Encounter Ch. 06

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Introduction: ‘Encounter’ records, in dialogue form, sex between two middle-aged strangers who have not had intercourse for a long time. ‘Encounter 2,’Encounter 3,’Encounter 4’ and ‘Encounter 5 continue. the dialogue. Encounter 6 continues it further.


‘Good morning, Jonathan.’

‘Good morning, Jane.’

‘That was a lovely night. I fell asleep with you inside me.’

‘I’m still there. Never managed that before. You held me in there all night, even after I went soft. Clever you. You got into just the right position.’

‘But you’re not soft now.’

‘Indeed not. It was so exciting to find I was still in there I went hard at once.’

‘Would you like to come? That would be so splendid, you coming twice without leaving my cunt.’

‘It’s so cosy in there, somehow. I’m enjoying just being inside you. And it’s absolutely thrilling to say that, “I’m enjoying just being inside you.” I’m in your vagina, in your vagina, vagina, in your vagina. I could go on saying that all day, just celebrating being inside by saying it again and again.’

‘Jonathan, I’m afraid you can’t stay in my vagina all day. I need to pee, but I’d love it if you came first. You feel so hard it wouldn’t take long, would it?’

‘No. It’s a bit dry when I move inside you, but I don’t need to move much. Just a little push and pull. Can you put your legs round me? Oh yes, like that. And I can get my hands under your bottom. Perfect. Oh yes, it’s coming, Jane. Hold me tight. Now!’

‘Pour it into me. Flood me with your sperm. I can feel it making me slippery. Sperm into me. Fill my cunt with your sperm. More sperm. There’s more. I can feel you pulsing with the comes. Wonderful, you giving it into me, and I love talking about it. Somehow makes it happen more when we talk about it. You’ve finished now. I’d love to hold you and the sperm inside, but now I’ve got to pee. The sperm will spill out, I know, but you can put some more in again later, can’t you? I want you to keep pumping it into me. It makes me feel so much of a woman, that you want me, that you want to hold my bottom and slide inside my cunt and spill your sperm inside me.’

‘That was delicious, Jane. When I’m in your cunt it’s as if I’ve found a haven. Sliding out now. Can’t wait to slide in again.’

‘It’s all running out down my crack. Back in a minute. Keep talking to me while I’m in the bathroom. You don’t mind my leaving the door open, do you?’

‘Not at all. I don’t want you out of my sight. I want to see you sitting there, leaking out my sperm. I want to watch you doing everything you do, and telling me about it. How does your cunt feel now?’

‘Hungry! I want breakfast before it can take anything more. It feels soft and sloppy, beginning to close up. I will have put on some knickers, you know, to catch the dribbles. But they can always come off again later.’

‘My penis feels warm and comforted. It’s delightful to have your secretions on it. Marie Stopes thought the vagina and penis absorbed each other’s juices, which was good for health. She advocated the man staying inside as long as possible.’

‘Marie Stopes? She was the pioneer writer about sex in the 1920s?’

‘Yes, she believed women should be sexually fulfilled.’

‘I’m not coming back to bed now, Jonathan. I want to come again. Of course I do, but I need some energy to do it with.’

‘Put on your bloomers then, Jane, and down we go for a hearty breakfast.’

‘These cotton ones will do. Good big gusset.’

‘Another of my favourite words.’

‘Bloomers? No, I know – gusset.’

‘Yes, it makes me think of that strip of cloth cushioning the pussy.’

‘You’re not just a bottomaniac, you’re a knickerist aren’t you?’

‘A knickeromancer, yes.’

‘Right, well the bloomers are on and you’re dressed, too, so let’s go.’

‘It’s especially good because my sperm is still inside you and our mixed house of the dragon izle juices are drying on my penis.’

‘Better not talk about it as we go down in the lift, perhaps. If we dare use the lift. We probably smell strongly of sex. But I find I don’t care much.’

‘Nor do I. You never know, it might help others to get it together as we did.’

‘Looks like we’ve got the lift to ourselves, after all. It must be late. My watch has stopped. I hope breakfast is still available.’

‘We could always go into town and buy a lunch, I supposed.’

‘Oh, goodness, my gusset is getting pretty wet. I hope there’s enough of the cotton to absorb it all. How did you come so much, after coming – how many times already?’

‘I’ve not been counting. Not enough, anyway. But the sight and feel of your bosoms and bottom seem to make me come plenty. Can I just lift your skirt? Oh, it’s sheer magic when I slip my hand down inside your knickers, like this. Your cheeks are so rounded, and deep. I can lose my fingers up to second joint.’

‘You mean I’ve got a big bum.’

‘Yes, but its size is only half of its charm. It’s the shape. You know how novelists refer to females as “full-breasted”? Well, I’ve just thought, you’re “full-bottomed”.’

‘Makes me sound like a judge’s wig. And you’d better stop feeling my full bottom now. The lift’s stopping. There we go. And, yes, it looks like there’s still breakfast.’

‘You’re full-breasted, too, of course.’

‘Go on, tell everyone.’

‘Sorry. Bit loud. Quietly, then. You’re also full-nippled.’

‘Coffee first. Guy didn’t like my nipples, especially when they went hard. Sometimes he wanted me to keep my bra on.’

‘Bit of a parallel there. Andrea would never believe me when I said I liked her nipples going hard. She thought they were ugly – they reminded her of animals’ teats. I remember her saying early in our marriage, “If I was lactating they’d be udders.” I was rather shocked.’

‘Boiled egg this morning, I think. Well, I never thought of mine as being udders, but I remember as a teenager hoping they wouldn’t get any bigger. The boys were making remarks, and men would look at them in the street. I used to walk with shoulders hunched to try and hide them. Of course, when I was older I got used to it, but it was a bit of a downer when I realised Guy wasn’t very keen on them.’

‘Yes, well, there are blokes who like small breasts, I know.’

‘Shall we sit here? Oh, it’s a bit soggy underneath.’

‘The boiled egg?’

‘No. You know very well.’

‘Bit damp in the knicker department.’

‘How long can you go without mentioning knickers?’

‘Not very long. About the same duration as I can manage without mentioning bottom.’

‘Well, enough of both for a bit. We’re going to talk about other things for once.’

‘Sounds serious. Mind you, there’s nothing more serious than knickers and bottom.’

‘There you go. You mentioned them.’

‘Naturally. You’re sitting there, damp-knickered and full-bottomed, so how can I not be thinking of them, and wanting to mention them?’

‘Jonathan! Shush! Change of subject. I don’t even know what you do for a living.’

‘I’m a lingerie designer.’

‘You are not. Let’s start with where you live, if you won’t tell me your profession.’

‘I live in knicker-bottom-land. No, I’m sorry, I’m upsetting you. I’m a university teacher, and I live in Yorkshire. What about you?’

‘I live in Sussex, and after Guy died I went back to work, in a supermarket.’

‘How many children have you?’

‘Catherine is twenty-six. Married to a Spaniard and lives and works in Spain. No kids. Graham is twenty-three, single, finishing a master’s degree in linguistics in Brighton. You?’

‘Andrew – yes, after Andrea – is twenty-nine and a deputy head teacher in Nottingham. how i caught my killer izle Married to Clare, with three kids. Angela is twenty-five, living with Craig, and is a graphic designer in London.’

‘What’s your subject?’

‘Romance languages languages and literatures.’

‘Which are those?’

‘Well, I do mostly French and Italian, but I can get by in Spanish and Portuguese.’

‘So, you know “knickers” and “bottom” in all of those?’

‘Of course. The speakers of those languages talk about little else.’

‘You can talk to the staff in the hotel, then? Do you ask the waitresses about their knickers?’

‘No. I could, but they like to practise their English, and they think we never discuss such things in our language, so they would be shocked. Quite apart from the fact that I only discuss her knickers with a woman I want to make love to. And that has not happened for a long time.’

‘No man ever wanted to talk to me about my knickers. Guy just waited without comment for me to take them off, usually at night. He did take them off me when we were first getting to together, but after we were married that more or less stopped.’

‘Andrea was quite happy to let me take hers off, as part of love-making, but she never quite understood why I wanted to talk about them – or about anything else sexual.’

‘Well, Jonathan, one thing I’ve found out in the last couple of days is that apparently I love to talk about it, bottom, knickers and all.’

‘Yes, it’s been so enjoyable, being with you while you found the taste for it.’

‘But now we’re going to stop talking about it and – ‘

‘Go back to doing it.’

‘No, I’m going up to my room, alone, and having a shower and getting dressed, and, if you’d like to do that, we’re going to walk along the cliff and enjoy the sea air and sunshine and talk about other things.’

‘I understand.’

‘You do?’

‘Yes. It’s not that you’re tired of making love with me, but you’re needing to step back and take stock, to find out what and how you feel.’

‘That’s perceptive of you, Jonathan.’

‘Not really. It has been rather overwhelming, and maybe I need to find out what and how I feel, too. Perhaps some time just being together companionably is a good idea.’

‘That’s agreed, then. If you’ve had enough breakfast, let’s meet in the foyer in twenty minutes.’


‘Jane, that’s a pretty shirt, and I like that floaty flowered skirt very much.’

‘You’re not going to comment on my posterior view.’

‘Is that a question or a command? I shall take it as the latter. So the only further observation I will make is that you are beautiful.’

‘I believe you mean it, though it seems a little odd to describe a fifty-one year old grey-haired woman with crow’s feet big enough to be raven’s feet, an overblown figure, thanks to having had two children.’

‘You are a beautiful fifty-one year old grey-haired woman with crow’s feet big enough to be raven’s feet, an overblown figure, thanks to having had two children.’

‘So, you think I have an overblown figure?’

‘No, I think you have a magnificent figure, but you chose to describe it like that.’

‘I see we’re going right. What happens this way?’

‘There’s a path along the cliffs for several miles. We can be alone and talk, and there are little coves where one can be private, if one wishes.’

‘What shall we talk about?’

‘Well, I have hopes of seeing an Audouin’s gull, so we could talk about that. But what do you want to talk about?’

‘I’m embarrassed to ask, but I do need to know. Is this just a holiday fling, my good sir? A roll in the hay while the sun shines, or something more serious?’

‘That’s an easy question, Jane. I thought you might ask something more difficult.’

‘Like what?’

‘Would I leave how we roll izle my work in Yorkshire to move to Sussex?’

‘But that assumes you might have some reason for doing that.’

‘Yes. That’s why it’s more difficult, because we’ve bypassed the easy question.’

‘Don’t we have to ask a lot of other questions before what you call the easy one?’

‘No, dear lady, we should go straight for the easy one and then mop up the ones that follow. Supposing the answer to the easy one is Yes.’

‘All right. What is the answer to the easy one?’

‘The answer is Yes.’

‘You mean this is just a fling in the sun?’


‘I see.’

‘Not yet, dear Jane, you don’t. There was another part to the question, remember?’

‘Is it something more serious?’

‘Yes, Jane.’

‘You mean that was the other part of the question?’

‘It was, yes, but it was also the answer to the other part of the question.’

‘It’s something more serious?’

‘Already answered. What is your answer? Mmmmn. That’s the right answer. Kiss me again, please. Mmmmn. And again.’

‘You see, we didn’t need all those other questions. They may be difficult, but they’re much easier now we’ve answered the easy one.’

‘How do you know it’s the right answer, dear Jonathan?’

‘Come on, Jane. You’re the woman, with the intuition, the emotional wisdom, the special understanding. You just know, don’t you?’

‘Yes. It’s amazing you could go straight to it, though.’

‘How do you know it? I’m going to use the words again now. You know it in your bottom, in your cunt, in your clitoris, in your nipples, but, above all, in your heart.’

‘I’ve never heard a man talk like that.’

‘Oh, it’s all that Romance literature I’ve read, all those poems and stories in French and Spanish and Italian. That stuff changes a man, you know.’

‘So, you feel it in your heart?’

‘I feel it in every cell of my body.’

‘Kiss me, Jonathan. Hold me. Put your hand down the back of my shorts.’

‘Better idea, my dear. See that little beach down there. It’s deserted and if we get in under the cliff. I want you to come from my lips and my love.’

‘That’s the first time for that word.’

‘And there’ll be a million more times. Here we go, down this little track. It’s a bit steep, but we can do anything in the world now.’

‘Are we going to celebrate? Is that it?’

‘Yes. The only possible problem might be sand between the cheeks. But my shirt will take care of that.’

‘Are you going to take off my knickers?’

‘Of course I am. Can we talk about them again now?’

‘So long as you do take them off.’

‘I can’t wait to see them, but this steep path is not the place to play voyeur.’

‘Stand still a minute, Jonathan. You haven’t asked me how I feel about you/’

‘You will tell me in your own time, sweet Jane.’

‘All right. On we go. I could tell you now, but I think there will be a better moment.’

‘Now we are on the beach you could lift your skirt. Perfect? Those knickers are charming. All encompassing, but wonderfully full of bottom.’

‘I thought it wouldn’t be long before you got back to that.’

‘We’re out of view now, Jane. So I’m going to undress you. Off with the skirt, and there you are stripped for PE.’

‘Hardly. These are not PE bloomers, you know.’

‘Well, they’re coming off in a minute. First the shirt. Oh yes! Look at that cleavage! Your bosoms nestle in that bra like doves in on their nests. And when I take off the bra they swing free so joyfully. Nipples firming up already in the sea-breeze. Got to suck them. Mmmmm! Time for me to strip and put down my shirt.’

‘Shall I sit on it?’

‘Stay standing a little. I’m going to kneel and lick into your dear pussy, like this.’

‘Oh, Jonathan, that’s lovely. I’ll come in a minute, I really will. So quickly!’

‘Come, Jane, yes, come. Clench your bottom while I hold it. Mmmmm.’

‘Hold my bottom tight. Like that, yes! I’m coming. Jonathan, I love you!’


‘I’ll have to sit down now. Weak at the knees.’

‘I’m going into you now, my darling. Here I go! Oh, that’s wonderful! You’re so slippery and hot, I’m going to come. Here it comes! I love you, Jane!’

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