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After I let myself into her condo I’m instantly aware of the familiar smells, the soap she uses and her shampoo and lotions. The air is still humid from her steamy shower. The setting creates a vision in my mind of water splashing on her upturned face, cascading down the length of her body, rivulets tracing shimmering lines down her naked skin, down her graceful neck and across her chest. Water drips from her nipples while other rivulets curve round her breasts to run across her flat stomach, through her pubic hair and between her legs. The hot soapy water touches her everywhere. The vision releases an undercurrent of desire within me.

And just like that – the noisy, harsh world outside her door is gone. Completely and utterly gone. Instead I am engulfed in the warm and sensual world where we escape to hold each other and love. I lock the door to the world outside.

She comes to me in her bulky robe and I feel her body moving against mine as we embrace. Even in that robe the sexiness of her figure intoxicates. We kiss and then wordlessly she take my hand and leads me to her bedroom. I am surprised by the eroticism of her hand, a current surging between our palms and entwined fingers. In the bedroom she turns to face me.

There is an unfamiliar look in her eyes and on her face as she steps into me, a determination. We embrace and kiss more fully this time with our tongues softly dancing, delightfully finding each other again. The kiss grows more intense as our hands roam. After we have been absorbed in the kiss for longer than usual she exhales and draws back a bit…still in my arms but with a little space between us.

Our eyes meet – open, unguarded as we fall through them. Our hearts behold each other.

Lowering her eyes she starts to unbutton my shirt and the release of each button ratchets up my arousal. As she slowly, methodically, work her way down my shirt, button by button – glancing into my eyes after undoing each – my desire grows. She’s watching my eyes as she pushes the shirt off my shoulders and lets it drop to the floor.

Pulling my t-shirt out of my pants her hands move inside it. Starting near my belt she spreads her fingers and slides both hands up onto my chest. I am shocked anew at the raw eroticism of her graceful hands against my skin. They create a tingle on my chest that spreads through my body. She can feel my desire for her mushrooming but demurely lowers her gaze, shyly reserved after starting to disrobe me.

Seemingly unbidden, my hands slide into the gap of her robe and push it open. Then I take the fabric covering her shoulders in my hands and pull it down her arms, trapping them at her sides and exposing her breasts. My left arm reaches behind to clasp both her wrists at the small of her back and pull our lower bodies together as my right hand moves to the side of her face, to softly hold her chin while I kiss her fully on the lips. I bend her back as my lips move to her jawbone and then lower, kissing and nibbling and delicately licking her neck and continuing to her warm chest. Her breathing and heartbeat are visible now and quickening.

I drop my head to her breasts, circle and arouse both of her nipples with my flicking tongue and massage them with my lips as I suck just the tip. Her head falls back with a barely audible moan. The sound of her pleasure ignites me to engulf her entire areola in my mouth and suck more deeply, suck as if I am trying to draw her through her delicious nipple. While I suck her breast my tongue is again swirling around her nipple when she deliberately arches her back to shove herself more fully into my mouth, feeding me her tit.

Deep in my throat, her nipple grows impossibly stiff and pronounced as I suck in response. I suck until she feels it tugging at the core of her pussy. The gasp that escapes her throat is surrender. I stop only long enough to switch to her other yearning nipple. My free hand mashes and squeezes her other breast, rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pinching and releasing. Her breathing quickens and her head rolls back. In response I suck harder, suckling her, trying to swallow her arousal.

I push her robe the rest of the way down her arms to fall puddled around her feet so my hands can freely explore her back as I pull her against me. My hands roam up and down, from her shoulders, across her sexy shoulder blades, down to her tight waist and the perfect feminine curve of her hips.

From her hips they glide down the outside of her legs as low as I can reach and then back up the inside of her thighs, pausing to cup the firm cheeks of her ass and pull her to me. Her hands slide up inside my t-shirt again and start to lift it so I raise my arms as she pulls the shirt off me with a toss. My arms immediately fall back down so I can continue passionately exploring with my hands. It feels like my hands are everywhere at once and her skin glows from the intensity of their adoration.

With the Sakarya Escort grace of choreographed dancers she turn inside the circle of my arms so her back is against me, so my hands can explore her naked front. They begin by lightly pressing on her flat stomach, drop to just above her pubic mound and then move sideways so my fingers can trace the lines of her pelvic bones. My hands caress the enchanting valley created by that part of her and then work to her sides and the curve of her hips as she pushes her butt into the rough fabric of my jeans and hard-on.

My hands slide up from her hips to encircle her waist. Her hips, tight waist and chest literally define the perfection of feminine form, of feminine sexuality.

As my hands continue moving up her sides she raise her arms to give me fuller access from behind. I slide my hands up her raised arms to take hold of her hands and gently bend them backwards until they are behind my neck. Understanding, she clasp her hands together behind my head. In that position her back is arched in a way that causes her breasts to protrude dramatically, proudly jutting out. As she pushes back into me my hands reach around to explore and roam everywhere.

Starting along her jaw my hands caressingly trace her delicate throat and then slide lower to feel the warmth rising in her upper chest and the glow that comes to her skin there. I fondle her breasts, tender from my wild sucking. I worship her flat stomach and the slope created between her pelvic bones, down to her pubic hair.

While one of my hands combs through her curly hairs the other strokes the inside of her thighs. Their caresses come together at her pussy to find her wet, to find her labia already swelling and opening, to find her flower like inner pussy lips glistening. The index and middle finger of one hand slowly stroke her lips from top to bottom and her pussy responds by opening more. My fingers play and caress the insides of her pink lips until they are slick with her arousal.

With one finger I begin to press into her soft tight opening and her pussy quickly lets it slide inside, admits it to the heat inside and squeezes as I probe her molten core. A finger from my other hand plays at the top of her pussy, fondling the area around her clitoris, teasing it to come out and play. When my finger finds her clit peeking out it softly stimulates it with light, circular motions.

Her arousal and pleasure grow as I curl the finger that’s inside to probe the front wall of her vagina. I am searching for that most sensitive area of her pussy and when I feel it I begin to rhythmically stroke. Quickly a second finger slides in and both fingers caress.

After a time I slow my fingering and begin to draw my hands away, thinking to replace them with my mouth or cock. Sensing what I am doing she twists her neck to look at me. Her eyes beg me not to stop, beg me to continue just the way I am. I smile acceptingly and we crane our necks to kiss. She thanks me with a tongue sliding deep into my mouth and then pulls away to catch her breath as my fingers increase their tempo.

To her, the simultaneous fingering on and around and in her tingling pussy seems to be from more than two hands. The sensations are myriad and throughout her sex, at once bright on her stiff clit and throbbing within where her pussy is squeezing my stroking fingers. Her breaths come in staccato succession in time with my fingers playing the keys of her arousal. I am playing her natural sexuality, finding the notes that resonate so purely through her, the notes she can ride to release.

Her breathing quickens as the tempo of my fingers increases. Her quick breaths grow into OH’s. The sensations in her body begin to blur. Her arms – still stretched backwards to wrap around the back of my neck – take more of her weight as her legs start to tremble. Her body begins to jerk in rhythm with the movement of my fingers. My legs now take most of our weight as her legs sag and the quivering throughout her body grows more intense.

It is my arms tight against her sides that keep her upright as the jerking relentlessly tremors through her. My fingers are deftly playing her as she dangles helplessly from my neck. The shudders convulsing her body grow so wildly herky-jerky that I’m fighting to keep both of us upright – when her entire body suddenly clenches in a powerful quake as the first wave of her orgasm crashes. And then there is a second wave and yet another as her OH’s become a long, drawn out, wavering “OHHHH” that tremulously fades to a barely audible whimper.

I feel a rivulet of her warm cum snaking down my fingers. It comes from deep inside where her pussy is still squeezing my fingers in time with her heartbeat. A drop of her cum falls even as she softly drift into that most poignant of moments…the moment just after. That moment when she realize how desperately she needed it.

I catch her firmly in my arms as her Sakarya Escort Bayan grip behind my neck loosens and her legs shakily give way. She is loose and supple as I lower her softly to the bed, supporting her head as I place it on the pillow. Her face is unguarded, peaceful and mildly surprised. I delicately place my cum-glistened fingers against her lips which part to admit them even as I tenderly add my mouth to hers. Together our lips and tongues and my fingers join in a sweet, searching, wet embrace. We taste her excitement…and each other…and our loving.

We savor the kiss, letting it linger until our lips no longer touch. Her eyes softly shut as the tip of her tongue sneaks out to give her still parted lips the tiniest lick, tasting. She exhales in a sigh and melts into the soft bedding while her lungs slowly empty. I inhale her bliss and drink of her with my eyes, savoring her satisfied calm, the unbearable loveliness of her face.

Turning carefully so as not to disturb her, I move until I am sitting on the edge of the bed, then rise to my feet. Looking down I wonder whether to pull the covers over her before I take my shirts and slip out. I don’t want to leave – dread leaving – but in my present state I know if I join her on the bed I will quickly be stroking and caressing and licking until we are once again a frenzied tangle of sexual coupling. The only thing I want more than to be inside her at this moment … is to not disturb her bliss.

When I bend to gather my shirts she fluidly roll onto her back. Her arms gracefully stretch over her head and her eyes open to look at me. A lovely, slinky, loose-limbed woman moving easily as if waking from a sleep – stretching seductively – oozing sexuality. She stretches her arms above her head and stretches her feet in the opposite direction. Her allure is accentuated by the way she moves her body – a wave stirring.

Her hands gracefully slide down, brush past her face and continue to her chest. I’m captivated as she softly cups and massages her breasts, circles them, gently squeezes them to push her nipples out. Showing me. She rolls her nipples between her fingers with increasing pressure until they protrude stiffly.

I am mesmerized as she tugs on her nipples, pulling them out, stretching her flesh, and briefly pinching sharply enough to cause a flash of pain to sparkle in her eyes. I am transfixed and breathless, watching her nipple play – pulling, squeezing, twisting, pinching, grimacing, caressing, and smiling. Smiling at me. Enjoying her effect on me. Touching herself, controlling me.

I cannot leave, cannot look away, cannot think or speak. I cannot breathe until released to do so. Finally she release her tits to slide her hands down her naked torso and I breathe again. In the rise and fall of her chest and abdomen I see her breath, deep and even but beginning to quicken with mine. My gaze follows as her graceful fingers trace the ridges of her pelvic bones, starting on the outside of her hips and then drawing down and in, following the smooth valley that leads to her pubic mound.

Her hands slide past her trimmed bush, down the front of her legs, then move to the inside of her thighs and slowly start back up, coaxing her legs apart as they come. Almost at her sex they draw her legs more fully open to reveal her continued arousal. Dew like droplets glisten on the petals of her exposed inner pussy lips. I swallow. She smiles seductively.

She is presenting herself to me, her sex. My desire to lick her and taste her and smell her arousal and tongue-play with her clit and drive her with my mouth and bury my tongue in her wetness and thrust my cock deep within and feel her squeeze me and feel her excitement and feed on it and reach together and clench together and squeeze together and convulse together and cum together…is everything, all that exists in the universe, all that exists in eternity.

With one graceful finger, she strokes her moist pussy lips. Along the delicate tips of her petals, slowly from the top to the bottom. And back. Watching me. She begins to run her finger along the silken insides of her open lips, coating it with her sweet juices and when her hand is sliding downward from her clit I watch her bend her finger and slide it deep inside the tight slippery heat I know so well, to the last knuckle.

Slowly she backs her finger out to reveal how slick it is and then slides it all the way back in again, her eyes on me and growing fuller as her finger disappears inside her. Impossibly, her eyes become even more beautiful, more mesmerizing, as she curls her finger to stroke the sensitive front wall of her vagina, stroke her special spot, watching me. I know how it feels to touch her there. I know how tightly her pussy is squeezing her finger at that instant. Touching herself, so completely in control of me.

I open my belt buckle, undo my jeans and let them drop. After stepping out of my Escort Sakarya jeans I push my briefs down to reveal the arousal that’s been straining trapped since the moment I came through her door. My cock springs free to stand stiff and proud, topped by its Darth Vader like helmet – at attention for her inspection. I cup my balls with one hand and wrap the other around the base of the shaft. Watching her, I give it a slow full stroke. Already the first sweet drop of lubricating pre-cum appears. Summoned by her.

She openly appraises my stiff cock. Looking at the pulse in the veins snaking down the shaft, she remembers our first time. The mix of excitement and apprehension when we decided to take things further, enter a naked unknown together. As she shyly undressed I first revealed my cock to her. Already stiff as it is now she was surprised by the girth, by the prominent size of the head. In her mouth it seemed even bigger somehow.

She remembers how we struggled at first with penetration, and then how it felt to take the big head deep within her and feel the tight tunnel of her pussy stretch as it passed and then still be filled by the shaft pushing behind it, pushing into her. Now, as she continues to finger herself she know that – at this moment – it is not her finger, or mine, or my tongue that she needs inside – it is this cock. It is my thick cock that she wants to feel stretching and pulsing in her pussy when we cum together.

I am so enthralled by her seduction that I cannot speak. I don’t try. I only try to swallow with a mouth suddenly gone dry. Since the first time we made love – the very day I first saw her lovely face, first heard her voice and looked in her eyes, first met her in person and talked with her, first got naked with her and was overwhelmed by her beautiful raw sexuality and touched her, first felt the smooth warmth of her bare skin against mine – I have wanted her.

Since that first time we held each other in a naked embrace and I was inside her, I have wanted to be inside her. I have wanted to make love to her. Since that first time I made her cum, I’ve burned to make her cum for me again, and again, and again…

I lower myself onto my knees on the bed, between her feet and I begin to crawl predator-like towards her. I am aware of the weight of my cock hanging below me as I crawl. She watches it sway with my advance, seeking her heat, drawn by her beckoning pussy. She moves her arms languidly to the pillow above her head and draws her feet back on the sheet towards her butt, bending her legs to raise her knees and guide me where she needs me.

I lower my body towards her heat and smell arousal. My face passes over her, barely an inch above her until – just past her navel – my tongue starts sliding along her skin, up her flat belly and across the swell of her breast, over her nipple, across her upper chest, up her neck…to her mouth. A kiss…just as my smooth helmet first touches the wet slit of her sex, just as her pussy kisses my cock.

My cockhead glides along her swollen labia, the meat of my shaft nestled against wet pussy lips that lick at it. My cock slides across her sex until the head rubs past her clit, then my shaft, and my soft ball sack. By arching my back I raise my hips to draw my cock back along her quivering pussy, slowly, gradually, until finally the head is at the bottom of her sex – and then start forward again – even more slowly.

Like a flower closing for the night, her arms and legs softly close around me, playing my movement, guiding our motion. We savor each tiny increment of sensation. Along the length of our sex we slide, pressed together – her wet pussy kissing and yearning to be pierced, to feel my cock thrust deep inside she. She aches to be taken, made to squeeze my thick cock as it fills her.

My need to drive into her is even greater …but still we keep the full length slide going in that same measured pace. I slide my cock across her slick wet pussy, from her perineum, through the petals of her open lips, to brush again across her stiff clit. After the first few full strokes, when I reach the point where I’ve drawn lowest on her, I press my tongue flat to her breast and lick upward with the forward movement of my body, over her soft breast, across her upper chest, to her vulnerable neck. Licking her like a lion, like a predator preening his prey before consuming her. And then we slide my cock all the way back down again…and then forward.

It is hasn’t been six full slow strokes before we realize how close we are, already. We haven’t spoken a word since I came through her door. We don’t speak now. We know. Her legs are wrapped loosely around the back of my thighs with her arms as loosely around my back – her light touch guiding my motion.

But now, at the bottom of our stroke her limbs begin to tighten around me. Coming forward, my cockhead more urgently probes for her opening, feels the inside of her pussy dripping with desire. Just when my cock is passing her tight little opening our steady forward slide is replaced by a sudden penetrating thrust, the sharp jerk of our hips, and – I am in her, in her wet heat. Pierced, her pussy squeezes my cockhead in desperate pleasure. We gasp. We clutch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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