I get my benefit money today and there’s a top I really like at the shops so I might just go there instead.”

“No way, auntie. You must go to the interview,” Emma insisted. “Also, remember that I’ll be making supper for six o’clock as I have to work this evening and I’ll need peace and quiet all evening.”

Maisie still didn’t really want to go to the interview but didn’t tell Emma, of course. “See you later, Emma,” Maisie said as she picked up her handbag and left the house. She was wearing a short sleeved pink blouse and a white skirt and had bare legs, which, on reflection, didn’t look particularly like clothes anyone should wear for an interview.

However, Emma was pleased with the sudden quiet that befell the house and settled down to work and got quite engrossed although at two-forty-five remembered that Maisie was supposed to be at the interview. She got her phone out and looked at the tracking app. She had got hold of Maisie’s phone a couple of weeks earlier when it was unlocked and changed the tracking setting so that she could tell where Maisie was. It was an app really for parents to track where their kids were but Emma decided it might be fun to track Maisie. That was before she found out her mum was going away but she was now so pleased she had set it.

Emma looked at her phone expecting Maisie to be in the business area of town as the interview was due in about ten minutes. However, she was fuming to discover that Maisie was still in the shopping centre and there was no way she could get to the interview in time.

That was why Emma was fuming as Maisie still wasn’t home and it was already seven o’clock. Emma knew from the tracking device that there was no use waiting for Maisie for supper as she was still nowhere near the house. In the event Maisie had just about finished the drying up when Maisie got home.

Emma heard the front door open and beylikdüzü escort still holding a plate and towel went out in to the hallway to see Maisie blushing but holding a bag from the store she had been to.

“Sorry, Emma,” Maisie said although looking guilty.

“How was the interview, auntie?” Emma asked knowing she hadn’t been.

“It was good,” Maisie said, blatantly lying, adding, “Erm, I’ve had a bite to eat as well.”

Emma was fuming at the blatant lies. “What’s in the bag, auntie?” Emma asked trying to sound interested.

Maisie blushed again and replied, “Oh, just that top I said I would buy. Remember sweetie?”

“Sweetie my foot,” Emma said angrily. “You didn’t go to the interview, did you? Be honest auntie.”

Maisie was fed up with the discussion and turning just said, “So what, that’s up to me.”

“Not when I tell mum and she grounds you,” Emma said firmly.

Maisie turned with a suddenly pleading look on her face, “Please don’t, Emma. If she grounds me I’ll miss the show tomorrow night and I’ve paid for the tickets.”

Emma wasn’t sympathetic. “With benefit money which you should have given mum for your keep, no doubt.”

Maisie knew that that was true. Anyway, she could tell from the sound of Emma’s voice and the stern look on her face that she would tell her mum who would ground her and pleaded again even more passionately, “Please, Emma. I’ll do anything but please don’t tell your mum.”

Emma made an instant decision. “Look, auntie, you went shopping instead of going to the interview and you missed supper without even a phone call. You really do need to be punished and so either I punish you or I’ll be telling mum. Which one do you want?”

Maisie winced but had to ask, “What punishment? Do the cleaning or something like that, do you mean?”

Emma scoffed at that. “No, auntie, I think you need something far more memorable. I will give you a bare bottom spanking and after that you will go to bed with your lights out.”

Maisie looked horrified. “No way, Emma. I’m your auntie so you can’t spank me.”

Emma shrugged her shoulders and held up her phone. “Okay then auntie, I’ll call mum and tell her.”

Maisie replied with a renewed urgency, “No, Emma. Don’t. Really, sweetie, please don’t.”

Emma looked firmly at her auntie, “It’s still your choice, auntie. I tell mum or you agree that I spank you and you go to bed early.”

Maisie grimaced but knew she had little choice really as her sister would definitely ground her and she would miss the show, and most likely dinner with her friends the following night as well. So, she looked more contrite as she asked, “Surely you are too young to spank me, sweetie? Can’t you give me a second chance.”

Emma again scoffed at her auntie and retorted, “There are plenty of places where women my age are bosses over women your age so the age difference isn’t relevant here. What is pertinent is that you missed your dinner which I made and had to throw away. That alone would earn a good spanking, let alone you are lying about making your interview.”

Maisie knew she had lied about the interview although never asked Emma how she knew. However, she knew she had been caught out and that a spanking was definitely preferable to being grounded and, anyway, how hard could Emma spank her after all? “I guess a short spanking is better, Emma.”

Emma hadn’t expected her auntie to agree to the spanking and assumed she would have to phone her mum, but instead Maisie did agree and so why not, she asked herself? Of course, it wouldn’t be short by any means, although the benefit of then sending her to bed was that there would be quiet in the house when she needed to work.

“A spanking it is, then, auntie.” Emma decided to deal with her auntie immediately. “Right, auntie, go to the spare bedroom and take your knickers off and put them on the dressing table. I’ll be up in a few minutes to deal with you.”

Maisie scrunched up her face but knew she had no more arguments so turned and went upstairs and in to the spare bedroom. She definitely wasn’t happy as she raised the hem of her skirt and pushed her knickers down to her ankles, stepping out of them, and picking them up put them on the dressing table as ordered. She then went to the window and looked out at the street.

Emma put the plate away and hung up the towel and took a deep breath as she thought about what she was about to do. Spanking Maisie certainly wasn’t something she had discussed with her mum but it just seemed a natural threat when faced with the blatant lying from her auntie. She went in to the hall and looked at herself in the mirror and loved the black vest top showing off her bare midriff she was wearing and her cotton very tight shorts and bare legs, and flicked the fringe of her hair and told herself to be resolute before starting to go up the stairs.

Maisie heard Emma coming up the stairs and licked her lips wondering whether her adana escort niece would admit that spanking her was wrong and let her off. She hoped so.

Emma didn’t knock on the door but just walked in and immediately looked at the dressing table and saw her aunties knickers lying on top. She had wondered if her auntie would try to argue with her again and was at least pleased to see that she had taken her knickers off.

Emma looked at the worried look on her aunties face and decided that she still had the upper hand and looking at her skirt ordered, “Actually, auntie, as you will be going to bed straight afterwards I think you may as well take the skirt off as well so it doesn’t get in the way.”

The request was outrageous, Maisie thought, but seeing the resolute look on her nieces face she again decided to take the easy option and after letting out an obvious sigh unzipped the skirt, let it drop towards the floor, stepped out of it, and put it with her knickers.

Emma felt ever more confident looking at her auntie now naked below her waist and not arguing. So, she went to the chest of drawers, opened the top drawer, and took out a wooden backed hairbrush before turning the chair around so it faced in to the room and sat down.

Maisie saw the hairbrush and didn’t understand why Emma needed to do her hair. However, when Emma sat in the chair still holding the hairbrush the correct meaning struck her and she stammered, “I thought we said a light spanking, Emma?”

Emma let the hairbrush fall in to her open palm as she said sternly, “You said that, auntie, not me.”

Maisie swallowed as she stared at the hairbrush but her mind was redirected to Emma as she heard the instruction, “Get across my lap, auntie.”

Maisie looked at Emma and bit her lip as she then looked at Emma’s waiting lap seeing that she had on very tight cotton shorts so it meant her thighs were bare and her bare tummy would be lying across them. However, she had no choice and so she eased herself down across her nieces’ lap and lowered her full weight across her bare thighs as she looked at the backs of Emma’s legs and saw her own under the far side of the chair. She had been spanked plenty of times when younger but her mum found grounding a better punishment whilst Maisie had always felt a spanking was quicker and so less intrusive so it was in a way funny that she was now accepting a spanking rather risk a grounding by her sister.

Emma let Maisie settle down on her lap before placing her palm on her bare bottom and started to rub in circles, still wonderous that she was about to spank her own auntie who was a good fifteen-years older than herself. Notwithstanding that enigma, she loved the feel of her aunties bare bottom cheeks as they were soft and warm but knew they would soon be hot from the spanking whilst hard to sit on comfortably once the hairbrush had done its work.

Maisie felt her niece rubbing her bottom and knew control had been handed over to her.

Emma made another threat. “If you get up before I am done, auntie, or try to cover your bottom then I will still call mum. However, if I get to give you the spanking you need then I won’t call her. Understood auntie?”

Maisie felt like she was being scolded like a youngster, although of course she was across Emma’s lap and about to be spanked. On balance, though, she reckoned this was better for her than it could have been and squirmed around and looked up at Emma and said a simple, “Yes, Okay,” before looking back at the floor.

Emma was satisfied she had control and that Maisie would stay in position but of course there was no saying once her bottom was stinging. However, rather than worry about that Emma rubbed Maisie’s bottom a few more times before raising her hand and bringing her open palm down on her far bare bottom cheek. She saw her aunties bottom cheek surrender to her hand and happy with that did the same to her near bottom cheek. Both times Maisie let out a gasp but stayed across her lap and so she proceeded to land spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks.

Maisie winced and gasped as the spanks continued. She saw the muscles of Emma’s legs tense and knew she was making the spanks harder and harder, and as she saw her own legs start to straighten and tense she knew she was finding it harder and harder to cope.

Whilst Maisie took the spanking, as the stinging started to take a hold she forgot she had been given a choice and thought it was unfair that her niece should be spanking her and that maybe she would complain to Janet when she got back and watch her sister spank Emma.

Emma was pursing her lips and making sure the spanks were harder and harder now thinking that maybe Maisie would learn from the spanking. After all, her auntie had lied to her about going to the interview and that alone deserved a punishment like this one.

As Emma continued to land the spanks she did become aware of the changing colour she was creating as her aunties bottom was afyon escort now a rather nice red hue and also liked the way her bottom cheeks swirled around as each spank landed. Her auntie did have a rather full figure and her bottom was a particularly nice feature as it protruded so sexily, and Emma wondered if the fullness of her bottom led to more pain or was a cushion against the pain. However, as Maisie was gasping more and more loudly she reckoned that in answer to her own question that beauty feature didn’t help cope with the pain.

Emma suddenly saw that Maisie’s legs were so far untouched and so changed to spanking them. They felt different to Maisie’s bottom cheeks but as she spanked them and watched them surrender to the palm of her hand just as her bottom cheeks had, and turned the same red colour, she knew from the louder gasps that Maisie made that it was now even more painful for her auntie to cope with, but of course that was the intent.

Emma kept the spanks landing all over Maisie’s bottom cheeks and the backs of her legs even as Maisie cried out with the pain, kicked her legs, and squirmed around on her lap, hoping that her auntie was learning a lesson that she needed to take more responsibility in her life and make less of a bad impact on the people around her.

Once Emma was happy with the colour of Maisie’s legs and bottom she picked up the hairbrush and tapped it on her aunties bottom saying, “Just the hairbrush left, auntie.”

Maisie heard what Emma said but to her surprise couldn’t speak and realised it was because she was crying and suddenly recognised that the punishment was causing her much more distress than she had expected.

Emma raised the hairbrush and smacked it down firmly on to Maisie’s already bright red bottom and from the sharp jerk backwards of her aunties head, and her hissing in and out through clenched teeth, Emma knew the hairbrush was going to be a useful implement to help teach her auntie a lesson. So, as she landed spank after spank on Maisie’s bottom she saw that the head jerking and hissing breaths and the uncontrolled crying and kicking legs and squirming were all sure signs of her aunties increasing distress.

Maisie was crying out after each spank and knew her tears were rolling down her face and dribbling on to the floor only to be followed by more and more flowing tears. She found the hairbrush far more difficult to cope with than she had expected but did remember Emma’s earlier threat that if she got up she would phone her sister and therefore forced herself to stay across her nieces’ lap and take every last spank.

Emma knew her auntie was struggling and when she was happy that her bottom was now tinged blue with light bruising from the hairbrush she was happy enough that the stinging would stay with her auntie well in to tomorrow, and so, after giving the last ten spans with a flourish, she lay the hairbrush down and decided the spanking was over, and as she rubbed her aunties bottom she looked at the back of her head and knew she was still crying uncontrollably and so hopefully had learned her lesson.

Slowly but surely Maisie stopped crying although sobbed and sniffed regularly as she looked at the floor through tear-filled blurred eyes. However, she was happier now to have taken the spanking as she could now look forward to going to the show tomorrow night rather than be grounded by her sister. So, whilst Maisie still hated the spanking and was glad that it to be over, she was no longer thinking of revenge on Emma as she now reconciled that it had been her own choice of either a spanking or being grounded and she had chosen the spanking. Her sister would have used grounding as her form of discipline and it was Maisie who made the choice offered by Emma to take a spanking instead.

“Get up, auntie,” Emma eventually ordered and Maisie took several moments to ease herself up.

As Maisie stood so her hands flew to her bottom and rubbed her burning cheeks which stung so much she allowed the tears to continue to stream down her face rather than wipe them away as she stepped from foot to foot.

Emma waited for her auntie to stop her spanking dance and then ordered, “Okay, auntie, get showered and into bed. Call me up when you are ready and make sure your phone and tablet are left out for me to bring downstairs.” After a moment Emma added, “You have fifteen minutes to get to bed or else there will be more consequences.”

Maisie nodded her head and turned and left the room and went upstairs not wanting to the threatened consequences.

Emma heard the shower start and finish and a few minutes later her auntie called down, “Ready, Emma.”

Emma smiled as it had taken her auntie just twelve minutes which was far quicker than her usual extended showers. She went upstairs and into Maisie’s room and saw she was already under the covers lying on her tummy and her phone and tablet were on her dressing table. Emma picked up the two electronic devices and told Maisie, “Lights stay out, auntie.”

Maisie sniffed back another sob and said contritely, “Yes, Emma.”

Emma switched off the light and closed the door and smiling went downstairs knowing she had a few hours work to do before going to bed herself, but delighted in the silence.

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