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This was written for a very close friend. He and I shared a connection like no other. I will always miss him and love him.

“All good things must come to an end,” she says to her lover in sobs.

He takes her by the waist and pulls her into his embrace. “I can’t let you go,” he whispers in her ear, his voice full of emotion.

“I wish there was another way, but right now, I see none. Right now I must let you go. What’s that old saying, if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, it’s yours forever?”

Their embrace becomes more urgent, neither wanting to truly let go of the other. She looks up at him, him down at her, and in an instant both knew. They knew what each other needed.

Their lips meet in a hard, crushing lock. She sobs and he slowly softens the kiss. If he was going to have to let her go, he wanted this moment to last forever. There was no need to rush, for now she was his. He was going to give all he had, and, she too would give to him like no other. She was his, regardless of if they were together. She would always be his.

Their kiss became gentle, slow, loving, still full of emotion, but not anger, instead, pure desire. True, each were angry, but both knew that right now, in this moment, they needed each other more than ever.

She breaks the kiss and leads the way into the bedroom. Once there, she drops to her knees, slowly undoing his pants. She reaches into his underwear to free his growing Bayan Escort Gaziantep cock. She needs to taste him one more time. She has always loved how he tasted and now she finds she needs the hot, salty cum to fill her mouth, coat her tongue and shoot down her throat.

She starts toying with his cock; she has always loved to tease him. She flicks her tongue across the head of his cock, and to her delight, tastes the pre-cum, she has always loved how she can excite him.

Slowly, she starts to move her mouth down his hard, aching cock, inch by inch, until it reached the back of her throat. By this time his hands were in her hair, his guidance turning her on further. She brings her mouth back up and licks around the head.

He takes a hand full of hair and moves his hips towards her while guiding her mouth back down his cock. He slams himself down her throat, she moans with pleasure. She sucks him, moving her tongue up and down his shaft, her hands playing with his balls. Without warning, she pulls her mouth away from his cock. She starts licking up and down his shaft. She then starts kissing his balls, taking first one, then the other into her mouth. This excites him further.

She brings her mouth back to his shaft and takes him in, down her throat. She loves him and could never really let him go, not completely. She can feel him start to cum. She moans and begins to suck him harder.

His creamy, salty cum filling her mouth, coating her tongue and slipping down her throat, this is enough to send her over the edge, she starts to moan, cumming with her lover.

After she has swallowed all he gives, she releases him. She stands up, her eyes, full of raw desire, locked with his fire filled eyes. He walks towards her and she backs away until her legs hit the side of the bed. She sits down. “Take off your clothes,” he demands!

Always having done what he wanted, she stands and takes off first the skirt, then her shirt, to reveal a nightgown that left little to the imagination. She wore no panties, only a black lace see through nightie and black nylon thigh highs.

It takes everything he has not to ravish her right now. She looks so sexy. He guides her back on the bed. Slowly, he bends down, taking her right breast into his mouth while pinching and playing with the left. She moans she always knew that he would always fill her wants, her desires and her needs.

He trailed kisses down her stomach until he reached her pussy, shaved and so smooth. She is so wet from her excitement. He kisses her there, teasingly. He loves to make her want, loves to make her scream his name.

“Eat me, please,” she pleads her voice full of passion. She needs him. Her hands go into his hair, pulling him down to her. He flicks his tongue across her clit, she moans, knowing she is going to receive the greatest pleasure in the world.

His mouth engulfs her clit, sucking it hard. She feels two of his fingers sink into her wet hole. He begins to finger fuck her while sucking her clit, flicking his tongue across it. It isn’t long until she lets go, moaning, squirming, screaming his name. She fills his mouth. He has always loved how she lets go with him.

Her orgasm subsides and he joins her on the bed. He is hard for her again and without warning, slams into her sensitive hole. She feels so full. Their bodies start to move together, need and desire driving them. He embraces her and turns them over so she is on top. Slowly, she starts to ride him, feeling his cock go in and out of her. She starts to go faster, wanting to cum, wanting to grip him, send her fluids rushing over and around him.

Her breasts start bouncing up and down. He reaches for them, begins to toy with them, pinching and pulling her nipples. She once again goes over the edge, screaming for him. All of her muscles go tight; she has never cum with such force. She collapses on his chest. He turns them back over and begins to slam into her fast and hard, his fingers rubbing her clit.

She is moaning louder now. She feels his hot cum shoot deep within her. She loses it. She cums with such a fury, screaming, moaning, wetting the bed with her orgasm. He pulls himself out of her, both to tired for words, they sleep.

After waking, they shower. She says to him that it is time that she go. She says to him, “Remember though, I was yours then, I am yours now, and I will forever be yours. I love you.”

With that, she leaves, for how long, she doesn’t know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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