Erica’s Man – Key Workers Ch. 03

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“Nat will cover on Thursday on one condition. Will explain tomorrow after we both finish at work ;)” The text from Holly came through shortly after Erica and I had finished a hot sex session.

Erica had wanted every detail of what Holly and myself had gotten up to that afternoon, and hearing about the blowjob I’d received under the desk, particularly with two people almost catching us, had Erica sopping wet and sat on my cock before I’d even got up to the part where I fucked Holly on the desk. Telling her about that part as she rode me and ground herself against me had Erica cum twice before I did tonight. She was in the shower when the text came through, and when she returned, we wondered together what the condition would be.

“Tell me about Nat, then,” my beautiful wife requested, brushing her hair with a towel wrapped around her. “She’s the Year 3 teacher, right?”

“That’s her,” I replied. “Blonde hair.”

“Nice tits, if I remember?” Erica asked.

“Yeah, they’re definitely her best feature,” I responded. “Not that there’s anything wrong with the rest of her! Pretty enough.”

“You haven’t mentioned her much before.”

“Yeah, she’s not really on my radar as someone I’d go and have a chat with at work to be honest. I mean we do talk, obviously, but I’d normally go find Holly or Raya, maybe Rebecca or Mark if I was just interested in a chat.”

“Fair enough… so what will she want?”

“Not sure,” I answered honestly. “Doubt it’ll be anything too onerous, but the fact Holly wants to wait until tomorrow night makes me wonder.”

“The fact Holly wants to wait until you’ve spunked on her face makes me wonder,” Erica chuckled, grinning at me.

Smiling at my beautiful wife, who not only is bi-sexual and has several times brought friends home for threesomes or more (not to mention our wedding night with her sister and cousin!), but also actively encourages me to have sex with other women, simply because it turns her on to hear the stories (and sometimes see the pictures), I was reminded again how lucky I am to have found such an incredible wife. I leaned over and kissed her, before she continued.

“Suppose you’ll find out tomorrow. Your friend Holly definitely wants your cock again, based on what she’s said about finishing at work there. Do you not think Nat will want that too?”

“Hard to say for definite, but she’s never shown any interest really. Holly and I have always flirted at work, and you know we slept together the other year. That’s why we decided to trust her with how our relationship works and why you’ve had stories to listen to this week. Nat… not so much.”

“Hmm,” Erica’s response showed she was clearly not convinced. “Well if she does I want pictures of your cum on those big, perky tits. If you can get a blowjob video, even better.”

It had startled me for a while, when Erica had started talking so bluntly, as she’d never really been one for dirty talk, but I’d realised it had started shortly after our wedding, when I’d been on a teaching course with members of staff from Erica’s school and for the first time she’d encouraged me to have sex without her being there, as always before it’d been threesomes or foursomes with the two of us both involved. I supposed it was only natural, with me relaying the stories of my encounters, that she’d start to talk more bluntly about them too.

Grinning, I responded with a nod. “Cum on her tits and a video of the blow job. Will see what I can do.” I chuckled. “She probably just wants me to get her moved on the rota after being in on Thursday – think she’s scheduled in next week and she probably wants to get a bit longer at home.”

Erica smiled, “Probably! I suppose I shouldn’t just always assume everyone wants to sleep with one or the other of us! If she does, though, that’s fine with me – I’m interested to see where this goes!” Suddenly, her face changed, her eyes falling on my currently soft cock. “And it’s making me horny again.” She stood, dropping her towel to display her stunning body, pert C cups above a toned stomach and smooth pussy. Smiling as my cock twitched, she leaned forwards to take it in her hand, stroking lovingly to hasten the inevitable erection. “And how about Holly? I know you said you think she’s completely straight, but we both know we’ve had straight girls come to bed with us before. You decided whether to invite her home yet? I’d like to… get to know her.”

My cock was growing rapidly under the soft touch of my wife and her openly admitting to wanting to have another threesome. “I’ll see what I can do. I think it’s normally easier because they’re your friends, so they’re already at least comfortable around you. You’re still a stranger to Holly, so it might be more difficult to convince her. I’ll work on it though.” I promised.

“She also won’t have to see me again after… unless she likes it. It’d be fun to have you bring someone home I think. I know I’ve always been the one to bring someone into our trust, but liseli porno I know you have good taste, and you clearly like her or we never would have told her about how we work. I’m a little surprised it’s taken you this long to have sex again to be honest,” my wife said, shrugging and leaning forwards to lick my cock. She looked up at me. “Anyway, try to get her to come home with you on Friday,” she instructed, before her mouth wrapped around the end of my length.

“Don’t worry, I will be doing everything possible to see her head buried between your legs by the end of the week!” I promised, groaning at the feel of Erica’s mouth moving up and down me, her tongue teasing round the head. A slow, sensuous session ensued shortly after, as my wife climbed on top of me and rode me until she came again, before we went to sleep.


“I told you, I’ll tell you later,” Holly laughed, leaning against the office door. She was wearing a top and skirt today, the top white and sheer, with poofy short sleeves and buttons up the middle to her cleavage. It didn’t push her B cups up as well as the dress the other day had, but I still enjoyed the view. Her legs were on show from just above the knee, beneath a dark floaty skirt with a flowery pattern. “But you’re going to have to make it worth my while to find out!” she continued, shooting me a dirty grin.

I chuckled, “Fine, but if I’m going to be held to such high standards I think we need somewhere a bit more comfortable than a desk this afternoon. While it’s been fun, I was thinking the old staff room upstairs might be a good room to use – it’s got the sofa, after all.”

“Ooh,” came the response. “I hadn’t thought of that. Sounds good.” She smiled at me, playing with her brown hair falling forwards over her shoulders. “Anyway, have you finished making those calls? We told the kids you’d be able to come out after you’d finished your jobs and they’ve been pestering us ever since!”

I chuckled. Being in school during the lockdown was very different to usual. We only had a small group of children belonging to the key workers – NHS staff, police, supermarket staff etc, and the government had entirely taken the emphasis off education. This meant days of activities and play with the kids, although we’d made a conscious effort to include primarily educational activities. The biggest job was for the team leaders every week, as the school staff had been split into teams to limit staff in school at any one time, but the leader had to ring parents of all of the vulnerable children in school (foster children, children with special needs etc), which was a very time consuming job in itself, as well as ringing every parents from their own class. Happily, I’d nearly finished this job, although I had spent basically the entirety of the first three days sat on a phone in the office. If it hadn’t been for Holly’s extra-curricular activities after the children and other staff had left, it would have been an extremely boring week so far.

“Just two more calls to make, then I will come join you all outside in the sun,” I smiled.

Holly nodded and left me to it. I continued to wonder at the condition Nat had set for coming in to cover Susan’s appointment tomorrow. Normally I would assume that she just wanted me to get her moved off the rota for next week, but Erica’s assumption that it would involve sex had infiltrated my thoughts, and I found myself wondering if Nat did have designs on getting laid. Holly had told me a couple of moths back that Nat’s wedding was off, and she’d broken up with her fiance. Holly had admitted to me the previous day that the main reason for our intimacy this week was because it had been a while, and since Holly had moved in with Nat for the lockdown to protect her parents, I couldn’t imagine that she hadn’t told Nat what was going on between us.

I wondered if Holly had told Natalie about mine and Erica’s relationship or if Nat just thought I was a cheating bastard. I’d told Holly about Erica’s desires and the rules we had, but I wouldn’t normally want her to pass it on to anyone without my knowledge. Erica had given the go ahead if that was the case though, so all that remained was to find out what Nat’s condition was. Putting it to the back of my mind, I finished my calls and headed out to spend the afternoon on the yard in the sun.


“Mmmm, I definitely think this was a good choice,” Holly said as she plumped down onto the sofa in the old staff room, shoes and socks thrown to one side. “I’d forgotten how soft and comfy this sofa is – I never come up to this room now, especially now my class is at the other end of school.”

The school was empty now but for the two of us. The children had long gone and the Teaching Assistants Karen and Susan more mobil porno recently. They had stayed much longer than usual today, and myself and Holly had both wondered if they were suspicious – either would probably have disapproved of what we were doing – even if they knew it was with my wife’s blessing. The pointless chat they stayed for had become increasingly long though, and Holly and I had become increasingly impatient.

“Thought it’d be a comfier surface for you,” I replied with a smile. “Course I’m hoping you’re going to be feeling pretty good anyway.”

She grinned and parted her knees, snuggling into the cushions. Her floaty skirt still covered her legs to the knees, but only for a second as I closed the gap between us and knelt in front of her, pushing her skirt up her thighs as I ran my hands up to her waist, revealing pale purple, lace panties with a see through, patterned front, through which I could just see see the top of her pussy, her rounded, pink clit drawing my attention like a magnet. I kissed up the inside of her left thigh as Holly closed her eyes and moaned in anticipation, then up the right thigh as I hooked both sides of her panties and maneuvered them under her arse cheeks and down her thighs, putting them aside after she freed her ankles from them and spread her legs again, revealing a glistening, moist pussy, ready to be eaten.

Without hesitation, I kissed Holly’s engorged clit, clearly visible between her lips in her arousal. A small gasp followed by an encouraging moan greeted me as I kissed again, then extended my tongue to slide the whole of it over her clit, tasting her beautiful cunt as I did. I focused my effort solely on her clit to start, as I knew she was horny as hell after waiting all day. I flicked, rubbed and circled the little button with my tongue, my hands holding her thighs in place as she bucked her hips in pleasure, meeting my tongue work with moans and gasps. It only took a couple of minutes for my efforts to be rewarded with a long, loud moan as Holly’s body stiffened and her back arched into the sofa as she came, orgasmic juices flowing from her pussy.

I stayed where I was today, rather than moving to fuck her. The last two days, she had driven me to the point where I had to be inside her, so today I wanted to drive her wild to the point where she was begging to have my cock inside her.

Lapping her cunt with my tongue, savouring the taste of her cum, I slowly rubbed her clit with my thumb, bringing shivers of pleasure from Holly as I drew the orgasm out for a little longer, allowing her body to finally relax before returning my tongue to her clit. As I continued to manipulate Holly’s clitoris, I brought my right hand round from her thigh and slid first one finger, then a second into her soaked pussy. Holly moaned as my fingers entered her, easily sliding into her well lubricated hole. I slowly moved them in and out, slowly fucking her with my first two fingers before sliding a third between her lips. This was much tighter, but her wetness allowed me to stretch her slightly without any trouble, and I began to speed up.

Holly soon began gasping, “Oh God,” repeatedly, as my fingers thrust into her faster and harder, my tongue still flickering over her clit. Her gasps and moans became louder and faster as I began to fuck her hard with my hand, and she came again with a squeal shortly after, her cunt walls contracting hard around my fingers as another flood of orgasmic juices washed over my hand.

Holly’s body came to relax after a second intense orgasm, her eyes closed and her mouth open in an O. Taking a chance as I knelt up slightly, away from her soaked pussy, I reached up and placed my two fingers into her mouth. Holly’s eyes opened in surprise as she tasted her own juices. Recovering quickly, she gave me a sultry look and sucked them clean, licking around my fingers to ensure she got every drop.

I pulled her to her feet, her skirt falling back to her knees as she stood, looking at me questioningly. To answer her unspoken question, I kissed her neck, beginning to unbutton her blouse at the front as I did so. Although we’d fucked for the last couple of days, it had been a long time since I’d had Holly naked, and while I love a clothed quickie as much as the next guy, we had plenty of time right now, and in my opinion there’s nothing better than the feel of a fully naked partner’s skin on my own as we have sex.

Holly wrapped her arms around my neck and nuzzled against me as I kissed her neck, my hands now roaming freely over her stomach and chest, before I pulled her sleeves down her arms and removed the blouse. Her bra quickly followed onto the floor as I reached round to unhook it and Holly let it drop to the floor. My hands explored her small, pert breasts, her hard nipples poking into my palms. I quickly switched my hands for my mouth, stimulating her nipples with my tongue as I now moved my hands to pull her skirt down her legs, just far enough that it öğrenci porno dropped to the floor, leaving her naked as my hands now squeezed her pert bottom, my tongue switching to her other nipple as she moaned softly.

I pulled away for a second as Holly lifted my t-shirt over my head, before continuing to suck and lick at her hard nipples, though now I stood slightly to one side, as I shifted one hand to glide through the soaking wet groove between her legs, as the other hand reached under her arse to slide my middle finger up inside her. I rubbed at her pussy and licked her nipple for about half a minute before Holly decided enough was enough, turning her body and kissing me, before pushing me down onto the sofa and dropping to her knees to remove my jeans and boxers. She smiled as my eight inches sprang up in front of her, then, after throwing my remaining clothes to the side, she stood in front of me, bending forward to briefly kiss and take the head of my cock into her mouth.

A blow job wasn’t on either of our minds right now though, and Holly climbed onto the sofa, legs either side of me, and positioned herself above my cock, reaching down to hold me in place. She kissed me hard as she slowly lowered herself onto me, her soaked cunt sliding easily down my shaft. I groaned as the warmth and wetness of her tight pussy encased my cock, every millimetre a sensation as the slick walls pressed against me.

Holly leaned into me, kissing me as she sat unmoving for a few seconds, filled with my rock hard cock, her soft thighs and calves pressed against my thighs and her erect nipples brushing against my chest.

After a few seconds she pulled away from the kiss, beginning to slowly raise herself up from where she had rested right at the base of my shaft almost to the head, before sliding back down to take every inch inside her again. I leaned forward to take her nipple into my mouth again as she began to ride me, her pussy lips sliding up and down the well lubricated cock inside her.

We fucked like that for a good few minutes, Holly moaning as she slid up and down my cock and my tongue and lips alternated on her nipples. Her pussy felt like silky heaven as she rode me, and before long I was dying to fuck her hard.

Gently, I helped her continue upwards as she next rose, and responded to her questioning look by helping her turn to face away from me, before lowering her back down to engulf my erection once more. Feet on the sofa now with her legs spread wide, Holy leaned back against me and turned her head to kiss me as I began to thrust upwards into her. My left hand reached up to touch and squeeze her breasts and nipples while my right reached down between her legs to just above where my thick cock pushed in and out of her soaking cunt, finding her engorged clit easily between her wide spread lips.

Holly’s moans came fast and loud against my mouth now, my cock thrusting hard into her as my fingers rubbed over her clit and I tweaked her nipples. My own groans were increasing in intensity, too, as her soft, wet pussy drew me close to the edge.

Holly came first, her third orgasm shuddering through her body and a scream crying out from her mouth. Her pussy clamping around my cock tipped me over the edge and I came with her, three shuddering loads of cum shooting into her as I gasped for breath.

We stayed there for some time after we had both finished, catching our breath and kissing occasionally as we let our muscles relax, my erection still inside her as I gradually softened.

Eventually, I asked Holly, “So, what’s this condition of Nat’s for coming in to cover tomorrow?”

She laughed, “I’d forgotten that.” She turned her face to look at me, her naked body still sprawled across mine with my cum seeping from her pussy. “Well, you know I’ve been living with Nat while all this is going on, so you must have known I’d tell her we’ve been…” she paused

“Fucking every day? Bit late to get all coy about wording! Carry on,” I chuckled.

She laughed, “Suppose it is.” Before she continued, she climbed off me and sat next to me on the sofa, leaning forwards. Well, I told her what you said about you and Erica and it being ok to sleep with whoever you want.”

“A little simplified, but ok,” I interjected.

“Well she’s been in the same boat as me recently – ever since her and Andy broke up she’s been stuck without anyone. Lockdown has only made it even worse. So it’s been a few months for her and…” she trailed off, but looked pointedly at me.

I laughed, “Erica was right! I thought she’d want moving on the rota, but Erica was convinced she wanted a shag. Okay, here or at hers?

“Oh she wants you to come back to hers if possible.”

“No problem… Okay, that’s fine, but we have two conditions of our own.”

Holly looked surprised. “We?”

“Erica and me. First condition, Erica wants photos of Nat’s tits covered in my cum, and a video of her sucking my cock.”

Holly’s mouth almost hit the floor. “What?”

“Pictures of Nat’s…”

“No, I heard you,” she interrupted. “Erica said that?”

I looked at her, and saw the understanding cross her face. “You weren’t kidding? Erica really does like to hear about you sleeping with other women? So… what?”

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