Etienne and Monique Ch. 05

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[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. This is not a “Wham!-Bam!-thank-you-ma’am!” story and as such it takes a short while to pick up to speed so to speak. Please bear with it, the nookie will come. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental.]


Chapter 5:Perks of the job


Etienne’s outstretched finger glistened with a thin slick of viscous, anal lubricant. She held it motionless for a few seconds watching Veronique’s expression which changed from a mild surprise to a naughty grin.

Monique and Etienne both focused their eyes on the girl’s face, each of the twins getting their own source of satisfaction from the scene. Veronique knelt down beside the bath and seductively lapped at Etienne’s finger before sucking the length of it into her mouth.

“Oh my word.” Monique exhaled. There was a brief pause of breath as both the sisters watched on motionless.

“Sister?!” Etienne stated accusatory, glancing down between their shared thighs. Monique had begun to let her hand drift between their legs.

“Stop playing with us sister, not yet.” Etienne scalded her sister who pouted and lifted her hand above the waterline.

“Sorry, just happened.” Monique responded with her pathetic excuse.

Veronique sucked on Etienne’s finger one last time and withdrew. A strand of saliva bridged the gap between finger tip and lip, Veronique sucked it in and clenched her lip with her upper teeth and sucked in with a liquid ‘Slurp!’.

“Very good girl!” Etienne cooed like a parent encouraging a baby to take its first steps.

“Was that tasty?”

“Oui mistress, very tasty.” Came the reply.

“I’m glad. You may remove your knickers and clean off the foam.”

Veronique removed her underwear enthusiastically, turning away from the sisters and bending fully over. The foam shaving gel was smeared between her thighs and across her crotch, some of it has oozed down one thigh. The sight from behind was almost too much for Monique to take, Veronique was obviously teasing.

With a quick wipe of a nearby flannel her sex was properly visible to the twins for the first time. She had beautiful puffy, fleshy, outer lips, with just the tiniest hint of her inner lips visible within. What was most noticeable was the redness of the skin around the plump flesh. Both Etienne and Monique thought at the same time “Poor girl, that must have been driving her crazy.”

The twins waited patiently while the waitress breathed a huge sigh of relief. The sensation had begun to calm, but she still felt as though someone had removed a plate of icecubes. The sisters knew that the residual sensation of the gel would take a couple more minutes to wear off and would continue to ‘buzz’ the sensitive region.

“Step closer little one.” Etienne gestured to her dominated slave.

Veronique did as she was bade, but was commanded to step closer still. Etienne leaned over the edge of the bath bringing her lips to within an inch of Veronique’s crotch. She looked up at the waitress from beneath her brow without tilting her head. Veronique was watching intently, pulling her stomach in a little with both hands to afford herself a better view of the domme twin nearing her pubis. Etienne craned a little further out and slathered the girl’s chubby outer lips with her drooling tongue in a single upward lick. Veronique bucked a little, but remained close. Glancing up again at the transfixed waitress, Etienne puckered her lips and blew soft and long across the film of spittle cooling it rapidly. Sure enough, as the girl stood naked before them the sisters could see droplets start to form on the folds of flesh, a give-away of her increased excitement.

Veronique’s eyes closed in ecstasy as the sensation rippled through her and continued to intensify. She was convinced that soon she would either explode in sheer orgasmic fury or release the contents of her bladder. Etienne’s eventual abatement of her sensual stimulation of Veronique’s vulva came both as a mix of relief and that of dysphoria to the diminutive waitress.

“You have cleaned my sister well girl, please now clean me.” Etienne said without pause.

Monique was left dumbfounded. Her sister, who had all but denied Monique her lustful thoughts and access to lesbian erotica, had now provided her with the single most erotic event she had ever witnessed.

“Oui mistress.” Veronique said as she reached once more for the soap and began to lather her hand once more.

The girl systematically lathered and then stroked Etienne as she had done for Monique. Paying close attention to her underarms and underside of her breasts. Cupping her hand, she scooped some water to wash off the suds.

“No.” Said Etienne forcefully, pushing gaziantep escort the maid’s hand to one side and emptying the water from it.

“Use your mouth.”

“Sister, you are mean.” Monique added.

But Etienne just mouthed the words “I know.” and gesticulated for Veronique to continue. By now she seemed to be running on remote control, every request was followed by a knowing smile or a brief pause, but obediently carried out.

Veronique dipped her head down into the bath and between the thighs of the twins, puckered her lips and sucked up a mouthful of soapy bath water between her lips. She winced as the sickly sweet and acidic water swilled around her mouth, but she arose level with Etienne’s chest and made to spit it out across her breastbone.

“Stop!” Etienne ordered.

Veronique did as she was told, but her eyes teared up and her face flushed redder still.

“Gargle and swill first.” Etienne’s command was growing bolder and more malignant each time.

But again the delectable young servant responded by doing as she was told. She threw back her head in a cascade of her dark hair. Monique scanned the girl’s form as she arched her back and gargled the sickly liquid. Veronique returned to her original pose, but with tears in her eyes which were now welling and bloodshot.

Veronique swilled the increasingly distasteful water around her mouth before she squirted the water across Etienne’s collar bone, moving her head from side to side as she did so.

The suds washed away into the bathwater in a thick creamy carpet.

“Again.” Etienne ordered.

This time as Veronique sucked up the water Etienne pulled her head gently towards the twins’ crotch. With their uncanny silent semaphore, unique to the twins, the sisters lifted their shared pelvis out of the water.

“Here this time.” Etienne added much to the delight of her sister who helpfully pointed the way.

Veronique swilled the water in her mouth a little, trying to find a comfortable medium for the lurid liquid. She pursed her lips and expelled it in a tight and well focussed stream. Inwardly she was pleased with herself for the accuracy of her spitting as the water spattered in a circular splash pattern, with the tiny pink target at the epicentre. The spray washed away suds that had blended into the twins’ well sculpted bush.

“Oooh.” Monique moaned, becoming excited once more.

“Uh, phew! I think we’re done with the bath.” Etienne said, failing to hide her pent up elation.

The little French maid stood upright, drool and bubbles emanating from her mouth. She smacked her lips in disgust at the flavour, bitter soap bubbles forming in the corner of her lips as she did so.

“You can wash your mouth out Veronique, use the mouthwash.” Etienne gestured to the mirror above the sink that concealed a bathroom cabinet inset in the wall.

The girl practically raced across the room and after several over-dramatic swills of minty mouthwash, she managed to regain her cute smile, much to the delight of Monique who had vicariously experienced every part of the humiliation.

“Please help us out of the bath Veronique.”

“Oui mistress.” Veronique replied, with a throat-burned quiver to her voice.

Standing to the side of the bath Veronique held out her arm for Etienne to pull herself up by. Etienne grasped her arm and wrapped her other arm around her sister. Monique likewise wrapped her arm around Etienne and used her free arm to push down on the edge of the bath. When they were upright Veronique lifted a large white towel up with the narrow edge at the top.

Etienne looked at her sister, who returned her gaze before both of them returned to looking at Veronique quizzically.

“Oh mon dieu!” Veronique said realising her mistake, the three of them giggled as Veronique scrabbled to turn the towel lengthwise so that it could wrap around both of the sisters.

“Grab the hand towels too Veronique, all of them, and follow us.”

Veronique reached for the small pile of hand towels, but her gaze was transfixed on the sisters as they walked with an unusual rolling gait toward the third door of the room.

Veronique could not help but have her eyes drawn to their exposed bottom as it jiggled, she panned up to see the miraculous ‘V’ shape of their backs and stared in awe at how she had found herself in such a wonderfully exciting situation born out of such mean-spirited words.

She looked briefly at the pile of towels, there were about six of them about a foot square each. She pondered on what they might have in mind next. She took a couple of steps towards the door before a waft of heady scent hit her. It was fruity and spicy all at once, it was definitely an essential oil or at the very least a strong scented candle or two.

Before committing to entering the room she peered in through the doorway. The room itself was dimly lit. Mood lighting she surmised. Unlike the rest of the house that was modern, the bedroom seemed hatay escort to have been styled on a Victorian theme. The walls were clad with rich cream-coloured wallpaper with silver flocking. There was white dresser and dressing table on the wall to her right, the dressing table was directly in front of a window that looked out over the grounds of the house.

At the centre of the room was a huge, white, four-poster bed with a cream and silver coloured cloth draping from it and matching bedding. Veronique gasped, it was ostentatious but not in bad taste. In the centre of the bed’s canopy was another curtain, dropped down half way to partition off either side of the bed.

As Veronique entered the room, she saw that Monique was tugging on a tasseled rope which was slowly raising the partition down the centre of the bed. Etienne was leaning to one side and seemed to be writing something down on a small notepad.

Etienne tore off the page and handed it to Veronique.

“Read it, remember it and follow the instruction.” Etienne whispered, adding an out-of-character wink as Veronique took the page.

Monique was oblivious to what was happening between the two, she continued to hoist the separating curtain. Eventually Monique tied off the rope.

“All set.” Monique said with great enthusiasm as Veronique finished reading the short note and stuffed it into her mouth. She chewed a few times and swallowed with some difficulty.

Monique shook her head at this, unable to fathom what was happening. She made to query Veronique on it but Etienne assured her that it was best her sister did not know, at least not yet. Monique humoured them.

The twins walked around to the near side of the bed and flopped unceremoniously, face first, onto the downy mattress. Veronique stifled a playful chuckle and watched their pert and muscular bottom wobble. With a little help from Veronique lifting their legs they shuffled to the centre of the bed. This was the first time that Veronique had seen the girls moving less than gracefully. Mentally, them slipping into the bath did not count to Veronique.

With Monique grasping at the bedclothes and pulling, they moved over a little more to allow Veronique to lie beside them. The dainty, big-breasted serving girl dropped the towels she was carrying, but pulled one from the pile, realising her new chore.

Veronique bunched up the towel into a cushion shape and began to dry Monique. The towels were of the softest material she had felt in a long time. Even her most prized and comfortable panties were like sawdust on cardboard by comparison and everything around her smelled of spices and honey. She thought that this was truly how the other half lived, far removed from her grotty apartment on the seedy side of town.

Veronique began by dabbing at Monique’s side as she was closest. With soft and deliberate rubbing motions she swiped from side to side and slowly followed Monique’s torso up to the underside of her left breast. She unfurled the towel and pressed her palm with some pressure into Monique’s breast, scooping it upward.

Monique moaned appreciatively at Veronique’s tantalizing attention, closing her eyes and grinding her face into the pillow.

Veronique turned briefly to see Etienne whose face was enraptured even though her eyes were open. Whilst Etienne was not the one being touched, the excitement of her sister once again fed into their shared loins. Veronique was enthralled by the sight and momentarily envied them their shared experiences.

Veronique shifted her attention to Monique’s underarms and leaned forward to kiss the twin’s neck. She was following Etienne’s instruction explicitly.

“Please my sister Veronique, but leave the best until last.”

Veronique mumbled in agreement, her lips were by now pressed firmly into Monique’s. Their breathing became heavier through their noses, air from their mouths was shared in an impassioned kiss. The towel was discarded.

With a swift and graceful motion Veronique straddled thesisters at their midriff, where their bodies joined. She had to splay wide to encircle both abdomens, this was their shared, widest part. Veronique’s soft pubic hair brushing against their back, ner nether lips subtly kissing the twins’ spine. As she leaned in to kiss Monique once more her hair tumbled across Monique’s shoulder. This was the most amazing feeling of being alive that Monique could ever remember.

Veronique was bowed down deep to access Monique’s lips and Monique had to crane her neck at an odd angle to afford access. Their tongues danced together passionately and Etienne was forced to become involved, she could not contain herself and was, for the first time understanding her sister’s ardour.

As Veronique and Monique kissed, Monique reached behind her with one hand to stroke Veronique’s side whilst Veronique in turn, with palm flat, stroked up and down the sister’s side paying attention to the joining curve beneath her breast. A third set of hands joined hatay escort the touching, welcomed by Veronique’s sighs and moans.

Monique then cradled Veronique’s buttock with her palm flat and fingers grasping at the doughy flesh. Slowly Veronique shifted her hips back and forth. Both sisters felt the balmy dampness of her excitement on their back as a slender slick of dew traced a line along part of their spine.

Veronique reached behind her and fondled for their vulva, touching first the tender and rumpled skin at the base of their anus, finding the soft give of those deep pink lips below the snowy tuft. She rested her finger within the valley and slowly curled a finger in and up, into their heated and moist tunnel.

Etienne’s involvement was now complete and she discarded any thought of leaving them to it. She placed her inner hand flat to Veronique’s belly and raised it to grasp and press into Veronique’s ample right breast. The flesh gave reassuringly to her touch and she did not fail to notice that it excited her, not just her sister.

Monique’s hands followed the cleft of Veronique’s bum and found the sweet spot. The moment her finger tip touched Veronique’s vulva the diminutive waitress raised her hips to grant her better access. First one then two fingers delved hungrily into her depths and stroked with increased lust and excitement.

Though both sisters were tempted to spin around and face Veronique they forced themselves to remain face down. For once it was the sisters who were pained to find a comfortable groping position and for once it was Veronique who had the dominant position on top. She grabbed a couple of towels and pressed them to the left and right of the twins’ abdomen. She then pulled Monique’s hand away from her arse and patted it as she left it resting flat on the downy quilt. Monique responded with a guttural groan to the rejection of touch, but Veronique reassured her by brushing her hair away from her face and proffering a kiss.

With Monique positioned just so, Etienne pulled her own arms up and rested the right side of her face on the back of her hands and slowly, in a state of bliss, drifted off to sleep.

Etienne managed little restful sleep that night, quite a lot more than her sister though. Etienne did manage to sleep through at least two of her sister’s orgasms. Her dreams were however pleasant and filled with erotic thoughts.

When morning finally arrived the girls awoke on top of their bedcovers. Veronique was nowhere to be seen.

“Mmmm what a beautiful night sister.” Monique said to Etienne, her tones husky and filled with contentment.

“I have a surprise for you sister,” Etienne said, brushing hair from her sister’s face as she slowly roused.

“Veronique, you may enter.”

“Oui mistress.” Came the now familiar muffled voice from behind the bedroom door.

Shortly afterwards the door swung open. To Monique’s delight Veronique strolled in carrying a silver server with a jug of orange juice, two glasses, a bowl of well sugared muesli, and a plate of toast and jam.

Veronique was wearing her maid’s uniform from the night before, but the original fine narrow skirt had been replaced by a very short ruffled skirt. As she walked the ruffles bounced, revealing the fact that she was wearing nothing beneath.

“Sister, Veronique has something she would like to tell you.”

“Oh?” Monique said, curious as to what delights awaited her.

“Oui. Mistress Monique; this one has been taken on in ze employ of yourself and mistress Etienne,”

Monique clapped her hands enthusiastically.

“This one is to serve you, but only under supervision of mistress Etienne.”

Monique tilted her head to one side, curious as to the implications behind these conditions of employment.

“Zis one ‘as no name during ze working day. She is to sleep at your feet two days a week and will remain in your employ until ze passing of sree months where’on ‘er employment will be reassessed.”

Monique’s eyes lit up, she turned to Etienne with a tear in her eye.

“You did this sister?” Monique said with a waver in her voice.

“Of course sister, I got you your own toy. Of course I benefit as well, but she is for you really.”

Monique wrapped both arms around her sister and gave her a huge hug, followed by a soft kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Don’t thank me sister,” Etienne said matter of factly.

“Thank Veronique, she wanted this, probably more than you did. Veronique, disregard the restrictions for now, tell my sister what you told me this morning.”

Veronique placed the tray down gently on the side table, bending over to deliberately reveal her bare rump. She walked calmly around the bed and took Monique’s hand in hers.

“Mistress, umm, miss Monique. You both ‘ave made me very ‘appy, especially after I was so mean.”

Monique made a motion to dismiss Veronique’s words of guilt, but Veronique placed her index finger on her lips to hush her.

“You both are so exciting, so beautiful and so generous. I was to be evicted from ze ‘ouse I was in, but mistress Etienne ‘as not only ensured zat I ‘ave employment and a place to live, but also zat I ‘ave girl friends who make my ‘eart flutter.”

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