Enslaved, Entrapped 16

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As promised! New chapter in August. This is the real chapter 16 (there was no chapter 16 in previous installment.) Next part will come soon.

Thanks for all those who replied to the previous installments and those that sent a PM. Your suggestions are very welcome, not just as a source of inspiration, but it’s also nice to see that you are interested. So please, continue spamming idea’s, critique and suggestions! My working file is constantly updated (I can’t change anything on the website due to its system)

For those who are looking for something a bit more ‘interactive’ experience: send me a PM using the website and I’m sure we can figure something out. 😉

Enjoy, Have fun!

Chapter 16) Tessa’s movie

“Master?” I heard Tessa’s voice say from the entrance of my study. While Tessa had been writing and Danielle was doing some chores I was preparing my further plans for my toys.
“Yes, Slave?”
“I Bring you the script, Master, I would ask you to give some input.” Tessa said while she kneeled in front of me holding her script up. I read the script and had to say, it was very nice. While the background story was very clichéd again, she made it up with some creative sex scenes. Even with the constraints I gave, no punishments or discipline, she came up with some very nasty scenes for her sister. Her anger and feeling of betrayal from earlier clearly making it very easy to write a script which would not be nice for her sister. Or she finally understood what I like to see and do, but I was thinking the former. I decided to reward her.

“Come here, sit on my knee.”
Tessa looked scared, thinking I was not pleased with the script, but sat down on my knee. She was still wearing the dress. It was a fancy dress and it came up until her knees. I grabbed her head and pushed it against mine. I pressed her lips against mine. She responded relieved and kissed me quickly full with enthusiasm. We sat like that for 5 or ten minutes. Kissing while I moved my hand over her dress, pausing regularly to grope one of her boobs. With her hands behind her back her breast was prominently stuck in front of her. As our kissing continued and my groping Tessa started breathing faster, quicker and heavier. I pulled her lips from mine and moved my tit groping hand to her knees.

“I am very pleased with the script, Tessa, I think you have earned some pleasure.”
As I started kissing her again I moved my hand up her inner thighs to her panty clad, hairless fuck hole and started tracing it. Tessa froze, but the wetness of her panty told me it was not just because she surprised. I increased my finger flicking over her panty which made Tessa breathe quicker and quicker. Quicker and quicker, stronger and stronger, longer and longer. When I slowly pushed a finger passed her panty into her wet, wet hole she gave a moan. Soon I had her in such a state of sexual frenzy that she couldn’t focus on kissing anymore. She could only moan, twist and writhe on my knee. She got closer and closer to her peak. When she was on the brink of orgasm I stopped and said.
“Why don’t we let your sister take care of that, come let’s start the filming!”
She gave me a very frustrated, disappointed look, which, at the same time, was also full of lust and longing. With a sigh she added, ‘Yes master’.

We went to Danielle and I made Tessa read her the script. Tessa had a lot of fun telling her sister all the things she would have to do. The more Danielle heard the more she started drooping

Tessa’s movie script

Tessa was a young rich girl living alone in her mansion. She was 20, but still looked like she could be 15 or 16. She was sitting at home watching television while she was thinking of how she could repay a favor she owed to a friend of hers. It must have been eight when she heard some glass breaking somewhere in the distance in her house. “Burglars? Can’t be must be an animal” she thought to herself surprised. The alarm of her outer wall hadn’t gone off, so it must be an animal she thought. She went off to see.
Quietly Tessa sneaked to the source of the sound to make sure she wouldn’t startle the animal. The sound had come from her bedroom. Tessa peaked inside only to see that the ‘animal’ was a human. Not only was the animal a human being, it was also the 15 year old girl she hired for mowing her grass! Furiously she walked in and grabbed the girl, Danielle, by the hair and pulled her to the living room. Danielle thrashed, kicked and screamed trying to get free from her captor, but Tessa would have nothing of that. Tessa threw the girl on the couch.

“Sit there, you fucking slut, while I call the police. Don’t you dare move!” She shouted while grabbing her phone and starting dialing.
Danielle gaziantep escort kızlar fell to the knees of Tessa and grabbed one of her hands. “Please, miss, I am sorry! So sorry! Please don’t call the cops, please don’t! I’ll do anything! I will repay all the damages. I’ll mow your lawn for free for a year! Please!”
Tessa looked at the 15 year old with disgusted eyes. “Money is absolutely no concern for me. This is about trust and betrayal. You have to be punished for betraying my trust.” Slowly a thought crept on Tessa. “You’ll do anything?” She asked.
“Anything, miss, I’ll do anything if you don’t call the cops, please!” Danielle pleaded.
“Alright, you’ll repay me by repaying a favor I owe to a friend, deal?”
“Deal, deal! Anything but the police” Danielle replied relieved.

“Alright, let me make a call and we can get this settled.”Tessa said. She then proceeded to call her friend and after some idle banter came to the point. “Listen, Peter, you know that favor I owe you? How about we settle it tonight. Could you come over now?…..Yeah, all of the favor…….Alright, bye! See you in a few minutes!”. Tessa then looked at the relieved looking girl sitting at her feet.
“Alright you thief, you’ve caused me a lot of stress. While we wait for my friend to come I want you to help me relieve some of that stress.” Tessa said as she slid of her panties and sat on the couch. She grabbed Danielle’s hair and slowly pulled her face to her damp slit. “Now, I want you to suckle me, lick me, finger me. I want your face buried in my cunt. I want you to get me completely relaxed before Peter shows up. Go, lick me! You fucking slut!”.

Danielle was shocked! Paralyzed she sat on the ground looking at Tessa’s hot pussy. An angry look and a slap across the face from Tessa and she quickly went to work. She didn’t really like it but she didn’t have a choice. Frightened she licked and sucked and finger fucked. It only took the first initial lick to get Tessa squirming with pleasure, as if she was already very, very horny. Tessa kept hold of Danielle’s hair and used it to provide some extra pressure where needed.
“Yeah, that’s it! You fucking bitch! You whore! Lick my pussy. Lick everywhere, fuck yeah!”
Frantically Danielle tried to comply with the commands. Lick her clit, lick the entrance, stick a finger in, stick another finger in.
“AAAH, fuck fuck fuck!” Tessa screamed as her orgasm set in. “God yes!” she exclaimed while Danielle was still flurrying her tongue over Tessa’s clit. Tessa buried Danielle’s head in her soaking slit making it impossible for poor Danielle to breathe.
“Hnnnnggguhh aaaaaaah” Tessa moaned. “so good, so good” she gasped.
After Tessa’s minute long orgasm Danielle was finally able to breathe. While catching her breath the doorbell rang.

Tessa was still exhausted so she ordered Danielle to the door. “Tell him that you’ll settle the whole favor. Take him to the guest bedroom and tell him that he can begin without me. I’ll be there in a while.”
Hesitantly Danielle hurried to the door be and opened it, behind the door stood a large man of around 40 years old. She stood there surprised as she expected someone more around Tessa’s age. He wasn’t bad looking, if he were 20 years younger she would actually fancy him. But he was so much older than she and so much bigger that she became nervous.

“Hi.” He said.
“Hi. Ehm ehm…. “ She said panting, still catching her breath from the session with Tessa. She knew what she had to say next. She also knew what it meant.
“Aren’t you supposed to let me in?” he asked.
“This way” Danielle said trying to postpone the inevitable words. She led him to the guest bedroom.
“What are we doing here?” He asked her smiling.
“Uhm.. Tessa told me to tell you that I would settle the favor she owed you”
“Oh really? And why would you two agree to that?” He probed.
“Uhm, I’d rather not say. So.. let’s begin?” She avoided his question.
“Do you even know what to do to repay the favor?”
He gave a big grin as he said “Well, I guess you’ll find out. Be a good girl and do what you’re told and I won’t mind exchanging Tessa for you. Otherwise, I guess you and Tessa will have to find another way to come to an agreement. Agreed?”
Danielle knew she had to do some immoral things to pay for her criminal behaviour, but she had a feeling things would not just go nice and easy here.
“Alright, I’m guessing you already know what’s going to happen first.” He said as he put some music. “Show me what you’ve got.”
Danielle started dancing. She knew what she had to do, it was obvious. She took off her top, showing her perky breasts in a black lace bra. She wanted to get it over with so she quickly went on to her shorts. Peter was now looking at a sexy 15 year old dancing in front of him with nothing but a black lace panty and bra. A smile crept on his face as Danielle took off her bra, displaying her nice and pert breasts. He was entranced by her tits bouncing and swaying from side to side while Danielle danced. Finally, she took off her panty. The panty stuck to her lips showing that she was getting a little wet. She would need it, he thought with a grin.

Peter took off his pants showing his cock and sat down on the guestroom bed. “Come here, I want you to lick from below the balls to the tip until i’m rock solid.”
She nodded and knelt between his legs licking him from bottom till top. His hairs got in her mouth, but she didn’t dare to stop and take them out. With each lick his cock got harder and harder.
Peter looked at his cock, he never saw it as hard and enlarged as it was now. It was time to make some good use of his granite staff. He stood up and told her: “Get on the bed, head on my side and over the edge facing me.” She quickly obeyed.

“Open up” He said as he put his cock at the edge of her lips. As soon as she complied he slid his cock in her mouth and started slowly fucking her. Happy he was looking at this beautiful young sexy body beneath him. He increased the depth of his strokes until she was gagging with each stroke.
“Hmm, girl! Perfect!” he said. He continued “Having a difficult time? I’m sure you are, with my cock pushing at your throat and all. But don’t you worry. I chose this position specially so that your mouth and throat would be optimally aligned for this next part. I do advise you to relax and open your throat as much as possible.”
He grabbed her by the upper arms and slowly pushed his cock further and further in her mouth. As he pushed harder and harder against her throat, she started struggling. But with her arms pinned down there wasn’t much she could do. Her gag reflex kicked in, but he didn’t care. Each time she gagged he used it as an invitation to push in a little further. Inch after inch his cock eased itself in her throat. A bulge appeared in her throat where his cock was. Her thrashing about became more intense and panicked. She was desperately trying to breathe a little but his ball sack blocked her nose. He kept it in for another few seconds before he pulled out again. She gagged as he pulled out and tears ran down her face. He gave her a brief moment to swallow and breathe before he pushed back in. This time he really pushed in all the way. He had to use his hands to hold her head steady. Her gagging and squirming only really gave him more pleasure as she involuntarily stimulated his member. The bulge in her throat looked incredibly enticing. He started to massage it. He basically was masturbating while his cock was buried in the throat of the incredibly accommodating young girl. After a second or 30 he pulled out again, giving the red faced girl a few seconds to prepare for the next penetration. He repeated this for five or ten minutes. At the end her gag reflex was virtually non existent and her throat very, very raw.

“Hmm, baby. That was very nice. Turn around and tell me, have you had real sex yet?”
“No..? Can’t you not, you know, just let me suck you some more?” She pleaded, looking at him with big begging eyes.
“No, but I’ll go nice and slow. Just like your throat. But you know what, why don’t you rub yourself during. It will look sexy and probably make you enjoy it more.” He answered.
With lead in her feet she reluctantly turned around and started touching herself. She closed her eyes and started massaging her clit and grabbed a tit with her other hand. With her eyes closed she was trying to pretend to be somewhere else, but Peter would have none of that.
“Open your eyes and look at me”
She looked up in shame while she got more and more excited from her own stimulation. He slowly pushed his head against her virginal entrance. Slowly moving in and out deeper and deeper. He looked in her eyes as her look became more and more intense as she got incredibly hot from his and her sensations. A little deeper than tip of his penis he felt an obstruction, her maiden head. Still looking in her eyes he quickly pushed passed the barrier. Her face contorted with pain and she gave a small yelp when he continued pushing filling her to the brim. The pain quickly subsided and was replaced by a lovely filling feeling. When Peter started pushing in and out of her again, she shivered with excitement and quickly continued rubbing herself. She looked in the eyes of her first sexual partner. He gasped as he was enjoying and fucking her virginal pussy. She became very wet very fast and practically gushed once her first orgasm started.
“OOhhooh!” She screamed surprised.
He pushed her hands away from her clit and started to aggressively rub it himself while increasing his thrusts with his penis. This made her orgasm even larger, but he wouldn’t stop and started fucking her vigorously. Danielle started screaming as wave after wave of orgasms came over her. But still Peter would not stop. Only after what seemed an hour to her orgasm overloaded, confused mind did he stop.

“Hmm, I can see you had your fun. Now it’s my turn to have some fun. On your hands and knees!”
After having lost her vaginal and throat virginities Danielle didn’t particularly want to loose her anal one too. But, to avoid trouble she had to. And, although she didn’t want to admit it to herself, a man who gave her that many orgasms could do whatever he wanted with her: she would love it anyway. Peter took some lubricant and slathered it all over his dick and squirted some in and on her asshole. As he pushed his cockhead against her sphincter Danielle braced herself by grabbing the bedsheets and biting in them. She did her best to relax her muscles but it still hurt when he slowly pushed the tip in. He pulled his tip back out and then pushed it in again, just as he had done with her throat and pussy. Slowly and carefully, but unrelenting he had broken both other holes she had and he was now working away at her ass. After a few minutes he finally got his cock ballsdeep. Figuring she had enough time to let her ass muscles get used to his cock he decided it was time to pick up the pace. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and started increasing his speed. Even though he had taken it slow she was just not accustomed to her ass being stretched to the maximum. She wanted it to stop, but she knew it was pointless. His hold on her was unbreakable, his cock in her ass and hand on her hair. He rammed his cock faster and faster in her ass, making her squeal with each thrust. Her squeals, in combination with the tight sensation of her anus and the fact that he had been fucking each of her orifices for the past hour made Peter orgasm relatively quick and very intense.
“OH FUCK YES” He shouted as his orgasm started.
He slapped her on her ass as he squirted deep in her ass. After having retained himself for over an hour his orgams took three times as long as normal and squirt after squirt completely drained his balls deep in her intestines.
While he stood there, letting his dick get soft in her asshole enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm, he suddenly felt two hands massaging his shoulders.

“Hey Tess” He said.
“Hey hun! Are we even know?” Tessa asked.
“Almost, bring a spoon?”
“Ofcourse!” Tess said with a smile as she handed Peter a large salad spoon.
“Alright Danielle, we’re almost done. Now I want you to turn around and sit on your knees in front of me and suck me clean. Oh, and make sure no cum leaks out of your ass.”
“WHAT? no! fuck that! Fuck you” Danielle replied.
Peter gave her a strict look and said: “Look, you know what will happen if you refuse.” Suddenly fear showed in Danielle’s eyes.
“Yes, mast… Peter” She replied and slowly turned around. With a big breath and a sigh she closed her eyes and took his stinky cock in her mouth. She tried to quickly clean as much as possible to just have it over with. Her tongue darted all over his cock which caused it to go hard again. He decided that his hard cock should not go to waste so he started fucking her throat again. After the previous fucking there was almost no gagging, but her sore throat made it hurt quite a lot for little Danielle. As Peter had more things to do that evening he made himself come quite quickly. He sprayed his white globs of cum all in mouth.

“Keep it in. Don’t spit, don’t swallow without permission and keep your mouth open with the cum on your tongue on display.” He warned her. “Now I’m going to put this spoon under your asshole and I want you to push out all the cum I put in you on the spoon”
Tessa looked at the spectacle with a big smile of glee while Peter held the spoon under Danielle’s ass. After he told her to push a small stream of cum came out of her ass. Once the spoon was full he stopped her.
“We’ll get the rest later, but we have to keep this somewhere. How about with the rest in your mouth?” Peter said as he started pouring some in Danielle’s mouth. Her mouth was now filled with a brown white pink mixture. To which Peter added more and more from Danielle’s ass. Before soon there was so much in she had to tilt her head all the way back to keep it all in.
“Good girl” Peter said. “Now, just swallow everything and you can be on your way.”
With five gulps she slowly drank all Peter’s sweet nectar. She then opened her mouth and showed her tongue proving she swallowed all.

*end scene*

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