Enjoying the Drive Ch. 04

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Dani and I washed each other, slowly, lovingly removing each other’s sweat from our bodies. We took our time, our hands exploring every part of one another, truly enjoying the newfound freedom of being naked together. It was amazing, to discover something so very fundamental about someone I had been so close to, and so at odds with, my whole life.

I watched lather collect on her skin and disappear again and again as I ran my hands over her body, drinking in the sight of the soft, wet flesh beneath my fingers, kneading and squeezing everything I felt. Dani moaned at my touch, and I gasped at hers.

“What are we doing?” she whispered. Her fingers trailed down my chest, toying with tiny bubbles, dropping low and circling my cock. “Why am I playing with your cock?”

“I don’t know,” I said. I was surprised at the truth of it. I really had no idea. “When I woke up this morning, I knew that you would always be my annoying older sister. Now… now I have no idea.”

“Should we stop?” she asked. Dani looked into my eyes like she was trying to push the question into my brain. Her hand gently squeezed my cock. “Should we pretend like it never happened? Go back to what we were before? Everything was so normal this morning, and now I’m standing in a shower, naked, rubbing my brother’s cock.” Dani’s eyes dropped to the hand stroking me. “That’s so fucked up,” she breathed.

I stepped closer, the head of my cock nearly brushing her stomach and reached low, my fingers slipping between her lips, brushing her clit. She shivered as her eyes closed and her head dropped back. I felt the heat from her, my fingers finding slickness that came from neither soap nor water.

“It doesn’t seem to bother you all that much,” I said. I groaned as she squeezed my cock tighter. “And I think you can tell how much it bothers me.”

“Does this make us sick?” She asked. Dani’s free hand wrapped around the back of my neck and squeezed, pulling my face closer to hers, bumping my forehead against hers, her breath hot on my face. She pressed my cock lower, rubbed it against the back of my hand. I moved my hand and stepped forward. She rubbed it against her clit and moaned into my mouth. “Is this wrong?”

“Probably,” I said. “But it doesn’t feel wrong.” I slipped my hands around her, gripping the back of her thighs and lifting, wrapping her legs around me and letting her guide me into her again. “Does it?”

“No,” she moaned. “No, it really, really doesn’t.”

We fucked again, slower this time, kissing softly and moving together gently. Her body was perfect against me, her legs pulling me closer, her arms around my neck as my cock filled her completely. I pushed into her again and again, enjoying the sensation of her orgasm building, feeling her breath become ragged in her chest, hearing her whisper my name against my lips. I felt her body shudder and my own orgasm grow, my hands gripping her ass and the back of her thighs, smiling against her neck and kissing the soft skin below her ear.

Dani threw her head aydınlı escort back and dug her fingers into my hair as her pussy clenched around me, pulsing along the length of my cock, milking me, pulling my cum from me and into her as I lost control and exploded deep inside my sister for the second time in an hour. Dani shook in my arms as we came together, her eyes open wide and staring into mine, lust and ecstasy warring for control on her face.

I sank slowly to my knees until Dani was in my lap, kissing her gently. We rested in each other’s arms, my cock still inside her and our breath deep and fast. She smiled and kissed me again before pushing gently on my chest.

“We had better hurry the fuck up,” she said. We both moaned as she slid off my lap, my cock sliding out and pulling our mixed cum with it. I slipped my finger inside her, wriggling it around, feeling my cum and hers swirl around with the motion and she giggled. “If you don’t stop that, we’re never gonna get back to camp.”

I smiled and slowly withdrew my finger, teasing lightly as I pulled it out. Dani grinned and grabbed my hand, bringing my finger to her lips and gently sucking our cum from it. My smile widened as she swallowed what she took, and I gently kissed her neck.

“Seriously, bro, we have to get the fuck out of here,” Dani said as my finger popped from her mouth.

We rewashed more hurriedly, necessity stealing the ability to enjoy the sights and sensations. We were both scrubbed and clean inside of ten minutes, and dressed in another five.

I pulled on another pair of gym shorts and a soft white t-shirt. Dani donned a pair of my old boxers (again, stolen) and a green tank top that clung to her still-damp skin. We stepped out of our stall and walked hand-in-hand to the door, enjoying the last few moments of true intimacy we would get for at least a while.

Just as Dani reached for the handle, I tugged her hand, pulled her against me and pushed her against the door, lifting her up to me. Her legs wrapped around my waist and we kissed, slowly, deeply, our tongues caressing. There was no urgency, no hesitation, no holding back. We kissed like we were alone, like we had the time.

We didn’t have the time, of course, but it was a beautiful illusion for that moment. It ended sooner than either of us would have liked, devolving from a lover’s kiss to lovers’ pecks and finally to just holding each other.

“I needed to do that before we walked out,” I said.

“I know,” Dani said. She smiled, beautifully and happily, with a hint of sadness. “Me too.”

We found our parents much as we usually did when they sent us off for “private time”: a little sweaty, a lot smiley, and changed into their pajamas, meaning much the same kind of clothes that Dani and I were wearing.

The last couple hours of daylight passed fairly quickly. Mom read a book that I had never heard of, Dad and I talked about what Dani referred to as, “the most boring bullshit ever.” In this bağdat caddesi escort instance, that meant cars. Dad rebuilds old cars as a hobby, and I have watched and helped since I can remember. Actually learning all the stuff has never happened for me, as it’s never been about becoming a mechanic, but spending time with my dad.

Dani listened to music while flipping through one of the dozen or so magazines she brought on the trip. It was hard not stare.

My older sister is, like I said, small. But she’s very, very well put together. For the first time in my life, I was really noticing just how well. I kept looking at her skin, smooth and tanned and freshly washed. She sat unassumingly on one of the camp chairs, her legs stretched out and crossed in front of her. Her head was back as far as it could go while still allowing her to read without lifting the magazine, and her chest was pushed ever so slightly out.

I didn’t figure out that she was actually showing off for me a little until I caught her watching me stare. She winked, licked her lips and slowly ran her foot up her shin behind Dad’s back. When Dad turned his head to pick up his beer, I flipped her off. She just grinned and winked again.

About an hour after dark, Mom stretched and yawned. Dani was already dozing in her chair, the magazine draped across her stomach. Dad made the announcement that it was time for everyone to turn in and be ready for an early start.

I stood and walked to the tent, unzipping the flap and turning to see where Dani was as she rocketed past me and dove into the tent. I snapped my head back around to see her snatch my pillow from atop my sleeping bag.

“Oh hell no! Use your own pillow!” I protested.

“But yours is so soft,” Dani cooed. As she spoke she reached to her waist, grabbed the hem of her tank top and peeled it off over her head in one smooth motion.

“Pipe down,” Dad called. “I can hear you bickering over here.”

“Sorry, Dad,” we said in unison. I stepped into the tent and zipped up the flap, careful to block anyone’s view into the space as I did so. When I turned around, I was greeted by the sight of my now fully nude sister laying with her back arched, my pillow stuffed under her and her legs spread wide, knees bent, staring into my eyes with the wicked grin I was growing to be incredibly fond of.

“I don’t know what you think you’re doing,” I said, letting my voice trail off just in case Dad was still listening. I dropped to my knees and ran my hand up the inside of one smooth, warm thigh. I gently kissed the soft round flesh, then kissed again higher. I gently bit the spot where her leg ended, just outside her pussy, then licked the same spot slowly. I could feel the heat from her against my cheek.

“Hoping,” she whispered as her fingers tangled themselves in my hair. “Hoping you would do that.”

Dani’s breath caught in her chest as I gently trailed my tongue across her lips, barely touching, just bahçelievler escort enough that she knew I was there. I repeated the motion, just barely increasing the pressure, flicking lightly at her clit with my tongue before starting again at the bottom. No teasing this time, just pressing in, sliding my tongue between her lips and tasting her juicy pussy before sealing my lips around her clit and dragging my tongue lightly across it.

Her fingers tightened in my hair as I licked her, my arms wrapping up and around, my hands caressing her breasts and sides as I lay between her legs. Dani’s feet rested on my shoulders, her hips moving slightly, gently grinding herself against my tongue. I took my time, building her slowly, loving the taste of her, feeling every movement of my tongue in the gasps of her breath and the twitch of her hips.

I broke away from her clit, sliding my tongue again through her lips, curling it in, reaching as far into her as I could with my tongue and moving my upper lip against her clit. I licked gently between her outer and inner lips on both sides, glided my tongue again through her wetness and slipped lower, teasingly flicking my tongue against her tight little ass, diving deep into her pussy again before reclaiming her clit and swirling my tongue around it. I sucked gently, just enough to keep my lips sealed around her as my tongue lightly dragged across her clit both up and down, never letting up, never losing contact as I slipped my finger into her pussy and curled it up, dragging my fingertip against her g spot.

Dani’s hand left my head and clamped over her mouth as she came, her whole body quaking against my mouth as I curled my arms around her waist and held her hips in place, refusing to let her go, refusing to lose my hold on her. Her pussy clenched and pulsed around my finger as my tongue continued on her clit and she nearly screamed when I slipped a second finger in, pushing against her spasming muscles and into her wetness before pulling it away, turning my hand and sliding it deep into her ass.

Dani’s breath came in short, hard blasts through her nose as she continued to cum, her pussy and ass both trying to crush the invading digits. Finally, slowly, I decreased. I slowed the motion of the finger in her ass, gently slipping it out, then slowed and withdrew my finger from her pussy. My tongue continued for a few moments, barely touching as she slowly came down, the ever-so-gentle touch of it still enough to cause her to twitch every time it made contact. I gave her clit one last, light brush with my tongue then pulled away, kissing her pelvis, her hip, her stomach, working my way upward as she continued to twitch. Her thighs nearly vibrated against mine as I reached her face.

“How the fu-? Wh-? You,” she struggled the words out. “Holding out on me,” she mumbled.

I grinned and kissed her softly.

“Maybe tomorrow night you can find out what it’s like when I’m not trying to keep you quiet,” I whispered.

Dani groaned and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me down beside her and throwing her leg over my waist. She nestled into the crook of my shoulder, her face buried against my neck.

“I fucking better,” she mumbled.

I smiled, kissed her forehead, and wrapped my arm around her shoulders, totally content with the first day of my vacation.

We were both asleep in seconds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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