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My wife Meredith is no prude. Still I had come across the website by accident in a google search. Curiosity got the better of me and I saw that it was filled with all genres of erotic tales. I would occasionally read a story just for entertainment. I wondered how many of the stories were true. I expected that some were just that, stories, but I felt that some might have at least a basis in real life. I enjoyed the ones that seemed more real.

Backing up, I am Bradford, Brad to my friends. I am thirty-two years old, married to a knockout twenty-six year old blonde beauty. Meredith and I met while she was working as a nurse in a doctor’s office. I am a regional manager for a specialty medical equipment supplier. I have a Master’s of Science and was even accepted to medical school. After the first year, I had lost the drive it took to become a doctor, much less a surgeon. With my background I landed a nice sales job. Five years of beating the highways and airlines got me a very nice promotion to my current position. Based on my sales and organizational skills, I am well paid. The managerial position has taken some of my constant travel away, but not all.

While in her doctor’s office once, I struck up a conversation with her. She was easy to talk to, even flirty. I liked the ease she showed being a trained nurse as well as a hot woman. She dressed in nurses scrubs, but there was no hiding those assets. She is 5″-6″ tall. She is a 34 D and has a very small waist to go with it. Her ass is the crowning achievement of a higher life form. I asked her to dinner a couple of times, but the timing was not right. She did not shoot me down, per se, it just was awkward. Eventually I asked if she would meet me for a drink after work. Finally, she agreed. We met at a bar close to her work. We talked about work mostly and she seemed to enjoy our conversation. When our waiter came back to take our refill order, she begged off.

Just as I thought that I was going to be blown out of the water, she got up and wrote her phone number on a napkin. It was just matter of fact with no buildup. She thanked me for the drink and gave me the million dollar smile. We dated for about three months before we had sex. It was good, but not what you would call wild. We went to concerts, ballgames, dinner and whatnot for a while. I slowly started seeing a possibility of us becoming a couple. All the while, I felt like she was a step up for me and I worried about being able to take the relationship further. I had plenty of money to do things and we began enjoying special vacations as time would permit.

Fast forward another four months and we decided to move in together. A month after that, her doctor took a position with a larger practice. Meredith liked her work, but did not want to follow to the larger conglomerate practice. She finally decided to resign and take some time off. Of course, I really lobbied for this. We even discussed marriage. It wasn’t for any lack of commitment that we decided to wait; we just didn’t think it that important.

When she did quit work, she kept busy. She volunteered at a free clinic two days a week to keep up her skills. She did not want to be dependent on me for everything. In addition, she stepped up her workout routine. She was always fit, but now she was really into fitness. She did not do much weight training, mostly stretching and cardio. There was not much difference in her appearance except some of her muscles were a little firmer. She did not want to look like a guy or a dyke, she said.

Sex was good, but after a while, we were a little stale. We engaged in many positions, she loved oral, all men love blow jobs. We were both busy and my travel stepped up a little. Soon, when I did get back from a trip our sex was becoming less exciting. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. It was fantastic to be making love to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I wondered if it was becoming blasé to her. I of course worried that she might be having an affair. I mean, she would have no trouble attracting any man. Then our frequency tapered off as well. I became hesitant to approach her in bed. Most nights we just kissed and went to sleep.

During a particularly long trip to the east coast, I had plenty of evenings in my various hotels. To kill time, I found some erotic websites and surfed stories and pictures. The novelty of the sites together with being away from Meredith made me a bit horny. I was bemoaning our lack of sexual activity and found the erotica a break from my work worries and home worries.

I was not really searching for any outside thrills when I started reading some of the stories on line. After I returned, sex was still off the table and I ventured back to the internet. One evening, I had been reading a particularly spicy story about a hot wife when Meredith called. She was still at the gym and wanted me to check the refrigerator for some salad ingredients. I left the computer and started to inventory our ingredients. She wanted to have grilled chicken salad. gaziantep porno hikayeler I reported what we were missing and she promised to stop at the grocery. I went about getting the chicken ready to grill and forgot about my computer.

That evening after dinner, we settled down with a glass of wine. Neither of us had showered and we were just enjoying our conversation. She asked about my schedule and wanted to take a long weekend soon. She wanted to go out of town and just do something different. She mentioned finding a web site for a quick getaway and we went into my office to look it up.

When we got in my office, I noticed that the erotic web site was still open. She sat down beside me and I hastily closed the site.

“What was that site you were on?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing, I was just browsing.” I answered.

“Was it about our trip?”

“Naah,” I replied.

“Here, let me see.”

She took the mouse and clicked on the history.

“Oh, looks kind of intriguing.”

“No, just killing time and curiosity got the better of me.”

“What exactly were you reading?”

I knew she was no prude and I had no worries about her reacting in an uproar, so I clicked back on the story I had been reading. She started scanning the lines and read how this particular hot wife had gone out with her friends and fucked a big black stud. Then she went home to her husband and fucked him afterward.

“Wow. Do you read these stories often?”

“Not really. I just ran across the website by accident and I read a few.”

“Do they turn you on?”

“Uh, I don’t know, really, I guess they are like, well, like erotic and exciting, but just for curiosity sake.”

I kept trying to close the site again, but she would not let me. We forgot about our google search and she pushed me aside to get in front of the monitor herself. I was surprised when she kept investigating and found the tags button. She clicked on some of them and was smiling a kind of sly smile. Looking at the categories, she remarked how there was something in there for everyone.

As I have said, our sex had become routine and, well, we realized later, very dull. Meredith found the categories and went to some hot wife stories.

“I know what a hot wife is, kind of, but I thought it was just a very good looking woman. This seems to have a very different connotation. Maybe something like ‘slut’ might be a better description.”

She said the word, but it did not seem like she was being that judgmental.

“I know I am just a girlfriend, but do you think I am hot?”

“Hot?” I asked. “How could you be anything but hot with those looks and that body?”

“Yeah, but I am nothing like the woman in this story.”

“No, but you don’t notice how you affect men when they look at you.”

“Well, actually, yes I do. Listen I have had my fun as have you, Brad. I realize that I have a good body and I do know that men look at me like that. Hell, I have been hit on so much I am punch drunk. Yeah, it is flattering, but I never dreamed that you could be so bold and well, non-committed.”

“Yeah, I guess. But I think some of the stories are based on the husband’s enjoyment of his wife’s infidelity.”


“Just some that I have read so far.”

“How many have you read?”

“Truthfully, I guess about ten or so.”

“All the same?”

“No, there are categories. If you don’t like something, there is no reason to read stories about it.”

“Let’s read one together, “she said.

“You really want to do that?”

“Why not? You said it was no big deal. I understand how men love porn, my brother used to hide his Playboy’s in the garage. I looked at them all the time with my girlfriends. As a matter of fact some of my friends said that I should submit pictures to see where it might take me.”

“And did you?”

“No. I could not work up the courage to have someone take a picture of me naked. But I was just eighteen then and I wanted to go to nursing school.”

So I let her pick one out. We took turns reading. It just so happened that the story was about a hot wife who loved to show herself off. She would go out without panties and flash unsuspecting men at various places. She loved to see the reaction when they came eye to eye with her pussy. The story was very descriptive and quite bold. We finished reading and then decided to shower. My cock was hard and I did not want her to see how aroused I was. When she got in the shower, she called out to me while I was in the bedroom. I went to see what she wanted. She opened the door and told me to get in. I sheepishly took off my clothes and my cock bobbed out, hard as could be.

“Well, now. What brought that up?” she teased.

I was a little embarrassed. Here I was with the hottest woman I had ever seen and my cock was hard because of some erotic stories. We almost never showered together, but tonight was to be different. We lathered each other up and had a very hot shower. After she dried off, she jumped in the bed naked and spread her legs. Her blonde pubic curls were so pretty and inviting. I mounted her and began fucking, but I was so excited that I came too quickly. She did not orgasm and I felt like a heel.

Afterward, she tried to cheer me up. I was the one lacking and here she was trying to make me feel better. We lay in bed and kissed. We both agreed that reading the erotic stories was very different than our rather mundane, tame sex. The next morning, I was off to work as usual. Meredith was going to her clinic job so would be out all day also. She really liked the challenge of her nursing job and felt like she was making a difference. Not needing a second income was a real boon to our relationship. We shared everything together and our commitment was as real as it could be.

Nothing was said that evening about the story of the night before. I was waiting to see if she would acknowledge what had happened. I was charged up, but I did not want to seem too eager. She went about her normal routine. We ate, showered and she settled down reading a book while I watched a ballgame. I felt some tension in the air, but I thought it was just my imagination.

Several weeks went by and nothing was said. Now I was reading the stories even more often. Our lack of sex probably contributed to my curiosity. One night Meredith came home while I was still working on my laptop in the study. She stuck her head through the door and asked, “Reading another sexy story, are you?”

“No, actually I am working on sales reports for my region.”

“You sure?”

“Come look for yourself, SmartyPants.”

She came over, gave me a kiss and suddenly felt of my crotch. I was surprised, but did not react.

“Just checking. Seeing how horny you got the last time.”

“If I remember correctly, you are the one who invited me into the shower and you are the one who spread her legs in the bed afterward.”

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t the one who had the hard cock, was I?”

She had me there. We giggled together.

She then said, “Tell you what. I will take a shower and we can read another story after dinner.”

Now by this time I had read quite a few stories. The hotwife stories were the ones I liked the best. I don’t know why. Here I was becoming insecure about my appeal to her and now I was enjoying stories about women who had sex with anyone they wanted. It made no sense to me. My cock should have been shrinking from anxiety thinking about Meredith doing it with someone else. It was a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach to think of it, but my cock felt differently. It would have been different if I had a nine inch cock like some of the stories, but I had to cheat to say I was six inches.

I took my laptop to the bedroom and waited for Meredith to arrive. She came out of the bath looking good and hopped in the bed naked.

“Come on, Stud,” she invited me. “Get those clothes off and let’s see that hard cock.”

I was rock hard and I did as she suggested. She propped up some pillows and pulled the sheet over our laps as we got ready to enjoy another story.

“What shall we read?” I asked.

“Well, let’s see. How about you find a new story and we will read the heading and see if it is one we might enjoy.”

I browsed some new stories and read some of the categories and descriptions. Some of the categories were not really appealing to us. I found one where the wife was in a car accident with a black man. She had rear ended him at a traffic light. He got out and looked at the damage. The wife was frantic. It was her second fender bender that year and she was afraid that her insurance carrier would drop her and her husband. She was almost in tears. The big black guy felt sorry for her and made an offer to have both cars fixed by his brother who was in the body repair business. He said that he would get the very minimum price possible and she could decide whether to pay out of pocket or turn it in to insurance.

He told her to bring her car to the body shop the next day and he would have his brother see what he could do. It turned out that the damage to both cars was minimal and no parts were required. The brother fixed both cars the next day. The black man offered to pick up the hot wife and take her to the shop to pick up her car. Of course she ended up fucking both big black men and the debt was cancelled.

As we read, my cock was getting harder and dripping some precum. Meredith moved one of her hands under the sheet. I did not notice right away, but the continued movements made it plain that she was fingering her pussy. As I became more aware, I looked down at her. She looked into my eyes and let out a soft moan. She scooted down in the bed and started fingering herself in earnest. I assumed we were about to fuck, but she kept delving her fingers into her sopping pussy.

“God, Brad that is so hot. Want to watch me get off?”

I was torn between having to watch her masturbate and wanting to fuck her right then. I decided not to break the mood. I just shook my head up and down. She started massaging her full breasts with one hand while she attended to her pussy with the other one. She had a well-kept patch of pubic hair and her juices were matting it. I watched, hoping to join in soon. She continued fingering herself until she reached an orgasm. It was a minor one, but she moaned her pleasure.

“Jack off, Honey and shoot your cum on my breasts.”

I was surprised when she instructed me to masturbate also. My cock was dripping and I took hold. The precum made me wet as I stroked myself. She looked into my eyes and then jolted to another, bigger orgasm.

“Shoot that load on me.”

I could not wait any longer. I pointed my cock to her beautiful cleavage and let go a big rope of cum, followed by another smaller on. About three blasts and I was out. She relaxed and moved her hands slowly up to her breasts, massaging my cum into her skin.

“Wow,” she said. “That was hot. Did you enjoy that? I don’t know what came over me. I just imagined I was the wife in the story and that other people were watching. That is not something I have ever even thought about before.”

“Well,” I added, “It was different. I will say that.”

She blushed. “I tell you what. If you can get it up again, you can fuck my already wet pussy. Deal?”

I had been worrying about getting it up before we had sex. I did not think I would come back to life again anytime soon. The anxiety made it even worse. We rested for a while. Meredith looked at me later on and then looked at my cock. It was down for the count.

“Okay, Baby, rain check. I am still horny. How about bringing me off with your mouth. I will make it up to you.”

This took some of the pressure off. I slipped down to perform oral sex on her. My desire was gone, but the novelty of the mutual masturbation session made me want to overcome my hesitation. I sucked her and pushed my tongue into her wet folds. I finished her off by licking her clitoris. She came again. Afterward, she kissed me and we went to sleep.

The following evening after dinner, we showered. I was watching TV and she was reading. She looked up from her book and asked me if I had enjoyed the night before. I assured her that I had.

“You know, Brad, that was the most exciting sex we have had in quite a while. I am sorry we have been so in a rut. We need to enjoy our sex life more than we have been.”

“Yeah,” I answered, “That was so different, but still exciting. I wonder what masturbating was all about.”

“I don’t really know. I was thinking about the exhibitionist wife and the wife who fucked the black guys. I know I should not be turned on by this type of activity, but the sheer stark boldness was sort of a starter for me.”

We had now found an activity that was the turning point of our sexual doldrums. Even though I was unable to get a second erection, I was nonetheless turned on by the strange unfolding of events. Some evenings we did not even make love. Meredith or I would find an interesting category of erotica and just talk about whether we liked it. We had no interest in sci-fi fantasy or incest. Other categories were somewhat strange, but we read some of those stories anyway.

The next time we made love, I had selected another exhibitionist hot wife story. I read it with her as the heroine teased everyone with her provocative outfits and ‘accidental’ costume malfunctions. Meredith was a little more conservative than that. In fact we both were, but our newfound ability to suspend disbelief and live out the scenario was a real starter. We playfully poked each other as the more risqué parts were read. Afterward we made love in the traditional way.

One evening I happened to run across a story where the husband was the lead figure. He wanted his wife to show herself to strangers. She was reluctant, but over time learned to enjoy the thrill of being so naughty. It progressed to the point where the husband asked the wife to go to a club by herself and dress in a rather exhibitionist manner to see if other men would hit on her. As I got to the club scene, Meredith began stroking her pussy. The more I read, the more animated she became. I had to stop reading and eat her pussy. She came several times and very hard also. We made love and I came in her.

I asked her if she especially enjoyed that story.

“Umm hum, “she volunteered.

“What did you like about it?”

“Oh, the woman was in control the whole time. I mean, the way she dressed and the way she came on to the guys who were hitting on her.”

“Yeah,” I said, “Too bad we didn’t get to see how it ended.”

“Okay, read to the end.”

This particular story ended with the woman getting felt up and feeling up the big cock of a businessman in a bar. The husband calls on her cell phone and she has to leave quickly. The couple barely made it home, shedding clothes on the way to the bedroom for hot sex.

“Did you like that ending?” I asked.

“Oh, god, that was nasty.”

“You want to do that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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