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The door shut behind us with a soft click, muffling the laughter and music inside to a murmur. Outside was a stark contrast to the revelry. The expanse between the houses was open and dark. Distant lights glowed yellow down the valley, sharp in the chilly air. 

“You ready to go?” 

I finished buttoning my coat and nodded. Stuart was made of hardier stuff, or else it was pure stubborn bravado preventing him from wearing a jacket. He offered an arm and I gladly wrapped myself around it, tucking my hands in for warmth and letting him guide me. I would have stumbled in the darkness, but he had no problem finding his way by starlight. He’d gone between the two houses so often I’m sure he could have made it blindfolded.

Paisley ran ahead of us and quickly disappeared into the dark. She knew the way even better and would be waiting for us at the front door. 

A gust of wind made me shiver closer to Stuart’s arm. “Jeez it’s cold out here.”

He chuckled. “We could run it?”

“I’d probably turn an ankle,” I giggled back. “Let’s get there safely and I can warm up inside.”

Exercise was one of the things that Lily had told me about Stuart, when she first told me about him. He ran sometimes, but mostly he cycled. A lot. Once I arrived I could see why he did: there wasn’t much else to do. Stuart dedicated himself to tending the sheep and maintaining his property, but that didn’t fill a full day. Not even in the short days of winter. So he rode his bike as far as he could, which wasn’t that far considering how isolated it was. In one of our first conversations he admitted he cycled the same loop multiple times in a session.

As a result, Stuart’s naturally long frame was a classic cyclist’s build. Leaning against him across the field I could feel the wiry muscle in his arm and his chest. Many would consider me long and slim too, but I still have curves. Stuart was just long. He even stood a head taller than me and I’m not a short woman. I rarely meet anyone who towers that far above me. 

My third day there I finally learned what it was like to push up on my tiptoes for a kiss. I learned how to felt to have a man tilt his face down to meet mine. I learned what that instinctive pull in my body felt like. 

But that was the third day and it was only a kiss. A soft, sweet, lingering kiss, yes. But it had stopped at kissing.

The first day Stuart was shy. Lily had warned me that he would be. “There’s no one around to even be a girlfriend. I don’t think he’s dated since university,” she said. Then she added, “Go easy on him, Jess.” That conversation started when I saw a him on her social media and said he was cute — the lanky cousin with a charming smile and soft brown eyes. Not every man gets set up by his cousin, but most men aren’t cousins with my friend Lily.

He was cuter in person but Lily had been right, he was shy. We said hello, maybe a few more words, but he clammed up with his family’s eyes on us.

The second dayLily and I walked Paisley out past the meadows. When Stuart came riding home, Lily contrived to return the dog without me, leaving the two of us alone. He hopped off the bike to thank me for looking after Paisley, then our conversation turned from dogs and exercise to music and literature. Soon we were laughing and flirting. Stuart seemed to come alive alone. Maybe I did it with a smile or a searching glance, but more likely it was pure and simple chemistry that danced between us, undiluted by additional eyes. Once we’d spoken a few words each we found ourselves remarkably compatible.

The third day we walked together. Stuart skipped his ride to be alone with me. That’s when we took Paisley to the other side of the ridge. Our conversation paused in a way that was strangely comfortable, considering we’d just met. We stood on the shore with the waves crashing into the rocks and we kissed. 

More accurately, I kissed him. I recognized the heat radiating in his gaze because I shared it. And that lull in conversation was not awkwardness; we weren’t looking for an exit. It was uncertainty: we both wanted to shift into the next phase but wondered how. So I did. 

That emboldened him. He entwined his fingers in mine as we walked and he snuck more kisses on his own initiative. We parted with the longest eye contact known to man. 

“When are you going to jump his bones?” Lily asked that night as we brushed our teeth. She could be a little blunt about sex. Actually, she could be a little blunt about everything. “You’re only here a week, you know.”

“It hasn’t been the right time,” I said. 

This was the right time. After kissing him the day before I wanted more. Something about his quiet prepossession spoke to my soul. And though I preferred a man with more experience I figured I could make the most of the situation.

Our fourth day was a long torturous day. The whole family had gathered, plus me and a few other hangers-on. Stuart spent the day gazing at me across the table or sharing a secretive Ankara Rus Escort smile. Lily spent it elbowing me and whispering crass questions in my ear.

Our answer was Paisley. She grew agitated as the evening wore on. “Sorry, sorry, I’ll take her back home,” Stuart said as he pulled the dog away from yet another thing she shouldn’t be chewing. 

“Jess will help you!” Lily volunteered.

We both stared at her. I was almost mad that she made it seem so obvious, but the flash quickly melted into gratitude. How else was I going to extract myself from that gathering? And besides, it wasn’t my family. If anyone should be worried about a nosy aunt it would be Stuart, not me. But while the aunts seemed to know what bubbled between us, they didn’t seem to care. If anything the general consensus seemed to be that their dutiful nephew needed to get laid, to borrow another of Lily’s expressions.

“We don’t have to do anything,” he said outside his door as Paisley impatiently circled our feet.

I peered up at his face in the dark. “I know, Stu. Let’s just see how it goes.” I grinned, “Besides, I’ve been remembering your kisses all day.”

“Me too.”

Stuart dipped his head to catch his lips on mine. They were chilly from the wind but harbored fire. I clung to his shoulders as he held me at the waist. Our kiss awoke a hunger in me. Just as I introduced a tongue into the equation, Paisley bumped hard into Stuart’s legs. We nearly tumbled to the ground but caught ourselves against the house, laughing.

Stuart unlatched the door, flicked on the light, and gestured inside. “Settle in, Jess. Do you want something while you wait? I’ll just be a moment.”

I hung my coat next to the door and immediately regretted taking it off. The house was chilly after being empty all day. “Um.. something to drink would be nice?”

“I have whisky,” he offered. Stuart poured two glasses and handed one to me while Paisley continued dancing around our legs. He stared at me like he expected me to evaporate the moment he turned his back. “I’ll just be a moment,” he repeated. “Here, Pais.” 

The two disappeared and left me in the front room. I’ve been calling it a house, but it was more like a cottage or a cabin. It seemed to have only three rooms, including one big combined area that encompassed kitchen and dining and living rooms in one. It was clearly a bachelor’s space but in a simple, minimalist way. It was tidier than I expected. I wondered if it was always this neat or if he’d straightened it up that morning on the off chance I’d visit. The wood stove, which doubled as a heating source, glowed only a faint red. I looked for more wood before giving up and curling onto the couch. The whisky was good. Smoky, not spicy, and smooth. It warmed me down to my core.

Stuart returned, minus a dog but plus an armload of firewood. “Sorry about that.”

I murmured a “No problem” and sipped my drink while he worked on the fire. While I watched I reflected on Stuart’s attractions. A cute face, an infectious smile, quiet assurance, capable,  respectful, steady, good with his hands. In any other setting he’d have women clamoring over him. The only thing keeping him isolated was his dedication to the family business.

Once he was satisfied with the flames he joined me on the couch with his whisky. He sat close enough that the curve of my hip touched his, followed by the outside edge of our long legs. One arm rested behind me on the back of the couch and the other raised his glass to his lips between pauses in easy conversation that neither of us were completely committed to. We were both there for activities beyond talking.

I leaned against his chest and tilted my head up for another kiss. I wanted Stuart’s mouth on mine. Hell, I wanted his hands wandering my body and I wanted to impale myself on his cock. But that would be getting too far ahead of myself. For now, a kiss and that promise we made at the door: to see how it goes.

We kissed. Our mouths immediately parted to the other and we entwined as fully as we could while fully dressed. My leg draped over his, his hands in my hair and on my breasts, my arms wrapped around his shoulders. And our mouths, pulsing our shared need. We were emboldened by more than the whisky. Every mirrored moment pulled our desire closer to the surface.

I was kneeling over his lap. He had both hands cupping my face. I was fumbling with the buttons on his shirt while my hips bucked over his. I thought I could feel his hardness through our jeans. It drove me wild. I wanted him closer, even closer, and each stitch of clothing between us was a barrier I would tear through.

“Jess,” he breathed. 

Suddenly we weren’t kissing. I blinked back my confusion. “What’s wrong?”

“You know I haven’t kissed anyone in a long time.” I’d already known without him telling me. Lily had warned me before I ever met him.

I sat back on Stuart’s lap. My hands pressed against Yenimahalle Escort his chest. His eyes, those warm brown eyes, implored me to listen. The moment was too serious to push past. 

He continued. “You should also know I’ve never… I mean, I’m…”

“A virgin. I know.”

“Lily told you?”

“She told me. It’s okay.”

I leaned forward to resume our kiss, but his look stopped me. “Jess. I don’t know…”

I felt myself smiling at him. Sitting on his lap brought our faces closer to level than they ever were standing. There was no tilting or leaning here, only a direct frank gaze. “It’s okay Stuart, really.” I could tell he still felt worried. It was sweet, really, coming from a man so otherwise capable in everything he touched. I liked the humility of it. Most men I knew back then wouldn’t have admitted their ignorance. “Stu. I can’t tell you how to do this with most women, but I can show you how to do it with me.”

He studied my face for a moment. Then he said, “Show me, Jess.”

We locked eyes. It felt like we were searching each other’s face to find inner truths. 

Our statue-selves became fluid. We tore into each other, removing shirts and devouring kisses and rebuilding the fire between us. His hands found my breasts and my fingers gripped his shoulders and our hips ground together through the jeans. 

“Mmm, fuck Stuart. I want you,” I gasped with his mouth on my neck and his hands exploring my torso. “Can we do this on your bed?”

He paused mid-kiss, his lips hovering over my collarbone. “Yes. Sorry, of course. It should be warm by now.”

“And if it’s not…” I didn’t finish the thought. We pushed and pulled each other to the bedroom door. Our hands felt magnetically attached to the other. Off the couch we were free to caress and squeeze legs, ass, hips. We could fumble our way with zippers thinking it was suave to remove jeans while walking.

We tumbled naked onto his bed. His bedroom was still slightly chill, but I hardly noticed with the searing heat of his skin on mine. I could smell the woodsmoke too. It added to Stuart’s naturally outdoorsy scent. But naked as I was, open to the air, and craving his touch, I noted hints of my own arousal joining the blend. 

“Here,” I said. I lay on my left side and tugged Stuart’s hands onto my body. I guided his left hand to a nipple and his right to my dripping slit. The rest of him followed. He was tall enough to fully curl around me and comfortably kiss at my neck while his fingers worked me.

Soft, circling motions along my pussy lips. More assertive than a tease, he built me up higher.

“I thought you were a virgin,” I moaned into the bubbling pleasure.

“I just haven’t fucked a woman,” he breathed back. “That doesn’t mean I’ve never fingered one.”

I only needed to guide his hand away from my clit and towards my g-spot. It took that single direction for the message to sink in. And sink in was exactly what he did. His long, deft fingers slid into my dripping cunt and curled up to my g-spot. He stroked me, slow at first but faster and more assertive as my moans intensified. It seemed to turn him on too, judging by how his cock stiffened against my ass.  Emboldened, his other hand gently pinched my nipple and gave it a tug.

I was wild with bliss. I grabbed whatever I could reach. The quilt beneath us, his legs behind me, or into his hair behind my own. I was totally lost to the sensations. “That’s… yes right there… oh yes… mmm, fuck…” I came, shaking and screaming, onto his fingers.

His movements slowed. My hands instantly returned to his, pressing him back into position. “More,” I gasped. Maybe I pleaded. I couldn’t tell. “More.”

He gave me more. His cock pressed into my flesh while he worked me again. His fingers slickened from my cum but he didn’t stop until after my moans quieted. 

“Fuck. Stu.” 

I turned towards him as he pulled me in and we kissed again. Somehow it was hotter and hungrier than any kiss before it. 

My leg slipped over his, opening myself to let his cock grind across my pussy lips. I was absolutely soaking wet and he felt achingly hard against me. I felt like I could melt around him.

“How do you want to do this?” Stuart asked.

I was glad I already had a plan. At that moment I couldn’t think well enough to devise a new one. “Like this,” I said and pushed at his shoulder.

It wasn’t enough force to move him on my own power but he followed the movement and lay on his back. Yet his eyes looked concerned. “No, Jess, I meant… are you on… some kind of birth control?”

Oh. That was part of my plan too, but I’d lost myself in the moment. “No, but I brought a condom. Just a minute.”

Stuart lay back on his bed while I padded across the main room. It didn’t take long to unzip the inner pocket of my coat and slip back into his bedroom. 

That was my first opportunity to study his naked body. He was gorgeous in an unconventional way. Long, strong legs and lean arms relaxed against the quilt. His short hair, his kind eyes. His cock, perfectly average and breathtakingly hard. My heart started to race. For all my pretensions of expertise, I fumbled with the wrapper and giggled as I knelt over his lap. “Thanks for the reminder.”

His fingers gently traced my face while I unrolled the condom down his length.

“How’s that?” I asked when I finished.

“Weird,” he laughed. 

I adjusted myself over him. Hands on his shoulders, knees outside his hips, eyes gazing down into his. I wanted to see how good it felt when my pussy swallowed up his length. I opened myself to take him in, starting with that stretch around the head. Stuart’s eyes unfocused before he even groaned. 

“Oh. Mmm. Wow, Jess.”

Lower, lower, lower. I paused at the bottom to adapt to his girth. “You feel so good,” I moaned back. Keeping my hands on his chest, I slowly built up the rhythm. I couldn’t have cycled the distance Stuart did every day, but my legs and hips were still strong. His hands wrapped around the widest part of my hips but he didn’t move me, not yet. He just rested them there while I ground myself onto him, finding an angle and pace that built up my own orgasm while increasing the pleasure in his wild eyes. 

Soon I was fucking myself onto him. Now that we had a good tempo, his hips bucked up to meet mine. The more he thrust into me, the more mindless I became in the pleasure. I couldn’t thrust down on my own as my hands slipped off his chest and my back arched away. “Oh, yes yes yes…” I screamed as I came around him. Our thighs felt slick as his arms pumped my hips up and down. I kept moving up and down, kept grinding on him, kept clamping my walls around the thick head of his cock. Still thrusting up to meet me, Stuart tightened his hands on my ass. His groans increased to growls. 

My strength returned in the valley between climaxes. We worked together then, both of us bucking, both of us thrusting, both of us fucking. Stuart had learned my body quickly, seemingly as easily as he learned any other physical skill. He might not have been a natural, but he was a natural with me.

After riding myself to a second screaming orgasm, I paused over him to catch my breath. “Wow.”

“Good thing the neighbors are so far away,” he teased. “Holy moly, you’re loud.”

His smirk told me it wasn’t a complaint, so I teased back, “I can try to be quieter…”

“Don’t.” He sat up and cupped my face again. I loved how gently he touched me and the strength he held back. “I want you exactly how you are.”

Our kiss quickly turned into dancing tongues and hungry bites. 

“How many more times can you cum?” He asked as we pulled away.

“As many as you can get me,” I grinned. 

Stuart made that sexy growl again. This time, he was the one pushing on my shoulder and repositioning me on the bed. I hooked one leg over his hip as he slid back into me. I was wet and slick and welcomed him in. He already felt like he belonged there, swelling inside me. My hands pressed on his ass to guide him. He shifted immediately, working with my silent directions to find an angle that worked for us both. The thick knob of his cock stretched right across my g-spot and back. I felt his eyes on me while he moved, just as I had watched his face when I rode. 

While he thrust, my body rocked along with his in a wave that started with my hooked leg, peaked with my bouncing breasts, and ended with a long shuddering moan.

“Yes, Stuart. Just like that…”

He kept going. The swing in his hips kept the same steady tempo. Distantly I wondered if he was keeping pace as he would while cycling, if he treated sex as meditatively as he did his afternoon ride. But otherwise the pleasure had emptied all thoughts from my mind.

I left one hand to squeeze his ass; he no longer needed my direction now that he found his rhythm but he pushed in just a little bit more with the pressure. My other hand clutched at his toned shoulders. My back arched underneath him, jutting my breasts higher and angling my head away while I screamed and shuddered. Stuart thrust harder through that climax and straight into another. His long limbs strained above me in beautiful ecstasy.  

Through the haze of pleasure I felt him shifting me almost onto my side. He raised my leg off his hip and hooked my ankle onto his shoulder. Then Stuart straddled over my other leg, the one lying on the bed. Our legs now scissored together in an X. It was the perfect position get pounded deep. 

And he did pound in to me. Each new thrust made my pussy squelch. I was soaking, from the multiple climaxes and from how he easily maneuvered me. My juice coated even our thighs. 

And the smell of sex. It hung thick about us, cut only by my screams and whimpers and his growls and moans. 

His balls slapped against my pussy lips as his strong legs drove us onward. Amid the gasping pleasure I had just enough conscious thought remaining to hold his face and kiss him. A hot, hungry kiss as open and exploratory as our fucking. When our lips parted, he remained bent over me, keeping his weight on my body and staring into my face as he thrust me to new heights. Stuart’s gaze pierced mine.

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