Encounters – J Ch. 02

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It was midnight and there I was, standing on his patio and testing the door handle, locked, he weren’t home yet.

I sat on the old iron chair in his garden and waited, smoking, the rain starting to drizzle down around me. It took him 15 minutes to get home, I was shivering a bit by then and he pulled me close to warm me up, kissing me and opening the door to get us inside and out of the weather.

I sat at his kitchen table as he turned up the heating and put on the kettle for some coffee. We’d both been out at Christmas parties and the tequila (mine) and the wine (his) was making us both a little sleepy. It was less awkward this time, partly because of the alcohol we’d both consumed and partly because of the darkness, I’ve always felt more at home in the night.

He liked my shoes, he said as I leant over and slipped them off slowly, his eyes following my movement as my dress gaped to show a little cleavage. I hung my coat over the back of the chair and he got his first full look at my new dress, I could see that it pleased him, red, low cut, very short, with strategic black lack inserts. I was wearing stockings and with my legs crossed he could just see the tops, the gap between skirt, skin and stocking catching his eye, Sakarya Escort unable to look away. I’d planned this well.

I caught his eye and we both stood together, reaching for each other, coffee forgotten now. Kissing, we moved towards the stairs hand in hand as he switched off his computer and pulled me urgently into his room.

There was no hesitancy this time, he stripped off his clothes in the minimum of time and joined me on the bed, noticing that I was still fully clothed as I ran one red nail up his chest, watching his breath catch as I strayed too far down and brushed against his cock or flicked across his nipples.

He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard, his other hand reaching behind me to unzip my dress, roughly pulling it over my head as he rammed his tongue into my mouth.

I ran the tip of my index finger up and down his cock, teasing him before curling just one finger around and pumping slowly, gradually adding more fingers until he was held tight in my fist, liking the feeling of him swelling and growing in my hand. I felt his breathing grow ragged against my mouth and I eased off slightly, wanting to prolong this, returning to just running the tips of my fingers over Sakarya Escort Bayan his heated flesh. He reached out his hands to touch me and I pushed them above his head, wrapping his fingers around the headboard. Tonight I was in charge.

I moved down to tease him with my tongue, slowly licking up and down, swirling around the head of his penis, not taking him into my mouth like he wanted me to, just letting the tip run over my lips and teeth, pulling back when he tried to thrust up.

I reached for the rope, it was dark and so he guided me, placing it around the back of his neck, between his legs, looping it around the base of his cock as an improvised cock ring, wrapping it over his shoulders and around the foot of the bed, before I tied it securely behind his head. My fingers fumbled slightly, it had been a long time since I did anything like this and lack of practise had made me clumsy. I grabbed a shorter length of rope and wound it in a figure of eight around his wrists, knotting them behind his back as I kissed the back of his neck.

Now he was immobile so I took my time, scraping my fingernails down his body, so exposed and vulnerable. He moaned softly and I considered gagging him, Escort Sakarya but I wanted to kiss him. This time the rules did not apply.

I reached down and stroked over his hot, hard shaft. He was so erect it must have been painful for him but he didn’t complain, didn’t beg. I could have made him, I think, but not then, I was gentle. I leant over and took him deep into my mouth, feeling him strain against the ropes as he tried to thrust, but they held him well.

He was so big I could feel him pushing against the back of my throat as I tried to take him all in. I was aware that I needed to be careful with him and so I slid my mouth carefully up and down, no pressure, no suction, just the warm wetness of my lips sliding over his hard cock. He grew even bigger in my mouth, I didn’t think that was possible but he did, and I started to suck, scraping my teeth gently along the underside of his shaft, using my fingernails to scratch over his stomach and balls.

He moaned as I bobbed my head faster, pulling on his scrotum and squeezing him with my hands as I sucked hard, his dick growing and twitching in my mouth as I drove him ever closer to the edge. With a roar he exploded into my mouth, the force of his cum hitting the back of my throat causing me to gag slightly as I gamely tried to swallow it all down.

Inevitably, given the force of his orgasm, some leaked out but I made sure to lick him clean before releasing him. He collapsed back on the bed, pulling me to rest on his chest as he drifted off to sleep.

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