Eve … The Maid’s Story.

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Big Cock

My life had been hell back home in Sunderland. Father spent most of his time drinking, after losing his job as a welder at the shipyard. Mother however, was a prostitute, bringing her punters home when she couldn’t get a room anywhere. The final immoral act I witnessed was Mother getting gang banged in the lounge by four men and one man with a camera, filming. With promise of a job as an actress, as long as she satisfied them all in each of her holes, and they all had to do all three. Or so she said!! At one point they even wanted me to join in. After one of them had grabbed me from the kitchen, carried me into the lounge, announcing on entering ‘look what I’ve found’ and saying ‘how tight my young snatch and ass hole would be’, groping and squeezing my tits as I broke free from his grasp, laughing amongst themselves about spit roasting me.

When I reached the age of seventeen I left home, having had enough of arguments about the morals of what was occurring there, and moved my way down through England. I worked in various jobs from chambermaid at the small, family run guest houses, to barmaid/waitress at more than one public house/restaurant. I lived within my places of work, knowing that the money I had saved would stand me in good stead in the future. I settled in Cheshire, working at the same hotel, The Blue Dog for nearly twelve months. As a waitress, you got to meet most of the guests and it was there that I met Brett Steyn for the first time. He was absolutely gorgeous, so polite and not only that he always left a generous tip. Being a real head turner, he had all of us young waitresses drooling after him, squabbling to make sure we served at his table.

I remember one particular evening shift, I got his order wrong, he addressed me by my name Eve, and told me not to worry too much about it, as he was sure that he would find a way for me to make it up to him, smiling giving me a wink. I wasn’t quite sure if I knew what he meant, but didn’t ask him until he was in the bar later, and after I had had a couple of drinks for Dutch courage. Standing where I knew he would have to walk past, to get back to his room. I didn’t have to wait long for him to come over to where I stood, smiling and his eyes blue grey in colour piercing into me. Brett asked if I would like a drink, I declined, explaining that staff were not allowed to fraternise with the guests He suggested that we get a taxi into Chester and finish the night off in style. I agreed and we met outside so that we were less likely to be seen. Once in the taxi he asked how long I’d worked at the hotel and whether I liked it there. To which my reply was, that I did enjoy it, but didn’t intend staying there for much longer as my twenty first birthday was in a months time, and I wanted to spend it in Newquay, Cornwall with some friends who were already down there.

“Have you secured employment for whilst you’re down there?” Brett asked.

“Yes, the owner of The Blue Dog has a relative who owns a small bed and breakfast in Newquay, and is looking for extra staff to run it during holiday season.”

He seemed impressed that I was so forward thinking for someone of my age, and I explained that my home life was so dis-organised, I had to have everything set out before hand in my own life.

Once we arrived in Chester we went to a little wine bar in the The Rows, it was a sweet little place, very quaint and they did fantastic cocktails. Being mid-week it wasn’t very busy and that suited us both. We had a couple or three Hemingway Daiquiris, and then my inhibitions had all but disappeared. Brett told me how beautiful I looked with my striking green eyes, naturally blonde hair, angelic face and my tall, elegant, slender figure. Having just returned to the table, I made a move to kiss him, he didn’t pull back and soon had his tongue down my tonsils, not that I was complaining, one of his hands started to wonder and soon found it’s way up my skirt, to my inner thigh, with the other he started to stroke my face with the softest of touches. My pussy started to get wet, which he found out with his next move, as he hooked his finger around my thong, slipping it inside my ever moistening pussy. He smiled and once again kissed me, before asking me if I would spend the night in his room. Knowing the rules of the hotel management, I was unsure about what to do, I really wanted too, but knew I would be fired from my job if we were caught. Looking at me with his knowing smile, I think he already knew the answer before I did. He told me that he had few friends with hotels in Cornwall, and that he would put a word in for me so that I wouldn’t be without a job. After I said yes, he ordered us a taxi back to The Blue Dog and we had a another Daiquiri whilst waiting….

We agreed that once we were back at the hotel, Brett would go through to the reception for his room key and I would make my way up to his room through the staff entrance…

On entering his room, I could see that he had ordered champagne and strawberries, tecavüz porno but Brett was nowhere to be seen. It was then I heard the shower running and went to join him… I could see through the shower screen that he had a gorgeous body, I undressed and stepped into the shower, it was a matter of seconds before we had our hands all over each other. Softly caressing one another, kissing passionately whilst gazing into each others eyes. Brett switched off the shower and stepped out. He wrapped me in a towel and gently lifted me up and carried me to the bed, where he softly placed me down, before pouring us both a glass of champagne. He began to kiss and caress my body with tender movements, moving his way ever so slowly from my face to my tits, squeezing my small fleshy mounds, sucking my erect nipples, before moving further down my body towards my shaven pussy, he caressed my inner thighs and entered my wetting pussy with his finger then gently started to rub my ever hardening clit, I could feel my whole body starting to tingle from the sensation, I started to breathe quite quickly, short gasps, then the whole of my body tensed with a feeling I had never felt before, surges of what felt like electricity passing through my body, my pussy was wetter than ever, love juice spilling down onto the bed.

“Did that feel good?” Brett asked.

“Oh my God yes I have never experienced anything like that ever.”

He looked at me with quizzical eyes, it was then that I had to explain I was a virgin. He gave me a loving smile, cupped my face in his hands and kissed me passionately, sending all my senses reeling, my pussy even wetter than before.

“Make love to me Brett,” I begged.

He gently rolled me on to my back, caressed my tits and gently spread my legs, he flicked his tongue over my erect love jewel, once again sending my senses into orbit, my love juice spilling out onto his tongue. Lovingly spreading my legs wider he entered his rigid cock inside my sopping wet pussy, with slow rhythmic movements, he glided in and out of me, whilst kissing my nipples and lips as he did so, it was the most immense feeling ever. I could feel my muscles tightening around his erect cock as he glided at a quicker pace, his body tensing and the same spine tingling feeling, washed over my body, I groaned with sheer ecstasy, Brett gasped loudly, his erect cock pulsating inside me, his rhythm now slower, his muscles tightening. He gently rolled off my body, sweating at the brow, watching me as I recoiled from our explosive love making…

We made love all night, each time more intense than the one before. Outside the air was filled with birdsong, the morning dawning on us quickly, we knew it was nearly time for me to leave.

Brett asked if he could take me out again, adding that he would be extending his stay, as he had more work in the area. I kissed him softly on the lips, and told him that I would love to go out again. Before going to shower and dress as my shift was starting in an hour.

Brett and I saw each other most nights, I think the anticipation of being caught made it all the more exciting. After a couple of weeks had past, he asked me if I would travel with him to London for the weekend, as he had a couple of corporate parties to attend. I was reluctant to start with, but with all the gifts of jewellery, flowers, clothes etc, how could I refuse. We travelled to London in his red Audi R8. After checking into our hotel, we went shopping in Knightsbridge for a couple of outfits for me to wear, Brett spent a small fortune on me, but said I was worth it. After going back to the hotel for an afternoon of love making, we had a walk around the sights, Brett said that I was like a little girl, and I told him that this was the first time I had ever been to London, he smiled saying that there was a first time for everything!!!

It seemed like we walked for miles, seeing Buckingham Palace, Houses of parliament, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square ending up in Soho, where Brett persuaded me to go into one of the many adult shops…

I was a little apprehensive about entering the shop, however once in there, I was in awe at everything they sold, especially the bondage and dildos. I picked up what I thought was a glass serpent, Brett laughed and told me that it was a dildo, slightly embarrassed at not knowing what it was, wanting to leave the shop, he pulled me back and said he was going to buy it for me, smiling I nodded in agreement.

On the way back to the hotel, Brett had a phone call, from his facial expression something was really pleasing him… He explained that at the party we were attending that night, we had been ‘chosen’ as the guests of honour, I looked at him with a quizzical look, he reassured me that everything would be okay and that there was nothing to worry about.

Once we reached the hotel room, all that I wanted to do was take a nap, however Brett had other ideas, he convinced me to take a shower üvey anne porno as he had a few more gifts for me. Being the inquisitive type, I took a long hot shower, after a few minutes he joined me, softly nuzzling my neck, squeezing my tits, I could feel my pussy getting wet, he began soaping my whole body, softly caressing every inch of my skin. Turning me round to face him, he started to kiss me passionately, my pussy getting wetter with each second he held me. Brett asked me to turn around, he began to fuck me, it felt harder more rampant than usual, but none the less fucking fantastic, I could feel myself starting to orgasm, my pussy beginning to pulsate and my body started to tense. He suddenly pulled his stiff cock out, I begged him not to stop, but he told me that I would have to wait, slapping my ass, he told me to hurry up and finish showering as there was something waiting for me in the bedroom. Intrigued as ever, I quickly washed and joined Brett in the bedroom….

Laid out on the bed were a selection of sex toys, with my glass dildo in the middle, which from where I was standing looked a lot like a serpent. The other pieces included a leather belt with cuffs attached, a set of three clamps on a chain (had no idea what these were), a short black handled whip with lots of red strands, an assortment of cock shaped objects, which ranged in size and a beautifully packaged box with a bow on the top…

“Do you like them?” Brett asked with a smile.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t know what to do with them”, I replied hesitantly.

“Don’t worry, I do” he laughed.

He came around to where I was standing and started kissing me wanton desire, squeezing my nipples, before parting my legs and rubbing my swollen pussy button, once again when I was close to orgasm he stopped, telling me I had to wait. Smiling he lifted me up, spread my legs and dipped his rampant cock into my ever wetting pussy, teasing me with small rhythmic strokes, sucking and kissing my tits with every spine tingling motion, sending my senses into orbit.

“Do you want to cum?” Brett asked.

“Yes, yes,” I gasped.

“No, not yet you must wait, hold it!” with that he pulled his cock out of my dripping wet snatch.

Brett told me to unwrap and open the box. I did as he asked and inside was my white dress and red lingerie. He told me to go into the bathroom and dress, adding that he would know if I had cum without him. I went to get ready into the clothes, only then did I realise that this outfit wasn’t the one we chose earlier, the dress barely covered my ass cheeks and the lingerie was see-through. None the less I dressed as he had asked. Returning to the bedroom, Brett’s face beamed a smile from ear to ear, he said that there was just one thing missing, he had a beautiful velvet case in his hand, beckoning me to go over to him. I went, and he gave me the case to open, inside there was a soft red leather collar, with a gold tag with EVE engraved on it, he told me to put it on, reluctantly I put the collar on and noticed inside the words Remember you belong to me! Brett told me I looked absolutely gorgeous. I wasn’t sure myself, however I trusted him to tell me the truth…..

He told me that tonight we are going to play a game, and if I did everything he asked then I would be rewarded, with employment for the rest of my working life. I smiled, kissed him with a strange wanton desire, stronger than I had ever felt before.

“Do you still want to cum?” Brett asked.

“Hell yes more than ever!” I begged.

He then told me to move all the toys carefully off the bed, and pack them in the box that the outfit had been in, making sure that I didn’t touch anything with my hands. Doing as I was told, moving the smaller things was easy, but when it came to the plastic cocks, I noticed that Brett took particular interest, he told me too suck the end of each and everyone, I looked at him, and he reminded me of the reward. I had never had a cock in my mouth before, real or plastic, from the smile on Brett’s face I was doing okay.

“Leave the glass one I have a use for it” he said with authority in his voice, turning to look at him, I noticed he had a kind of strange expression on his face.

“Did I do well?” I asked

“You did very well, however we will have to work on your blow job technique, but you should get some practice tonight”.

Smiling back I said okay, not really knowing what he meant.

Brett told me to lie on the bed, with my legs spread wide. He came over to where I was lying, with one of his hands he started to rub my pussy through my thong, my clit began to throb and I could feel my body starting to tense, he told me I was a good girl, but by the end of the night I wouldn’t be. Hooking a finger around my thong, he pushed another two into my dripping wet pussy, he then pulled them out and made me suck them, telling me to get use to the taste, as I will get plenty of it tonight. Taking üvey erkek kardeş porno hold of the serpent dildo, he began thrusting it in and out of me, soft tender movements at first, then faster, longer thrusts, it didn’t take long for me to cum, my whole body in awe of this thing thrusting between my legs, I could feel my soaking wet pussy begin to spasm like never before, Brett pulled out the dildo and I started to squirt pussy juice on the bed, in his other hand was a glass, in which he caught some of my love juice.

“Get up, and do it quickly” he ordered.

“What’s wrong?” I asked anxiously.

“You came without my permission” he said menacingly, handing me the glass, “now drink every last drop, without spilling any”.

Wanting to refuse, but not willing to hurt his feelings, I reluctantly did as I was told, swallowing down every bit of it, whilst I was drinking it, Brett fitted the strange belt to me, clamping it through my legs and fastening it on the back. He told me that it would be removed when the time was right.

It was almost time to leave for the party, Brett told me to sit on the edge of the chair, that he had placed near the bathroom door. He then got one of the dildos out of the box, placing it between the belt and my pussy, he switched it on, it felt like heaven, my love bean still hard from earlier, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I cum. Brett then went to get washed and dressed, saying before he went that he would be able to hear me if I cum. He seemed to take forever to get ready, I wanted to cum so desperately, but didn’t want to disappoint him like before. My body was starting to spasm and in a matter of seconds I cum, love juice once again spurting from me, I longed to finger my sopping wet pussy, but couldn’t, I could feel myself beginning to cum again, when Brett came out of the bathroom. Seeing that I was close again, he switched off the dildo.

“You little slut, I told you that coming without my permission was not allowed, if you do it a third time you will be punished”. Brett then bent down and kissed me saying “It’s only a game baby, you just have to ask me before you cum”.

Feeling confused, but really wanting to cum again, I asked him, he told me no because there wasn’t time and that I could have plenty later, if I was good!!!

Making our way out of the hotel room, he reminded me to pick up the box of sex toys. I picked them up and tried to hand them to him.

“I would never carry a slut’s toys!” he scoffed.

I stopped walking, not wanting to go any further, I already felt awkward with the collar on, he came back to me, cupped my face in his hands and kissed me passionately, telling me not to take it to heart, it’s only a name, he then reminded me about my reward, and of the fact that I have to do as he asks. I remember thinking I hope it’s worth it.

We made our way down the corridor to the stairway, I turned to go down the staircase and Brett called me back saying that we were going to the conference room at the end of the hallway.

“Are you okay?” he asked obviously noticing the look of horror on my face.

“Yes, but isn’t that the room they were putting all of that strange equipment in earlier?” I asked hesitantly.

He just smiled and carried on walking towards the door.

Once we arrived Brett knocked the three times door. A elderly man(who I recognised from somewhere) dressed in a butlers outfit opened the door, Brett showed him our invitation and we went in. Inside there were about thirty men, all who looked familiar and all dressed in black. Also inside were four other women, the same build as I, dressed in the exact same outfit as mine, the only difference I noticed was the hair colour, one deep red, one brunette, one black, one vibrant red and then there was mine I was blonde, all shoulder length, all wearing ponytails. One of the men came over and started speaking to Brett, it was Daniel Craig, I couldn’t believe it he was even more good looking in real life, they seemed to know each other really well, Daniel then turned his attention to me, he asked me my name, and whether I was excited to be ‘guest of honour’, after I had answered he then turned his attention back to Brett, saying that my body looked just right, that my tits were the right size and that he couldn’t wait to get to know me better. I was just about to ask Brett what Daniel had meant by his comment and another guy came over, he was less subtle than the first, grabbing my arse and tits, then saying to Brett that he couldn’t wait to start proceedings, then gave him a wink, it was then that I realised it was Robbie Williams. I also remembered where I had seen the butler before, it was Rod Stewart…

The butler called Brett and me up onto the makeshift stage, he announced to everyone that we were the ‘guests of honour’ and to treat us accordingly, Eve may only be handled with the permission of Brett. I looked at Brett in sheer disbelief, he assured me that I would do well, and that he wouldn’t say yes to too many people. Smiling he walked off the stage, already men were swarming around him, I wanted to run, but knew that I couldn’t get out of the room. Whilst walking off the stage, Daniel beckoned me over to him, Brett gave me the key to my belt, I knew then that this was going to be a night to remember!!!

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