Encounter in Me

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Big Dicks

Driving home, I had received a phone call.

I pulled into an industrial site to answer, when I got to the phone it was too late. I thought I would take a minute to re contact the missed call when I see a car in the distance that caught my eye. As I drove closer I noticed a man sitting very still and with a nervous aura about him.

I don’t know why but I parked the car up and watched this strange man for a minute. I noticed he was making movement with his hand, I couldn’t work out what he was doing until I got out of the car and decided to approach him.

As I walked closer he was still moving his hands, only when I got to within a few meters did I realise he had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking himself.

Shocked I turned away and started quickly walking back to my car. As I was walking away I couldn’t work out whether I was scared or somehow turned on by this. Once back in the car i sat Kadıköy travesti for a minute and caught my breath, only to realise the bulge in my trousers.

I had never been attracted to men neither turned on by cock but for some reason I was hard and it felt good.

I sat for a minute and watched as this strange man got out of his car, cock dangling from his flies, and started to walk toward me.

I didn’t know what to think, I was rock hard and had my heart was racing like never before. As he came closer I could see his cock in all its glory, slightly longer than mine but a lot fatter and a thick juicy bell end that put mine to shame.

As he approached the car I couldn’t control myself and opened the window, no words were spoken but he stood there and looked at me with a cheeky glint in his eye, I didn’t know what was happening but it was going to happen.

As I undid the Kurtköy travesti window the stranger grabbed his length and put it in the car window, about an inch from my face. I instantly touched it, wanking him slowly and gently as he moaned a little. Then in his soft calm voice he asked me to show him mine, I nodded and withdrew my cock, about 4 inches long and not that fat I thought he would laugh but he instantly took his cock out front he window and opened the door, he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the car and around behind a wall, no one was around and it was secluded, he instantly took my cock and sucked its length, by this time I was up for it and thrusted a finger up my own arse to arouse myself further. He grabbed my hand and instantly sucked my finger and told me he wanted to take me back to his place.

A short drive later we ended up back at his flat, as soon as we got in I couldn’t Pendik travesti keep my trousers on and was naked before he had locked the door.

He un zipped his piece and slapped it on my arse cheeks, with a cold dose of lube he smothered my arsehole and cock and started to push his fat meat inside me, I wasn’t expecting it to be as painful as it was but once he had put his length in me I knew that it was what I had longed for.

Once he had opened me up he pulled out his juicy cock, now oozy in my arse juice, and told me to suck it, I took it in my mouth and sucked and licked him until he told me it was my turn to have a go.

He dropped his trousers and laid on the bed, legs open with his cock hard and arse wide, I used the line from my own cock and slipped a finger in him, but he wanted more, he told me to fuck his arse and I did. Ramming my length in him and pulling out so I could watch his juice cover my cock. After I had stuffed his arsehole I wanted to cream.

He took my cock, still glistening with his juice and wanked me off over his face until I unleashed a barrage of white spunk over his face.

As I was about to finish him off, a knock at the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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