Enough Bickering! Ch. 02

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Natasha still had much desk work to do for Gavin that morning, but she breezed right through it, determined to get it out of the way before lunch. She naturally hoped to spend her mid-day meal with her boss, having “snacked” on his cum earlier that day. The whole idea of her new relationship with Mr. Brock, as well as his plans for her and the entire company, was enough to make her wet between her thighs. She was horny after her recent divorce and eager to fuck a man, especially Gavin.

“Natasha, dear, it’s time for lunch. Come with me, baby,” her boss instructed her, or was that his voice in her head?

“Yes, sir! I’ll be right there, Mr. Brock,” she replied enthusiastically.

“That’s good, but none of this ‘Mr. Brock’ business anymore, alright? I’m ‘Sir’, ‘Gavin’, ‘Master’, or ‘honey’ to you. Is that clear?” he demanded.

“Crystal, Sir. Should I take my Honda or ride with you?” she inquired anxiously.

“Natasha, when a man asks you out to lunch with him, it’s understood that you’re going to ride with him,” he observed.

“Yes, of course, Sir. What was I thinking?” she apologized, somewhat embarrassed at her gaffe.

“You were being careful and not wanting to impose yourself. However, you should try to remember that when a man invites you to lunch, he already doesn’t consider it an imposition for you to ride in his car,” he pointed out.

“Sorry, Sir. I’m just rusty with the dating scene. That’s all,” she explained.

“That is natural, given your previous marital status. That’s why I’m being patient with your nervous mistakes. You need time to adjust to your new life,” he assured her.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said as they got into his Corvette.

“You’re welcome, my love. Now, let’s find a place to eat and discuss my plans for the party tomorrow. Does Federico’s sound nice?” he suggested.

“Federico’s? Isn’t that the gourmet Spanish restaurant? I would love to go there! I haven’t exactly had the cash for that kind of place lately, even at lunchtime. It sounds great,” she agreed.

“Good, because I’ve wanted to go back there for a while. I know the owner pretty well and he’s probably wondering when I would patronize his establishment again. He’s a nice Spaniard in his mid-60s. I imagine that we’ll get the best service from him today,” he informed her.

“Really? You know THE Federico? I heard that he’s gay and left Spain during the Franco years, because they were strict about that sort of thing. Is that true?” she asked curiously.

“Yes, he’s a homosexual. He even has a ‘wife’, which means that he has a male lover that stays home and does the housework. I’ve met him too. His name is Terence and he is only a couple of years older than Federico. He is retired, so the ‘house husband’ thing doesn’t bother his ego quite so much. Anyway, enough about them. Let’s get inside,” he said after they parked outside the restaurant.

As they walked into Federico’s, Natasha noticed how busy the place was, even at 12:17 in the afternoon. It was clearly a popular restaurant with the elite of Cincinnati society. She also noticed how firmly Gavin held onto her arm as he led her inside. He was evidently determined to let people there know that she was his woman. He was showing off her proudly to his fellow patrons.

There was Federico, acting as his own host, which he frequently did during the daytime. He greeted Gavin warmly in the European manner, with an embrace and kisses near the mouth.

“Senor Brock, it is good to see you again! It has been a while, you know. And who is this senorita on your arm? Is she your new lover?” he probed as he led them into what was likely to be Gavin’s favorite booth.

“Yes, it has been quite a while, Federico. I figured that I should bring my new girlfriend to my favorite restaurant for our first date together. I doubt that she has ever been here from what she has told me. This is Natasha. Natasha, this is Federico, owner of the best Spanish restaurant I have ever frequented,” he introduced them.

“I am charmed, even if not in the same sense as Gavin. Pleased to meet you, Senorita,” Federico curtsied, “Would the two of you like some wine, before I send your waitress here?”

“Yes, thank you, but only two glasses. Neither of us can afford to be tipsy right now, especially with the drive back to work. Some of your Spanish red wine would be nice, Federico,” Gavin ordered.

“I understand, Senor, and I will have the waitress bring your wine immediately. I do not drink much during work, either. It helps to have a clear head for business, so I can provide well for myself and Terence,” he agreed, walking back sex izle to the front to get his niece, Blanca, to switch places with him again.

Gavin and Natasha enjoyed their wine and lunch very well, as they both ate simple, but authentically Spanish dishes. As they ate, they both discussed his plans for the office, albeit in a low enough volume to discourage eavesdropping. She also played “footsie” with him, flirting rather blatantly with her boss/Master.

When they returned to the office, Gavin was already aroused enough to decide that he must take her home with him that night. He hadn’t been sure about when to completely consummate his dominance over his secretary, but she had encouraged him to enjoy her ASAP.

This thirty something MILF made it so “hard” on him that he kept both her and himself as busy as he could, just to avoid dwelling on his urge to have his way with her. Naturally, therefore, the two of them got their work done ahead of schedule and resorted to busywork to distract themselves.

When 6:00 arrived, Gavin got his stuff together and hurried out of his part of the office. He gestured for Natasha to follow him and clock out as well. She made no protest, of course. On the contrary, she looked forward to what was evidently going to be a long, exhausting night of wild sex.

“Don’t worry about your car, Natasha. I’ll drive you to work tomorrow. I know that you don’t have the kids on weekends, so you don’t have that excuse. You’re going to spend the night with me, so I can fuck you almost to death! They say that a woman in her thirties is in her sexual peak, so we’ll have to test that theory, won’t we?” he announced.

The drive to his early 20th Century house was very short, but her eagerness to ride her boss dragged it out in her mind. The very idea of her new Master fucking her pussy made it soak the fancy underwear that she had worn that day. They were her best panties, but she didn’t mind getting them wet. That fact would just show her lover how desperately she wanted to screw him. She didn’t care about dinner, even though she should have been hungry at this point. She just wanted to jump her new supervisor’s bones.

That became obvious when Gavin pulled into his driveway, opened the door for Natasha, and smelled her as he led her to the front door. He winked at her as they went inside, as if to indicate that he knew how wet she had become during the drive. He then locked the door behind them and put his hand under her skirt to feel her underwear.

“I gather that you are as excited about tonight as I am, maybe even more. Drop your wet panties and hand them to me. I want to inspect them myself,” he commanded her.

She complied and he sniffed her “unmentionables”, quickly detecting that she was more than just aroused. She had nearly cum in the car from her excitement. She blushed as she realized that he had discovered the truth about her anticipation. She just couldn’t help herself. The prospect of being his fuck-toy was too much to resist.

“I’m not sure which of us wants this more, Natasha. I hope that you can pace yourself a little and fully enjoy tonight’s fun, though. I hope that both of us cum repeatedly, of course,” he declared.

Gavin then seized Natasha, lifted up her skirt, and spread her ass-cheeks. He slid his fingers in her pussy and along her butt-crack, further exciting her. He then knelt and rimmed her ass for a bit, pleasantly surprising her with this kind of sensual attention. His fingers, still buried in her sex, felt her juices as she became increasingly turned-on.

“Oh, God! You’re licking my ass and playing with my pussy! Damn it, I’m getting so wet! Fuck me, please!” she squealed as he tossed her salad.

“Strip completely and watch me disrobe first. Then we’ll fuck, I promise you,” he tantalized her.

Natasha trembled as she obeyed Gavin. She was afraid that he would somehow be turned-off by her body, but she also hoped to make him want her even more. She wondered which way he would respond to her figure. This was the proverbial moment of truth.

“Well, it seems that you are as much of a MILF as I thought! I wonder what you’ll think of me,” he remarked as he began to undress himself.

He had no idea just how much his tall, well-toned body turned her on. His cock was another major attraction, though she had seen it before. She hoped to feel him inside her soon. She was unaware that she had started licking her lips with lust.

Gavin approached Natasha when they were both naked and led her onto the easy chair. He spread her legs and touched her pussy again with his hand. Her pussy was as prepared alt yazılı porno for him as it needed to be, so he entered her with a good thrust.

As he pushed in and out of his secretary/slave, he felt her warmth and wetness on his cock. He could tell that she was relaxing and loosening. Her cunt, so long deprived, welcomed the triumphant return of male flesh. The intense feeling of a man’s dick taking her in such a vigorous way was every bit as delightful as she remembered and even more in this case.

The only thing that she had been missing about her ex lately was sex with him and now she didn’t even miss that. After all, her boss was already better in the sack.

“Damn, that’s good! I can’t believe somebody would give this pussy up! You’re really loving this, too, aren’t you?” Gavin reacted to the cunt that had started to squeeze and milk him.

“Yes, Sir! Fuck me, Gavin! Keep fucking me! Keep fu…..!” she shouted as he continued to invade her pussy.

“That’s my girl! Keep taking my dick! You want more, don’t you?” he taunted her.

“Yes, Master! More cock, please! I want more of your fucking cock!” she moaned as he rammed her doggie-style over the chair.

“You’re getting ready to cum, aren’t ya? Just say that you want to cum and I’ll let you cum on my cock!” he instructed her.

“Yes, I want to cum! I really need to cum! I beg you to let me cum!” she pleaded with her new Master as he slammed her pussy with his rod.

“I told you that I wouldn’t deny you a climax, so feel free to cum. I want you to cum for me, right now, while I fuck your sweet cunt!” he commanded her.

Released by that order, Natasha squirted her juices onto Gavin as he fucked her. She couldn’t believe that she had actually done that. Female ejaculation was considered a rare phenomenon, but she had experienced it, no doubt because of her sheer excitement at getting fucked by her Master.

By this time, the boss knew that he couldn’t resist the impulse to shoot his load anymore. He had only held out to make his slave girl cum, on the chance that he might not get hard again. Now that she had her orgasm, however, he was ready to explode in her pussy. His cock twitched and then his seed was expelled into her cunt. He had finally relieved his hardness and began to soften as he slid out of her sex.

“I think that we need to rest and eat something before we fuck again. You’re a damned good lay, you know that, Natasha? I had to hold back from cumming before you did. That’s how well you milked me,” he complimented her.

“Thank you, Master. I’m glad to serve you well. What kind of food do you have, by the way? I’ve worked up quite an appetite too,” she responded.

“I’ve got some leftover pot roast, if you don’t mind that,” he suggested.

“Not at all, Sir. I could use a substantial supper like that after what we just did. I can understand if you’re not quite up to cooking right now. I wouldn’t be,” she reassured him, genuinely pleased that she might get some meat and starch in her system.

“Believe it or not, I cooked the pot roast myself. I can cook, though I seldom have the time for it,” he informed her as they took the food out of the microwave and began eating it.

“Really? That’s still quite a feat for a bachelor. Most of my ex’s friends couldn’t make scrambled eggs to save their lives, let alone a pot roast. Hell, my ex couldn’t either, come to think of it. I doubt that his bride is much better. The idea of her ruining their dinners would make me laugh, if my kids didn’t have to eat that crap,” she commented.

“Well, I’ll have to cook for them some time myself. That way, they can eat some real food. I trust that you’re a fine cook yourself,” he noted.

“Yes, I am, if I may toot my own horn. However, I don’t get as much time to cook for them as I’d like. When I have the most free time, as I do on weekends, they’re at my ex’s place. Blame the joint-custody, though I do want them to have a father. That’s the only reason that I put up with any of his BS. Otherwise, I’d get a restraining order against the prick,” she declared.

“That bad a guy, eh?” he probed.

“A real jerk, though I never say that in front of the kids. I ALMOST pity his bride when it comes to the bedroom. He’s a selfish, nasty guy in the sack. He’ll take his pleasure and doesn’t give a damn if you have any,” she angrily remarked. “Only ALMOST, eh?” he pointed out.

“They deserve each other. After all, she’s probably after his money. He always did a nice trust fund. His corporate career is a joke. He is technically a director, but he is more of a altyazılı sex izle playboy. Of course, I know that this only sounds like sour grapes. I am just tired of missing that fool and now I’m detached enough to see what I’ve escaped. That’s your doing. You’ve broken me out of his spell, so to speak,” she told him.

“I’m glad to help. After all, you’re my girl now, so I can’t have you pining away for some stupid preppy. A playboy, huh? So, he cheated on you a lot?” he observed.

“I doubt it through most of the marriage, simply because he was one of those guys too busy drinking and gambling to have any energy left for one woman, let alone several. If he did, it was sporadic, discrete, and probably the result of a drunken blackout.

“No, he was more into hanging out with the guys at the country club and attending jet-set parties. I was fine for him as long as I met the criteria of a trophy wife. Then, however, he got older and wanted a pretty, young wife to somehow make others respect him again. That’s when he betrayed me for another woman. It was always about his ego and his image far more than it was about sex,” she explained.

“Sounds like a royal prick, if you ask me. I’ve met that type of guy, which I won’t dignify by calling a ‘man’, quite often in my career. They think that they’re superior because they have last names for first names, followed by Roman numerals, and can trace their ancestors back to the Mayflower, for instance. He’s probably a ‘mama’s boy’, if he’s anything like the WASP blue-bloods that I’ve met. Puritans with apron-strings, I call them,” he dismissed her ex.

“Yes, that about sums him up. But enough of my stupid, ridiculous ex. What do you say that we use some of the fuel that we’ve just consumed by fucking?” Natasha suggested.

“Now, THAT is a damned good idea, my love! However, what I have in mind will require you to stay naked in the kitchen. I want you to hold onto the counter and bend over,” he commanded her.

“And what is that, Master?” she feigned innocence.

“I think that you already suspect what I want from you,” Gavin announced. Natasha did as her boss ordered her, spreading her own cheeks again in anticipation. She felt something cold applied to her asshole and realized that it was the rest of the gravy from the pot roast. He used it to lube her backdoor so he could more easily enter it.

“I gather that you’re an anal virgin, so bear in mind that this will hurt a bit. I lubricated your ass to reduce the pain a little, but it will still feel sore for a while,” he warned her.

“That’s fine with me. Just make it worth the pain, Master. That’s all I ask,” she replied lustfully.

Gavin eased his dick into Natasha’s ass in several thrusts, before he finally pushed his entire member inside her. While it indeed hurt her for a few minutes, she began to adjust to the feeling of a sizable cock in her tight butt. His eager, relentless shoving into her bottom started to bring her some pleasure. The sense of being stretched by a hard cock actually turned her on, as she finally admitted to herself.

Her boss was not exactly in the dark about her changing feelings when it came to anal sex. He butt-fucked her greedily, drawing considerable pleasure from her increasing arousal at his action. He could also smell her wet pussy again, further indicating her reaction to his cock in her bottom.

“I think that my new slave enjoys a cock up her ass. Is that right, Natasha? Do you like what I’m doing to you? Does it turn you on?” he teased her.

“Yes!” she conceded as he plundered her ass.

“You want more of this in the future, don’t you? You want your Master to ram your butt with his big cock!” he taunted her as he shoved his dick up her rear end.

“Yes!” she repeated.

“Yes, what?” he demanded.

“Yes, Master!” she screamed as he continued buggering her.

“That sounds nice. Now, do you want me to cum in your ass?” he insisted on questioning her.

“Yes! Cum in my ass!” she urged him.

He gladly obliged her, filling her butt with what was left of his cum. As he already came twice before that day, there wasn’t as much to fill her backdoor, but there was still enough for her to enjoy the feeling of his cream inside her.

The sensation of a full and leaking ass, soaked with his seed, was incredibly pleasant. She had no capacity to resist the climax that immediately followed his release.

Too exhausted to do much else, they both snuggled up in his king-sized bed together. Evidently, he was used to entertaining women, possibly in groups with a bed that large. She didn’t mind, however. Tonight, she had his arms around her.

Somehow, this one night said everything that she needed to know about their relationship. No matter how many other women he might fuck, she would relax and enjoy it, knowing that she was definitely his favorite after this night.

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