Englsh Manor House Party

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The setting is an English manor house outside London. The architecture is modern as are the amenities inside the house. Modern in every way, including bidets, towel warmers, a great room plus quite a few other rooms divide between bed rooms, kitchen, dining room, study or library.

Today Rider is having some special company come to his manor on a tour that takes people to England and pairs them with compatible persons of the opposite sex with expectations of mutual sexual exploits.

Rider is very happy with the two girls he has had assigned to him. One is a girl of about 30 who has magnificent breasts and a well stacked body. We will call her Dominica. The other girl is younger at 19, has a slim build, but with all the necessary parts in their places. We will call her Peaches, because of her complexion.

Upon arriving, the girls are escorted to individual bed rooms, are told to unpack their bags and get ready for an afternoon of learning. They knew what he was going to teach them. Coming down from their bedrooms, you both saw a table set for three for lunch, or brunch considering the time of day.

As you were eating, Rider asked you to select between yourselves who would be the first to get fucked. You, Dominica, declared that since you were older, you would wait and watch in order to find out what turned Rider on.

As soon as Peaches was through eating, she and Rider went into a room with a sofa, reclining bench, a couple of chairs and deep pile rugs. Rider gave Peaches a drink to loosen her inhabitations Beylikdüzü Ukraynalı Escort and started to undress her. As he removed first one garment then another, she tried covering her breasts then her pussy but to no avail. Rider simply told her to now remove his clothes. She started by removing his shirt, then unzipping his fly. When she did that, out came his huge cock and it fell into her hand. Rider asked her to start licking it to get it in condition to enter her pussy.

You were watching from one of the chairs in the room and getting hot and wet, just from watching. What you didn’t know was that I was watching all the action from another room on a 50″ LCD screen in HD and surround sound.

Peaches was a bit uneasy at first about sucking Riders ‘ cock, which even in its relaxed state was huge, but took it in hand and started licking it from sack to tip before opening her mouth and trying to get his cock in it. Pulling the foreskin back, she saw this bulbous cock head with a drop of precum showing in the opening. She licked that off then started going down on him. Rider put his hand on Peaches’ head and forced her to take all she could take. All the way to the back of her throat and more than half of it was still outside her lips.

As she started gagging, he let her head pull back to breath, but immediately shoved his cock back in her mouth. After stroking several times, he literally picked her up and draped her across the arm of the reclining bench, spread her Beylikdüzü Üniversiteli Escort legs and started licking her pussy. His hard on was standing straight out from his body as he expertly licked her pussy and teased her clit. Five minutes later, he plunged his cock in her wet and expecting pussy all the way to the end as his balls hit her ass. This made you, Dominica, reach for your own pussy and start rubbing it.

Within a few minutes of almost frantic fucking by Rider, Peaches started humping and fucking back in spite of her original reluctance. Hump, hump, hump and she exploded in a gigantic cum such as she had never had before. You, in the meantime you had had a mini cum from the excitement of watching a big cock at work on a tight pussy.

Rider had not yet cum but looked at you and told you to come finish him off. You rapidly removed your clothing and crawled on the sofa in doggy position so he could both see and get to your pussy. Rider reached forward to grab a breast with one hand and using the other guided his mammoth cock in your awaiting pussy. You grunted as his cock started in, but pushed back to get it all in you. He filled your vagina as it had not been filled before. You were so happy to get his cock in your pussy that you didn’t care that he was bareback. You soon realized the different feel of bare back from with a condom, and since this was a special occasion, you let him proceed. Rider was able to bring you to three cums before he filled your vagina Beylikdüzü Vip Escort with the contents of his balls. All this I was watching and recording from my station in the media room.

Holding your position in doggy, you pushed and strained to get his cream pie out of your vagina. Within a few minutes it had drained out and puddled on the sofa. It wasn’t your sofa, so let it puddle. You went to a chair and sat down, feeling very satisfied.

Rider was playing with Peaches now, squeezing her smallish titties and sucking them as well while Peaches was stroking his cock with one hand. I come into the room and you are surprised to see me. I have a robe on, covering my nakedness and I come to you sitting on that chair and ask, no tell, you to start sucking my cock.

With apparent pleasure you reach for my cock, stroke it a bit and get on your knees to suck it. You do an amazing job of raising it to fullness rapidly. When at full size, you climb on me cowgirl style, insert my cock in your pussy and ride me to orgasm within two minutes. Not being satisfied, you say that you still need to cum again, so I lick, suck, nibble your clit while finger fucking you. You do cum, and rather rapidly.

Rider and Peaches are again hard at fucking. This time she is expertly riding him and squealing with delight at every thrust Rider gives her. This being several fucks down the road, they fuck for an hour before both cum at once.

We have been watching this display of stamina with us still being connected. I have been playing with your tits as well as kissing you during their ride. As they explode I ram my cock into you once more, just for the sensation. It is s good to feel a pussy around me that I just want stay there but time gets away from us, and we have to break up the party.

I make copies of the DVD for all, which we take home for reminiscing later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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